Max Testo XL

Max Testo XL Review – What’s the Whole Truth Behind It?

What Is Max Testo XL?

Max Testo XL is an organic workout supplement formulated to dramatically cut post-workout recovery time, to fuel male workout capacity in order to promote fast muscle-building, to ramp up energy levels and to increase strength, testosterone levels and endurance. It is marketed and sold to men all over the world. Its ingredients consist entirely of all-natural plants, extracts and minerals. It comes in capsule form, and is intended to be taken daily before training sessions for a bare minimum of three months. It is designed to work in conjunction with an effective workout program and a portion-controlled, balanced diet.

This supplement is designed for any healthy adult male who wishes to speed up his recovery time between workouts as well as to raise his testosterone levels in order to maximize performance gains. It is equally geared toward professional bodybuilders and weightlifters to help take their training abilities to the next level. Additionally, it is marketed toward athletes who are looking for a safe, legal alternative to build muscle and performance ability fast. It is also popular among military men looking to power up their physical abilities.



Max Testo XL is manufactured by a company of the same name. Their corporate headquarters appear to be located in Dover, DE, although their return facilities are located in Hendersonville, NV. On the product website, the company does not provide an ‘About’ section, a seller philosophy section or any sort of company history. This may prove to be a drawback to some consumers who may have a distrust for companies who do not appear to be well-established. This manufacturer would likely be wise to add at least a short history to the official product website.

This manufacturer is believed to have been developing, researching and marketing health and fitness products for many years. It has offered a range of different merchandise options to customers worldwide, some of which have become very popular in their respective industries. With this kind of experience, it may stand to reason that this seller is better able to develop quality products than perhaps merchants with less experience in the industry. Some may view the money-back guarantee as a mark of confidence that their t-booster will in fact produce the results promised in dedicated, consistent users.


How Max Testo XL Works?

This supplement utilizes all-organic ingredients such as plants, herbs and other natural extracts to promote the healing of muscle tissue, boost free testosterone levels in the body and stimulate nitric oxide production. According to the official product website, it promises to restore and revitalize the body’s muscles for faster recovery time. As many of the extracts on its list are known for their abilities to increase nitric oxide production — much of which is in turn converted to testosterone — this enables more efficient vasodilation, which is the expansion of blood vessel walls to allow a greater volume of nutrient and oxygen delivery to working muscle tissue. Improved blood flow is not only key to muscle building, it is also key to muscle recovery.

As muscle contraction is also thought to decrease blood flow, the company claims their formula allows greater relaxation of muscle tissue, thus allowing greater oxygen uptake to promote fast healing. Max Testo XL’s formula also promotes testosterone production both actively and passively. In passive testosterone production, the extracts block hormones that inhibit and block testosterone. This chemical process allows for optimal workout capacity and, with faster healing time, allows the user less muscle soreness. Ultimately, this translates to less time on the sidelines and more time in the gym. Some users also believe that this product’s proprietary blend also helps the body better absorb nutrients and process protein.

Users are directed to take one to two capsules before of after workouts with a glass of water. Each bottle comes with a one-month supply of pills. Although some users may be under the impression that no further action is necessary to achieve maximum results, the company advises that quality workouts and a balanced diet are also necessary to get ripped quickly. This product is not recommended for men with certain medical conditions or for men who are taking certain medications.


Ingredients of Max Testo XL

This product’s formula utilizes a blend of natural herbs, plants and extracts to soothe inflammation and boost blood flow to working muscles.Tribulus Terrestris Extract, an herb also commonly referred to as a ‘testosterone booster,’ is among the formula’s key ingredients. Tribulus Terrestris is also known as Devil’s Weed and is thought to trigger the release of nitric oxide and to stimulate testosterone production. This effect not only helps to combat muscle soreness but also purportedly promotes muscle-building. The product states that it is helpful for general mood improvement as well.

Horny Goat Weed is another primary ingredient in this pre-workout supplement’s natural blend. Horny Goat Weed, which is also known as Barrenwort or Yin Yang Huo, is an herb that contains both natural chemicals and phytoestrogens that may help improve blood flow. It is a popular ingredient in current bodybuilding supplements on the market. Fenugreek Extract is another important ingredient. Fenugreek, a white-flowered annual herb harvested around the world, is believed by many to help increase strength and to raise testosterone and growth hormone levels.

