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Halotropin by Pro Supps Review – Do You Want to Unleash Your Full Potential in the Gym?

What Is Halotropin?

Halotropin is a supplement that unbinds testosterone making it free and able to be used. The product does this while balancing estrogen levels. This is a product that athletes and bodybuilders use to increase energy and gain more strength.

Androgen receptors are also supported by this supplement. This product is a testosterone booster with many natural ingredients and is a legal product. To fully understand what it is, you should know the effect of an adaptogen on your body. Adaptogens help your body return to homeostasis which is a state of hormonal and psychological balance.

This equates to a reduction in stress, anxiety, cortisol, and inflammation. You also get a boost in testosterone and improved sleep in a state of homeostasis. The reduction of cortisol and the increase in HDL cholesterol which encourages the production of testosterone. Halotropin contains multiple adaptogenic herbs with these hormonal improvement characteristics.

One of the ingredients of the formula controls prolactin, a hormone that lowers testosterone. There is a phytochemical within one of the ingredients that lowers estrogen levels. This product also contains a root that has proven its ability to increase muscle strength. The reason why this supplement is effective is because testosterone is responsible for muscle development in women and men. Halotropin frees the bound testosterone within you that you already have.



ProSupps was founded by Art Atwood and T.J. Humphreys. The two met and formed their professional partnership in 2005. The pair grew the company massively over 7 years, generating over $65 million. The vision of ProSupps is to provide the best sports nutrition supplements available in addition to highly informative field representatives in the U.S. and across the world.

ProSupps has been able to build strong relationships with retailers all over the United States. The company produces a full line of products specifically to cater to athletes. ProSupps is a producer of pre-workout, post workout, weight loss, endurance, muscle growth, and stack products.

On the manufacturer’s website there are multiple recipes available that are meant to be created with a ProSupps product. ProSupps offers their products through a number of different online distributors both in the Unites States and international. A company can apply to become a retailer of ProSupps products by registering the store on the manufacturer’s website. Samples are given away from time to time on the company’s Facebook page.


How Halotropin Works?

Halotropin is an anti-aromatase supplement designed specifically for athletes and bodybuilders. An aromatase inhibitor stops the aromatase enzyme from converting testosterone to estrogen. Thus as a result, more testosterone is flowing through the body.

Estrogen and testosterone are androgens and the formula stimulates your androgen receptors. This testosterone booster raises the amount of luteinizing hormones which prompt the testicles to produce testosterone. It’s important to know that your fitness and diet play a large role in how well the product is going to work for you.

This product contains many ingredients in your formula all for the benefit of increasing testosterone, but the key is to maintain healthy eating and regular workouts that test your limits. An ingredient within the product is an SHBG or prevents testosterone from binding at the site. Therefore it is bioavailable and free for your body to use. If the testosterone was bound at the site, it would not be free for you to use.


Ingredients of Halotropin

One of the main ingredients of the formula is Ashwagandha. This herb is an adaptogen that helps your body work towards physiological and hormonal balance or homeostasis. Ashwagandha helps balance cortisol levels. This herb even helps reduce inflammation, which many athletes experience at some point. This natural adaptogen has been clinically proven to raise your testosterone levels.

It’s likely that this ingredient was included because strength is increased through an increase in testosterone. Eleuthero root or Siberian Ginseng is also contained the formula. This root has a long history of increasing the performance of athletes. It also fortifies the body when stress levels are elevated, such as when you work out. Mental and physical stress is reduced by this highly effective herb loved by herbalists and athletes.

By supplementing with Eleuthero Root you can expect a faster recovery time after your workouts and an increase in your oxygen intake. The root has also been shown to increase lung capacity which can come in handy in the middle of an intense workout. Nettle Leaf extract prevents testosterone from binding at the site, giving it the ability to flow freely and benefit your workouts. Fenugreek is also in Halotropin and is testosterone stimulating.

Polygonum Cuspidatum or Japanese knotweed is an antioxidant rich ingredient in the product formula that helps improve circulation as well as vision. White button mushrooms carry a substance within them that prevents excess estrogen from being created. Usually bodybuilders and athletes take advantage of White Button Mushrooms for this purpose.



