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Max Muscle 2TX Review – Should You Watch for the Small Print?

What Is Max Muscle 2TX?

Max Muscle 2TX is a male hormonal supplement designed to increase the levels of testosterone that the body produces. It is intended to balance out all hormones in such a way that encourages an increase of stamina to help those taking it to make the most of every workout. It targets several parts of the body in order to ensure that the testosterone is sent where it will do the most good for bodybuilding purposes. As such, it is solely for those who are already highly engaged in a rigorous weight training routine. It is not for those either trying to start a new bodybuilding discipline for the first time or to reignite one that has been dormant for a long time. The product is designed for men over the age of 18 only, as it works in a manner similar to that of an anabolic steroid which can be dangerous for those under 18.

As this supplement works in the bloodstream, producing and balancing hormones that the body already produces naturally, it is intended to improve the body’s natural blood flow. In so doing, energy levels are boosted and muscle recovery time is decreased. These factors help not only for specific bodybuilding purposes but encourage an overall healthier body and mind as the product works together with healthy lifestyle choices including rigorous body building and any other athletic endeavors as well as healthy dietary choices. It both encourages men to continue in these healthy disciplines and enhances the effects of such a healthy lifestyle so as to increase muscle mass, consistently provide new energy for workouts, avoid low points in workouts when fatigue would normally set in so workouts can last longer, limit muscle recovery time so workouts can occur more often, and add to an overall healthy life.

This supplement helps to make up for the normal reduction in the body’s natural production of testosterone that occurs in men usually in the 30s. The product combines natural ingredients so as to make the boost in testosterone a healthy chemical change in the body. Bodybuilders can only achieve their goals and maintain a rigorous workout regimen that is free from fatigue when the body produces an optimal level of testosterone. Hormonal supplements such as this one are purposed in achieving that optimal level of testosterone in order that workouts can be optimal. This means that a man receiving an increase of testosterone can also expect to increase.

  • Energy for a greater number of workouts;
  • Endurance for longer workouts;
  • Strength to reach new lifting goals;
  • Capacity for muscle recovery to decrease recovery time between workouts;
  • And an overall better sense of wellness through the development of improved health, physical appearance, and confidence.



The company that manufactures Max Muscle 2TX is responsible for only this and two other products. The name of the company is simply the combined name of two of these products: Muscle X Boost and Max Muscle 2TX. The third product the company produces is Neuro X Boost. As such, the company’s purpose is limited to the production and sales of these products. Neither the company nor any of its products has a strong web presence. The product of theirs that we are focused on was the topic of much discussion on bodybuilding message boards and other related sites between 2012 and 2015, but any discussion of it has almost disappeared since. The product appeared to enjoy a very positive reputation on the aforementioned sources, yet the lack of any recent mention of the supplement leaves one wondering what has happened to this product, since it is no longer prominent as it once was.

As a company whose name is two of its products, these two products share a single website. Although the company does not explicitly recommend that the two products be taken together, they place the two and each one’s purported benefits side by side. In so doing, they demonstrate a complementary nature that each one has to the other. On the one hand, they credit Max Muscle 2TX with strong abilities for hormonal balance, muscle mass growth, and muscle strength; on the other hand, they credit Muscle X Boost as their product most responsible for protein synthesis, increased energy and endurance, and lean muscle mass. Since a single male hormonal supplement should be able to accomplish all of these results, the potentially complementary nature of these two supplements could be problematic as it could result in the need to spend significantly more money purchasing two products to accomplish what other companies can provide with only one supplement.

Because the manufacturer advertises two of its products as it does with the implication that the two complement each other to achieve the maximum results, we will need to look at the ingredients and reports of customers to see what each product actually does. Once we have done that, we will be able to recognize whether Max Muscle 2TX is sufficient to meet all the needs of bodybuilders who seek a boost in testosterone in order to reach their workout goals or if it requires pairing with its complementary product in order to attain these results. If the former is the case, then the product will likely carry many benefits for many bodybuilders, and we will be able to recommend it confidently. However, if the latter is the case, then we must determine whether it is worth the extra cost to stack the products or if it is better to use a less expensive alternative that offers all these benefits in a single product.