The product website states that Max Testo XL is not intended as a meal replacer nor is it intended for men with particular health conditions. Even though its formula is all-natural, users may want to consult with their physicians first to discuss the possibility of medication interactions and/or allergic reactions. Although such negative side effects are rare, it is important to proceed slowly and with care. It is also important to note that the manufacturer recommends taking these capsules with a consistently healthy diet rich in proteins as well as an intense training program.



The advantage users will likely be most interested is the quick recovery time that facilitates faster muscle-building capability. With Max Testo XL, the manufacturer promises, men can train harder, experience less muscle pain and fatigue and get back in the workout game quicker. Less pain and time between workouts mean a harder, more ripped physique. This product also promises elevated energy levels and increased strength and endurance. Its natural ingredients promote faster healing and less muscle aches after strenuous workouts.

In addition to lessening muscle fatigue and soreness, this supplement also promotes the production of free testosterone in the body. As testosterone is a steroid hormone crucial to muscle growth and male performance traits, increased production leads to the ability to work out harder for longer. Many users also cite confidence as a major gain from t-boosters as a result of their new and improved physiques. The extracts in the product formula also promote increased blood flow, which also benefits the brain and purportedly leads to sharper mental focus and improved cognitive abilities.



The quality and effectiveness of Max Testo XL were well-reviewed by a number of well-known fitness supplement reviewers online. Among these advisors is a fitness professional who had earned the title of “2016 Most Trusted Advisor.” This may reassure potential users that the product is a high-quality and has been recognized as especially effective in its field. This reviewer’s website also bears certificates reading ‘BuySafe Inspected & Monitored Guaranteed.’ This testament, without a doubt, speaks to the efficacy of the product.

Unfortunately, the official Max Testo XL website does not feature any sort of certificates. One certificate featured on many fitness supplement sites is the stamp attesting to the fact that the merchandise was developed in a sterile lab. This is likely a major appeal to many customers who prefer to be well-researched, and who wish to know their products meet a high standard level before reaching the fitness market.



Max Testo XL has changed not only the way I work out but also the way I look and, consequently, the way I feel. I can lift harder and longer than I could just a few months ago. I’m finally getting cut, and the ladies have definitely seemed to notice. Best of all, I feel amazing, and my confidence has gone through the roof. Adding this to my regimen has been a big win. – Devon, media planner in Toledo, OH, US

Talk about a major energy boost. I stack this with another supplement before I work out, and I feel like I can power through while hardly noticing the time has passed. It really seems to help me get in the zone. I used to get sore for days after really intense sessions, but not anymore. I would recommend this for sure. – John, solutions architect in Bangor, ME, US

I started to notice that I wasn’t able to lift as much once I entered my forties, and the cramping afterward was extremely painful. Because of this, I would only work out once or twice a week. Now, since I started taking Max Testo XL, my strength is back up, I don’t feel nearly as beat up after workouts and I now work out four times a week. This is definitely worth a shot. – Emanuel, banker in Las Vegas, NV, US

I signed up for the trial figuring I had nothing to lose. I’d tried everything to build my muscles up and lose weight, but so far, nothing had really helped. In just a couple of weeks, I started noticing breakthroughs at the gym. I could do more deadlifts, I could bench more and I wasn’t as sore afterward. Now that I’ve started using this, I’m not going back. – Michael, graphic artist in Plainview, WV, US


Awards & Media Coverage

At present, Max Testo XL has not had extensive coverage in popular media outlets. Similarly, at this time, it has not won any awards in its field, either. It is not known whether it has been featured in any popular magazines, on TV or on the radio. The copyright date on the official product website is 2016, however, so considering this supplement is still very new to the market, it may attract media attention and/or win accolades in the future. Fitness enthusiasts are encouraged to stay tuned to find out.

This product’s presence on the web has been much more extensive among the fitness consumer base. It has been featured and reviewed on a number of popular supplement review sites. It has also been featured and discussed in-depth on many blogs dedicated to fitness and muscle-building. It is sold at a wide variety of major online merchant channels and has made appearances on such websites as YouTube. Among the supplement user base, at least, many men have attested to its effectiveness at decreasing muscle recovery time and fueling workouts.


