Muscle Test from American Metabolix

Muscle Test by American Metabolix Review – Why Athletes & Bodybuilders Are Using This Product?

What Is Muscle Test?

Testosterone is an essential part of a bodybuilder’s livelihood, as it keeps them feeling energized and keeps their endurance at peak performance. However, as they age, especially past thirty, the body begins to slow down its production of testosterone. Mix in other elements like using steroids or Andros, and production slows to a near stop.

Once this process begins, it’s hard to get the body back on track. The thyroid stops functioning properly and the Adrenal glands stop becoming efficient. Leaving a person to feel drained, emotionless, and suffers from a lack of momentum. As a way to naturally restore this balance, American Metabolix developed Muscle Test.

A testosterone booster like this one helps to boost the body’s natural testosterone levels by utilizing five of the body’s most important LH hormones and it keeps the unwanted side effects caused by estrogen dominance at rest. It gives the body life by keeping energy levels up through ingredients like Green Tea Extract and improves overall strength with bodybuilding ingredients. In addition, it does all of these important features without the use of steroids or Andros and the harmful side effects that they tend to create.



American Metabolix, recently re-named AmericanMetabolix, is a privately owned company based in Texas. They use the term QP2, meaning product quality, Purity, and Potency, as their approach to sports nutrition. They have over a decade of experience and are looking to revolutionize the nutritional industry with their products.

Their products take on an entirely different approach by using all natural ingredients that will work with the body instead of forcing the body to do what it wouldn’t normally do. They avoid synthetic hormones and harmful products that could cause devastating side effects and product only minimal results with use. Most ingredients are found in fruits, vegetables, plants, and herbs located all across the world.

American Metabolix, they guarantee that every retail outlet distributing their products will have the best prices, customer service, and packaging from American Metabolix. Each product aids in helping consumers meet their desired goal for fitness and everyday life. They offer products ranging from testosterone boosters to muscle building and everything in between to enhance the user’s workout experience.


How Muscle Test Works?

This product uses all natural ingredients including select vitamins and minerals that will work with the body to merely enhance the normal production of hormones that are already being made by the body through signals from the brain to the pituitary gland. This process in return will allow for a higher concentration of hormones excreted into the blood stream. It also stimulates the feel good hormones that will increase their memory capabilities and boost their mood. These hormones will lead to an increase in testosterone while the other ingredients work to control the levels of estrogen by keeps them to their least allowable levels.

This increase in testosterone will lead to creating more energy, also aided by the Green Tea Leaf Extract, throughout the body and an uprising in one’s mood. While the decrease in estrogen keeps undesirable side effects like high blood pressure and loss of gains at rest. In addition, this product also has a strong dosage of ingredients that contain muscle-building properties. Having the increase in energy and more positive mood leads to an increase in one’s drive and intensity. When drive and intensity are up, users will be willing to spend more time at the gym, working harder, and feeling better than before.


Ingredients of Muscle Test

Tribulus Terrestris

Terrestris Fruit Extract is the first ingredient listed under the LH Rejuvenation blend. It is a herb in Ayurveda that’s the main purpose is to support male virility and vitality, as well as improve and support the cardiovascular and urogenital health. This supplement has become a common choice among bodybuilders do to its testosterone boosting abilities and it’s ability to enhance the androgen receptors in the brain.

Bulbine Natalensis Stem Extract

Right after Tribulus Terrestris Fruit Extract is Bulbine Natalensis Stem Extract, a herb commonly found in the South Eastern and Southern parts of Africa. This herb is typically used because of its testosterone enhancing abilities and it’s aphrodisiac properties. This herb also holds the ability to enhance cognitive function, yet studies have shown that higher doses can lead to some adverse side effects on the liver and kidneys.

Fadogia Agrestis

Fadogia Agrestis is a plant common in Nigeria, where the stem’s used to make various types of medicine. This herb is another testosterone boosting plant that is also used for treating conditions such as ED. Bodybuilders have used this supplement because it also helps to improve their athletic performance and improves their ability to make more significant gains during a workout period.

Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali Root Extract is a herb produced in South East Asia, mainly harvested from the jungles of Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. A Malaysian study conducted in 2012 indicated that 35% of the 76 men in their study with low testosterone experienced an increase in their testosterone levels, bringing them back to the normal range after using this herb. It has also been shown to increase muscle-building abilities and torch fat faster.

Oat Whole Herb Extract

LH Rejuvenation Blend also has Oat Whole Herb Extract, usually found in warm Mediterranean areas. It has properties rich in with protein and minerals including potassium, Vitamin B-Complex, and magnesium that those with low testosterone tend to lack. It’s used to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol, promote healthy sleeping patterns, and support the nervous system with its relaxing properties.

