Formula-X by Athletix Review – Should You Try This Natural Supplement?

What Is Formula-X?

Although Formula-X bodybuilding supplement from Athletix is often considered to be a D-AA supplement, it actually has a much more versatile and effective formula of ingredients than most D-AA testosterone enhancers. When serious fitness enthusiasts use this formula as their primary energizer and lean muscle builder, their testosterone counts not only rise, but remain stabilized for ongoing improvement in sports performance, muscular strength and stamina throughout and following workouts at the gym. Because of the current popularity of D-AA products among consumers who are involved in frequent athletic activities, sports and bodybuilding, Athletix Sports company decided to design an exercising aid that would offer users more effective D-AA. The resulting product is Formula-X, an advanced testosterone booster with the steady power to sustain higher levels of this hormone to fuel your body with plenty of strength and lasting stamina to endure and benefit from the most difficult, challenging workouts as you travel the path from novice to intermediate, expert and pro bodybuilder.

The regulator or amino acid controller of testosterone synthesis in the body, D-aspartic acid (D-AA), is often included in exercise improvement and muscle building supplements that are promoted as effective testosterone boosters. However, daily exercisers who become ongoing users of these supplements experience only temporarily higher testosterone counts. For this reason, Athletix scientific and nutritional experts included other ingredients in the Formula-X design that would sustain boosted levels of testosterone for prolonged workouts and steady, continuous development of lean, strong and flexible muscularity for greater athletic achievement and body-enhancing results. With this unique supplement recipe, users can quickly begin to see the beginning of cumulative, impressive results as they steadily build streamlined physiques with smooth muscle mass for that highly desirable, totally ripped look and persona.



Athletix Sports company was founded for the purpose of formulating top quality bodybuilding and energizing supplements to ensure that talented young athletes of today will be the future’s top performers at both the college and professional levels. Company leaders are also focused on promoting use of its healthy, safe products among gym coaches and bodybuilding trainers of young adults worldwide so they will use safe body-enhancing supplements rather than damaging or potentially hazardous products. With headquarters in St. Petersburg, FL, in the U.S., the Athletix team of executives, scientists, nutritionists, sports training experts and sports medicine specialists are constantly collaborating to initiate the design and production of new and improved, all-natural muscle builders and energy boosters for exercise. Their advanced, leading testosterone booster, Formula-X, is a fine example of the carefully studied and selected blend of ingredients this team includes in their very effective fitness aids.

Athletix Sports is focused on marketing and selling directly to you as the customer, without involving agents, outside marketing companies or distributors. When you place your online orders for this product, the supplement is shipped directly from the Athletix Sports warehouse to your door or mailbox. By keeping all aspects of each exercise aid sale in-house, this innovative and consumer-focused supplement manufacturer can keep prices low, making it possible for people of all economic strata to enjoy the benefits of using a safe, carefully formulated, all-natural fitness product. Customers also truly appreciate the strong emphasis this modern supplements company places on producing only top-tier products that offer excellent and lasting results.


How Formula-X Works?

D-AA, a major ingredient of Formula-X, is helpful to athletes because of its testosterone boosting capability. However, higher counts of this hormone that are achieved through use of D-AA normally last for just one week or possibly ten days, and at the end of this time period, bodily testosterone levels return to their previous counts. Athletix Sports experts knew when creating this formula that they must include other ingredients with strong and enduring testosterone boosting properties in order to supply serious bodybuilders and exercise advocates with stabilized increases of this important energizing and muscle building hormone to ensure their success in their fitness commitments and pursuits. By adding the ingredient of L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate (LCLT), the formulators of this supplement ensured that users of this supplement would need significantly shorter recovery time after demanding workouts and would no longer experience recurring pain or exhaustion from strenuous exercise.

Common types of carnitine have been in use for many years as agents for increasing lean muscularity, reducing athletic recovery time and shredding extra body fat. However, the powerful LCLT content in this bodybuilding aid is the single form of carnitine that has actually proven through testing to make significant reductions in the recovery time required following strenuous exercise. This variety of carnitine also raises bodily levels of IGF-1 for faster development of strong, lean muscle mass. The Formula-X ingredients also include the most helpful branched chain amino acid (BCAA) ratio (8:1:1), which has much more impact on building muscle and on speeding up the metabolic rate for enhanced energy supplies and distributing higher levels of oxygen throughout the bloodstream with better circulatory action, resulting in improved sports and bodybuilding performance and increased stamina.


