Forma Stanzol V3

Forma Stanzol V3 by Mr Supps Review – Does It Work?

What Is Forma Stanzol V3?

Forma Stanzol V3 is an anti-estrogen supplement with a transdermal delivery system that is intended to be applied after workouts. It alters hormone levels in the body by preventing testosterone from converting to estrogen both by neutralizing aromatase enzymes and by competing with androgens for remaining aromatase molecules.

The supplement also contains natural ingredients that help mitigate the short-term effects of estrogen. A regular application of a few pumps, applied to the skin, is intended to mitigate the effects of estrogen caused by high testosterone levels induced by other supplements in men with an intensive and regular lifting schedule. It is generally not to be used to suppress the effects of cortisol, but some have reported that the intradermal solution` serves as a solid general purpose fat burner. Scientific research supports its use as an anti-estrogen during high-testosterone cycles and to recover post-cycle.



The manufacturer also known by the name of Muscle Research. The formulated mix of five anti-estrogen ingredients is shipped in a red lotion bottle with a pump that allows dispensing metered doses without any special equipment. Currently, it is a little hard to find; the manufacturer is sold out, but with a little shopping around, a savvy Internet consumer can locate some.

Mr Supps has been in business since 2008. To the best of our knowledge, Muscle Research uses ethical business practices and complies with all applicable laws. They are granted a High Trust rating by They are a popular, well-known manufacturer that supports a thriving community of bodybuilders and experts.


How Forma Stanzol V3 Works?

The fitness supplement is a topical solution, similar to a lotion, that is intended to be applied directly to the arms, shoulders, chest, or back after workouts. Once applied, it should be rubbed into the skin until the skin feels dry to the touch. Some believe that rubbing specific muscle groups with the lotion helps to encourage muscle growth in those areas, but that’s largely a psychosomatic effect; the real effects occur in the bloodstream and are mostly independent of where it is applied.

While its unassuming lotion bottle appearance might make it look like your grandmother’s liniment, don’t be fooled: despite its simplicity, the product is intended for advanced weightlifters. It should not be taken for longer than six weeks at a time. Many people use it for a maximum of two weeks in a row for post-cycle recovery. It is a highly active and powerful supplement with a transdermal delivery system that places potent substances in the bloodstream.

While most adult males actually respond well to moderate doses of the combination of anti-estrogens, applied regularly, it is a good idea to start with low doses in case of allergy or unusual sensitivity. Also, at the end of the cycle, the bodybuilder shouldn’t just stop cold turkey; it is best to taper down gradually to only one pump per day then stop.

An anti-estrogen in this class is most helpful when applied during a short-term cutting cycle immediately prior to a show or competition in order to drop weight and help make muscles stand out. It can be used by experienced bodybuilders in conjunction with testosterone-boosting supplements to stave off the effects of excess estrogen. Forma Stanzol V3 is not for everyone, but it is the topical anti-estrogen of choice for many.

Some have suggested that the best way to apply it is to avoid touching with the palms of the hands at all, to instead pump it directly onto the body and rub it in with the arms. In this way, it is possible to achieve maximum absorption without applying it to the thick skin on the hands, where it could be rubbed off and might take a long time to fully absorb.

Numerous scientific papers have piled up on each of the ingredients. While human trials on them so far have been limited, animal trials show that the active ingredients do in fact reduce estrogen levels and mitigate the effects of estrogen. Every prospective user is well advised to read the scientific literature on its ingredients and to review the numerous and detailed logs placed online by Muscle Research’s free trial program.


Ingredients of Forma Stanzol V3

Each bottle contains approximately 4.07 fluid ounces of topical solution metered into 132 pumps. Each two-pump dose contains the following dosage per dose and per bottle:

  1. Cyclohexylaminoglutethimide or CHAG – 100mg, 6600mg;
  2. Diindolylmethane or DIM – 25mg per dose, 1650mg;
  3. 7,8-Benzoflavone – 25mg, 1650mg;
  4. Chrysin – 4mg per dose – 264mg;
  5. Horse Chestnut Seed Extract – 8mg per dose, 528 per bottle;

These ingredients are each selected with the aim of reducing estrogen levels or mitigating the effects of estrogen. They have complex and varied effects and work in conjunction with each other to achieve a greater sum effect than could be achieved by the individual components.


Cyclohexylaminoglutethimide, also known as CHAG, has been shown to be a highly active and selective suppressor of aromatase in laboratory animals. Unlike its parent molecule glutethimide, CHAG has been shown to have little activity as a CNS depressant. Surprisingly, CHAG is even more potent than Formestane. While that might lead many to believe that Forma Stanzol V3 is even better than the earlier editions, not everyone thinks so.