Money-back Guarantee

Max Testo XL offers one of the more impressive trial periods in the anabolic supplement industry at 18 days. This time period allows for an extra few days of shipping and processing time. After the trial period, customers will be automatically enrolled in the company’s auto-delivery program, where the customer will be charged the full retail price of the product, and their credit card will be debited the full amount every thirty days or so with a fresh bottle delivered to the address on file. Those who choose to opt out of this program must call or email customer support before the end of the trial period in order to cancel.

Customers who would like to try the product out outside of the trial are offered a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Per the seller’s terms and conditions, product returns must be postmarked within five business days of the date of order complete with a Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) number, in order to be eligible for a refund. RMA numbers are obtained by calling or emailing customer support. That company states that it may require a return of unused merchandise, which means that the product cannot be returned after it is opened. Depending on the bank that issues the credit or debit card used, refunds may take up to thirty days to appear on credit or debit card statements.



Shipping and handling costs for a bottle of Max Testo XL are a minimal $4.90 plus an additional $.99 for the SecureShip program detailed below. Per the Max Testo XL shipping policy, all orders are shipped via United States Postal Service via First Class Mail or by UPS mail to the address provided at the point of sale. Orders are shipped within 1-3 days from the date the order is placed, while orders placed on the weekend will be shipped the following business day. Packages sent to the United States are estimated to arrive within 3-5 business days. Packages are not sent out on Saturdays, Sundays or any U.S. federal holidays, nor does the manufacturer guarantee specific arrival dates or times.

The company advises contacting customer service to any customers who have encountered delivery delays. Per the company’s terms and conditions, Max Testo XL does not refund or credit shipping or processing charges for any monthly or bi-monthly auto-shipments. Customers are responsible for postage and shipping charges whether using the trial offer or otherwise, while all shipping and handling charges are non-refundable. A SecureShip Shipping Guarantee program gives customers a money-back guarantee in the event their shipment become lost, damaged or stolen in transit. Buyers may also alter their shipping schedule by calling the customer care department.


Customer Support

Customers of Max Testo XL may contact the company’s support team with product questions, questions about the transaction process or with any questions in general. Support is offered at any point before, during or after a sale. This manufacturer offers a basic but efficient customer service program with four options. Customer service hours are from Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CST. Saturday hours are from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. CST, while the support department is closed on Sundays.

The first option is a toll-free 1-866 telephone number where callers may speak to a live representative. For those who prefer the ease of use and convenience of online communication, there is also a support email address provided on the product website. Third, customers may contact the company at their corporate address in Dover, DE. There is also a return address provided at a Hendersonville, NV location.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Prominently displayed on the checkout section of the official product website is a ‘128-Bit Secure SSL Connection’ logo. This means that encryption software is being used to protect customers’ personal and financial information during the transaction. This software allows sensitive information to be transmitted to the company server safely and securely. Although this particular merchant doesn’t display as impressive a number of SSL security certificates as some merchants, it will likely still reassure customers of the security of their online transactions.

Per the manufacturer’s privacy policy, personal information collected through the website is kept secure and is maintained in a manner consistent with current industry standard. As stated, all customer information is stored on a secure server that only select employees and contractors may access with a password. The product website also states that all credit card transactions and order fulfillment requests are handled by established third-party banking, processing agents and distribution institutions.


Pricing & Free Trial

The full purchase price of a bottle of Max Testo XL is $94.67. When customers sign up for the trial, their method of payment on file will be charged a one-time processing fee of $4.90 plus a $0.99 fee for the company’s SecureShip Shipping Guarantee program. For trial orders, an additional ninety-nine cents will be charged the day after all recurring orders via the auto-ship program. Buyers are solely responsible for any overdraft charges or fees incur as a result of any purchases made and/or enrollment/continued participation as a member of the auto-ship program. Customers may also be subject to a 20% restocking fee on returned products.

Additionally, the manufacturer states that it reserves the right to increase pricing without prior notice to customers, though buyers do have the right to cancel an order and receive a refund of the full purchase price if they do not agree to pay any increased price. Buyers are responsible for paying any sales tax as applicable to their individual regions. The company offers a pricing package as follows – five bottles for $139.99 plus applicable taxes, three bottles for $114.99 plus taxes, and one bottle for $94.67 plus applicable taxes. The Max Testo XL customer base will likely be very pleased at the opportunity to choose among the various product options.






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