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ISA-Test GF by iSatori Review – What Benefits Athletes Can Expect from This Product?

What Is ISA-Test GF?

Choosing the right supplement to promote muscle growth can be confusing and overwhelming for most men. There are hundreds of choices in the market today, and each product comes with its own set of benefits of drawbacks. You should understand the needs of your body and learn more about factors influencing muscle development before investing in a product. Testosterone boosters have gained immense popularity in the recent years and are being used by both professional and amateur athletes to improve physique and boost energy levels.

For those who are new to the world of supplements, testosterone boosters act by elevating the levels of free testosterone in the blood. Testosterone is a natural steroid hormone that is produced by the male testes. The hormone is essentially responsible for the development of secondary characters in men. It boosts energy levels, enhances muscle development, and promotes fat metabolism. As a result, men with high levels of free testosterone in their blood develop a lean and muscular body and are able to maintain it as well.

Most men produce about 2.5 to 11 mg of testosterone per day but this amount is reduced significantly after the age of 30. Consequently, men notice a drop in their fitness levels and are unable to achieve the desired results with just diet and exercise. Millions of men are, therefore, dissatisfied with their body and suffer from poor self-confidence.

A good supplement can, nonetheless, have a huge impact and help men overcome physiological deficiencies that block serious muscle growth. ISA-Test GF is one such product, and it has helped thousands men boost their testosterone levels. Learn more about this supplement and its manufacturer. As always, it is prudent to go for a product that is effective and safe.



ISA-Test GF is a product of iSatori, a Golden, Colorado, based company that has been offering high quality supplements since 2001. The name iSatori has been derived from the Japanese word Satori, which means to “have an awakening.” It refers to a scenario where you can find answers to all your questions, and everything seems possible. iSatori’s founder, Stephen Adele, was frustrated with the prevalent misinformation in the fitness industry and decided to help consumers by providing them a “voice of reason.” He wanted to bring some “commonsense” back to the industry that was ruled by excessive hype and poor performance.

Stephen Adele worked with several medical professionals and nutritional biochemists to come up with a series of products that would help men build strong bodies and healthy minds. The company seeks to provide the “most loved, talked-about, well-respected, and sought-after nutritional products and solutions” for a healthy life. The company has been built with integrity and wants its consumers to be completely satisfied.

Every supplement offered at iSatori is made from finest ingredients, and each product has been subjected to independent clinical studies. In fact, as per the company’s website, the results of these clinical studies are the basis of all their claims. The company offers exceptional customer service and has collaborated with several top retailers across the nation to make the products more accessible to its consumers.


How ISA-Test GF Works?

ISA-Test GF contains natural ingredients that help increase the levels of free testosterone in the body while lowering the levels of female hormone estrogen in the blood. High levels of testosterone will promote improved muscle mass and stamina. Lower estrogen levels will prevent retention of water and accumulation of body fat. The ingredients of this supplement possess strong androgenic and anabolic properties that help achieve the desired hormonal balance. With regular use, you will notice an increase in muscle strength and muscle mass.

The company recommends men to take four capsules with one glass of water approximately one hour before exercise. If you are not working out on a particular day, take the capsules before bedtime. Most men will notice significant improvement after 8 weeks of use. However, you will see an immediate change within 30 minutes of taking the first capsule due to the Rapid Bio-Diffusion Delivery technology that uses a novel micro-particalization system to boost testosterone levels right away. You will not find this technology in any other testosterone booster at this time.

The benefits of this testosterone-enhancing and estrogen-reducing system have been proven clinically. Dr. Rob Mendel and Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss of the Ohio Research Group of Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition found a 154 percent increase in free testosterone levels and a 43 percent decrease in estrogen levels after three weeks of use. Additionally, all the health markers associated with liver, kidneys, blood pressure and cholesterol were normal.

All the ingredients of this supplement are completely natural. Hence, the consumers do not have to cycle the use of this product. It will not inhibit natural testosterone production mechanism in your body. You may, however, take a one or two week break after 12 weeks of use. You may take ISA-Test GF with other supplements to enhance the benefits.


