Headlock Muscle Growth

Headlock Muscle Growth Review – Practical Supplement for Your Training

What Is Headlock Muscle Growth?

Headlock Muscle Growth is a natural testosterone booster formulated to maximize workout capacity by supporting the body’s production of free testosterone. By increasing testosterone, it thereby promises to ramp up such key performance traits as energy levels, strength, stamina, fat burning, vascularity and lean muscle mass. It has been developed for men who would like to achieve a ripped physique in a shorter amount of time. It is also marketed as a safer, legal sports performance booster for athletes as well as for weightlifters and bodybuilders who would like to further sculpt their muscles. It is marketed and sold not only in the United States but all over the world.

This testosterone booster is formulated using all-natural ingredients extracted from plants, herbs, roots, vitamins and minerals. Its formula features L-Arginine and L-Citrulline to further boost workout and sports performance. With these natural ingredients and others, it promises to stimulate the production of testosterone naturally and synergistically. It is intended as a daily workout supplement to be used alongside a rigorous strength-training regimen and a healthy diet. It has been widely advertised in the fitness media and is endorsed by UFC fighter Randy Couture.



Headlock Muscle Growth is manufactured by a successful dietary supplement provider named Push Innovation. Its headquarters are located in Fountain Valley, CA. Unlike many supplement suppliers, who choose to remain shrouded in anonymity, Push Innovation has their own website wherein they describe themselves as a “Modern, all-in-one fulfillment service that takes care of everything along the way.” Their website is clean and professional, and encourages customers to get to know their company and their products. Customers both current and potential will likely appreciate the opportunity the company affords via its visibility, to get to know about it, its products and its policies on a more in-depth level.

Push Innovation also offers an easy online contact form for anyone who would like to submit an inquiry as to the company’s policies, any of its products or for any reason whatsoever. This manufacturer offers a number of successful health and fitness supplements in addition to Headlock Muscle Growth. Clearly, this is a merchant that has been very successful in developing and marketing products in the past and promises to deliver premium, high-quality products in every exchange.


How Headlock Muscle Growth Works?

This testosterone booster’s pro-muscle gain nutrient complex asserts that it incorporates clinically-proven ingredients to boost blood flow and oxygen delivery to muscles during both workouts and the anabolic recovery phase. It promises to deliver optimal levels of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles as well as to muscle tissue during recovery periods in order to maximize anabolic gains. This translates to more lean muscle mass achieved in a shorter period of time.

Headlock Muscle Growth comes in capsule form and dissolves in the bloodstream when ingested. The natural ingredients and amino acids then act as catalysts to boost free testosterone production, increasing the amount of testosterone able to be used by the body during the process of myogenesis. This process also blocks hormones like estrogen that block and/or prevent the production of testosterone, purportedly leading to more energy, strength and endurance to work out harder and longer and to build more muscle and burn more fat. This ingredients in this product’s formula are also believed to reduce lactic acid buildup, which means less soreness and cramping post-workout. More power and energy as well as less soreness after training enables users to build and sculpt their goal physique.

The recommended dose is two capsules daily, preferably before each workout. These tablets can be taken with a glass of water or stacked with high-quality protein shakes. Fastest and most extreme results are attained through consistent daily use and a protein-rich diet. As with any dietary supplement, there is always the possibility of an allergic reaction to the plant extracts involved. The company is very clear about the fact that this product is not intended as a meal replacer and that users should conduct adequate research and/or consult with a physician before beginning use.


Ingredients of Headlock Muscle Growth

The active ingredient in this testosterone booster’s formula complex is L-Arginine HCL. This amino acid has a reputation in bodybuilding communities for being particularly effective in dilating blood vessels in order to allow for increased nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscle fibers. This vasodilation not only helps facilitate a more powerful pump but also helps muscle to heal faster after strenuous workouts. L-Arginine HCL is also a key player in the process of protein synthesis, which utilizes protein to help build more muscle cells. It is also a precursor to the natural chemical nitric oxide, which further supports the process of more efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscles.

Maca Root, an herb grown in elevated mountainous regions, is another element in this formula that is believed by many in the fitness community to elevate energy levels, to help balance hormones and to sharpen cognitive focus. This nutrient-dense root vegetable is also known as ‘Peruvian Ginseng’ and is believed to help regulate, support and balance the immune system. Many bodybuilders use Maca Root for its high protein content as well as its muscle-building properties. Horny Goat Weed is another prominent ingredient that helps to boost stamina and energy. Also known as Barrentwort and Bishop’s Hat, this herb’s leaves have been used by the Chinese for centuries for its blood flow-stimulating abilities.

