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IO Boost Review – Can It Really Boost Your Muscle Growth & Endurance in the Gym?

What Is IO Boost?

IO Boost is a testosterone boosting supplement. This supplement category is experiencing an upward growth in terms of the number of products available as well as the demand for such products from customers. The trend is a result of the growing number of research that suggest the benefits of natural supplements that are able to increase a person’s natural hormone levels. Although the supplements aren’t yet completely accepted by the medical community, they are now being taken seriously by the general public.

This specific testosterone booster is created and produced in the U.S. Although the supplement is sold internationally, its largest sales numbers have been in Australia. The product promises to decrease fat while increasing lean muscle growth and endurance. It is also created with natural ingredients. By avoiding synthetic ingredients, the product avoids a high chance of side effects.

IO Boost doesn’t hold a patent for its formulation. This serves as a downside for two reasons. Firstly, not holding a patent also means that the product hasn’t undergone scientific testing. Without such testing, the product can’t prove its claims of effectiveness. Secondly, other companies can steal the formula and reproduce it for less money which allows them to lower their price.



The manufacturer of IO Boost is BioTrim Labs. The exact history of the company is hard to find which is unusual for a business that offers so many products. No information regarding BioTrim Labs founding members or even the year it was founded can be uncovered. Oddly enough, the company has become moderately well-known over the last five years within the supplement community. Other fairly well-known products created by BioTrim are Nitric Max Muscle and Max Recover Deer Antler.

BioTrim Labs isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but it is listed on their database of operating businesses. To obtain official accreditation by the BBB, businesses must apply. It’s not a requirement to be accredited to operate within the U.S., but it does showcase a sense of quality to customers. The BBB has provided a rating for BioTrim Labs, but unfortunately, the company has been given a rating of “F”. BBB ratings are like credit scores for individuals.

The organization cites the low rating as a result of the number of complaints filed against BioTrim Labs and the lack of responses to many of those complaints. The company has received 13 complaints in the last three years, and 11 of those complaints have not received a response from the manufacturer. The majority of these complaints were a result of billing and delivery issues. There were also four complaints pertaining to the quality of the products.


How IO Boost Works?

IO Boost’s main goal is to raise an individual’s testosterone levels naturally. To achieve this, it must use natural ingredients to manipulate the body into releasing the hormone without negatively affecting the body as a whole. To do this, the product uses multiple ingredients that are thought to directly increase the hormone or enhance a person’s physical performance in order to increase the results of the testosterone on the body.

This product works to manipulate the body from different areas at once. Upon digestion, Sarsaparilla and Boron go straight to work by crossing into the bloodstream and working their way into the brain. Once they cross the blood-brain barrier, they block other elements from grabbing onto free testosterone. This allows more testosterone to float around freely in the body to be used during a workout.

Horny Goat Weed and Tongkat Ali Root work to increase the blood flow which allows more blood and oxygen to reach the muscles. This prevents the buildup of lactic acid, which causes cramps and soreness, allowing a person to workout for longer periods of time. Nettle Root is a diuretic that assists with flushing out any water weight, so individuals start to lose weight quicker and avoid bloating.


Ingredients of IO Boost

IO Boost uses natural ingredients as the basis for its formulation. The majority of these ingredients can be found in other testosterone boosters, but there is no way to know if the formulas are the same because BioTrim Labs doesn’t list the exact amount of each ingredient per dose. The full list of active ingredients are as follows:

  • Horny Goat Weed Extract
  • Tongkat Ali Root Extract
  • Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract
  • Wild Yam Root Extract
  • Sarsaparilla Root Extract
  • Nettle Root Extract
  • Boron Amino Acid Chelate

Horny Goat Weed is used to increase blood flow. Tongkat Ali Root is also used for increased blood flow as well as to increase energy. Saw Palmetto Fruit inhibits estrogen production. Wild Yam Root is used to increase DHEA naturally and Nettle Root is used to assist with the loss of water weight. Sarsaparilla and Boron Amino Acid Chelate are used to increase the level of free testosterone.

Other ingredients are composed of non-active ingredients and are common among supplements. Gelatin is used in the formation of the capsules, offering an exact amount of the product to assist with dosage requirements. Magnesium Stearate is used to extend the shelf-life of the product as well as to prevent the mixture from clumping up. Calcium Carbonate serves as a filler.



