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Jacked Testo Review – A New Product for Testosterone Boosting

What Is Jacked Testo?

Jacked Testo is an all-natural health supplement designed to raise testosterone levels in men. It is a testosterone booster made up of organic ingredients and is specifically targeted for purchase by men who are serious about bodybuilding and fitness regimens, as well as older men who grapple with decreasing levels of testosterone. This is an occurrence that is part and parcel of the natural process of aging. Every year after the age of 30, men’s testosterone levels decrease by 1 percent.

For men, low testosterone levels can be a serious problem, as it brings with it low energy, the inability to build lean muscle mass, fatigue, weakness, and possibly even anxiety or depression. Some studies show that the average levels of testosterone have decreased by as much as 25 per cent, or even more, just in the past 30 years. None of this is good news to bodybuilders or physical fitness buffs. And instead of turning to more invasive interventions, the better choice is to find an excellent testosterone boosting supplement that will increase testosterone levels and enhance your athletic abilities so that you can get to your goals of peak physical fitness safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Testosterone loss is an important health issue for men in general, since it is responsible for general male vitality. However, for bodybuilders, maintaining high levels of testosterone is significant because testosterone is what helps the body gain lean muscle mass and increase in stamina and endurance. It also helps with shortening recovery time between workouts. Little wonder then that fitness enthusiasts try to find the best health supplements available. Jacked Testo claims to be one of the most popular brands on the market. This review will look at those claims, as well as examine the ingredients and effectiveness of this product.



There is very little information about the manufacturer of Jacked Testo. Also, it looks as if this is the only product that the manufacturer offers, based on its site. It’s safe to assume, however, that the manufacturer carries the same name of the product, whose office is located in Hendersonville, NV. They’ve made the ordering process easy, and purchasing the product from the site seems to be no problem.

It would be good, however, to have more information about the company. Many consumers like to do their due diligence and read up about the company whose products they buy. The more information, more assurance there is for potential buyers, and the greater the level of trust between manufacturer and consumer. Each company’s story is also very compelling, and so it would be nice to find out the backstory behind how a company actually developed its product. Having said that, however, let’s give the manufacturers of this health supplement the benefit of the doubt, as their website may still be in development and is being currently updated. The most important thing is the product and its ability to perform what it promises, anyway.


How Jacked Testo Works?

As mentioned earlier, Jacked Testo is all natural. It combines extracts from plants that are known to have properties that boost testosterone—increasing make vitality and helping physical fitness enthusiasts to achieve the strongest, most bulked up and ripped versions of themselves. The main objective of the product is to boost the production of free testosterone—which is key to increasing stamina, energy and strength. Therefore, consumers can see a marked increase in lean muscle mass in a relatively short amount of time.

Let’s examine how Jacked Testo makes this happen. Note that there are three ways in which the product works its potency on male bodies. Number one—with the release of the active ingredients in the product, the body undergoes a series of processes on a cellular level that leads to the increase of testosterone. Number two—simultaneous to the increase in testosterone levels, the product also works by suppressing the chemicals that inhibit the production of testosterone. These two ways are how testosterone levels are both actively and passively increased at the same time, due to the efficacy of the ingredients in the supplement.

And thirdly, because of the processes above, the body is also able to synthesize protein much more effectively. Building proteins is very important on a cellular level. The amino acids in the product are what actually cause the synthesis of proteins to occur, and this results in a faster, more streamlined building of lean muscle mass.

Taking Jacked Testo could not be more simple. For maximum efficiency, simply take two capsules a day with liquids—preferably a glass of water or else a protein shake, depending on one’s preference. The time of consumption is very important for best results as well. The manufacturers prescribe taking the capsules before or after a workout. And, as with most health supplements, it will take a certain amount of time before results can be seen, at least around three months (to keep expectations realistic). But the supplement, taken with a healthy nutrition plan that is heavy on lean proteins, a thorough and extensive fitness routine, as well as healthful living, should help any man gain the built and ripped body that he desires.

However, having said that, there are no studies that show how effective this product is. The promises sound extremely advantageous and beneficial, especially to members of the bodybuilding community, but it would be good if the manufacturer actually provided proof as to how effective the product is. Consumers will most likely be encouraged to purchase the product if there is evidence of its potency and efficacy.


Ingredients of Jacked Testo

Jacked Testo boasts three main active ingredients in its formulation as a health supplement. It’s important to remember that they are all derived from natural and mostly plant-based extracts, and are therefore completely natural, something that can bring assurance and peace of mind to consumers.

First of all there is Tribulus Terrestris. This plant, also known as Devil’s Weed, has been well known for it’s contribution to male vitality for many years. At the same time it is currently enjoying a recent resurgence in popularity. Indigenous tribes have used it for years, giving it to men as they age, in order to keep up their strength and stamina, as it is known to help increase levels of testosterone. And, as a testosterone booster, Tribulus Terrestris contains Protodioscin, a saponin that encourages and supports the growth of muscles. At the same time, it causes nitric oxide to be released—a chemical that repairs muscle tissue and helps the blood flow better as your muscles work. Hence, the benefits to recovery time for any bodybuilding regime.