Ingredients of Formula-X

This effective fitness enhancing formula is composed of powerful, pure, all-natural components including the following ingredients:

1. D-Aspartic Acid – D-aspartic acid (D-AA) is one of the two varieties of the amino acid, aspartic acid, and L-aspartate is the other form. D-AA can cause a temporary boost in testosterone levels in the body, usually lasting for seven to ten days. D-AA also operates in the central brain to release hormones, including hormones that stimulate growth and follicle development or activity. As a sports supplement component, it builds lean muscle and energy, helps cut fat and improves circulation.

2. L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate – LCLT is the only form of carnitine that is known by scientists to lessen athletes’ recovery time required after strenuous exercise. As an amino acid derivative, carnitine aids fat metabolism in the body, increasing energy, stamina and lean muscularity while reducing fat and enabling faster recovery from exercise sessions. LT, a molecular dipeptide, is a safe and naturally-occurring substance that is of major impact in facilitating rapid recovery from physical exertion.

3. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – This active ingredient is an acetylated derivative of L-tyrosine, an amino acid. The acetylation factor helps improve L-tyrosine solubility, aiding this supplement component to supply stabilized support for brain activity and memory. This ingredient supports varied brain functionality by aiding synthesis of neurotransmitters.

4. BCAAs – Branched chain amino acids have strong impact on lean muscle mass development and maintenance. They also boost body energy reserves and deliver increased amounts of oxygen to all areas of the body via the bloodstream while speeding metabolic action. All these effects are essential to performing strenuous and lengthy bodybuilding and exercise workouts at the gym for a muscular, strong and streamlined physique.

5. L-Leucine – This ingredient of Formula-X is one of the three branched chain amino acids found in the body and is often named as the major one due to its muscle building properties. To accomplish this muscle development, L-Leucine activates mTOR, a protein, initiating synthesis of muscle protein to increase lean muscle mass in the body.

6. L-Isoleucine – This amino acid is very helpful in boosting endurance for exercise and in rebuilding muscle strength and mass. L-Isoleucine is also one of the three BCAAs in the body, all of which assist with muscle and energy recovery following strenuous workouts. The other two of these branched-chain amino acids are L-Valine and L-Leucine.

7. L-Valine – This BCAA is another of the three found within the body and also contributes to muscular and energy rejuvenation during recovery time after bodybuilding workouts and other exercise training sessions.



Regular use of this formula as a major muscle mass builder, body strengthener and energizer provides athletes and exercise enthusiasts with the following benefits and advantages:

  1. This empowering fitness supplement is a major testosterone booster for greater lean muscularity, energy and endurance during workouts.
  2. Users of this natural energizing product gain greater protein synthesis for improved energy and stamina, more lean muscle growth and shorter recovery time following exercise.
  3. This supplement raises the user’s levels of self-esteem and confidence while increasing healthy competitive drive to excel at sports activities.
  4. Manufactured for sale in powdered form, this formula is easy to take and has an appealing pink lemonade flavor.
  5. This scientifically formulated, all-natural fitness supplement not only raises bodily testosterone to impressive levels, it also stabilizes these hormone counts to provide optimum support for building lean muscle mass, energy levels and endurance to complete the most difficult workouts your trainer can devise.



Athletix Sports issues certificates to sports coaches, gym trainers and exercise instructors along with amateur and pro athletes and bodybuilders who are regular users of this formula as their primary fitness aid. Many of these experienced and professional exercise advocates and muscle builders display these company certificates in their training rooms, gyms and offices to encourage students, other sports instructors and fellow athletes to become loyal users of this outstanding, all-natural product as well.