How Max Muscle 2TX Works

Once the product is ingested, it is absorbed in the blood stream where it should begin raising testosterone levels throughout any part of the body that has been lacking a sufficient supply of the hormone prior to use of the supplement. Although this process begins immediately, it is nevertheless a process. It generally takes several weeks before the product’s users begin to see the results. This means the product is not designed to create instant results but rather to initiate successful results that will last for a long time. Furthermore; the gradual nature of the supplement’s work in the body ensures that the body can adjust appropriately to the chemical changes being produced and that the body will react to those changes in a manner that is safe, healthy, and effective enough to have long-lasting results.

Although the company claims that its products are entirely of natural substances and are exceedingly safe, because it creates a hormonal change in the body, it is certainly advisable to discuss the decision to take this or any supplement like it with a medical professional prior to making a purchase. Such a consultation is primarily to make sure that the individual is healthy enough to be able to handle this hormonal change. Provided the individual’s health is generally good, that the individual has already established a rigorous workout routine as part of an overall healthy lifestyle, and that the supplement is taken according to the directions on the product packaging, Max Muscle 2TX does provide the ingredients (which we will outline and discuss in the next section) and increase the natural chemicals in the body that should safely and effectively create the desired effects toward a more satisfying bodybuilding experience and an overall healthier life.

While the substances may be natural and safe, this product has been reported to induce a few adverse side effects. Instances of shortness of breath, headaches, fainting, and nausea have been reported in connection with taking this hormonal supplement. Such side effects are predominantly related to the initial hormonal changes that take place in the body and do not last throughout the duration of taking the supplement. Nevertheless, a few reports have been found of customers who needed to stop using the supplement because of the side effects. The initial changes, however, are not only related to these negative side effect while waiting for positive results to begin setting in; the changes also begin the process of repairing muscles that have been wounded or fatigued, therefore ensuring that the process of building strength is beginning appropriately and effectively even though it may feel like it is occurring slowly and uncomfortably.


Ingredients of Max Muscle 2TX

The following substances are listed as ingredients for the primary supplement of our discussion:

  • Microcrystalline cellulose;
  • Stearic acid;
  • Croscamrelose sodium;
  • Magnesium stearate;
  • Horny goat weed extract;
  • Tongkat ali extract;
  • Saw palmetto extract;
  • Orchic substance;
  • Wild yam extract;
  • Sarsaparilla;
  • Nettle extract;
  • Boron amino acid chelate;
  • Silicone dioxide;
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose;
  • Polythylene glycol;
  • Titanium dioxide;
  • Talc.

The following substances are listed as ingredients for the related product that appears as complementary to Max Muscle 2TX, that is Muscle X Boost:

  • Gelatin;
  • Dicalcium phosphate;
  • Magnesium stearate;
  • Microcrystalline cellulose;
  • L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate 2-1;
  • L-Argine;
  • L-Arginine monohydrochloride.

Several of the ingredients in Max Muscle 2TX’s are associated with nitric acids; these ingredients are key to increased testosterone and improvement of muscle strength. They are thus the most important ingredients for better athletic performance. Older reports of this supplement include yohimbine as an ingredient; this ingredient has been listed as a dangerous substance by the FDA and is most likely the cause of the negative side effects that some customers have reported. Fortunately, the product no longer includes this on its ingredient list, demonstrating the likelihood of a safer experience. However, the product also lacks L-Argine, the most potent element in its related product. This helps us determine that the two are indeed complementary. L-Argine substances are most important for supplying energy and building lean muscle mass. Thus, taking Max Muscle 2TX without its complement is great for energy and strength but not for muscle mass growth.



