Monster Muscle X

Monster Muscle X Review – Does It Really Work?

What Is Monster Muscle X?

Monster Muscle X, also known as Monster Muscle Xtreme, is one of many hormone boosting or supporting supplements that allows an athlete to maintain or create better balances in activity from the testosterone hormone. This is especially important for men, aiming to build muscular strength because testosterone is responsible for both allowing and creating more endurance within the body, repairing muscle tearing after exercise, and lessening fatigue throughout and after all of these processes. A testosterone supplement such as Monster Muscle X is designed to target this aspect of the workout so that a person can help regulate these effects so that their rewards can be more easily progressed, advanced, or stabilized. Consuming the product, as mandated by the instructions, will give your body a jolt and heightened awareness on when and how it can better utilize the testosterone hormone to help you and render more efficient results from your workouts.



Due to the current demand for testosterone supplements, many new products and brands enter the market with little to no previous sales history or recognition of any kind. The company Monster Muscles X has this advantage over these types of companies because it has already attracted both media and public attention to both authenticate and secure its business standing. This is not to say that newer products are always to be found inferior against companies with more easily recognizable product lines but it doesn’t hurt Monster Muscle X to be able to share how its product has already made connections, finding itself well seated in the public eye and of current media sponsorship. From this perspective, the company is unique that it can be researched easily and allows for more substantiative results while making the decision to select an appropriate testosterone supplement for you.

How Monster Muscle X Works?

As previously mentioned, the purpose of all testosterone supplement formulas is to allow greater utility, activity, and support to be activated from inside the body and the testosterone hormone – in this way Monster Muscle is no different. Having said that, the product makes sure that the ingredients used to allow this chemical relationship to happen are all natural and safe to use. The product works in a very traditional manner, which is outlined by the regular intake of capsules during a cycle of the product’s recommended dosing. This dosage can be a variable factor because depending on what effects you wish to take advantage of while using the product, the increase and stabilization to the levels in your testosterone activity can be harnessed to support many physical activities, routines, and bodybuilding goals.

Ingredients of Monster Muscle

Only lightly touched upon in the paragraph above, Monster Muscle X makes sure that the customer knows that only all natural ingredients are used to create the type of chemical compound product they are selling and that this is an important part of their identity as a vendor. However and to the chagrin of many buyers, this “all natural chemical compound” is not clearly given or shown to the consumer before making the purchase of the product or arriving at the screens that would allow this transaction to happen in the first place. Thus it cannot really be verified (at least not with without further scrutiny and investigation of the product) which of the ingredients are really in line with the all natural ingredients advertisement that decorate the borders of the website and the face of the product itself. Ultimately, in this focus and judgement of the product, the willingness to show what these all natural ingredients is not show and subsequently not clear enough to form honest or valid opinions.



Continuing to look carefully at the product and what it has to offer, Monster Muscle X strikes a relatively positive balance in review because of the following:

  • It is a well-known product
  • A free sample bottle is offered
  • Reviewed well by user base

First and foremost, the fact the Monster Muscle X has a current following and relationship with the public and media illuminates that the product has been able to survive the preliminary rounds of product scrutiny maintain and grow the respect of its own community. And even though the ingredients are not clearly listed or shown to the customer, by offering a free sample bottle, the company is seen giving the consumer a chance to examine and test the product without spending their hard-earned money. That in addition with the consistency in their users’ ratings helps to show that although there is always room for speculation, the company seems to be doing a good job of covering all of these essential bases.



Widely touted as a leader of testosterone supplements by its media partnerships, it is surprising to see that the company itself has not been commended in a more formal way by the people who have already chosen to stand behind them. The only outside certification to emblazon the product with this kind of veneration is the SAFE PURCHASE “Tested & Inspected Guaranteed” that rests in the very bottom of the purchase screen where a person is first given the option to initiate a transaction. Other than that, all of the other medals, certificates, and general lionizing comes from the company itself and has no real and identifiable approval from the third party community members that already have chosen to help advertise the product. This odd mix of public and media attention is a strange compliment to how little the company has been actually ranked and categorized, leading one to acknowledge the attention but not draw sufficient evidence to believe that the product is a breakthrough.



Looking over a variety of customer testimonials and experiences, Monster Muscle X is more often than not, praised and vindicated from the mouths of its users, reflecting that even without the awards other competitors might have, it still has a comparable following. In fact, the total amount of these scores easily average up to four or five stars (out of five) when taking into account the whole user demographic that participated in these rankings and evaluations (this includes both the negative and the positive reviews). Using this as a baseline to make any conclusions about the efficacy of the product and its overall satisfaction, the company seems to justly earn the attention, notoriety, and promotion it has received from the aforementioned sources of media in the last section. Together, all of this approval seems to indicate or direct one to believe that Monster Muscle X is focused on regularly delivering this type of service whether or not they are receiving awards for doing so.


