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Maximum Test Review – Can It Boost Your T-Levels Naturally?

What Is Maximum Test?

Maximum Test is a high quality testosterone booster that is fairly new to the market. This is the company’s newest formula, consisting of the most advanced ingredients that the research team could suggest. Their team of researchers is made up of fitness lovers as well, so they know what results customers are hoping to see in a supplement.

These pills come in month long supply bottles of 60, intended to be taken twice daily. If taken correctly and paired with proper diet and exercise, individuals should see optimum results within the first few weeks. This is all due to the precise combination of natural ingredients designed to work together to bring the user to a higher level of performance that they will be proud of.

In addition to the testosterone boosting property of the ingredients within this product, there is also an energy supplying property that can assist the user in their bodybuilding routine. Through excessive workouts, individuals who are trying to bulk up may experience extreme fatigue midway through their sets or after their session. By providing the body with extra ATP, users are able to transport energy throughout their body more efficiently and to the areas that may be deficient during extreme physical activity. This can give the user that extra boost to push through their final set, and this increase is going to yield positive results.

With such high quality ingredients, there is virtually no risk of negative side effects, making Maximum Test a viable option for men of all ages and circumstances. For obvious reasons, this is a good supplement for men who are professional bodybuilders or athletes to improve their bodies further. It is also very beneficial for older men whose testosterone levels may have dropped due to the natural aging process. Finally, this product is also great for men ranging from young adults to middle ages based on its ability to improve the body from its preexisting state.



Maximum Test is manufactured by a company called Power Nutra. Their headquarters is stationed in Buffalo, Wyoming. There is a certain level of comfort that can only be supplied through domestic manufacturing. For example, since the entire manufacturing process for this product takes place in the United States, consumers can rest assured that all of the ingredients are legal substances within the country. They maintain a staff of highly educated researchers to ensure that their products are constantly improving with new scientific discoveries.


How Maximum Test Works?

In order to understand the magnitude of benefits experienced by Maximum Test users, the effects of testosterone must first be examined. Testosterone is referred to as an anabolic-androgenic steroid. This means that it holds two main properties; the promotion of anabolic efficiency, and the promotion of androgenic effects.

Anabolic efficiency is related to cell growth. It changes the body structure through the fusion of small and simple muscle into more complex and stronger muscles. Through the promotion of muscle cell formation, the overall muscles increase in size and, subsequently, in strength.

The anabolic effect and the androgen effect go hand in hand. The androgen effect can be related to the physical changes associated with male puberty. When working together the two can cause a number of results.

Initially these steroids cause something called muscle hypertrophy, which is the increase of muscle size through the increase of muscle cells. The formation of additional muscle fibers has a few effects on the body overall. First off, there is a small weight increase for a short period of time. By the time it rebalances, the overall strength of the user could have increase by 5-20%. There have also been studies that have shown a reduction in fat mass in some animals, but so far there have not been any results in humans.

All of these positive effects of testosterone are likely to be experienced by Maximum Test users due to the testosterone boosting ingredients. In addition to that, the formula also includes some ingredients that cause a boost in energy. This extra energy allows the user to push themselves further than ever before in their workouts and avoid fatigue after they’re done. With increased endurance, users will be able to improve themselves more than ever before.


Ingredients of Maximum Test

The product is made with all natural ingredients that have been researched by skilled scientists who also enjoy fitness. The ingredients are listed below.


This is a plant that grows spiny fruit. The fruit, leaves, and roots are used in various medicines. For example, women may be given tribulus supplements when they are trying to build muscles in preparation for childbirth. It also has very positive effects on treating things such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and anemia.


This is a natural herb that produces seeds that can be used in modern medicine. It is usually found growing in areas such as the Mediterranean, southern Europe, and Western Asia. It slows down the absorption process of sugars in order to promote the production of insulin. This is known to have a very positive effect on physical performance.

Horny Goat Weed

This is an herb that began as a very common component of Chinese medicine, but has since been used all around the world. It is known to increase blood flow throughout the body, which helps with soothing fatigue. Additionally, it has a bone strengthening property and is particularly good at strengthening the back and knees.

Zinc Citrate

Zinc is a vitamin that is necessary for maintaining health as a human. The most dangerous thing about this is that a deficiency can cause a stunt in proper growth and development. The benefit within this supplement is that it is known to improve one’s physical performance and strength. Therefore it is the perfect vitamin to be included in the formula.

Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine

This is another vitamin that is commonly found in foods such as eggs, beans, and vegetables, but can also be synthesized in a lab setting. It is essential for sugars, fats, and proteins to function properly throughout the body. It is also necessary for proper growth and development.

Magnesium Sulfate

This is a mineral that is known to be very important in the bone growth process. It is commonly used among athletes in order to increase internal energy and endurance. It is also very helpful in assisting the proper function of nerves and muscles, thus improving physical performance.

Maximum Test also includes a few ingredients that are considered inactive. This means that they do not have direct effects on the body of the user, but are included in the formula for more practical reasons. Those ingredients are listed below.

  • Rice Flour
  • Gelatin
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Silicon Dioxide



The first, and most obvious, advantage of this testosterone boosting product is just that. Through boosting testosterone levels throughout the body, users will begin to see a change in their physical appearance, resulting a more masculine build. The increase in muscles will provide room for further improvement.

Anabolism is the second advantage of these pills. This is particularly important for men who have already been working on their bodies Through increased muscle cell growth and the formation of complex muscles, users will look physically more muscular as well as benefiting from increased strength.