White Button Mushroom

Another I Ingredient found in this product is White Button Mushroom, found in the Estrogen Killer section. The White Button Mushroom is a common food found in American culture, practically on every grocery stores shelf. It is known as an Aromatase Enzyme Inhibitors. Which means it prevents those Inhibitors from converting testosterone molecules into estrogen, keeping estrogen at its lowest levels as possible and keeping testosterone up.


Naringin is another Estrogen killing ingredient commonly found in grapefruit, belonging to a Flavonoids group. It has antioxidant properties and the ability to stimulate the effects of caffeine and increase its fat burning capabilities. It also works by inhibiting Aromatase Inhibitors keeping estrogen down and lowering cholesterol levels.


Diindolylmethane named do to its structure, consisting of two indole groups attached to a single methane group. Normally found in vegetables like broccoli and kale, it works by stopping the male testosterone from being converted into the female hormone estrogen. It also works by converting more powerful forms of estrogen into less potent versions.

Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Leaf Extract is the first part of the TSH and Adrenal Support blend that uses complex mechanisms on a cellular level involving caffeine and catechins. This allows for a raise in energy and a 33% decrease in inhibiting fat cell development. It also helps aid in increased fat secretions, higher metabolism, and a support for both the immune system and cardiovascular health.

Alma Fruit Extract

Another Ingredient found in the TSH and Adrenal Support Blend is Alma Fruit Extract. This is an Ayurvedic herb used by people in India for hundreds of years for many areas of their health. This herb is found from trees native to India and the Middle East that is commonly used to treat high cholesterol. It also has high concentrations of Vitamin C and provides an improvement in mental stability and memory effects.



American Metabolix created a product that has the potential to help the body in many ways. With the all natural ingredients, it does not hold the same potential side effects that have been commonly seen with synthetic hormones. All natural ingredients are easier for the body to process and breakdown without having unwanted side effects.

Another important factor is its wide-ranged consumer base that can benefit from its use. American Metabolix designed this product it’s not strictly for bodybuilders or weightlifters, it is also available to any male who is suffering from low testosterone levels. Regardless of the user’s activity levels, it can at the most get their testosterone levels closer to the normal range, which is a desirable feature especially for men over the age of thirty.

Other advantages are noticeable through cardiovascular health. Having many components that have the natural ability to not only lower cholesterol but also keep the healthier cholesterol levels like HDL intact. Improved blood circulation and lowered blood pressure are also possible advantages that all come together and keep the heart healthy.

Although this particular product by American Metabolix is mainly focused on testosterone boosting, it also has many ingredients that have caffeine enhancing properties and muscle-building ingredients. These will pose an advantage for those who need a boost of energy to give them the drive to workout; also shortening the amount of time it takes to build muscle mass.



American Metabolix invested in a GMP certificate for this particular product. This certificate’s used to make sure that this product is consistently produced and controlled within the limits of quality standards. This process aids in minimizing the risks that are associated with pharmaceutical production that can’t otherwise be diminished by testing out the product.

This particular certificate covers every part of the American Metabolix production process including its starting materials, equipment used, and the place it’s produced in. It also covers the staffs training and their personal hygiene, as cleanliness is an important part of manufacturing. This certificate is proof that the product at hand is safe to ingest by consumers.

Having this certificate will allow customers to have trust in the manufacturing process. It lets consumers know that this product has been held up to the highest standards in regards to safety and consumption. Many companies have failed to make this type of accomplishment despite the general recommendation to have a certificate such as this.



American Metabolix had received hundreds of reviews and testimonials on their Muscle Test product. They have also been featured on many blog sites discussing their benefits and downfalls. Here are just some of the latest examples of how Muscle Test users feel about this product.

I recently started using this product as a way to amp up my workouts. I have gained 1 inch in my biceps in just one month. I am 31 years old, I felt sluggish and unmotivated until I started using this product. Now I’m full of energy and back to hitting the gym almost every day.

– Jim T., New York, NY

Before starting Muscle Test, I had a hard time getting good gains at the gym. Now I am gaining 1 to 2 inches per month, when I was only getting that about every three to four months. I noticed an improvement in my mood almost immediately after using it.

– Nathan W., Atlanta, GA

I was on a plateau for about 6 months where I wasn’t getting anywhere with my regular gym workouts. Once I was about a week into trying Muscle Test from American Metabolix, I finally got past it and back into making some significant gains. I have the energy of a 20-year-old again.

– Jesse M., Phoenix, AZ

I was willing to try Muscle Test from American Metabolix as a supplement to replace my existing pre-workout routine. I wasn’t pleased with the results. My mood was better but I didn’t notice any real gains. I would have better luck by simply sticking with my resistance training.

– James J., Nashville, TN

Muscle Test is my go to for enhancing my workout and my life. I am happier, less tired, and more willing to go to the gym. I’ve made some minor gains, but have only been using it for a month since I stopped using it about a year ago. Hoping to get the same results I got back then.

