Maxitest by PharmaPro Review – Can This Supplement Deliver That Mega Testosterone Boost?

What Is Maxitest?

Maxitest, produced by the known and respected PharmaPro company and brand of natural sports supplements, is an effective testosterone maximizing agent in the body for greater lean muscle density and athletic success. The active ingredient of D-Aspartic Acid in this unique formula promotes elevated counts of free (active) testosterone within your internal system while enhancing this empowering supplement’s absorption rates. After just a few weeks of taking this fitness aid, users begin to experience new lean muscle development, increased body strength and greater endurance levels throughout their intensive workouts and sports games or competitions. During or following the sixth week of use, you will most likely have gained from 15 to 20 pounds of healthy muscle mass and density and have made even greater gains in overall physical power and stamina as you withstand more demanding, rugged training regimens and attain higher athletic skills.

This sports performance enhancer also increases lipolytic action, or fat shredding, in your body while helping to prevent water retention, giving you a smoother, more sleek body with greater muscle definition. You will soon acquire a streamlined yet powerful physique for that totally ripped appearance you have long admired and worked to achieve. With this advanced fitness aid as your major athletic supplement, you will continue to benefit from these body-enhancing aspects on a regular basis, building and empowering your physical appearance, fitness and sports capabilities without concerns about retaining extra fat or fluid, which can cause bloating and sluggish bodily responses and sports playing action. It will be much easier for your to maintain and even improve your impressive body build, powerful athletic persona and sports performance abilities than ever before.



Founded in 2003, PharmaPro has built and continuously lived up to its strong reputation for creating and producing safe, effective and fast-acting bodybuilding and sports improvement supplements with high nutritional value. Every pure, natural product this company manufactures is produced according to strict government approved Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) specifications. In addition, each supplement and batch is carefully tested before being placed on the consumer market for sale, and all products must meet required levels of quality for strength, efficacy and safety. These unique formulas are created by scientific and nutritional specialists and tested clinically by these and additional experts with practical testing also performed by groups of serious athletes during regular use of supplements.

Although many sports supplements manufacturers use skip-lot testing methods in which supplement lots or batches are tested randomly since FDA guidelines accept this procedure as approved, PharmaPro specialists insist on use of higher standards. This leading company in the natural fitness aids production industry never allows for possible imperfections or shortcomings in assessing each supplement lot’s quality levels. Instead, this company’s production team examines each and every supplement batch thoroughly before it is released to the marketplace. This unusual company is dedicated to providing customers with the best quality anabolic compounds possible at low, affordable prices. By eliminating the middleman, company management is able to consistently place new and existing products in their brand on the consumer market at pricing rates that athletes of all economic circumstances can afford for quality athletic benefits.


How Maxitest Works?

Maxitest offers users multiple empowering benefits due to its richly nutritional composition of ingredients. Each pure, natural component provides unique and reliable exercise enhancing functions, and in combination, these substances also support one another’s bodybuilding and sports performance benefits. For example, the ingredient of D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) in chelated form is highly bioavailable (easily absorbed) in the body. This D-form of aspartic acid, an amino acid, is advantageous for rapid and steady testosterone boosting to energize, strengthen and fortify your body for rigorous, long gym workouts and athletic events. Although the body can transform L-aspartic acid, the dietary variety of aspartic acid into DAA, your body stores high levels of DAA in bodily tissues and glands to produce hormones, including testosterone. Research scientists have proven that athletes who take natural supplements that add as little as three grams daily of DAA actually raise their levels of the luteinizing hormone (LH) by at least 33 percent and their testosterone counts by as much as 42 percent.

To reinforce and strengthen the T-boosting effects of DAA even more, the formulators of this unique fitness aid added the potent herbal substance, Mucuna Pruriens. This Ayurvedic herb, still used today for its powerful qualities as discovered by ancient Indian herbalists, has high contents of L-Dopa and increases bodily levels of major growth hormones, including testosterone. Formulators of this fitness supplement also added the ingredient of Vitamin D in the empowering amounts of 2,500 i.u. in every daily dose. These nutritional experts know that even athletes who ingest 1,000 i.u. per day of Vitamin D will maintain their testosterone levels at acceptable amounts required for good sports performance, while taking 2,500 i.u. per day will support peak performance.


