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MMA Muscle Pro Review – Is This Product Used by Elite MMA Professionals?

What Is MMA Muscle Pro?

A testosterone-boosting supplement such as MMA Muscle Pro can help men replenish low test levels that are oftentimes lost as the result of the aging process. When this supplement is used, men can hit the gym and take their workout to the max, lifting more weight than before, with focused attention, and powerful bursts of energy. MMA Muscle Pro claims that it is a product used by a large number of elite MMA professionals, giving them the curve needed to supersede the competition in the ring. Men use this product to sustain their energy levels, decrease fat, enhance muscle tone, lift more, and to gain an overall better physique.

The problem with MMA Muscle Pro starts with a serious lack of information about the product, what it is designed to do, how it works, and even what is found inside of the capsules. Bodybuilders have a hard job ahead when they want to build massive muscles. They must ensure that they use only the best, most comprehensive and competent products out there, especially when stacking with other supplements. This lack of information really puts him at a loss since he is unable to find the pertinent information needed to make the best decisions for his bodybuilding needs.

There is some information available about the product, and with that we know that this is a natural testosterone booster than is used by men who want to boost their workout and enhance their ripped muscles in the quickest time frame possible. The testosterone booster indicates that it can be used in combination with other products (known as stacking) and that it is safe for all healthy users over 18 thanks to the inclusion of not-toxin ingredients. Any man that has worries of products that are not natural can find relief in the fact that this one is non-toxic.



MMA Muscle Pro is manufactured by the company of the same name. Currently, this product is the only one available from the company. There is little information out there about the manufacturer, so anyone that wishes to use the product is doing so without being able to attain adequate research. While the product claims to be manufactured and sold in the U.S., a closer look at the company telephone number reveals an international calling code, indicating a number that is outside of the states and instead located in The Netherlands.

It is anyone’s guess as to the reason a U.S. based company would have an international telephone number, unless, of course, they were not actually located in the states. Doing business with a supplement manufacturer outside of the U.S. is risky, since there are different rules and regulations in place in other countries. It is also a bit on the deceptive side, and with the lack of information about the product already, most men feel that the product is far too much money or too big of a risk to try.


How MMA Muscle Pro Works?

Although there is no information concerning how MMA Muscle Pro works, what we do know is that the supplement boosts the testosterone levels found naturally inside of a man’s body. When testosterone is at peak levels, it is easy to focus on your workout, gain lifting power and energy, and enjoy improved muscle recovery so that your workouts don’t feel like an overload. Men that use MMA Muscle Pro amplify and intensify their workouts, as they desire to do when lifting weights, but the product offers everyday benefits of use as well. The product manufactures promises that, with the use of MMA Muscle Pro, men can attain greater than average muscle size in a shorter period of time than they’d be able to do it without the product.


Ingredients of MMA Muscle Pro

As with most other information about this test booster, a lack of information concerning the ingredients found inside of the supplement is a bit disheartening. A professional bodybuilder cannot put just anything into his body and expect results and this is certainly not the time to play guessing games. It seems that this is the type of game going on, however, since there is no information concerning the ingredients used to compose the product on the website or elsewhere on the web. The only information concerning ingredients states ‘scientifically dosed, proven ingredients.’ It is quite difficult to believe these claims when there is such a lack of important information that any serious bodybuilder needs to know.

Statements made over and over again indicate that the product is scientifically tested and proven, using ingredients shown to improve a bodybuilders workout. Yet without any information concerning what is actually inside of the product, there is no way to compare this information or research the ingredients to ensure that they are what they say they are. There is no indication of dosing amounts, either, which also puts a bodybuilder at risk.



Looking aside of the fact that there are several major discrepancies of the supplement, MMA Muscle Pro claims to offer a substantial number of benefits to the user. Claims indicate results are attained shortly after use of the product, with enhanced energy levels after just two weeks; enhanced muscle recovery after just four weeks; and an 82% increase in muscle size in just three weeks. With instant test boosts, men can use the product shortly before hitting the gym and ensure they’re a powerhouse that is getting the most benefits from their efforts.

The product comes with a free trial offer, which is always nice for a man that doesn’t want to spend his money on a supplement that he is unsure of. There are also several ordering options available for those that wish not to use the free trial offer. This is one of few supplements of its kind that offer these multiple choices for ordering to the bodybuilder. The choices in sizes makes it easy to order, especially after the first bottle.



Product users should know that MMA Muscle Pro is created inside of a USDA-inspected laboratory that is known as ‘The Cage.’ The Cage promises to be a clean, safe, and reliable laboratory, producing only high-quality supplements. Claims are that the facility is triple-inspected for your peace of mind. The trained scientists working inside of the facility are there to ensure product quality is consistent to meet your needs.



What are men saying about this product? A plethora of reviews and testimonials are easily found on the web, helping you learn firsthand what you can expect should you decide to use this testosterone booster. The biggest concern with this information, however, is whether or not it is accurate and reliable. Some of the testimonials that are out there seem a bit wordy and far-fetched, and there are no members of any bodybuilding organizations that mention this product. Here are a few of the testimonials, which reflect both positive and negative thoughts of the supplement.

