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M Drive by DreamBrands Review – Does It Work?

What Is M Drive?

M Drive is an anabolic supplement used to boost testosterone levels in healthy men to encourage the growth of lean muscle mass, decreased body fat, increased energy and endurance as well as increased quality of overall physical strength and enhanced mood.


Manufacturer, Company Information

M Drive is manufactured by a company called Dreamspan Product Innovation, also known as DreamBrands. It was first pioneered by product development specialist Gary Kehoe who spent ten years researching testosterone production and the role it plays in men’s health.


How M Drive Works?

The Testofen contained in M Drive does the following:

  • Increases anabolic activity
  • Increases levels of free testosterone
  • Significantly decreases body fat
  • Supports the maintenance of lean muscle development, weight and reduction of fat


What Are the Ingredients in M Drive?


Cordydrive is a proprietary blend of ingredients used to power M Drive products. It is a very potent testosterone booster and highly bio-active. It is a derivative of Cordyceps Sinensis, a naturally occurring fungus with testosterone enhancing properties.


Testofen provides support for free testosterone.


Setria is used as a detoxifier for the body, especially the liver.

L Optizinc

L Optizinc is used to support healthy blood cells and blood circulation. Zinc is also essential for muscle cell development and growth, as well as respiration, digestion, brain, nerve, immune system and vision functions.

Selenium Select

Selenium Select helps support and boost the immune system.


Chrome is used for glucose support. Blood glucose levels determine your level of energy as well as endurance. Stable blood glucose levels are extremely important when exercising or trying to build lean muscle mass.


Advantages of M Drive Over Other Products

M Drive contains Testofen, a derivative of Fenugreek that is used for free testosterone support. This has been proven by a clinical study by Gencor. Other products on the supplement market do contain Fenugreek, but not at the same dose as M Drive. Gencor also hosted a clinical study called “Human Clinical Study for Exercise Performance” which studied the anabolic activity and safety along with other factors that affect true exercise physiology. The results of this study showed that the Testofen (Fenugreek) group showed significantly higher anabolic activity as well as a significant increase in free testosterone compared with the placebo group. The product has been clinically proven in areas that other supplement manufacturers haven’t even thought of yet.



Dream Brands aka Dreamspan Product Innovation has been given the rating of A+ by the Better Business Bureau as of August 21, 2013. Dream Brands has been an accredited business with the BBB since July 18, 2013. The Dream Brands product M Drive is manufactured in a cGMP certified facility which means it complies with the strict manufacturing guidelines of the FDA. These regulations are in place to ensure the integrity and purity of the products being made there.



The following is a letter we received from Brad W. of Tampa Bay, Florida:

I have always been into physical fitness and weight lifting. I was a lifting champ in high school and even competed in international competitions after college. At age 29 I was in a horrible car accident, injuring my spine, a broken pelvis, and an eventual amputation of my left leg from the knee down because it was so badly crushed in the accident. While I was in the hospital all those months I lost more than 45 pounds and was very weak.

After my pelvis healed I had rods put in my spine and learned to walk again with a prosthetic leg. It was my physical therapist that suggested I start trying to lift weights again. At first I thought she was crazy. After what I had been through I thought I would never be proud of my physique again. She told ME I was the crazy one and explained what anabolic supplements were. That’s when I started using M Drive. She was right; my testosterone levels had been too low for so long that once I started using M Drive I literally felt unstoppable.

Even with the prosthetic I can out-lift my buddies at the gym, plus I regained that 45 pounds of pure, lean muscle mass. I get more attention from the ladies now than I ever did with two feet lol. My energy and endurance are peaked just when I need that boost of energy, especially for workouts. I last longer, look better, and I’m physically stronger than I’ve ever been, thanks to M Drive and to that cute physical therapist who is now my wife.


Media Coverage

In a 2008 study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, Cordyceps was the focus of the study. The clinical study was intended to prove that Cordyceps improves muscle strength, endurance and muscle power in men. The men in the study were given 350.8 mg of Cordyceps in combination with other herbal extracts. Other lab studies also show that Cordyceps may play a role in muscle endurance and insulin sensitivity. Dr. Stephen Morganstern, MD can be seen in a video testimonial, saying that he’s not ever seen a product like M Drive on the supplement market and that men with Low T can greatly benefit from a testosterone boosting supplement like it.


Money-back Guarantee

Dream Brands is offering a 60 day guarantee for M Drive. If you wish to return the supplement to the manufacturer, contact their customer support team and they will give you a return authorization number to use and instructions on how to return the product.



Free Shipping within the US


Customer Support

Customer support is available by phone Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm PST or by emailing customer support with questions about the product, shipping or returns.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Our online purchasing process is guaranteed safe and secure. Our order processing servers are all protected by McAfee Internet Security protocol and our team of tech support people monitor these systems 24/7. Your identity and financial information is all encrypted and never stored.



The price for a thirty day supply of M Drive is $44.99 plus tax and a shipping and handling fee. There is no free trial offer for M Drive at this time but there is a 60 day money back guarantee.






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