Ingredients of ISA-Test GF

ISA-Test GF has been created by iSatori with utmost care and integrity. The main ingredient of this high quality testosterone booster is Fenugreek, or Trigonella foenum greacum, extract that contains potent anabolic compounds such as protodioscin, steroidal saponins, and other active compounds responsible for boosting testosterone levels. In fact, Fenugreek extract is the only natural compound containing the saponin Fenuside that acts like testosterone and binds to the corresponding receptors to promote muscle growth without inhibiting natural hormone production. Several independent clinical studies have vindicated these claims regarding Fenugreek.

Another important component of ISA-Test GF is Tribulus terrestris, a Bulgarian herb that improves testosterone production naturally. Many researchers believe that the Tribulus acts by increasing the levels of luteinizing hormone in the body, which in turn, boosts free testosterone levels. As per one clinical study, men who consumed 750mg of Tribulus extract per day noted a 72 percent increase in luteinizing hormone levels and 41 percent increase in free testosterone levels.

Additionally, iSatori has added Eurycoma longifolia, known as Longjax, to its supplement. The natural extracts of this plant showed 170 percent increase in testosterone levels in some animal studies. As per a study published in the 2007 edition of the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition, men taking Eurycoma extracts noted 32.3% lower cortisol levels and 16.4% higher testosterone. However, this extract is not a phytohormone and will not impact your body’s natural testosterone production.

The supplement contains a powerful anabolic growth factor stimulator called Somatrin that led to 140 percent increase in growth hormone levels when taken 30 minutes before exercise. It has zinc and magnesium, two important minerals that promote restful night’s sleep and lead to improved testosterone production as well. Other constituents include Ajuga turkestancia, a Central Asian herb used traditionally to enhance muscular strength and physical endurance. Rhaponticum that improves athletic performance and post-exercise recovery. Epimedium helps treat fatigue. P-450 Hesperedin and grapeseed extracts have strong anti-estrogen and antioxidant properties.



ISA-Test GF contains an unique combination of all-natural ingredients that boost testosterone levels, increase energy and endurance, and lower recovery times between exercises. Its efficacy has been proven clinically by. Dr. Rob Mendel and Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss of the Ohio Research Group of Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition. As per the study, most men found a 154 percent increase in free testosterone levels and a 43 percent decrease in estrogen levels after three weeks of use without any unwanted side effects. All the ingredients have also been studied extensively within the scientific community.

iSatori is completely committed to product quality. The company procures each ingredient from reliable vendors who offer high quality herbal extracts. Its quality control and product development teams subject the ingredients and the final product to extensive testing to ensure efficacy and safety. Users will notice an immediate change within 30 minutes of taking the first capsule due to the Rapid Bio-Diffusion Delivery technology that uses a novel micro-particalization system to boost testosterone levels right away.

The company is proud of its testosterone booster and every ingredient that goes into it. Hence, it displays the composition of the supplement clearly on the bottle and provides a detailed description on the website regarding each component and the science behind it. Many consumers appreciate this transparency as it helps them make the right decision. Men suffering from certain medical conditions or taking other medications can discuss the ingredients with their doctor before using the supplement.

iSatori offers one hundred percent customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, you can return the remaining portion of the supplement for a full refund. The company offers easy returns on shipments with damaged containers and on expired products. The supplement is widely available across the nation. Apart from iSatori online store, many independent vendors offer the ISA-Test GF supplement.



Just like other testosterone boosters, ISA-Test GF does not have any specific certifications or seals of approval from regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In fact, the FDA does not monitor the production and distribution of such supplements. iSatori, however, claims that they use the highest quality ingredients to make the product. The supplement has received thousands of positive online testimonials from satisfied consumers.



