Maxx Test 300

Maxx Test 300 Review – Can It Actually Boost Your Testosterone?

What Is Maxx Test 300?

Maxx Test 300 is a testosterone-boosting dietary supplement designed to raise free testosterone levels in men, in effect promising enhanced muscle mass and increased free testosterone production. It is designed for healthy adult men over the age of eighteen. It comes in capsule form, and is intended to be taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and a rigorous training program. Its ingredients are comprised entirely of herbs, plants, minerals and natural extracts. It is sold not only in the United States but all over the world.

This product is designed for any adult man who would like fast, effective results in improving his physical performance abilities and musculature from the level he is currently at. It is also popular among athletes, as it is thought by many to be a safe, legal route to increasing stamina and athletic performance fast. It is also marketed to professional bodybuilders and weightlifters who would like to amp up their performance. Lastly but certainly not least, it is aimed at older men whose t-levels may have depleted over time.



Maxx Test 300 is developed and manufactured by a company of the same name. Its headquarters appear to be located in Hendersonville, NV. Other than that, there is very little available online in the way of detailed manufacturer info. This may prove to be a disadvantage to the company, as many customers prefer to buy from clearly-established suppliers (or at least suppliers of whom they can learn adequate information via research). Therefore, this company may want to at least provide a brief history and/or a company philosophy on the official product website, in order to establish a greater customer connection and trust level.

This product appears to be the only product manufactured by Maxx Test 300. Where the merchant may lose in terms of less manufacturer experience, it may conversely gain by its ability to devote all of its resources, research and development into this sole supplement. This may (hopefully) then translate into a more well-researched, effective product for the customer. Still, this supplier would be well-advised to post some informative company information online to best connect with customer.


How Maxx Test 300 Works?

This product is an all-natural testosterone booster that incorporates herbs, minerals and plant extracts to boost free testosterone production, thereby leading to maximal performance gains. By boosting such physical attributes as strength, energy and endurance, Maxx Test 300 promises to help users amp up workout quality, which enables users to sculpt lean muscle mass quickly. For those new to the world of fitness supplements, testosterone is a steroid hormone naturally produced by the body. It is key to many male physical performance attributes as well as to muscle-building. This product promises to raise testosterone levels in two key ways.

First, it promises to actively stimulate the production of testosterone by inciting a chain of chemical processes that lead to increased t-levels. Second, it also passively raises levels by both blocking and inhibiting the chemicals that suppress testosterone production. These processes also encourage protein synthesis, a fundamental biological process whereby cells build specific proteins. Purportedly, the amino acids in this product’s formulation facilitates the process of protein synthesis, thereby leading to quicker and more efficient muscle-building.

Users are directed to take one to two capsules a day with a glass of water or a protein shake. This product must be used either before or after workouts in order to maximize muscle gains. For optimal effectiveness, the manufacturer states that users must take this product every day for an extended period of time in order to achieve and maintain results. As with any dietary supplement, however, this product is not intended as a meal replacer, and must be used together with a protein-rich diet and a well-planned exercise regimen in order to achieve the ripped, robust physique many men are seeking.


Ingredients of Maxx Test 300

As stated, all of the ingredients in this supplement’s proprietary formula blend are derived from plants, flowers, herbs and natural extracts. Central to its ingredient list is Tribulus Terrestris (a.k.a. Devil’s Weed), an annual plant harvested worldwide that is currently all the rage in anabolic supplement communities. A steroidal saponin called Protodioscin is thought to be the active ingredient that promotes muscle growth. It is also thought to raise testosterone levels with the right dosage amount. It is also thought to trigger the release of nitric oxide, which improves blood flow to working muscles and speeds up repair to muscle tissue.

Also key to its formulation is Alpha Lipoic Acid, which is thought to neutralize free radicals via its antioxidant properties. Due to this factor, this ingredient is believed by many to slow the aging process and enhance vitality and energy levels. It is popular in bodybuilding communities as a dietary supplement because of its ability to stabilize and even reverse cellular damage. Its properties as a whole are thought to contribute to the increase of physical performance, the protection of genetic material and to helping to increase vitality and to fuel workouts. Alpha Lipoic Acid is thought by some to be essential to aerobic metabolism.

