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Gen Vactive Review – How Does It Work?

What Is Gen Vactive?

Gen Vactive is a testosterone boosting product designed to give the user the energy and strength that may have previously been depleted due to lowering testosterone levels in men. It is now widely accepted by medical professionals that men begin to experience symptoms of lowering testosterone by age 30. Some men can begin to see side effects as young as 25. Once a man hits 30, testosterone tends to deplete at a rate of 2-4% per year. This can cause men to experience lower energy levels and inability to produce muscle mass. Less energy and stamina can also have an effect on personal relationships. Additionally, it becomes extremely difficult for a man to build muscle mass from working out. Low testosterone can also make it more difficult to recover from working out. With increased recovery times can come lack of sleep and decreased mental performance. Clearly regulating testosterone levels is an important part of male health.

The purpose of this product is to correct these hormone imbalances in a relatively natural way. The product gives the body the natural building blocks necessary to produce testosterone naturally. This can correct these problems, and it can allow the consumer to be able to build natural muscle mass. The product does not claim to build muscle magically. Rather, it claims to allow the consumer to see the effects of their own hard work. Since lowering testosterone levels can dramatically effect the body’s ability to make new muscle, many men feel that they can work out endlessly to no avail. This product simply claims to allow these men to reap the benefits of their own hard work.



This product is manufactured by itself in a company that only manufactures its own products. Gen Vactive makes two sets of supplements. They make the testosterone booster pills discussed here as well as a muscle enhancer that can be used with the testosterone builder. These are the only products made by the brand name. This can have a great many benefits. First, the company is not making a bunch of different vitamins or supplements. This means that their focus is on the success of these particular products. The manufacturer needs these products to be of high quality. Otherwise, they won’t have a business. Therefore, it is guaranteed that the product will do what it says it is going to do.

In addition to more attention to the manufacturing of the product, a smaller manufacturing practice is less likely to use generic ingredients. Testosterone boosters are not rare. In fact, they are quite common in the workout community. However, this small business has developed a new formula to raise testosterone that is slightly different than most similar products. This is what sets the product apart, and it is the reason the consumer should look twice at the product. Although the manufacturer is small, it still offers reliable shipping, good customer service, and reliable billing practices. This is a solid business model, and it speaks very highly of both the company and their products.


How Gen Vactive Works?

The concept for this product is pretty simple. By raising the body’s testosterone levels, Gen Vactive can help men grow their muscle mass significantly. This is very important to workout enthusiasts. Testosterone is raised primarily due to a nitrogen containing compound known as monohydrate. In addition to helping the body make more testosterone, monohydrate also helps bring oxygen to muscles to assist in the creation of lean muscle. This added oxygen can also make existing muscles look more pronounced. This gives men that bodybuilding look that they strive for in difficult workouts. Other ingredients also support the growth of muscle mass on a cellular level. It is a relatively simple concept that allows testosterone to be raised without the use of dangerous artificial hormones.

The product is also pretty easy to take. One capsule should be taken once every day. This is super easy. The pills are small and easy to swallow. They do not taste at all, either. This is good news for consumers that are tired of having drink foul-tasting protein powders to gain muscle. The capsule containers are small, so they can be carried anywhere. Some people like to take the product just before they workout. Although this is not required, it can be done pretty easily on the way to the gym. Simply take with water. It is somewhat hard to believe that something so small and simple can help to lose weight and gain muscle mass. It is important to say that success with this product still depends on the execution of a regular workout routine and a reasonable diet. It is not a miracle pill. However, it may help the consumer get that extra edge needed to achieve their personal goals.


Ingredients of Gen Vactive

This product contains a few key ingredients that help the consumer reach important fitness goals. First, it is important to state that all of the ingredients in Gen Vactive are natural. They are much better for the human body than artificial hormones. That being said, natural testosterone boosters are pretty common in the workout community. Most of these products contain Nitric Oxide which has been shown to increase testosterone in the bodies of aging men. This formula, however, takes a little bit different of an approach. This product utilizes monohydrate as a primary ingredient. This ingredient contains nitrogen, but it also consists of the same primary makeup of protein. This means that it works on various physical levels to increase muscle mass. The muscle built with the product will be 100% real.