You’ve got to try this product, man! It is amazing. I have been using it for about four months. My body has never looked and felt better. For the first time in my life, I have real biceps, triceps and abs. I just love the way I look. I get a lot of compliments from my buddies. It’s just a a great feeling. I would definitely recommend this product to all the guys looking for a quality testosterone supplement. You all will enjoy it too. I’m sure of it.

– Don, Salt Lake City, UT, USA

I have used testosterone boosters in the past. They help a bit but most of them lead to so many side effects. I was just about to give up when I found this product. My gym instructor recommended it to me. I have been using it for almost three months and am seeing some serious benefits. My muscle mass has improved, and I feel more energetic even after the workout. I’m very impressed with this supplement. It really works.

– Harry, South Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

This product is surely worth a try. In the last three months, I have noticed higher energy levels. I am able to exercise more often and still continue with my work afterward. I have noticed an improvement in my muscle strength as well. I may not look like a pro, but I am definitely happy with the results.

– Sed, Little Rock, AK, USA

Are you seriously looking to improve your physique? If yes, then avoid this product. Although iSatori makes a lot of promises, the product does not deliver. I tried it for more than six months. This was way more than the recommended 8 weeks. I did not notice any difference. I looked and felt the same. I was just downing 4 pills a day, which made me uncomfortable to say the least. This regimen was a complete waste my time, money and effort.

– Arthur, Birmingham, AL, USA

I have mixed feelings about this product. My friend loved it and has seen a lot of improvement. I did notice some muscle growth and improvement in stamina but it wasn’t as dramatic as his. Nonetheless, I’m happy with what it did. At least, I did not have any side effects. You should try it without expecting a lot.

– Marck, Portland, OR, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Both iSatori and ISA-Test GF have received significant media coverage. The company has received multiple “Breakout Brand of the Year” nominations from Its CEO, Stephen Adele, has been interviewed by several reputed magazines, websites and media outlets. As per a 2007 article published on, an improved version of ISA-Test GF got the “ Golden ‘Seal of Approval’ from Jeff Everson’s Planet Muscle magazine for safety and efficacy..” Furthermore, there is no evidence of any lawsuits or complaints against this product, which can be an important determining factor for many consumers.


Money-back Guarantee

iSatori offers one hundred percent customer satisfaction guarantee on all supplements purchased from the company’s online store. Simply contact the company’s customer service department via phone or email. Complete the form at the back of the invoice and return it with the remaining portion of the supplement. Send the form and the product in the original box. The company will contact you once they receive the package. Money-back guarantee is only available for first time purchases. If you bought your Testosterone booster from an independent vendor, contact them directly to learn more about their policies.



The company will process all the orders placed before 2 pm (mountain time) on the same day. Orders placed after 2 pm will be processed the next day. You will receive your ISA-Test GF within 2 to 6 days. You can contact the company’s service representatives if you do not receive the supplement within the stipulated time. iSatori, however, does not offer international shipping at this time. Shipping policies and rates of independent vendors may vary. Contact them directly for additional information.


Customer Support

iSatori offers high quality customer support. The company’s knowledgeable and experienced staff members can be contacted via email or phone. The contact information is available on the company’s website. The staff member can answer your questions regarding the product and guide you through the purchase process. The company has a well-drafted website that contains substantial information regarding the product.

You will find iSatori on most social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites allow you to interact with other users and even professional bodybuilders. The company publishes an online magazine with many great tips for its users.


Safe & Secure Checkout

You can purchase ISA-Test GF with ease at the iSatori online store. The website offers one hundred percent secure SSL ordering. This allows consumers to use their credit card without worrying about online fraud. You may create an account before checkout or place your order as a guest. The website will allow you to use coupon codes and gift cards for purchase. You can choose from multiple shipping options.



A 104 capsule bottle of this testosterone booster costs about $35.98 at the company’s online store. This is equivalent to a four week supply. You can lower the cost when you use a coupon. Unlike some of the other testosterone boosters in the market, ISA-Test GF can be purchased at popular online vendors and several brick-and-mortar stores. These stores may offer special promotions occasionally. It is prudent to look at all the options before making the purchase.






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