Secondly, the product contains Horny Goat Weed, also known as Epimedium or Barrenwort. The interesting story behind this plant’s name is that goats were observed to have gotten very energetic and even frisky, upon its consumption. But putting aside its humorous name, the leaves of this plant has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries in a variety of ways. It has, for example, been prescribed to enhance male vitality for many years now. Similar to Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed also improves blood flow, which makes it very helpful for bodybuilders—giving them that extra push of energy when they need it, as well as aiding with recovery time.

The third active ingredient in this product is Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Alpha Lipoic Acid is an organosulfur compound that most commonly derives its source from animals. ALA plays a key part in the process of aerobic metabolism. A potent antioxidant, it works to minimize and even eliminate the harmful effects of free radicals in our bodies. Because of this, the natural process of aging is actually slowed down, and therefore levels of strength are conversely increased. Many bodybuilders love ALA for its abilities to overturn damage on a cellular level. This chemical compound boosts physical performance and helps bring more strength and stamina to workouts and sports.

One caveat that needs to be mentioned here is that these natural ingredients may possibly cause an allergic reaction, as it has done in a very small percentage of the population who has consumed health supplements of this kind. To safeguard your health, it is always best to consult your primary care physician before embarking on any nutritional plan in which these supplements are included.



Jacked Testo boasts many advantages to users, especially those who are serious about bodybuilding and physical fitness. Its all-natural ingredients leave users with the assurance of their health and safety, and the product not just all-natural, but is actually beneficial to overall health and vitality, as well as brings about desired increase in levels of testosterone. It’s biggest advantage, because of raised testosterone levels, is its ability to promote and encourage muscle growth in an accelerated amount of time.

Because of greater endurance and physical strength, users end up exercising more—more intensely, with heavier weights and greater repetitions, and therefore find themselves building lean muscle mass like never before. Another much sought after advantage is the supplement’s ability to help users burn fat faster and more efficiently. They see their bodies change as they lose fat and build muscles at the same time. They can do this safely, efficiently and legally, getting into the best shape they’ve ever been in their lives.

For older men, this supplement delivers the advantage of replacing testosterone that is lost with age. Men get to enjoy an increase especially in levels of free testosterone—which is a huge bonus for their overall health—at work, workouts, and even personal time, they see an uptick in strength and stamina. This boost of wellbeing is important even to men’s confidence and self-esteem, which is the biggest advantage of all, as mentioned by the product’s manufacturers. Men end up doing more, looking great and feeling better all around.

Additionally, the health supplement aids in a shorter time of recovery between workouts, as mentioned earlier. This too, is a great bonus. There are also the promises of greater concentration and mental acuity due to improved strength and stamina, as well as increased and more effective blood flow.



Jacked Testo is proudly made in the USA. A certificate that attests to this can be easily found on the product’s site. This means that consumers can be assured of good standards of quality control and compliance with regulations. Consumers are also assured that they are buying homegrown products, and are therefore contributing to the country’s economy as a whole. There are no other certificates on the landing page of the product’s site. Again, giving the manufacturer the benefit of the doubt, perhaps the site is still in development.

What the manufacturer has not lacked in is providing security certificates for online purchases. Such certificates as McAfee Secure, VeriSign Secured and Scam Alert Hacker Safe are amply provided. In addition to this are assurances to buyers that their personal and financial or credit card information is completely secure, such as TRUSTe, 128-Bit SSL and also Secured by GeoTrust. This is very reassuring and provides additional motivation for ordering the product.



I have been into physical fitness and bodybuilding practically all my life, since I started as a young teenager. But I noticed some changes in my body as I entered my late thirties recently—it felt like I didn’t have the same amount of stamina I did when I was in my twenties or late teens. At the same time, I was beginning to feel a little bit stuck since I had been lifting the same weight for a while, feeling unable to go heavier. So I went online and did some research, after I read what people said about Jacked Testo I decided to put aside my old supplement and give it a try. That was two months ago. I’ve been lifting heavier weights ever since then. — Rod W., age 38, Richmond, VA, USA

A few months ago I found that I was dragging myself to the gym, having barely any energy to lift weights. I’d been doing a bare minimum of reps just to get by, and was beginning to feel really unhappy with myself. At a family dinner I saw my brother, who’s actually two years older, looking like he’s having the time of his life. He had more bulk and muscle than I’d ever seen before—and this guy who used to be overweight looked better than I did. So I asked him what the secret to his newfound strength and stamina was, and he told me about Jacked Testo. I gave it a try. I’m never going back to my old supplement and I’m proud to tell you I’m lifting more than ever. And best of all, I got my confidence and self-esteem back. — Harrison F., age 49, Boston, MA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Based on the landing page of the product’s website, Jacked Testo has not yet received any recognition or awards from organizations related to health supplements or bodybuilding. However, we need to note that the product is still relatively young. The website was launched a mere four years ago, and so, it’s possible that the product is still gaining traction in the fitness world. Again, it will not hurt to give the manufacturer the benefit of the doubt.