Tribulus Terrestris is another popular ingredient in natural muscle-building supplements that claims to increase free testosterone levels as well as to ramp up thermogenesis, leading to a lean, shredded physique. Its active ingredient is called a steroidal saponin called Protodioscin that is thought to promote muscle growth. Some fitness experts state that it increases testosterone by increasing luteinizing hormone (LH) or follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Yohimbe is another Headlock Muscle Growth additive that promises to elevate energy and power safely and naturally. Yohimbe and its active ingredient Yohimbine is believed by some to aid in fat-burning as well as to support better blood flow.



Arguably the advantage most men will have the greatest interest in is this product’s promised ability to facilitate fast muscle-building while doing so naturally. Headlock Muscle Growth promises to provide men with the push needed to maximize workout potential and to develop a stronger, leaner, more sculpted body. It also promises to raise energy levels, strength and endurance, thereby giving men the extra power push to get the most out of every workout. It also promises to ramp up thermogenesis in order to burn away the layers of fat to reveal the sculpted muscle underneath. Vasodilation is another purported benefit, which is an advantage many of the more seasoned workouts pros will appreciate.

This product also promises to increase youthful vitality. As many men are aware, the natural decline of testosterone over time often leads to unwanted side effects like softer muscles, fat build-up, muscle weakness and fatigue. With the increase of testestoner, the manufacturer asserts, also comes an improvement in youthful performance traits like strength and energy, thereby increasing vitality. This workout supplement also promises to reduce recovery time and help contribute to a sharper mental focus.



Like the most popular dietary supplements currently on the market, Headlock Muscle Growth is certified as 100% ‘Made in the USA.’ This implies a high level of quality in the product’s effectiveness as well as its manufacturing practices. Environmentally-conscious fit consumers will also appreciate the eco-friendly standards American products must comply with, which allows them the extra peace of mind of knowing the product was manufactured according to strict regulations. The product website describes L-Arginine – Headlock Muscle Growth’s active ingredient – as award-winning though it does not provide links or clinical research information to back this claim up. Legitimate information regarding the research involved would likely further bolster customer confidence in this product.

This product was also manufactured in an FDA-approved, sterile facility. This is a feature many seasoned supplement customers look for in a product, as it ensures that the merchandise has been developed in accordance with federal safety and manufacturing regulations. This testosterone booster further states that it is GMP-certified, which means it has complied with Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure the highest quality product possible.



For me, this has turned out to be exactly the t-booster I’ve been looking for. It doesn’t make me jittery and the taste is a lot better than other supplements I’ve tried. Best of all, I’ve gained an inch of rock-hard muscle on my biceps in just a few months of training. I take this with a glass of water before my workouts and I can feel an energy rush within a few minutes. Headlock Muscle Growth is now an indispensable part of my training sessions. – Jon M., professional weightlifter in Nashville, TN, USA

The best thing that’s happened to me since I started using Headlock Muscle Growth is the fact that I actually look forward to going to the gym now. I finally understand what all these bodybuilders have been saying about ‘the pump,’ because I can feel the blood rushing into my muscles and pumping up my veins in a way I haven’t been able to before. I’ve lost five pounds in the month I’ve been taking it before my daily workouts. This stuff has given me more stamina to do more and push harder in every workout. I’m looking forward to see what the near future holds as far as building more muscle and getting even more defined. – Jared S., engineer in Hamburg, Germany

I started noticing a difference pretty much right away. I felt like I didn’t get quite as winded doing bench presses and deadlifts, and it encouraged me to lift heavier weights for longer. Since I started stacking this with my protein shake, I’ve added progressively heavier weights and have noticed muscle definition popping up all over my body. As a matter of fact, I met my new girlfriend at the gym. My experience with this product has been an overall major success. – Hashimoto T., chef in Dallas, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Headlock Muscle Growth has been advertised on such major media giants as Men’s Health and ESPN. It has also been advertised on Men’s Health and Muscle & Fitness. Its presence online is quite extensive; upon a quick internet search, consumers can easily see that it has been reviewed extensively on a number of well-known bodybuilding and fitness forums. It is not known whether it has received any awards at this time, though it may be newer to the market as its website copyright date is 2017. It has also received innumerable reviews, many of which are very favorable.