Some critics believe that CHAG is ineffective despite the scientific research, and the clinical reports are mixed. CHAG does not affect every individual the same. Some who take it will experience great benefits, and some will experience no more effect than if they had taken a placebo.

Be aware that there are a few scattered reports stating that Forma Stanzol V3 has caused drowsiness. While Cyclohexylaminoglutetimide should not cause drowsiness in most people, as with any bodybuilding supplement, consumers are well advised to start off with a small dose gradually increase it to learn how it affects individual body chemistry with along with genetics, diet, and routine.

Those taking CHAG should be aware that extremely high doses of related compound aminoglutethimide can suppress the body’s ability to produce both anabolic hormones such as testosterone and catabolic hormones like cortisol. Some very well-known bodybuilders have deliberately taken extremely large doses of aminoglutethimide to suppress hormone production while taking testosterone supplements to boost muscle gain while suppressing muscle loss from catabolic effects

CHAG is a different chemical compound than aminoglutethimide and a much more potent aromatase inhibitor, but the structures of CHAG and aminoglutethimide are pretty similar, and aminoglutethimide’s harshest critics do not like CHAG. Both substances do have some of the same effects, so it’s worth taking a look at what is wrong with aminoglutethimide and how it applies to CHAG.

When the extremely high doses of aminoglutethimide are discontinued, cortisol levels can spike, bringing with them an onslaught of catabolic effects. High cortisol can cause depression and muscle loss and is generally to be avoided. So what does this have to do with CHAG?

Well, extremely high doses of aminoglutethimide can block the conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone through the P450scc pathway. Experts think it is likely that CHAG the same capability.

This effect would reduce the body’s production of nearly all known hormonal steroids, including cortisol. However, achieving this effect would probably require very large doses of CHAG and is possibly dangerous. Any use as a cortisol inhibitor is strictly an off-label use.

While big increases in cortisol have not been reported when discontinuing Cyclohexylaminoglutetimide taken at anti-estrogen levels, the effects of extremely high doses of CHAG are not well understood. My advice is that experienced bodybuilders should use Cyclohexylaminoglutethimide in low to moderate doses only as an anti-estrogen. If the aim is to suppress cortisol, one is well advised in looking for a supplement that specifically targets cortisol and other catabolic hormones.

In summary, CHAG is a non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor. It is a more potent anti-estrogen than Formestane and not covered by the same restrictive regulations. It is also a more potent anti-estrogen than aminoglutethimide. Though it probably shares aminoglutethimide’s capability to suppress cortisol in high doses, it is not recommended for that purpose.


The formula also contains two flavonoids, members of a common class of compounds that are often found in colorful vegetables such as tomatoes. The flavonoids, 7,8-Benzoflavone and Chrysin, decrease estrogen production by interacting with human estrogen synthetase in competition with androgens.

An extensive body of research shows that 7,8-Benzoflavone and Chrysin reversibly attach to aromatase molecules, preventing them from acting on testosterone. The flavonoids also cause aromatase molecules to degrade over time, reducing their hormonal effect and eliminating them from the bloodstream more rapidly than usual. In other words, under the influence of 7,8-Benzoflavone and Chrysin, the body’s aromatase is largely occupied with flavenoid molecules and thus less effective at converting androgens to estrogen, and the occupied aromatase is more quickly entirely neutralized and eliminated.


Chrysin is a natural flavonoid that is found in a variety of sources such as sunflower and honey. It is not orally active, but it has been shown to increase testosterone in laboratory animals. It is generally thought to be a safe and natural supplement. No side effects are known. It’s still a good idea to treat it with respect.

In particular, children, pregnant mothers, and people under treatment for disease or illness should follow a doctor’s advice when taking Chrysin. In addition, Chrysin may slow metabolism of drugs in the liver and should be avoided when taking painkillers, tranquilizers, and muscle relaxers unless advised by a doctor. In addition to its effects on aromatase, it is thought to decelerate metabolism of CHAG, which may increase its effects, especially over time with repeated dosing.


7,8-Benzoflavone, also known as alpha-Naphthoflavone, is a product of industry research. It is not known to have any side effects and is generally thought of as safe, but many of the same cautions and caveats that apply to Chrysin also apply to the related compound 7,8-Benzoflavone.

Individuals taking 7,8-Benzoflavone should use caution and take note of any adverse reactions and discontinue use or see a doctor if any are observed. 7,8-Benzoflavone reduces estrogen levels by much the same mechanisms as Chrysin, by competing with testosterone for aromatase and gradually breaking down aromatase molecules. Some research indicates that 7,8-Benzoflavone can boost testosterone levels.