The ingredients in Max Muscle 2TX are all well attested in their association with increased strength and testosterone as new levels of testosterone are produced throughout the body. The nitric oxide associated with the process of increasing testosterone ensures that hormones are produced and maintained in a balanced and gradual manner that helps to ensure the safety of the product when taken under the right circumstances (as related to the factors of age, active workout routines, and health that we have already discussed). The product’s combination of ingredients is particularly effective at increasing energy levels for all stages of workout. This means that the use of the supplement should indeed enhance the desire to workout, provide the stamina for longer workouts, prevent the fatigue that is often associated with weight training, and limit the muscle recovery time just as the company claims that it will.

Although the product has always claimed to be a combination of solely natural ingredients, it has apparently changed some of its ingredients recently so as to improve the safety of the product. The company’s apparent willingness to respond to newfound information about ingredients that are potentially dangerous and to remove such ingredients indicates that the company is invested in the health and safety of its customers. As such, its health and safety advantages are far greater than several similar supplements that continue to include ingredients determined to be dangerous. It also means that several negative reports about the product’s side effects and some of the cons for the supplement on older product reviews are no longer applicable to this product. As a result, it may be taken with the confidence that the company is constantly doing its best work to provide a safe pre-workout supplement.

Because of the components of each product, the greatest advantages attainable through Max Muscle 2TX are achievable when taken in conjunction with the company’s complementary supplement Muscle Boost X. The one effectively and safely increases the flow of testosterone throughout the body so as to gradually but dramatically improve workout performance and efficiency, providing the strength, endurance, and muscle recovery to make that all possible. The other one works with the new testosterone and muscle recovery functions to build lean muscle mass and pave the way towards an extremely ripped physique. Thus, when the two products are taken together, they work together with the bodybuilder’s weight training habits and other healthy lifestyle decisions to make the most of out each workout and to achieve the bodybuilding goals present for each individual.



No supplementary products are required to seek FDA approval since they are neither food nor drug products. Furthermore, pre-workout supplements are not subject to many of the certification boards that are in place for supplementary products because they are not dietary supplements. Similar boards do exist, however, for hormonal supplements like this one. No indication can be found that suggests it has ever sought such certification. Discussions on bodybuilding message boards demonstrate that the product has been on the market for at least five years, which is certainly enough time to attain such certification if the company wanted it. However, this is not necessarily a strike against the product since we are aware of its recent changes in ingredients. It has demonstrated itself to be accountable to its customers by making appropriate changes to its product’s ingredients regardless of its apparent lack of any certification.



Nathaniel, who purchased the product less than a year ago, after the ingredient changed, reported a great increase of strength without any negative side effects. He had been taking the product for three months at the time of his customer report and was beginning to see positive changes in his workout capacity. He was also pleased to tell that he was even able to see results immediately return to him after taking a week off of working out while on a vacation. Furthermore, he reported seeing no negative side effects even then (either when not taking the supplement or when returning to it and to a rigorous exercise regimen after the week away from both).

William, who used both of the complementary products, reported that he has used many different pre-workout supplements. He used this combination of products once before the ingredient change and saw potential for great results but had to stop using them because of the side effects he experienced. He tried several others afterwards that he did not find to be effective. After learning of the product’s elimination of yohimbine, he returned to the combination of these two complementary products. Since doing so, he said that he consistently has the energy and stamina to perform optimally and that he experienced none of the side effects he did his first time with the product and that he is just beginning to see great results as related to increased lean muscle mass. He assures that the extra cost of using two supplements together is well worth it to achieve the great results he has.


Awards & Media Coverage

The company that produces this supplement do not have a great deal of public exposure. They do not appear to have received any industry awards or any other attention in the media. They have a very minimal web presence, limited only to their website that advertises two of its three products and provides contact information through which the product can be purchased, and any customer service related inquiries can also be directed to that same source. Nevertheless, the product had a strong word of mouth appeal in the past as is shown on bodybuilding message board posts dating between 2012 and 2015. Many posters on these sites had very positive things to say about the results they experienced from this supplement (at least when combined with its complementary supplement) along with some reports of the negative side effects that we have addressed already. All of this, however, was when the product still contained yohimbine.

