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Max Muscle Xtreme Review – Does It Really Help to Add New Muscle Faster?

What Is Max Muscle Xtreme?

Max Muscle Xtreme, also known as Max Muscle Extreme, is a testosterone booster that has been proven to revolutionize the bodies of those who use it. This unique supplement drastically reduces recovery time, boosts your metabolic efficiency, and helps you add new muscle faster than ever. it is a testosterone booster, but it also can be taken as a pre-workout supplement, as a recovery aid, or really at any time of day. This product draws upon centuries of research and evidence to boost levels of testosterone in the blood. These increased testosterone levels, in turn, provide you with unparalleled energy and make it easier to support existing muscle mass. Additionally, many men with low testosterone experience unwanted fat gains. Adding muscle boosts your resting metabolic rate so you can burn more fat throughout the day, thus reaching your physique goals faster while feeling better in the process. In short, this is an ideal supplement for men who want to look incredible and feel great.



Max Muscle Xtreme is made by a manufacturer that only makes this supplement. For many, buying from a one-product manufacturer may seem unusual and even risky. However, there are some surprising benefits. For one, since this company only makes one product, it has more resources to pour unto the research of ingredients for this product alone. Contrast that with big-box manufacturers who must authorize research on countless ingredients for hundreds of supplements, and you have a company that is more dedicated to (and knowledgeable about) its single product. Additionally, customer service representatives will likely have a broader knowledge base of this product compared to reps for companies that sell hundreds.


How Max Muscle Xtreme Works?

This supplement works in two main ways – by boosting energy and focus and by increasing levels of testosterone in the body. If you’ve done any shopping around for testosterone boosters, you’ve likely found that lower-cost options tend to have one ingredient, and that ingredient is usually boron. While this ingredient does have significant research backing it, recent research questions its efficacy somewhat. Even if you assume boron works, you’ll always get farther toward your physique goals if you also take something that improves clarity and focus.

Through the inclusion of natural sarsaparilla, this supplement helps to increase your focus and drive at the gym. This function is important, as it lets you use Max Muscle Xtreme as both a testosterone booster and as a pre-workout supplement. Additionally, any time your focus is improved, you will undoubtedly perform better in the gym. Even the most dedicated among us have days when we’re feeling slow. Even if you push through and go to the gym anyway, chances are you’ll be a little slow and won’t get as much out of it as you could. The increased focus afforded by this supplement gets you to where you need to be, and faster.

But this supplement is sold primarily as a testosterone booster, and it works to increase levels of testosterone in a variety of different ways. One way is by providing some of the building blocks your body needs to build more testosterone. Testosterone is a steroid hormone, and some of the ingredients in Max Muscle Xtreme contain plant sterols that can be converted to testosterone once they’re in your body. Other plant ingredients have been used for centuries as testosterone boosters, although more research is needed to determine exactly how these ingredients boost testosterone.

Boron is also included, and this ingredient has been substantially researched. With the right dosage, your testosterone levels will increase. Additionally, studies have shown that boron, as well as some other ingredients in Max Muscle Xtreme, actually decrease estrogen in the body. This is good news, as higher estrogen levels can lead to fat deposition and a host of other issues that can stand between you and your fitness goals.

In short, this supplement helps to naturally elevate testosterone, which gives you more energy and aids in lean muscle gains. If you’ve been working out hard but still aren’t where you want to be in terms of your fitness goals, then this supplement is a smart start that can help you get the physique you want and start feeling better than ever.


Ingredients of Max Muscle Xtreme

This supplement’s ingredients all have had their efficacy backed by research studies, anecdotal evidence, a history of traditional medicine, or all three. Below is a listing of the ingredients of this product, as well as a little bit about the efficacy of each one:

Horny Goat Weed

This is an herb that has been used for centuries to increase energy and general vitality. Often, you can find it as a tea in local food stores, but it’s included in this supplement as a way to jumpstart your energy. While it does not directly increase levels of testosterone in the body, it does help energize and motivate you. This makes it ideal as a pre-workout supplement – particularly if your testosterone is low and you’ve got some extra fat, it can be hard to power through a workout. Horny Goat Weed can help not only jumpstart energy, but also provide sustained energy throughout even the most grueling of workouts.

Tongkat Ali

This is an herb that has been backed by centuries of use in traditional medicine. It’s been used to boost levels of testosterone, and it also aids in the gaining of lean muscle mass. Some evidence suggests that this herb, also called longjack, can help reduce estrogen levels in the body. High estrogen leads to fat deposition, so managing your own levels of estrogen this way can be extremely helpful if you’re trying to lose excess fat.

Saw Palmetto

Like Tongkat Ali, this is an herb that has been shown – through centuries of traditional medicine and also through more recent research – to help boost both testosterone levels and energy. This is one of the few herbal supplements that has been more reliably backed up by modern research and not just by anecdotal evidence or traditional medicine. Like many of the herbal ingredients here, this one has the ability to power you through a workout while boosting your testosterone levels enough to help you reach your physique and energy goals faster.

Orchic Substance

This ingredient is rarely talked about, but in some circles of traditional medicine, people will swear by it. This substance is extracted from the testes of bulls, and it is rumored to boost testosterone effectively. However, more research is needed to definitively determine whether or not this is a truly useful means of increasing levels of testosterone and muscle mass.

Wild Yam

This ingredient has a significant amount of research backing its efficacy as a testosterone booster. The wild yam contains a plant sterol called diosgenin. This is a building block of steroid hormones – one of which is, of course, testosterone. Taking this as part of your supplement provides your body with some of the building blocks you need to produce more testosterone. This is one of the more effective ingredients in Max Muscle Xtreme.