Another key ingredient in this product is L-isoleucine. This is a branched-chain amino acid that that makes up about one-third of all proteins. This amino acid has the important function of regulating energy levels. In fact, it is the part of the mixture that allows the consumer to work out and recover efficiently. The third ingredient is L-valine. This is similar to L-isoleucine because it is also an amino acid. This ingredient also helps with raising energy levels. This aspect of the mixture is so important because the success of the formula depends upon the consumer’s hard work. There is no muscle mass without faithful exercise. However, the decreased energy levels associated with lowering testosterone can make workout enthusiasts become disinterested in working out. The raised energy levels combat this to allow these men to work out more faithfully and effectively.



The advantage of raising testosterone levels is numerous. Assuming that the product works as intended, there are many benefits. Most importantly, the product allows the consumer to be able to build lean muscle mass. This can change lives in terms of physical goals and accomplishments. Since many men don’t understand why their body chemistry changes as they age, many men do not understand why they develop that middle age gut. Even those who work out may experience reduced effects from the workouts. Gen Vactive works to correct this. Better muscle mass means more physical endurance as well as a better body. This, in turn, raises personal confidence and esteem.

There are some other effects of this product. In addition to muscle growth, the supplement increases metabolism in order to help burn fat. This can help the aging body fight weight issues associated with getting older. A healthier body weight can relieve joint pain. Additionally, better muscle mass can mean a stronger heart which can help reduce future risk of issues such as hypertension. Basically, correcting hormone imbalances contributes to overall health and wellness. With better physical health comes better mental health, more happiness, more energy, better interpersonal relationships.



This product does not have any noticeable certificates from outside organizations. It does have one other certification. The website gave the product a certification that it is made from 100% natural ingredients. Now, this is a little bit weird. You cannot really certify your own product. Therefore, this certification can be viewed more as a promise made to the consumer by the manufacturer. Since herbal and natural hormone enhancement is much healthier than artificial hormones, this is still a good promise to have.

We now know a lot more about the effects of lowering testosterone. We know that it is real, and we know how negatively it can effect the lives of some men. However, we also know that artificial hormones and steroids can cause long-term effects. The certificate and promise made to the consumers of Gen Vactive really does have meaning. It shows the company cares enough about the product to have quality and natural ingredients in the supplement.



This product actually works! I was finally able to get my body in the shape that I wanted! It only took me about 10 years to get back to it. I am so happy. I highly recommend this product. — Zac Y., Vancouver, Washington, USA

I like that the product has no taste. Some supplements just taste bad when you take them or immediately after. This one you can take and then forget about until you need to take it again. — Shane R., Durham, North Carolina, USA

My wife loves the increase in energy that has come from taking this product. I go to work, go to the gym, come home, and still have energy to play with my kids. Our relationship has gotten so much better because of this product. — Alec U., Huntsville, AL, USA

I have been a workout instructor for years. I have seen various products like this come and go. This is the first one that I have ever recommended. Not only does it work, but it has no negative side effects. I use it, and I recommend it to some of my clients. I am so happy that I discovered Gen Vactive. — James E.,Paducah, KY, USA

I thought that I was too young to be experiencing decreasing levels of testosterone. I was shocked to hear that it can effect men as young as 25. In fact, most men experience the lowering of testosterone levels by the age of 30. This changed my life. I am so happy to have caught the issue early. I am also happy to have a natural alternative with which to fix the problem. — Liam H., Augusta, ME, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

The market is changing for products like Gen Vactive. Advertising is based mainly on Internet presence on workout websites as well as on social media. This product definitely has a solid base of supporters in various places online. In the modern world, this is more important than outside advertising. Since the product does not sell in any venue other than its own website, media presence becomes even more important due to fewer people hearing about the product. That being said, online reviews of the product are almost exclusively positive. In fact, it is difficult to find any negative views on the product.

Although the product has not yet won any awards, it is important to note that it is a brand new product that has been out for less than 2 years. As growing numbers of workout enthusiasts become aware of the product, it becomes more likely that the product will win more awards and sales endorsements. With such positive internet presence, the product is definitely worth a try for men who have experienced the side effects of lowering testosterone levels.


Money-back Guarantee

Gen Vactive has some guarantees. It is not a 100% money-back guarantee. However, the company does guarantee any purchase shown to have been purchased through fraudulent practices. This can mean anything from stolen credit card transactions to purchase by an unauthorized card holder. For these returns, the company does not require any return of the product itself. However, you must prove that the card has been cancelled and a claim filed with the bank or credit card company. While this does make the company look good, it seems a little bit unnecessary. After all, most credit cards and debit cards are already insured for fraudulent activity. However, it is always good to know that the company cares about the care of their consumers.