Any recent information regarding how customers respond to the product comes solely from short customer reviews. These are the sources of the testimonials above, and they tend to demonstrate awareness of the changes that the company has made to the product at hand as well as its potential drawback (though very few of these reports seem to view it as a drawback) of attaining its best results only when pairing it with Muscle X Boost. As such, while the company does not have any appearance of seeking or attaining any type of certification, receiving any industry awards, or having a significant web presence or other media attention, it has a larger number of customer reports than many similar products. While many others sell their product only online limiting their exposure, this supplement does not do so, which makes it possible to learn of actual customer experiences. That knowledge available for this products speaks very much in its favor.


Money-back Guarantee

Max Muscle 2TX offers a 14-day money-back guarantee that begins the day the initial order is placed. A 30-day supply of the product will be sent to the new customer, but if he chooses to cancel for any reason, he will need to do so within 14 days of the order, not the shipment, meaning that this guarantee does not offer sufficient time to learn if the product will work effectively or not, especially since the product is not expected to take its full effect until approximately three months of daily use according to the instructions available on the product packaging. When a customer first orders the product, in order to receive the 14-day trial period and the 30-day supply, he will be charged $4.96 for the shipping of the supply and automatically enrolled in the company’s auto-refill program. This means that once those 14 days have passed, the customer will be automatically charged for the full first month’s supply.


The company uses standard USPS shipping and provides an expected delivery time of 2-5 business days before receiving the first 30-day supply of the product. Because the 14-day trial period begins immediately at the time the first order is made, this means that a new customer may have as little as a single week before being charged for the month’s supply he has received. This means that a customer will want to have confidence before making the order that he has a good chance to receive the best possible results with the product prior to making his initial order. The shipping process and the company’s policy for the money-back guarantee do not allow sufficient time to make that decision after purchasing. However, because of many of the factors we have already discussed, this supplement has demonstrated a positive reputation for product effectiveness, trustworthy communication, and responsibility with regards to the product’s safety, all helping to minimize the risk involved with the decision to purchase this product.


Customer Support

The product’s website includes contact information for its company’s customer service. This contact information is available to make purchases, order a free trial period, and to ask any pertinent questions related to the product whether already a customer or a potential customer looking for the best pre-workout supplement available for his personal needs and goals. No customer reports regarding the product were found that had anything to say about the company’s customer support, although they tend to be very positive in favor of the product in general. Despite this lack of information regarding customers’ experiences with the company’s customer support, the fact that they display their contact information so prominently on their website definitely points towards the appearance of quality customer support; many similar companies do not make this information known until after one becomes a paying customer.


Safe & Secure Checkout

This supplement’s website includes a detailed commitment to privacy and online safety in its Privacy Policy document. The company refuses to forward any of its customers’ personal information to a third party source without permission from the customer first, and no such transaction is required to make a purchase or to be a customer enrolled in the company’s monthly shipment program. Therefore, a customer must only be alert to the permission requests to opt out of such possibility if that is his choice. The website makes use of encryptions and SSL certificates that point to the safest checkout process possible. They keep the entirety of their website as secure as possible using all the technological safeguards available; this is yet another piece of evidence that the company cares about its customers and their satisfaction not only with the product but with every aspect of the company’s service.


Pricing & Free Trial

After the first 30 days have passed since the initial order was made, another monthly payment will be withdrawn from the customer, and this will serve as the billing date from that date forward. The next month’s supply will also be processed and shipped at that time, and this also will occur automatically on the same each month until the customer chooses to cancel the product. The monthly charge for the product is $93.79. To bundle the two complementary products, the total monthly charge comes to $97.23. This means that Max Muscle 2TX, purchased alone, costs about $15 per month more than the average comparable pre-workout supplement. Nevertheless, because taking the two products together for the optimal results costs less than $4 per month more than using the one on its own, this combination of products may end up being a very cost-effective decision since each product carries its own benefits that work together to produce excellent result.






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