– Jeremy K., Plano, TX

I just purchased Muscle Test from American Metabolix and have used it for about a week now. I have not noticed any difference in performance just yet, but I do feel a tad bit more energized. I’m 40 years old and have not had the strength I used to in a long time. Really hoping this works.

– Charlie R., San Diego, CA

I am a first time user of Muscle Test and a long time testosterone booster user. I have to say that it has given me the best results over time compared to the dozens of other products I have tried. It’s improved my mental health by making me less irritable and slowed down, yet made me stronger and more active in daily activities.

– Kevin D., Seattle, WA


Awards & Media Coverage

At this current time, there are not any rewards for this product’s performance and has not made any significant media coverage. There are various websites online that offer their own reviews after trying Muscle Test and many reviews on blogs that provide useful information. Time can only tell if it will receive any awards in the future as the product gets more recognition.

One website that provides supplemental news, called Stack3d, provides an in-depth review of the product results that they saw during a trial run using the product. The trial lasted for six months and included multiple participants to aid in research purposes. Additionally, they provided details on the products packaging and shipping process.

Despite the lack of recognition for the product, American Metabolix has seen the spotlight a few times in the past. The company won an award for producing the best Recovery product of the year in 2012 for one of their other products. Later, they also received an award for having the best fat burner of the year, also in 2012, for another one of their products. As they continue to improve their product and market more exclusively, there could be awards in the future.


Money-back Guarantee

To ensure customer satisfaction, American Metabolix has incorporated a money back guarantee policy that provides consumers with a full refund if they are not 100% satisfied with their product. Consumers must mail the product back to the mailing address provided within 30 days after purchasing the product. Customers can expect to receive a full refund anywhere between two to five business days after Muscle Test received the item via mail.

Customers are also allowed to ask for a refund even if they have opened their Muscle Test product. Regardless of how much of the product’s used, customers can still get a refund if they are not satisfied or if the product did not work for them. Guaranteeing users will never lose out when purchasing from this company.

All unopened packages need to be placed in protective packaging to prevent damage during shipping. Returns are then sent in at no cost to the consumers. In order to prevent fraudulent activities, all returns are subject to approval by the company. If a return is not eligible for a refund, customers can contact the customer service representative to discuss further details in reference to their account.



Merchandise that is In-stock will typically be shipped within one business day. Once the order’s made, customers can expect a delivery time ranging from one to four days. However, delivery times will vary depending on the customer’s geographical location.

Any orders made during a nationally recognized holiday won’t ship until the following normal business day. All orders mailed to consumers will receive their item through UPS or USPS depending on preferred shipping method. A signature is not required for the delivery of this product.

Each product’s sent with its own protective packaging regardless of location and shipping method. This is to make sure the product is safely delivered without damaging the product. If the product’s damaged during shipping, customers can return it and a replacement provided at no extra cost.


Customer Support

Customer service is an important factor when purchasing any product American Metabolix has a contact form that users can fill out if they have any questions, comments, or concerns about their products. They typically get back with customers with 24 hours after receiving the form. Sometimes, it can take up to 48 hours before customers will receive a response.

For customers Looking for a live person to speak with, they also give a contact number on the same page as the contact form. Customers can call the number for any problem they have with their service, product, or return. This number offers 24 hour customer service, excluding nationally recognized holidays.

Additional contact can also be done through the fax number given on the American Metabolix contact page. This number can also be found on the same page as the contact form, right beside their customer service telephone number. This information’s located under the contact us icon found at the bottom of the page.


Safe & Secure Checkout

American Metabolix provides a safe and secure checkout process using encryption data-scrambling technology that prevents the theft of customers financial information. This process is clear from the signature padlock icon at the bottom of the page. The icon can also be found at the top of the page depending on the device used during checkout. Sometimes the padlock icon can appear as a lock and key, meaning the same thing as the padlock.

American Metabolix will never store a customer’s credit card information or share a customers’ personal information with third parties.

When beginning the checkout process, users should see a notification located above the information form that lets them know that secure checkout’s enabled and encrypted. It will appear as a highlight box that is closable once read. This allows customers to continue with the checkout process knowing that their information is secure. Customers can also look at the privacy policy which will give them a more detailed description of their privacy policies.



American Metabolix has decent prices for most of their products, including this one on particular. Those looking to buy a smaller container to try the product out can expect to spend eighty dollars for a bottle of ninety capsules. As for those who want to use it for a long period, they also sell a bottle of one hundred and eighty pills for a hundred and thirty bucks. For a product like this, it seems it’s a bit cheaper than what other companies have to offer.

They also offer a larger quantity of the product for the price which needs considering upon checkout. These prices do not represent the final cost due to shipping and handling which will need to be calculated in. Shipping costs seem to vary depending on customers’ preferred shipping method. Taxes are another cause for calculating the final cost as well, which will vary from state to state. There are occasions when a promotional offer or free trial is available to customers, but there are no offers at the moment.






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