The product also provides an energy boost within the user. This energy can be invested into biological processes that will increase muscle mass and function. It can also be invested into workouts, allowing the user to push through additional sets with shorter resting times. Longer workouts with shorter breaks are known to yield more impressive results in muscle formation.

When Maximum Test is taken correctly in combination with a healthy diet and intense exercise routine, users will experience results within the first few weeks.



Maximum Test does not currently hold any sort of certification, but it does hold some credibility. The product is manufactured completely within the United States. This means that everything from the initial idea, to the research, to the actual production is done in the United States. Consumers are able to have a sense of assurance knowing that everything within these pills is considered a legal substance by the federal government. With that being said, this product has not been FDA approved. However, since it is composed of all natural ingredients, many of them have been FDA approved.



So far a number of customers have tried Maximum Test and been very satisfied with the results. Below are some words from them.

I have been trying to get a kick start on my dream body for a few years now, but I have always struggled. I stumbled upon an article written by someone who had tried and loved Maximum Test. The man seemed to be in a very similar situation to me, making me trust his word a little more. I found the official website and figured that there was no harm in registering for the free trial. Within my two week trial period I could already see changes in the body’s muscle structure. I’ve been using these pills for about six months now and I have never been happier with my body and my more intense workout ability.

Samuel, 22, Santa Monica, California

I used to play college football but more recently I found myself unable to play with my son outside for very long. My physical performance just wasn’t what it used to be. Then I decided to try Maximum Test. I had heard about the potential benefits of increased testosterone levels and thought that I should give it a shot. I am now able to get outside and play with my boy for hours. I have to thank Maximum Test for giving me my life back.

Rob, 39, San Antonio, Texas

Maximum Test is my favorite testosterone boosting supplement that I have ever tried. Other ones that I have tried in the past made me feel sick and I didn’t like what it was doing to my body with all of those artificial chemicals. I couldn’t risk the negative effects that could have happened due to prolonged exposure to these harmful toxins. When I heard that this product was made with only natural ingredients I figured it would be the perfect option for me. Making that switch was one of my best decisions and now I am feeling good while working toward an even better body.

John, 25, New York, New York

Now that I am getting older, my doctor told me that my male hormone levels may not be what they used to be. I went home and researched the effects of low testosterone and didn’t like what I found. I knew that I had to do something to maintain my health and Maximum Test was perfect. I am very pleased to know that there are no harmful chemicals, and that the product increases my testosterone levels naturally. Not to mention there are even further positive health effects from a lot of the ingredients. I have been taking these pills every day for the past three months and I can proudly say that I feel just as I did in my 20’s!

Bob, 59, Boise, Idaho


Awards & Media Coverage

Maximum Test is a relatively new product and has not been the recipient of any awards yet. It has not received any media coverage either, but Power Nurta is a rising company that looks promising enough to gain some coverage in the next few years. They have manufactured similar products in the past, but each one is improving.


Money-back Guarantee

There is not currently a money-back guarantee on Maximum Test supplements, but this is not to say that customer satisfaction is not important to the company. There is still a free trial available to anyone who may not be completely certain in their choice of supplement. The free trial supply lasts 14 days, and any customer who is not completely satisfied can call and cancel at no charge.



Maximum Test is intended to be delivered to the customer through timely shipping options. For this reason, they charge $4.90 for shipping and the package could be expected to arrive within 3-5 days. There is an additional fee of 99 cents for Insureship shipping insurance. This small fee will guarantee that the package arrives to the correct recipient safely and in good condition. Customers appreciate this because they can rest assured that their pills have not been tampered with in any way.


Customer Support

As a company that is looking to gain some support and get started, customer service and satisfaction is at the top of their priority list. For this reason, they have extensive customer service hours during which people can call with concerns or questions regarding the product. The number can be found on the official website for the product. Representatives are available to provide service Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm CST, and Saturdays from 11 am to 4 pm CST. There is also an email listed on the website for less urgent concerns or questions.

These helpful representatives are well informed on the product and can provide advice on doses and additional information on ingredients. While they are not medical doctors, they can do their best to offer advice on any suspected side effects or problems that may arise.

Finally, customer service is who should be reached in an event that a customer wishes to cancel their free trial or subscription to Maximum Test. They will walk customers through the process and ensure that they are no longer charged the monthly fee. They respect the privacy of all customers and will not ask any further questions on why they may wish to cancel.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The ordering process for Maximum Test is safe and secure, and the servers will not store any of your personal information or grant access to it by a third party. The system is run through a 128-bit secure SSL connection to provide maximum security of private information. The product can be purchased through visa and mastercard, and card information is required even for a free trial.


Pricing & Free Trial

As previously mentioned, Maximum Test offers a 14 day free trial period. The customer will only be responsible for the cost of shipping and handling plus the shipping insurance, making a total of $5.89. Upon entering the billing information for the shipping and handling of the trial package, customers will be automatically enrolled in the company’s EZ refill program. The program ships the customer a new month supply every 30 days.

While enrolled in the EZ refill program, customers will automatically be charged the price of a new bottle every month. Each bottle costs $94.60 plus the $5.89 fee for shipping and shipping insurance. This adds up to a monthly charge of $100.49.

If one wishes to cancel their subscription to the product through the EZ refill program, they will need to call the customer service number that is listed on the website. This has to be done before the charge has been made for the following month. If the product has already been shipped out or received by the customer, they will have to wait until the following month to cancel.






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      You should contact them trough their official website. Keep in mind that we don’t put such products in our recommended list, because of their billing model – they will charge you each month as this is a subscription plan. The product has fair qualities and it is not the perfect one. There are better options for products which won’t bill you each month.

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