Ingredients of Maxitest

Maxitest contains safe, effective and highly nutritious ingredients that are pure and natural, including the following components:

Vitamin D

This important vitamin, found in many natural foods like egg yolks, fish and fish oils, is also synthesized by your skin when it is exposed to direct sunlight. However, especially for athletes, supplementation with quality natural fitness aids containing quantities of Vitamin D of from 400 i.u. to 1500 i.u. and above is necessary for good sports performance. This advanced formula from PharmaPro contains 2,500 i.u. of this valuable vitamin for optimum performance and sustained energy. Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorous by the body for strong bones, muscles and cardiovascular activity for enduring strenuous bodybuilding workouts and other athletic performance. It also helps prevent fatigue during recovery after sports activity and supports maintenance of boosted testosterone levels in the body for better energy, stamina and muscle action.

D-Aspartic Acid Chelate

The two forms of aspartic acid are L-aspartic acid and D-aspartic acid (DAA). L-aspartic acid, or the L-isomer, is one of 20 proteinogenic amino acids that serve as precursors to proteins and are included in the proteins produced during the transformation process. However, DAA, or the D-isomer, has strong properties for boosting testosterone counts in the body. DAA can also stimulate the Leydig cells and the pituitary gland to promote increased production of natural bodily hormone levels. Expert nutritionists have found that taking three grams of DAA every day can raise your body’s levels of the luteinizing hormone (LH) significantly, which activates the gonads to produce additional testosterone for greater energy, muscular strength and stamina.

Mucuna Pruriens (15 Percent L-Dopa)

This natural legume, often called velvet bean, grows wild in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world. It is helpful when used in natural sports supplements for its capacity to support conversion of its L-Dopa content into dopamine, a chemical used by the brain to elevate moods and motivation for greater sports achievement. This pure ingredient also aids bodybuilding efforts by increasing the body’s production rates of testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which support development of larger lean muscle mass, fat shredding and shorter post-workout recovery times.


With its name derived from the Latin word, gelatus, which translates as “frozen” or “stiff,” gelatin is a translucent, flavorless food substance extracted from collagen that comes from animal by-products. It is often used as a gelling component in natural supplements manufacturing.

Magnesium Stearate

This ingredient, also known as octadecanoic acid, is a white magnesium salt which becomes a powdered solid at room temperature. It is used in the production of natural supplements to prevent tablet and capsule contents from adhering to the manufacturing equipment.



There are advantages to choosing Maxitest from the PharmaPro company brand as your main bodybuilding and athletic performance supplement, such as the following:

This fitness aid promotes increased bodily testosterone levels for impressive, rapid development of greater lean muscle mass and density.

With daily use of this sports and bodybuilding enhancement product, you will experience dramatic improvement in your overall body strength and endurance.

When you take this advanced sports formula on a regular schedule, you will shred fat more easily for a more streamlined, but muscular, ripped physique.

This supplement helps prevent water retention by your body for greater energy and stamina, faster and more agile athletic action and a sleeker body.

This empowering fitness aid will strengthen your bones and joints for better athletic activity while enhancing your moods and motivation to succeed at bodybuilding training and sports.



All PharmaPro fitness aids, including Maxitest, are manufactured in government certified facilities according to strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations. Manufacturing procedures also follow FDA approved guidelines for supplements production. This natural supplements manufacturer also gives certificates of recognition to sports industry professionals who encourage athletes to use this fitness enhancer as their primary athletic supplement. Most of these professional bodybuilding and exercise trainers or sports team coaches are quality athletes, and many of them use this fitness aid on a regular basis for their own athletic enhancement. Because they usually display the PharmaPro certificates in prominent places at their gyms, in their training areas or on their office walls, these sports professionals influence many bodybuilders and sports players in training to become daily users of this effective, safe fitness formula.