Awards & Media Coverage

One of the most difficult categories to rank for Monster Muscle X is how to fairly and appropriately read the signs and then make judge of how little awards they have received in relation to how much media coverage they have been able to amass. As stated before, the company has done a great job of networking and partnering up with the media to help sell and reach the level of public discussion. The only real downside to this kind of partnership with the media is that they have failed to take on any further accolades after creating these kinds of bonds, not in stagnation of course, but just unable to reach the higher opinions reserved for some of their competitors. Clearly, one must be weighed against the other, but again, in this category Muscle Max X seems to reach a relative balance.


Money-back Guarantee

This is a gray area, in terms of the reviewal process because there is a “100 Percent Guarantee Satisfaction” but no mention of monetary recompensation if the user does not like the product. What comes to the rescue of this discrepancy is the fact that a person can try the product for free by proceeding to order the sample instead of selecting and procuring the more expensive product, which might contain considerably more risk if there is not a money-back guarantee. Having structured the transaction in this way, it looks like this is how the system is made to work, but the text itself makes it a little confusing to understand the legal implications in full detail. Yet, because an effort is made to provide a free sample, it does not appear like the root of this misunderstanding comes from an intent to defraud or dupe the consumer of any of their money, time, or mental energy.



Shipping is an interesting category for Monster Muscle X because it has the ability to show how much business the company has acquired through the use of their business model and all of their shipping practices. The idea that illustrates this thought best is the fact that the company has expressed that in response to all of the interest they have received regarding their free sample product, plans are being put into place to redesign and innovate how the free sample size will be delivered. After communicating this change to the consumer showed that “In stock, 24 hour shipping” is going to be the new model introduced to ensure that the company can continue to keep up with all of the recent demand and buzz following their product. All in all, other factors of shipping like price, quality, and delivery speed looked normal – yet, what really speaks volumes about this company is that it still appears to be in development and growth after some time on the market, to the point that its able to consider offering a “in stock 24 hour shipping” service.


Customer Support

Because it seems Monster Muscle X seems to prioritize its relationship with the public and the media, the level of customer support provided of and about the product being purchased is very thorough and does not leave one wanting. To start, one interesting feature of the company’s initiative that can be examined, is how they let the consumer know that testosterone supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, and that because of that, they would like to provide the results of their own testing to show its safety and legality. This open admittance of where testosterone supplements stand as a product allows the customer to become more educated about the product and utilize the new information to not only maker better buying decisions but to clearly understand what the product is. On top of that and without neglecting the other areas of their performance, the other avenues of customer support like company accessibility, reliability, and product function that were found in the customer reviews, all seem to check out and point toward satisfaction.


Safe & Secure Checkout

An easy section of Monster Muscle X to review, the company has done their homework to make sure that the methodology and security of the transaction protects the information and identity of the client (remember this is their one area of certification as a company). Using the SAFE PURCHASE “Tested & Inspected Guaranteed” as a topic of discussion for this appraisal, nothing about the manner or method of the transaction make the customer feel at risk or in danger of fraud while successfully making to the end of the transaction experience. Likewise, the reviews of the user base seem to acknowledge that this part of the product and experience should not raise any red flags for any other future buyers and did not cause them any undue grief. In summation and without sounding too redundant, the company looks to have proven itself to the customer and to the third party organization that they can be trusted to handle, process, and protect your information while doing business with you.

Monster Muscle X Pricing & Free Trial

Monster Muscle X most heavily promotes the use and dosage of the two sizes that are listed below:

  • Free-Trial – you’ll be charged 87.63 USD if you don’t cancel the product within the free trial period;
  • Standard Monster Muscle X – 60 capsules, $87.63;

As it can be seen from the list of what is being promoted, Monster Muscle X has one of the smaller capsule count size or cycle durations out of any one of its competitors. Although making it into on of the more convenient and affordable price ranges, this kind of recommended cycle duration would require that one would have to make orders over time. In reality, this must be factored into the equation because depending on the use or goal, making continuous payments of this amount might actually “put you in the hole” versus the competing companies that allow for two or three times this size from their list of more convenient product sizing. And lastly, this kind of information shouldn’t dissuade the reader from exploring or considering Monster Muscle X as a product but allow them to make a more informed choice one how to maximize their individual program goals and needs.






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