One advantage of IO Boost is its use of natural ingredients. Natural ingredients typically have fewer side effects than their synthetic counterparts. There is currently a wave of desire by customers wanting organic and natural elements in their diet. This increases the product’s advantage over testosterone boosters that don’t use a complete list of natural ingredients.

Another advantage of the testosterone booster is its secure checkout. The checkout is encrypted as well as protected by an antivirus and secured servers. The website boasts multiple security stamps including three that are offered by major credit card providers. Such security settings protect customer information and are a selling point among digital e-commerce sites.

The product also has the advantage of being purchased as a single item or as part of a monthly subscription program. For customers that take the supplement less, the single item purchase offers the freedom to order a new bottle when they need it. The subscription program offers convenience for customers that live a busy lifestyle. Offering both options reaches to a broader audience of shoppers.



Since there is a lack of official regulation organizations pertaining to supplements in the U.S., there is also a lack of certificates to be obtained for these products. However, the few that are available are becoming more common among supplements because they serve as a selling point in a flooded market. Unfortunately, IO Boost has missed out on those opportunities to score an advantage over the competition. These opportunities include a CGMP and a patent.

A CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) is a certificate given by the FDA. Unlike prescription medications, the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements in the U.S. The CGMP serves as the only way to obtain some sort of FDA recognition. The certificate is awarded based on the facility in which the product is created. To receive the award, the production facility must meet qualifications set forth by the organization regarding hygiene and safety for both the customers and staff.

A patent is also a missed opportunity for the testosterone booster. To receive a patent, a product must prove its effectiveness through clinical tests and trials. Without these trials, there is no way for the supplement to prove its claims. IO Boost hasn’t undergone any tests, so it can’t prove anything to its customers. If it does take on such a challenge in the future, it would give the product a competitive edge because testosterone boosters are seldom patent holders.



I’ve used multiple brands of testosterone boosters, but IO Boost is the one that works the best. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a vain person, and I want to show off my workout results. Before this product, I’d workout, but it’d take months to see results. I saw results with this product in just over a week.

– Milton H., Atlanta, GA, US

As every bodybuilder will tell you, if you want to see results, you need to take a testosterone booster. I workout five to six days a week, and my workouts are intense. With three kids, I don’t always have the energy needed to get through such workouts, and it started to show during my competitions. I started taking this testosterone booster to give me that extra boost that I needed, and now I have the energy for the gym, competitions and my kids.

– Charlie J., San Diego, CA, US

Getting older really does change your body. After the last five years, I’ve noticed a very obvious decrease in my muscle tone and energy. I turned to IO Boost as a way to gain back this muscle and increase my energy levels. After three months, I’ve earned back all of my muscle mass plus extra. My results are so impressive that people at the gym are encouraging me to start bodybuilding professionally.

– John S., Memphis, TN, US

This product has become my secret weapon. I went from an overweight couch potato to a fitness model. All of my success is a result of this supplement because it gave me the energy I needed to make it to the gym and stick with my training sessions. Getting to the gym used to be a constant struggle, but it is now my favorite place in the world. Now, I get paid to simply show off my amazing results for gym and fitness clothing ads.

– Jacob R., Salt Lake City, UT, US


Awards & Media Coverage

IO Boost has not received any awards as of yet. However, lacking awards doesn’t necessarily serve as a disadvantage to the product because the majority of testosterone boosters lack an award of any kind. There isn’t a unified body in charge of regulating supplements produced in the U.S., so there isn’t an official set of awards for which the products can compete. The few awards available are usually awarded by fitness publications.

Although it hasn’t received any awards, the product has received some media coverage. The media outlets that have featured the product are Everyday Health, Today, Men’s Health, the San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner. All of these outlets covered the product during their coverage of the wave of increased demand for natural testosterone boosters. For Today, Everyday Health and Men’s Health, the product was featured because of its high amount of sales in the market. The San Francisco Chronicle and Examiner both featured the item citing its natural ingredients.

Typically, testosterone boosters have little to no media coverage, so IO Boost’s coverage serves an advantage to the product. One of the many aspects that go into a customer’s decision of purchasing a supplement is awareness of the product. There are far too many testosterone boosters on the market for a potential customer to compare them all, so already being aware of a product boosts its chance of sales.