This product allows you to make the best use of the total testosterone you have available in your body without side effects. There are substances within the formula that affect your hormone levels. However, they are natural ingredients that work with your body to keep these hormone levels balanced. Halotropin is one of the few products designed for body male and female athletes. The product stimulates the very site at which your testosterone would normally bind and become unusable.

The testosterone in your body won’t bind to the site because of the inhibitors and the free flowing testosterone is more bioavailable for your muscles to utilize. The ingredients of this testosterone booster will increase your energy and ability to gain muscle mass. Testosterone naturally convert to estrogen and an aromatase inhibitor prevents this testosterone from converting to estrogen. One ingredient is particularly advantageous for preventing too much estrogen from being created.

All of the ingredients work together synergistically to lower estrogen and free as much of the testosterone flowing through your body as possible. While the testosterone is bound it won’t make a difference in your strength level. Adding strength training to your regimen to intensify the effects of the product. With a healthy diet, exercise, and regular supplementation you’ll notice strength gains and an increase to your overall health.



The ProSupps website has an SSL certificate showing that their checkout process is secure. Nearly all online distributors of the product have this certificate. Other than that, the manufacturer doesn’t have many certificates associated with it. Typically a manufacturer will display information about the state of their facility and all of the regulations that they are in compliance with.

ProSupps utilizes its own facility in Allen, TX to manufacture all of the products. ProSupps is the only source regarding their certificate information since they don’t use a 3rd party facility. Their website states the company’s commitment to excellence in their products. Though they don’t display more certifications than the SSL certificate, the company says it provides high quality products. ProSupps does its own research and development for all of its products.

When a company does display certificates on their site it’s usually because of formula quality, purity, and efficacy. The NSF certifies supplements by reviewing their label claims and reviewing the contents of the product. They also perform toxicology tests on the product and check it for contamination. The NSF has a special program for supplements which are designed for consumption by athletes specifically called NSF Certified for Sport. Neither ProSupps or its product Halotropin are currently certified by the NSF.



There have been nearly as many female testimonials as there are male for Halotropin. Some women who have been tested and do not have the normal amount of testosterone will supplement with Halotropin. Many women who have reviewed the product feel that it will greatly benefit a woman who is estrogen driven.

Supplementing with this product helps boost testosterone levels in women resulting in faster weight loss. Some users of the product like to take it approximately 15 minutes before their workout. They feel as though they are more able to power through their workout rather than calling it quits. The product doesn’t result in an increase in appetite. Avid users of the product insist upon not missing a dosage.

Most users feel that this is a high-quality testosterone booster that has helped them build more muscle and have more energy in the gym. Some users have also made comments on their waist and quicker recovery time. More user experiences include increased definition in the hamstrings, calves, glutes, and shoulders. Many user who take the products are athletes and will sometimes use it before a major event like it race.

Muscle growth and strength are among the top comments from users who have taken the formula. The product is also had its fair share of complaints from users who don’t like the usage of artificial coloring. Others have said that they didn’t notice any difference when taking the product. Some who have used the product for a long time noticed a change in the formula and are dissatisfied because of it.


Awards & Media Coverage

ProSupps media coverage begin in 2013 when they received a nomination for the breakout brand of the year by a popular bodybuilding site. The award was issued from an online voting system that was only available on the site issuing the award. Not only has ProSupps been honored as the July supplement company of the month, it has been nominated for three 2014 supplement awards from the same site. This is a highly recognizable in the online retail space for nutritional supplement.

The CEO of the company T.J. Humphreys was a main feature of the article which covered the nomination given to ProSupps. In the article he gives the backstory on the company detailing how it began and how he became the CEO. Humphreys detailed that in the beginning stages ProSupps only had a single product for sale and had a great deal of development to do. Essentially, a company called Professional Supplements became ProSupps under the leadership of Humphreys.

The article is extensive and gives a lot of information regarding how ProSupps products are intended to be taken. Halotropin came up in the article as well. Humphreys brought up the proprietary blend of the formula that he is proud of. He mentioned that in his industry there are a lot of products that do not have effective ingredients and make claims that the product cannot fulfill.


Money-back Guarantee

One of the main distributors that carries this formula accepts exchanges and returns up to 60 days after the date of your purchase. They refund 100% of your money so you could definitely consider this a money-back guarantee. Some retailers do not charge any restocking fees either. In the event that you do need to return your product you won’t have to worry about and additional fee being added on.