The third featured ingredient is Horny Goat Weed, which also goes by the names Epimedium or Barrenwort. This is an herb whose leaves the Chinese have used for medicinal purposes for many centuries. It is thought to be effective in improving blood flow which, similar to some of the properties in Tribulus Terrestris, helps to fuel workouts and quick recovery. It is important to note that users are still advised to consult their physicians despite this supplement’s natural formula, as a small segment of users may experience allergic reactions and/or medication interactions.



Perhaps the most sought-after advantage promised by this t-booster is its fast muscle-building capabilities. By increasing testosterone production, Maxx Test 300 promises to increase strength, stamina and endurance, thereby fueling workout capabilities in order to pack on lean muscle mass fast. With consistent use, the manufacturer promises men the ability to burn fat while carving out a lean, mean muscular physique. Similarly, athletes may view this supplement has a safe, legal way to boost their performance without the need for illegal performance enhancers such as steroids.

Another advantage promised by this supplement is the restoration of testosterone levels that may have declined with age. As many are aware, testosterone levels begin to decline by 2-4% beginning at the age of thirty. This product promises to restore free testosterone to youthful levels, thereby increasing energy and vitality as well. Other touted advantages are quicker recovery time after workouts, improved blood flow and sharper mental focus. The ultimate advantage to using this supplement, according to the merchant, is the confidence gained by a harder, better body and ramped up energy and vitality.



Prominently displayed on the Maxx Test 300 website is a ‘Made In the USA’ certificate. This is likely meant to assure buyers of a high level of production quality. This may also reassure buyers of the product’s compliance with high US standards of manufacturing regulation and compliance. United States buyers may also take pride in the fact that they are supporting their home economy while simultaneously getting ripped. As such, this certificate will like prove to be a major appeal to customers due to its quality and production standard assurance.

Aside from the ‘Made In the USA’ certificate, the product website does not display any others. One certificate the company might be wise to acquire would be the ‘GMP Certified’ logo. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, and would likely be an excellent way to boost consumer confidence about the product quality, the company and its manufacturing practices (i.e., the company is compliant with standard regulations in manufacturing). Another certificate consumers may appreciate seeing is that speaking to the fact that the company develops all of its products in a sterile, FDA-approved lab.



Push yourself, train hard, eat right and take Maxx Test 300. It tastes fine and it goes down smooth with a protein shake. I haven’t had any side effects except for more strength. I’ve torched my deadlift goal and am setting new goals all the time! Especially considering the free trial offer online, I think guys should definitely give this a shot. – John, sheet metal worker in Austin, TX, US

For me, Maxx Test 300 definitely did what it said it would do. I can train longer and harder, and I finally have the ripped look I’ve been striving for. My energy levels have also improved. I would recommend this to any guy who’s looking to put in the work to get shredded. – Danny, personal trainer in San Diego, CA, US

Not only can I put in longer hours at the gym, I also have more energy at work and at home to get things done. This stuff has revolutionized my workout routine. Many thanks to Maxx Test 300! – William, sous chef in Little Rock, AR, US

I stack this with another badass t-booster, and the results I’ve gotten have amazed my co-workers, my gym buddy and my girlfriend. I’m in my forties, but I get more attention from the ladies than I did ten years ago! I can bench almost twice what I was able to before I started using this. This has been a win without a doubt. – Jake, artist in Arlington, WV, US


Awards & Media Coverage

So far, it it is not known whether Maxx Test 300 has received any popular media coverage. It is also unknown — or advertised on the official product website — whether it has won any awards in its product category. Considering the copyright date on the website is 2013, it stands to reason that this product has had sufficient time to collect awards and media coverage. If it had done so, the manufacturer would likely have advertised as much on its website. However, such speculation cannot be ascertained for sure.

What can be said about Maxx Test 300 is that it has been extensively covered, discussed and reviewed on fitness/bodybuilding forums all over the internet. What’s more, many users who have tried it have stated that is has been effective for the purposes discussed, and the side effects reported have been minor and few. The bottom line is that, although it has not won any awards or been covered in the popular media, this supplement seems to be a favorite among supplement enthusiasts in the fitness community online.


Money-back Guarantee

Maxx Test 300 customers are in luck, as this merchant offers a 13-day free trial with only a minimal shipping and handling fee upfront. Trial customers will then receive a one-month supply of the supplement to try for thirteen days before automatic enrollment in the company’s auto-ship program. This means customers will be charged the full retail price for a thirty-day supply, which will be automatically debited from the credit card on file and shipped out every thirty days. Alternatively, customers can call the customer service number provided to cancel their membership in order to avoid ongoing charges. Orders can be canceled at modified at any time by calling the same customer support number.