This great T-booster will build your muscle size and density at rates that will amaze you! Just by continuing your normal daily workouts and taking this sports supplement regularly, you will get an awesome, ripped body with energy and power to spare.

– Harry Vickland, Portland, OR, USA

When you take this outstanding fitness supplement on a daily schedule, you will gain amazing multiple benefits. You will get enhanced lean muscularity, great energy boosts, stamina, agility and strength to take on the most strenuous, muscle-crunching workouts imaginable. Order your first supply of Maxitest right away for the body-build and power of your dreams.

– Mack Reslinger, San Francisco, CA, USA

Want mighty muscles with strength, energy, endurance and agility to match it? Try Maxitest today. It’s the best T-booster you can buy!

– Carl Larsen, Charleston, SC, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Maxitest from PharmaPro is frequently a subject of discussion on many different online sports performance websites and bodybuilding forums. This unique muscle-building and sports improvement supplement is also a topic of interest and importance in many webinars and demonstration videos for bodybuilders, powerlifters and exercise advocates today. In addition, this specialized fitness enhancer will most likely be a future award winner of the Supplement of the Year award from such leading sports performance industry authorities as and various others. This sports aid is expected to receive notice and coverage from major network sports news channels in the coming weeks and months, both for its multiple empowering benefits for active, serious athletes and for its predicted future awards, honors and recognition.


Money-back Guarantee

PharmaPro management offers a money-back guarantee to any customer who expresses dissatisfaction with the purchase, receipt or use of Maxitest. Although this responsible and respected supplements production company receives few complaints from customers, if you experience problems or difficulties with placing an order for this product on the company website, you should contact the customer support staff right away. If your product arrives late or does not arrive at your address as you gave it when placing your order, simply contact a helpful, knowledgeable support staff member so your problem can be resolved quickly and efficiently. He or she will work closely with you to solve your product order issue, whether large or small. However, if your specific problem cannot be resolved, either a replacement supplement order or a full refund of your purchase price will be arranged, without extra questions or requirements.



All sports supplement orders are delivered to customers by dependable, professional shipping companies or global product transporting carriers, according to customer address locations. These professionals take time and care to package all product orders carefully, addressing them accurately on easily readable and durable packing labels. For customers living in international locales, it may be necessary to use local trucking companies for final supplement deliveries, and in this case, reliable truckers will be used to ensure safe and accurate delivery of your shipment. If, for any reason, your supplement does not arrive as scheduled or is delivered in less than excellent condition, just contact the PharmaPro customer support staff to request a replacement order or refund for your purchase.


Customer Support

The customer support team at this natural supplements company is friendly, well-informed and concerned. Team members are ready to assist you 24 hours per day each week to answer any questions and resolve all problems you may encounter relative to your online buying experience on the company website or with the delivery or use of your new sports supplement. Regardless of whether your query or issue concerns a slight delay in product delivery or a major question about your initial dosages, this expert support team at PharmaPro wants to hear from you. Customer satisfaction is very important to everyone at this company, and these employees are always ready to arrange a replacement order of your supplement or a complete purchase cost refund, if necessary. You can contact a support team member by phone, email or via the support page on the company website to assist you.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout procedures on the company website are always safe and secure since this site is expertly designed using the latest advanced encryption technology. Whenever you place a supplement order on these secure web pages, all your valuable personal data will be protected from unauthorized access by online hackers and potential identity thieves. Your name, address, email address and phone number along with your charge card numbers will be kept completely safe and secure throughout the purchase and payment process. This customer-friendly company wants you to relax and enjoy your buying experience on their secure website each time you place a product order, without any safety issues or worries.



PharmaPro leaders consistently keep their fitness supplement prices low to enable serious athletes and sports enthusiasts from all walks of life and economic circumstances to use and benefit from the unique Maxitest formula. You can purchase 120 capsules of this product (a two-month supply) for just $59.95, and during sales or special product promotions, you can obtain a new supply of this fitness aid for even less. By visiting the company website often, you can stay informed about the dates for upcoming discounted pricing and product sales rates. When you take advantage of discounted pricing when buying your supplement, you can often purchase a larger supply at once for even greater cost savings.






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