Perhaps most impressively is the fact that this workout supplement is endorsed by Randy Couture, an Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight world champion and action film star. On the official product website, Couture asserts that he gained eight pounds of lean muscle mass as a result of taking Headlock Muscle Growth to prepare for his role in the action movie “The Expendables.” This celebrity endorsement will likely attract many customers who are seeking the similar heavily-muscled, powerful build sported by Randy Couture.


Money-back Guarantee

Fitness enthusiasts who would like to try Headlock Muscle Growth at no risk may do so via the company’s 14-day trial offer. If the trial is successful and buyers would like to continue on ongoing subscription, they must do nothing to be automatically enrolled in the auto-shipment program. This means that on the 14th day of the trial period, customers will be auto-enrolled in the delivery program to receive a fresh bottle every 30 days for an indefinite period. The customer’s credit card on file is automatically charged each month for the full retail price. In the event customers do not want to enroll in the program, they may cancel the trial period anytime before the final day by calling customer service.

The manufacturer also offers a 30-day money-back offer in the event the product does not perform according to expectations. Before the 30th day of the original purchase date, the customer must contact customer service to receive a Return Authorization Number with which to include on the return package. All returns absolutely must include a valid RMA number; no refunds are issued without it. Credits normally appear on credit card statements within 5-7 business days, though this time frame can vary according to the financial institution involved. Customers are responsible for all return shipping charges.



This manufacturer offers one of the most competitive shipping and handling rates in the dietary supplement industry at a nominal $3.87. The standard delivery time for Headlock Muscle Growth shipments is 3-5 business days. The manufacturer offers a range of carriers including FedEx, the United States Postal Service and UPS. The company ships to anywhere within the United States. It does not specify on its ‘terms and conditions’ page whether it ships on weekends. Additionally, all arrival times are estimates, and the company does not guarantee specific dates or times.

All charges associated with shipping and handling are non-refundable. This includes all return shipping charges, which must be paid at the customer’s expense. The manufacturer does not state whether it offers shipment tracking information and/or whether such tracking information is included with purchase or requires an additional fee. Customers may contact a customer service representative for any and all further questions related to shipping and handling policies, charges or other inquiries.


Customer Support

The manufacturer offers phone support Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. EST. The website lists a toll-free 1-800 number to reach a live representative for telephone support. There is also a customer support email address provided for added convenience. The company asks customers to allow for a 24-hour response time. It does not appear the manufacturer’s customer support center is open on weekends.

Although it does not offer 24/7 customer service like some supplement suppliers, this company’s customer service program more than adequately provides customers with the means to access product support. Buyers may also contact a service member regarding billing inquiries at a physical address located in Santa Ana, CA. The company’s fulfillment facilities are listed in Fountain Valley, CA which can also be contacted for general inquiries.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Headlock Muscle Growth offers customers the security of a full software security suite with which to keep sensitive information secure. One such SSL security certificate is Verisign Secured, which allows website visitors to verify website information in real time. Scan Alert Hacker Safe is another well-known security certificate employed, this one intended to protect the website’s servers and the customer information it stores from hackers and phishing attempts. McAfee Secure is also a part of the manufacturer’s security suite. This trustmark certifies that the site has been scanned and is free from malware, viruses, phishing attacks and other forms of online data security threats.

The transaction section of the website also features a TRUSTe security seal. This Trustmark ensures that the site has met a set standard of security and privacy compliance regulations. Norton Secured, Verified By VISA and MasterCard SecureCode seals are also displayed for further anti-information breach measures. Lastly and perhaps one of the most important security features on the site is the logo certifying a ‘Secure 256-Bit Encrypted Connection.’ This safety seal ensures that customers’ personal and financial data is encrypted in order to prevent security-compromising attacks from hackers.


Pricing & Free Trial

The retail price for a bottle of Headlock Muscle Growth is $88.57. This is also the price for trial customers’ monthly auto-shipments for a single bottle should they choose not to cancel the program. As is standard among the policies of online supplement suppliers, individual charges may apply as applicable to the customer’s banking institution.

As a further incentive, customers will receive a free gift with purchase valued at $49.99. The company, unfortunately, does not specify what this free gift entails. Accepted forms of payment are only VISA and MasterCard. Some buyers may find this payment option range to be rather limited, as common credit cards such as Discover and American Express are not accepted – not to mention PayPal, the gold standard of online payment methods. This manufacturer would be wise to expand its payment methods for both its own sales interests as well as for customer convenience.






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