One tremendous advantage to this company’s trial program is that, in the event a customer is dissatisfied with their results, they may return the product opened and empty — a sharp contrast between most supplement suppliers, who request that customers may return only unopened, undamaged products. To request a refund, buyers must simply call customer service at the 1-800 number provided to request an RMA number, which they must then write on the box. To be eligible for a full refund, all return orders must be postmarked within 30 days of the purchase date. Refunds are issued to the customers’ credit card upon receipt and are generally processed in 3-5 business days. It may take up to one full billing cycle for a return to show up on a customer’s credit card (depending on the financial institution involved).



For buyers who opt to take advantage of the free trial, the shipping and handling cost is a minimal $4.95. Upon ordering, the checkout section provides a specific date as to when the customer’s order is expected to arrive. The merchant ships anywhere in the United States as well as to nearly all Armed Forces locations. It ships to a variety of outlying islands as well. The supplier promises customers that they will receive their bottle in 3-5 business days.

Unfortunately, no mention is made as to which shipping carrier the merchant uses. This may be a drawback to customers who have a specific preference as to which carrier they prefer or who would like to know what their options are. Similarly, the company does not specify their shipping times, i.e. how many days it takes to ship orders or whether orders are also shipped on Saturdays. This is essential information to most buyers; hence, Maxx Test Pro would be wise to include this on the product website. Per company policy, customers are responsible for all return shipping costs.


Customer Support

Maxx Test 300 offers a standard customer service program put in place to ensure buyer convenience and satisfaction. Customer service hours are from 9am – 9pm EST, Monday through Friday. The company offers three avenues to customer support at any time before, during or after a sale. The first option is through a toll-free 1-800 number for callers who would prefer to speak with a live representative. For those who prefer the convenience of email, the company also offers a support email address.

Third, a representative can be contacted by a physical mailing address located in Santa Ana, CA. The official product website also provides a physical business address in Hendersonville, NV. The website does not specify whether the support center is open during weekends and holidays. Although Maxx Test 300 customers are not offered the 24/7 customer service program provided by a few testosterone booster merchants, customers will likely find this support program more than adequate for all of their product, policy and transactional questions.


Safe & Secure Checkout

As evidenced by the checkout section on the official product website, the manufacturer of Maxx Test 300 has gone above and beyond insofar as investing in a suite of security software to protect customers’ transaction data online. Customers will likely be reassured by the range of security software logos displayed, such as Verisign Secured, Scam Alert Hacker Safe and McAfee Secure. Also displayed are trusted security logos 128-Bit SSL, TRUSTe and Secured by GeoTrust. Many of these SSL security logos are displayed to show customers that the company’s website has passed a standard level of inspection, in which the software has scanned the site for malware and other unwanted software devices that may compromise customer data. These also show that the company has passed inspection and is who it claims to be.

The SSL security certificates displayed upon checkout utilize encryption coding to ensure that buyers’ personal and financial information is protected from identity theft and other potential misuse. These certificates also attest to the fact that this company complies with best regulated practices meant to protect online transactions against intruder misuse. According to the merchant’s privacy policy, all customer information collected through the website is secure and maintained in accordance with industry standards. This policy assures customers that their server is secure and that banking information will be shared with third-party servicers only as needed to provide the necessary transaction services.


Pricing & Free Trial

After a successful trial of Maxx Test 300, customers who choose to maintain membership will be charged the regular non-trial price of $89.47 for the trial bottle. They will also be enrolled in the company’s ongoing auto-delivery membership program, wherein they will be charged for and receive a fresh bottle approximately every 43 days from the original purchase date every thirty days thereafter. Membership can, of course, be canceled or modified anytime before the thirteenth day of the trial. As an added incentive, this merchant offers a field upon checkout where customers can enter promo codes for additional savings.

Accepted forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Some customers may be dissatisfied at the lack of PayPal payment option, as this method of payment has quickly become standard among most online transaction sites. There are currently no value incentive programs offered for buying multiple bottles at once; the supplier may want to consider such a program as an option for customers who would like to buy multiple bottles but who would not like to continue in the company’s auto-enrollment feature. As noted on the ‘terms and conditions’ section of the product website, all returns are subject to a $6 restocking fee. Buyers are subject to any and all sales tax as pertaining to their individual locations.






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