Some distributors wants the products back in an unopened condition so that it’s possible to resell. You’ll have to ship the product back yourself in the event of a return and within 1 to 2 days your return is processed. Even though the distributor wants the products back unopened, they will still accept it if it has been opened. Once you provide a reason why the product has been opened, the same rules apply and you get your return processed in one to two days.

If you actually want to keep Halotropin but the product that was sent to you is defective, most distributors will give you a return label that allows you to send it back so they can send you a replacement. However, on the ProSupps website, returns are issued within 30 days of purchase. You’ll need to contact ProSupps through their contact form online or by calling and providing them with your purchase order number or invoice number to get your return started. ProSupps only accepts returns on products that were purchased from their website.



The ProSupps website offers free shipping on all orders that are over $100. Otherwise, the company uses standard shipping at a rate of $7.95 all across the United States from Beverly Hills to Florida. For United States territories like Alaska and Hawaii, the free shipping offer is not valid.

If you’re located in one of these areas you would need to contact ProSupps customer service to get the cost of your shipping and handling.

Also, ProSupps does not ship to P.O. Boxes. One of their distributors offers shipping at a rate of $5.66 in the U.S. This particular distributor takes pride in how quickly they get their orders shipped. The average delivery time for most distributors is about 2 to 3 business days. Although some companies offer same-day shipping when orders are placed before a specific time in the evening gets shipped the same day. The shipping costs of some retailers depend upon the weight of the order as well as the shipping method that you select.

For the distributors who don’t offer flat-rate shipping, you won’t be able to tell the cost of shipping until you enter the products in your shopping cart and enter your ZIP code. No matter which distributor you purchase your product from, you should be given a tracking number. Some distributors ship around the world while others have a list of countries that they will ship to. Because of these options, the formula is available in many more countries than it otherwise would be. Orders from most retailers ship internationally and the cost of shipping is calculated on checkout.


Customer Support

ProSupps defines its normal business hours as between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Central Standard Time Monday through Friday. The manufacturer does have a customer support team that it relies upon for returns and answering the questions of customers. You can contact their customer support team by either calling or sending a message through their contact form on the website. If you send a message to process through the online site, the company wants you to specify the topic so that they can respond to you better.

All of the distributors that ProSupps deals with have their own individual customer support team. The information to contact customer support of a distributor is available on that distributor’s website. Some distributors offer the option of contacting them through their physical mailing address. Business hours can be defined differently from distributor to distributor. Some answer their emails 7 days a week. Live chat is another option that some retailers offer. The company has done a decent job of making sure that you have multiple avenues to contact support regardless of where you purchased your product.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you visit the ProSupps website to purchase Halotropin, your entire checkout process is highly secure. Once you enter the product page and put the product in your shopping cart you are already on an encrypted page. The checkout button will lead you to another encrypted page where you can enter your shipping information and then your credit card details.

It doesn’t appear that ProSupps saves any of your personal information unless you open an account with them. Online distributors also have secure checkout processes. Some of them have them have the McAfee logo displayed on their product page showing that the website has done its due diligence to make sure that everything is safe.

The McAfee secure symbol means that there are no malicious links or malware on the site, no phishing, there is a valid SSL certificate, and perimeter scanning is active. Upon clicking the McAfee secure logo you will be lead to a page displaying the website information and that the distributor’s site has in fact been verified, including the date. Some web sites are not encrypted until you have entered the product in your shopping cart while others are encrypted from the moment you land on any page.



Halotropin is available in a 90 capsule bottle. You can purchase a full supply for $33.97, making it approximately $0.38 per serving. One site also offers an automatic discount of $5 upon check out so you get additional savings purchasing it this way. It is actually quite affordable when compared to other products designed for similar purposes. The pricing for this product is a really great deal whether you are an experienced athlete or you’re just getting started on your workout journey and you’re looking for a supplement to kick-start the process.

This brings the total down to $28.97 by making your purchase through the website of a distributor. You simply won’t find any other products that contain this many capsules of mostly natural ingredients available at this price in any store. If you’re looking to build strength through increasing the amount of free testosterone within your body, this product is dramatically less than other products that have a similar function.






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