This plant extract may sound familiar – that’s likely because it’s a main ingredient in root beer. you may not know, however, that sarsaparilla also increases mental focus and clarity. This is key if you hope to get your best gains in the gym. All too often, people become complacent or just plain tired. Having boosted focus can lead you to better performance in the gym, which in turn leads to better gains.

Nettle Extract

This ingredient has been shown in some research to possibly increase testosterone levels. Like some of the ingredients above, this one needs more research before it can be conclusively proven as a booster for testosterone. It does, however, have a history of being used in traditional medicine.


This mineral has been shown in multiple studies to increase levels of free testosterone. Many over-the-counter testosterone boosters contain boron, as it’s inexpensive and effective. While some recent research questions the efficacy of boron as a testosterone booster, it is still widely used, and many longtime users swear by it.



This supplement has plenty of advantages. One of these is the fact that, unlike cheaper testosterone boosters, it has several ingredients. Different bodies will generally respond to different ingredients, so having a larger group increases the chances that this supplement will work for you. Additionally, there is a common belief that testosterone boosters are based on junk science. While some of the ingredients here could use more research behind them, many have been supported by multiple peer-reviewed research studies and/or centuries of traditional medicine.

Another advantage is that Max Muscle Xtreme, unlike some other supplements, is designed to boost your mental focus and clarity. Many people, when thinking about physique goals, downplay or minimize the importance of mental dedication. We’ve all had a workout where we were distracted or otherwise not at our best. these workouts, in general, are less effective than the ones where we’re completely dialed in. The inclusion of natural focus boosters in this supplement means that it will help you get the most out of every single workout, and this will help you reach physique goals faster.



This supplement has not yet achieved any certificates of its own, although a quick Google search will reveal that its ingredients have been extensively backed by research. Its most-researched ingredient, boron, has been shown in multiple studies to boost levels of testosterone in rodents and in people. Other ingredients have been backed by significant evidence from traditional medicine from a variety of cultures. It is likely that, with more research and discovery, this supplement may well earn some certificates of its own.



For many people, it helps to hear from those who have used a product before you opt to make a purchase. Below are some words from those who have used and loved this product:

Daniel, 44, Dallas, TX:

I’m an older guy, and sure enough, once I hit 40 I saw all kinds of signs of low testosterone. Belly fat, getting tired all the time – you name it. So i realized i had to do something. I didn’t want to buy the first thing I saw, so I shopped around a bit and found this. And woe, is Max Muscle Xtreme a great choice! My energy is great and I look great too. I’m a customer for life.

Rob, 31, Palms, CA:

I haven’t really felt like i needed a testosterone booster, but when I saw the guys in the ads I was like why not. So I got this stuff. It was a little expensive, but now I know why. It works. It’s been six months and I look so much better. My energy is up too. So thankful I made this choice! At least i’ve gotten a jump on low T so when I get older, I can really nip it in the bud before it gets bad.

Jack, 25, Miami, FL:

I know I’m younger, but I was lagging behind when I lifted with my friends. i wanted to bulk up and also have more energy, because I kept getting tired at the gym. After just a month with this, I feel worlds better and can really keep up at the gym. I’ve hit some PRs and my delts looks so much better!


Awards & Media Coverage

This supplement has yet to win any awards, but it has an extensive media presence. Max Muscle Xtreme has been featured in a number of high-profile men’s publications. The magazines that have featured this product include Men’s Health, Maxim, Playboy, and Men’s Journal. These are all magazines that cater to men who are interested in developing and keeping a great physique. With the exposure it has gotten recently, and as it stays on the market for longer, it’s likely that it will earn some awards itself.


Money-back Guarantee

The makers of Max Muscle Xtreme stand behind their product.Instead of a continuous money-back guarantee, they offer a free trial. If you do go through the free trial (the terms and conditions are listed below), order a product, and then change your mind, the manufacturer offers each customer one refund. Once you have returned a product for a refund, you may return others, unless your card was fraudulently charged or the product is defective or opened. Please note that refunds may take up to 30 days to process.



Shipping is fast and secure. The company notes that, once your order is made, your shipment will typically leave their warehouse in two business days. Shipping is done through USPS First Class Mail, and they usually will arrive expediently. The low cost of shipping for the trial bottle is covered by you, the customer, at the time of your order. It is important to note that the free trial period discussed below also includes delivery days, so the company works to get you a product as expediently as is possible.


Customer Support

The customer support team for Max Muscle Xtreme is dedicated and ready to help answer your questions. They have a phone number, and you also may reach them by e-mail. Those who work with this company are dedicated fitness enthusiasts, and they are able to answer your questions about fitness whether you are already a customer or are just considering becoming one. Support specialists promptly answer voicemails and e-mails, as they want your experience with their company to be the best.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Many people have concerns about buying online. this is understandable, given that there are presences on the web that seek to take your credit card and other information. However, when you buy from this company, you can be assured that their online checkout is secured by state-of-the-art encryption. Your information is protected from hackers, and those at the company will never lease, sell, or otherwise share your information with anyone. Your information is used for one thing – purchasing your product.


Pricing & Free Trial

Buying a product on the internet can inspire doubt, as many want a chance to try out that product before committing. This product’s manufacturer offers you a chance to try it out with a 14-day free trial. When you buy it, you only pay a low flat rate for shipping, and you receive a 30-day supply. If you want to keep buying, you do nothing, and the product will be delivered to you each month, with your card billed automatically. Please note that, if you continue, you will be billed the full product price of $89.95 for the trial bottle and for each bottle thereafter. If you want to discontinue, cancel before 14 days have passed.






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