If you are simply dissatisfied with the product, it may be a little bit of a different situation. The company has no expressed guarantee for such things. That is what the free trial is intend for. However, the logistics of the trial make it so that the consumer only really gets about 10 days after shipping to try the product before the first month is billed. While it may be possible to see some results in such a short amount of time, it is still really hard to tell if this is the product you have been looking for. Many reviews state that the company will still refund any unopened product if it is shipped back. This is a little bit inconvenient, but it is still better than not being able to make returns at all. The automatic billing means that the cost for the unopened product will be refunded to the card on which the order was purchased. While this is not the absolute best return policy in the world, it is much better than some other products.



Shipping for this product is fast and reliable. The company works to make sure that quality packaging and shipping methods are used in all transactions. These methods include offering packaging that prevents damages from movement or temperature variations. This helps to assure that all products are safe and the quality level is acceptable when the supplement arrives to the consumer. Although shipping can take about 4 business days, these days are built into the free trial period. The cost of shipping is $4.95 for the first transaction. After that, however, the shipping cost included in the overall price of the supplement. This is nice because it saves money in fees. Although the company states that shipping takes around 4 days, this is a generous estimate. Many consumers have received their product in 3 days or less.

Should you choose to return any bottle of Gen Vactive, you will have to ship the product back to the company at your own cost. This is one downside of the product. A return address is included in the Terms and Conditions section of the website. The product is shipped back to a holding center in Utah where it is inspected for any reported problems such damage or possible problems in packaging or manufacturing. These returned products are not resold for any reason. Any refunds beyond the free trial period will likely require the consumer to return the unopened product before being credited for a refund. Unfortunately, this means spending a few dollars to ship the item back which can be slightly inconvenient.


Customer Support

This product has an adequate customer support staff. They offer two methods of communication. First, customers may email for extra support. This is a good method for consumers who have extended or multi-part questions. Email gives the opportunity for the support staff to respond in a thorough and well-researched manner. Responses generally take less than 12 hours unless they are sent on a major holiday such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day. These holidays are the only days of the year that there is no support staff available to answer questions.

Gen Vactive also offers communication by phone. This is the best method for consumers who prefer talking to a live advisor. The phone number is free to call, and there are advisors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The only exceptions are the holidays listed above. This is a wonderful option for consumers who need advice about how the product should be used for maximum results. Calling an advisor can also answer specific questions about billing and shipping. Additionally, the subscription to the product may only be cancelled by phone. Reviews suggest that customers have found the support staff both friendly and knowledgeable. Having such accessible support staff does give this product an edge on similar testosterone modifying products.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout on the website for Gen Vactive is extremely efficient and safe. The website offers credit card checkout on a 128 bit secure connection. This is so much more secure than many other online websites. Basically, any information gathered by the website is scrambled before it is sent. It is then unscrambled on the other end. This means that any intercepted information would not be seen by potential hackers. Unfortunately, the website does not offer any alternative options such as PayPal for billing. Due to the nature of the automatic billing, it is required to have an actual credit or debit card in order to enroll for the trial and receive the product. The company also guarantees any transaction done fraudulently for a full refund. This works to further enhance their dedication to security.

The only downside of the checkout system is that the terms and conditions allows any information to be shared with 3rd party advertisers. This does not extend to credit card information. However, your name, address, email address and phone number can be shared with other websites, advertisers, or used to contact you for similar goods and services. This is not something that most people like about ordering things online. In fact, it can be a deal breaker for many people.


Pricing & Free Trial

Gen Vactive offers a respectable free trial program. The company sends out 250 free trials every day. Unfortunately, the free trials are limited to this number due to the manufacturing demands. However, prospective consumers should not expect any long waits to receiving their chance for the free trial. The trial consists of an entire month’s supply of the supplement. However, the consumer must decide to cancel within the first 14 days after the order is placed. If the subscription to the product is not cancelled, the next month’s supply will be shipped after this 14 day period. In order to receive the trial, the consumer must enroll in the automatic billing subscription. This is the only way to get the product. Enrollment in the subscription requires signing up with a card. However, the card will only be billed a charge of $4.95 for the first month. This charge only happens on the first transaction, and it covers the shipping and handling for the free trial package. This fee is non-refundable.

Following the first 14 days, the product will be automatically billed to the card on file at the cost of $89.90 per month. This charge includes shipping. This averages to about $3 per day for the supplement. This is very average for products of this variety. The automatic billing assures that the new supply of the product will reach the consumer before they run out. However, many consumers do not like being enrolled into an automatic subscription before they know if they like the product. This can be both good and bad. However, the free trial helps consumers get the chance to try the product for a few days before they get charged for the first month.






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