Since I began using MMA Muscle Pro, I truly feel like the champion they promised me I’d be. It is amazing to hit the gym with mental focus that allows me to concentrate fully on my workout while also having a newfound power and strength that I didn’t have before. After two months of use, I feel like a new man and am now ready to test my skills against an opponent. – Juan C., Santa Monica, CA

I tried the product after I saw tons of online testimonials indicating it worked. I guess I am the guy they’re marketing to because I failed to do any research and am now paying dearly for that. I used the product for 14 days and saw no results. I tried to cancel, yet was still charged for the product. It’s been a nightmare ever sense. Not only did I lack results, I have been charged for a product that I don’t want! – Jake M., Phoenix, AZ

I’ve seen serious differences in my physique since I started using MMA Muscle Pro. I’ve also noticed that I am able to stay at the gym lifting for longer periods of time without wearing out. I love my workouts so much more now than ever before. I am definitely going to continue use of this product and await the fantastic results coming my way. – Tarvis E., New Orleans, LA

Amazing results! I don’t feel like the same anymore and some of my friends hardly recognize me. It is nice to go from the small geek that everyone picked on in high school to the hot-bod stud that every girl wants. As long as the ladies keep coming my way and the muscles continue to explode, I will continue to use this test booster. Why interfere with something that is so right? – DeWayne P., San Diego, CA


Awards & Media Coverage

The MMA Muscle Pro manufacturer claims the product is the #1 Muscle Product in the USA, but lacks any evidence suggesting any truth behind the claim. It is anyone’s guess who voted the product #1, when they made this vote, etc. Oftentimes this is indication of a product that may not be honest in all of the information it is presenting to you.

There is also a lack of media coverage which does put a bit of skepticism in this product as well. The brand nor product have any type of social media accounts or pages. While there is a plethora of information available with a Google search, much of it is outdated, generic, written to inspire your purchase while the rest seems to be too good to be true and unrealistic. It is hard to trust a product that seems to be hidden in a world where it is so easy to be found. If you want to be a top-rated test booster, shouldn’t you do everything to get your name out there with a positive reflection?


Money-back Guarantee

A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered with the purchase of MMA Muscle Pro, although upon closer look of this guarantee, you’ll learn that the only product protected by this promise is the free trial product. Should you order the testosterone booster without taking advantage of the free trial offer, you will not only pay full price for the order, but are unable to return the product under any circumstances.

There is one exception to the rule of no returns except on the trial product. That is in the event of receiving a product that has been damaged during shipment. Should you receive a damaged product, you should immediately contact a member of the customer service team to initiate a return. Any return due to damage must be made with 30-days of the original purchase date.



Orders for MMA Muscle Pro that are placed during the weekday are shipped within 24 hours of receipt of the order. No orders are shipped on the weekends. Supplement shipment occurs via the USPS, with expected arrival at your home, office, or other specified location within 5 to 7 days. Since the product is shipped inside of plain, discreet packaging, no one will know what is inside of the package except for you.

A 10% fee is added to the total amount of your order to cover the costs of shipping and handling. When ordering a bottle at regular price, that cost is about $6, or about $13 when you order a multi-pack deal. This shipping rate is reasonable and similar to the costs charged by other companies.


Customer Support

Customers that need to get in touch with a member of customer service, whether they have questions about the product, want to cancel their free trial offer, or have other concerns, can do so via email, telephone, or by visiting the self-serve website. Operators answer calls during regular business hours, which are not indicated by the company. Also, of concern with the customer support department of the product, is the fact that the number given to reach a customer service team member is to an international location. This is a test booster that is supposed to be created and sold in the U.S., so there is no reason for an international telephone number to be listed.

Customers that opt for the free trial of the product can cancel their membership using email or telephone or the self-service option. A Quick-Cancel option is also available if you do not want to wait for an email reply or place a phone call. You can click on Terms & Conditions found on the bottom of the page and enter your details to cancel your membership. The disadvantage of this, however, is that you have no proof of canceling the order.


Safe & Secure Checkout

There are multiple security features that should put your mind at ease when ordering MMA Muscle Pro. A safe, secure checkout process is guaranteed with these security features in place. Among the security features offered to customers include 256-bit encryption, MasterCard SecureCode, Verified by Visa, McAfee Secure, Norton, and others. When you are ready to place an order, browse the site for the logos of each of these security features so you know that you are dealing with a company that keeps you protected.


Pricing & Free Trial

A free trial offer is available for men that wish to try the product before they buy. When you opt to use the free – trial offer, you’ll pay $4 each for two 30-day supply bottles of the product. You’ll have a total of 14-days to use the product and learn the benefits that it offers to you. If you were not impressed with the results, you can cancel the membership, return the product, and owe nothing more. However, if you find that it is a product you enjoy and want to continue using it, you’ll pay for a 46-day supply only and continue your membership to receive a new bottle each month.

There are additional options available for ordering if you do not want to sign up under the free trial program. A single bottle of the supplement can be purchased at the regular rate of $59, without any memberships or cancellations required. You can also order a three – month or a five-month supply of the testosterone booster at once and receive discounts. When you opt to order larger quantities at once, discounts are applied to the order and you receive the equivalent of free bottles.






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