What works to Jacked Testo’s advantage is word of mouth, so to speak. The supplement has been featured and reviewed by and in many of the fora and websites of the bodybuilding community. It’s been featured in supplementswatch, consumerhealthdigest, supplementcritique, bestenhancementreviews and many other sites. Many of these reviews are highly favorable, and consumers and reviewers alike seem to be pleased with the results of the product. This encourages others to try it out as well.


Money-back Guarantee

Whether or not there is a money-back guarantee for users of Jacked Testo is unknown, but the good news is that there’s a free trial available for the product. Upon ordering, the buyer gets a month’s supply for free, he just needs to pay for shipping and handling via credit card. He then has a 13-day window in order to decide whether he would like to continue with using the supplement or not. After the 13th day, if the consumer doesn’t cancel his order, the manufacturer then enrolls him in the auto-ship program.

How the auto-ship program works is like this. If there is no cancellation, a 30-day supply is shipped to the consumer every month, with his credit card billed monthly as well. However, cancellation is a fairly simple matter with the consumer picking up the phone and canceling his order anytime via the number given on the website. Additionally, the manufacturers have done buyers a huge favor by allowing them to return the product, even it it’s been opened and sampled, if they aren’t happy with the results they’ve gotten from using the product. They can then request for a refund via a toll free number, as long as the products are returned within 30 days. Processing of the refund usually takes from 3 to 5 days.



There is no information as to who the shipping carrier for Jacked Testo is, which is something that many buyer would surely appreciate knowing. It’s always good to know whom to expect when it comes to home deliveries. Plus, it’s also good to give buyers the option of which shipper to choose from. As for return shipments, there is an address in Sta. Ana, CA, for where to send products back. Customers are expected to take responsibility for costs for returned shipments.

Now for the positives. By only paying the shipping and handling fee of $4.95, buyers get their free trial of the product. Shipping is available anywhere across the US. Not only that, the manufacturer can ship this product to many of the nearby islands, as well as to numerous Armed Force bases in the world. Shipping can take around 3 to 5 days, which is nice and quick.


Customer Support

The customer support service provided by the manufacturer is sufficient and accessible. There are several channels for contacting the company—and having these options are advantageous to consumers. It’s very easy to find the manufacturer’s customer support service program on their site. Their hours are from 9am to 9pm EST, and customer service is available on weekdays. It is not a 24/7 service, but it’s highly unlikely that this is needed anyway.

Interested parties may contact customer support at any time. If they have questions beforehand, need help during a sale, or would like to return the product after they’ve availed of it, they can simply call the toll-free number provided. For customers who would rather send an email to the manufacturer, this option is available as well. Those who prefer to go old school can contact the manufacturer’s representative in Sta. Ana, CA. Again, all contact information is readily obtainable on the website.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Here, as mentioned earlier, the product’s manufacturers have not left anything lacking. They have provided all the security measures needed to protect the privacy of online purchasers. With these measures, customers know their data is safe. Again—let’s mention the security certificates that this website has in order to ensure a safe and secure checkout. These are McAfee Secure, Verisign Secured, and Scam Alert Hacker Safe.

The security logos, on the other hand, found on the home page are Secured by GeoTrust, 128-Bit SSL, as well as TRUSTe. This assures buyers that encryption is employed to protect each buyer who has made an online transaction. Therefore, the manufacturer is to be commended for this, for complying with best industry practices. Identity theft is a very real problem, and you can never be too careful.



As mentioned earlier, buyers only have to pay $4.95 for Jacked Testo for their free trial for the first month. This is just for shipping and handling. After this, each customer is charged $89.47 for the next order. Now, some consumers have found this price to be on the expensive side, in comparison to other heath supplements. This will continue for the succeeding months or until the order is cancelled. Deliveries are made every 47 days from the very first date of purchase. Customers should watch out for promo codes, in order to avail of discounts on the product.

Purchases are relatively straightforward. Buyers can use any of the major credit cards—Visa, Mastercard and Discover. American Express, however is unavailable. There is also no option for customers who prefer PayPal, which seems to be a pity, as many buyers online generally have an account with PayPal and find it to be the easiest and most convenient method for online transactions. And, here is where reading the fine print of the site’s “Terms and Conditions” pays off. Number one, buyers should know that there is a $6 restocking fee for all items returned. Number two, sales tax on the purchases is dependent on where you buy the product from, and so prices will have a slight variation from location to location.






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