Money-back Guarantee

The company boasts a money-back guarantee, but its refund policy doesn’t reflect such a guarantee. There are two types of returns when it comes to IO Boost: a customer can return a single bottle of the product or they can cancel their subscription program. If a customer is part of the subscription program, canceling their subscription may also require that they return items that have already shipped out. Refunds are typically processed within 14 days of the company receiving the return.

To cancel their subscription program, customers need to contact the customer support staff. Once the subscription is canceled, it appears that the company will accept returns of any unused bottles on a case to case basis. The policy states that they will accept the returns, but another line in the section states that the customer is responsible “for the payment of the product that has been already been [sic] shipped.” Such wording leads to the conclusion that the company must approve each individual return.

Customers who opted out of the subscription program and chose to purchase the bottle individually can return their unopened bottles. If a customer is unsatisfied with their product, they can return a partially used bottle within 30 days of ordering the product. However, this type of return must still be approved by the customer support team. Once the team has approved the return, they will provide the customer with a Return Item Number that attaches the returned item to the customer’s account.



For U.S. residents, the only shipping option available is standard shipping which typically takes two to five days. The shipping cost for domestic residents is $4.95. However, in the company’s Term and Conditions, they have the right to add a 15 percent fee on top of the shipping fee for handling and processing. Typically, shipping and handling are covered under a single fee. The 15 percent is calculated from the cost of the product and not the shipping price.

The basic shipping package is also the only option available for residents outside of the U.S. Standard shipping for international customers has a timeframe of 14 to 21 days from the order being processed, but since the company has multiple distribution centers, it seldom takes over a week. Shipping prices vary depending on the customer’s country of residence and which location sends out the package.

For returns, customers are responsible for all return shipping costs. Return shipments must include the Return Item Number (provided by customer support) on the outside of the package in order for the package to be accepted and processed. Return shipping locations vary by territory, so customers should avoid simply returning the package to the original address as the company is not required to accept it.


Customer Support

Email support for the product is available 24 hours a day, but there is only actual representatives in office between 9 a.m. CST and 5 p.m. CST. The team can also be reached by telephone during those operation hours for U.S. customers. Unfortunately, those are the only two customer support options available.

International customers can rely on the same types of support, but each area has separate numbers to contact. The company uses third-party distribution centers throughout the world to provide more convenience for international customers. These sites also handle the customer support for their territories. However, international customers can also email and/or call BioTrim Labs directly to bypass their local distributor.

The customer support for this product is lacking a click-to-chat option. Click-to-chat offers convenience to customers who may need a quick response but are working during the operation hours. Customers in the 21st Century demand convenience, so not offering click-to-chat can be viewed as a disadvantage compared to other popular testosterone boosters.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout accepts credit and debit cards backed by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. The security levels have met the qualifications to obtain a MasterCard Secure Code, Verified by Visa and American Express SafeKey stamps. The site has also received a GoDaddy Verified and Secured safety verification.

The checkout uses a 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. An encryption protects any information that a customer must enter. As the customer types the information, it is instantly wrapped in a layer of protection that prevents anyone or any program from viewing the information. An SSL also protects the information as it is transferred to the servers.

An antivirus is used to prevent anyone from creating a pathway to the servers. Hackers can try and weaken website security by using a virus. A virus can weaken the website security and allow the individuals or programs to find a way into the company’s servers in order to gain access to customer credit card information. The strength of the site’s antivirus is verified by the Safe Buy logo, which inspects and monitors the site’s security strength.


Pricing & Free Trial

There are the two types of pricing options for IO Boost. The main option that is offered comes in the form of a membership program. Members can receive a bottle of the supplement for $33.57. The catch with membership is that the bottle is automatically shipped every month, and the customer’s credit or debit card is charged. This program allows convenience for customers with busy lifestyles that might not always remember to order a new bottle before their last bottle runs out.

The product can also be purchased individually for $55.95. One issue with purchasing the product is that the checkout doesn’t always signify which option is being offered. While certain checkouts offer a drop down menu, other checkouts are only offering the membership option. Unfortunately, not every checkout specifies that it selling the subscription program and not simply a single bottle. This can cause confusion for customers and serves as a questionable business practice.

Each bottle of IO Boost contains 60 capsules. The manufacturer recommends that customers take one capsule every morning and then one again right before physical activity, which results in each bottle offering a 30 day supply. The single bottle price and the accompanying supplement supply is comparable to other testosterone boosters on the market.






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