This great fitness supplement is really awesome. Just give it a try and you will be amazed at what progress you will make in a few short weeks of regular use. You can virtually watch your muscles grow and feel your body strength improve with each training session at the gym. Even your bodybuilding trainer will be impressed. Order your first bottle of Formula-X today to get started on your path to pro bodybuilder or star athlete! – Jerry W., Los Angeles

When you make Formula-X your regular bodybuilding aid, your very next workout will show your increased energy, muscle power and stamina. You will also gain a sense of self-assurance and the drive to excel and succeed with any sport, bodybuilding training or fitness technique you try. With the help of this popular testosterone booster, you will be well on your way to attaining massive lean muscularity and a streamlined physique for that totally ripped look you have always dreamed of. Get your supply of this magical supplement today! – Brandon C., Los Angeles

What an amazing bodybuilding aid! Formula-X is the best solution for lean muscularity ever, and you will be astonished at the endless amounts of energy, stamina and willpower you will gain as a regular user of this leading testosterone booster. Just as amazing is the short length of time it will take you to recover after even the toughest workouts and training sessions at the gym. Do yourself a huge favor today by making an online purchase of this awesome fitness enhancer now. You’ll be so glad you did, and so will your body during and after you next strenuous workouts! – Bruce L., New York

Want a fast-acting, totally natural and safe formula for building great muscles and a sleek, powerful body? Get your first bottle right away, and your body will never be over-tired or near exhaustion again after even the most difficult, challenging workouts. Even your trainer will be astounded at how much more strength, energy and lasting power you will have when you make Formula-X your number-one exercise aid and muscle builder. Get started now by placing your first order for this fantastic supplement! – Nick J., Boston


Awards & Media Coverage

Formula-X is a leading natural-formula testosterone enhancer that is receiving more notice every day from the advanced sports supplements industry as it also gains many new users. This product is predicted to win a future Supplement of the Year award from and other major sports supplements experts. In addition, this primary natural fitness and bodybuilding aid it expected to receive increasing amounts of notice from the national and international media as more athletes realize its great potential for helping all types of sports and exercise enthusiasts. With use of this formula, all exercisers can gain powerful lean muscles and outstanding levels of sustained energy and stamina for achieving sports and bodybuilding success.


Money-back Guarantee

This product from Athletix is sold with a money-back guarantee to protect each customer if a supplement order arrives damaged or does not arrive at all. Although these problems very rarely occur due to the careful packing and shipping operations at Athletix, the company and its excellent staff members will reship any lost or damaged products, and they will reimburse the full cost of your supplement order if you should decide against using this formula as you regular testosterone booster for building muscles and top quality exercise performance skills. The company also accepts a return of the unused portion of your supplement order for a full refund as well because they know that you may need to try this product for at least a week to determine if it is right for you.



Shipping of your orders of this empowering sports formula is always safe and secure. Athletix uses only the best transport carriers and shippers for delivery of your supplement package, whether is is sent as a domestic or international shipment. The company now has both new and ongoing customers in many locations around the globe, and you can be sure that professional shipping agents will manage the shipping and handling of your product whenever you place an order. Your fitness aid will arrive promptly at your correct address or mailbox and in top quality condition, ready for you to unpack and start using immediately to the benefit of you daily bodybuilding and exercise regimens.


Customer Support

The Athletix customer support team members are ready and eager to assist you whenever you contact them. Whether you have issues with the packing, shipping or delivery of your supplement order, these knowledgeable, friendly and efficient employees will work with you to find the very best solution to your issues or problems. They are dedicated to making your purchase and use of this advanced bodybuilding aid as pleasant and beneficial as possible, and they are always pleased to learn about the success of their customers with regular use of this product. Your sports and bodybuilding success as you continue your regular fitness performance with Formula-X as your major energizer and muscle enhancer is a subject this team is delighted to hear about, so let them know when you advance to new, more difficult training levels or win a bodybuilding award or sports event.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout is always secure on the company website to make your purchase experience safe, fast and efficient. Because payment and checkout pages of the site are encrypted, your contact information and credit or debit card numbers are kept safe and secure from online hackers or identity thieves. Each time you return to the website to order a new supply of your powerful exercise aid, you can be sure that you are making a safe purchase on a very reputable, reliable and secure product sales site.



With a retail price of $55.99 for a 30-day supply, this popular testosterone booster and bodybuilding supplement can be bought online for the low price of just $32.95. In addition, there are seasonal sales and discount prices offered to regular customers. Most ongoing clients who choose this powerful product as their primary fitness aid find it both practical and cost-effective to make monthly or quarterly purchases of this product online.






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