Another active ingredient is Diindolylmethane (DIM), a common substance that is found in broccoli and cabbage. It is believed by many to suppress the effects of estrogen and also widely believed to have beneficial effects on the prostate. DIM is considered safe in small doses such as those found in food. Extremely large doses can cause sodium levels to drop but are considered possibly unsafe. Little research has been conducted on the effects of large doses of DIM.

While small amounts of DIM are probably safe for children, it should not be given to children as a supplement. Research suggests that it increases some effects of estrogen and decreases others. Avoid taking Diindolylmethane with muscle relaxers and antipsychotics.

Though heavily researched, DIM is perhaps the least understood of the active ingredients. Laboratory research does point to some well-defined positive effects, despite the availability of little scientific knowledge illuminating exactly how it works. Since one could increase one’s DIM intake by just eating a lot of coleslaw every day, it’s a rather non-controversial supplement when given to adults.

Horse Chestnut Extract

Finally, the anti-estrogen preparation contains Horse Chestnut Extract. Some believe that it enhances male fertility. We’re not sure about that, but research suggests that the effects of Horse Chestnut Extract are not just hocus-pocus. Beware of eating raw horse chestnuts, though: they contain esculin, which is poisonous if not destroyed at elevated temperatures.

There is a good side to Horse Chestnut Extract, though. Natural substances in the extract are known to have largely predictable, beneficial effects in clinical settings. It is a natural ingredient that is believed to increase bloating and water weight gain while having a positive effect on the prostate. In addition, it contains powerful anti-oxidants and supports recovery.



Since the group of five anti-estrogens is topically applied with a transdermal system, it is not required to meet FDA requirements for prescription drugs or dietary supplements that are taken internally. Of course, many people would like for their supplements to meet FDA standards, but the FDA very rarely approves serious bodybuilding supplements as drugs and when it does, it approves them not for bodybuilding but for treating diseases and deficiencies.

By formulating the powerful cocktail of anti-estrogen ingredients as a topical solution, Muscle Research has found a way to deliver substances that would ordinarily be regulated as drugs without requiring a prescription, legally and without a lot of government restrictions. That is a good thing because it reduces costs and headaches for people who need a potent and effective anti-estrogen.

Another big advantage of the advanced formulation is that there is no need to take more pills or even mess around with needles to enjoy the benefits. All that is required is to simply rub a little lotion on your body after a workout.

One of the biggest improvements is to the packaging. The new pump-style bottle is much easier to use than the old screw top bottle. No longer do bodybuilders have to measure the topical solution using a syringe, graduated cylinder or lab scale. Now they can simply squeeze out a determined number of measured pumps to meter a precise dose.

Regular use may actually increase testosterone levels in addition to holding estrogen levels at bay. While the intent is to increase estrogen levels, by slowing conversion of testosterone to estrogen, testosterone levels may, in fact, be increased.

The manufacturer claims that it not only works as an effective anti-estrogen but that it increases IGF-1 levels by 27%. In addition, the manufacturer claims that it boosts HPTA activity. Extensive research comparing and contrasting the effects with other supplements is available.

It can help bodybuilders to shed excess water that decreases muscle tone and causes muscles to take on a fat and bloated look. This is especially advantageous at the end of a cutting cycle prior to a show or competition. It can also help to illuminate which gains are actually lean muscle.

Due to Muscle Research’s free trial program, many users have logged extensive and detailed information on their progress through a fitness program while taking Forma Stanzol V3. Detailed data is available on hormone levels, weight, training sets and diet over time.

The new formula for Forma Stanzol V3 is totally legal and does not contain any of the recently banned ingredients from Forma Stanzol V1. That’s not to say that none of the new formulation’s ingredients won’t be banned in the future. Before using it, bodybuilders are advised to check local laws as well as the rules and regulations of their competitions.

Some have claimed that daily application helps bodybuilders lose weight by promoting fat burning. A few reviews have suggested that it does, in fact, have this effect, but it’s not clear exactly what causes increased weight loss or if the effect is permanent. Still, it’s always nice to drop a few unwanted pounds.



We are not currently aware of FDA certificates granted to Forma Stanzol V3. While do not know of any certificates given to the product, that does not mean that none exist. As an external supplement, the formulation is not required to be FDA certified in order to be sold or exported, but if a certificate were sought for that purpose, a Certificate of Free Sale would apply.

We are also not aware of any USP certificates granted to the formulation. As the transdermal system is applied externally, it does not require any USP certificates. We are also not aware of any certificates granted to it by non-U.S. pharmacopeia. These are usually not required for supplements taken externally.

It is lawful to import a personal use quantity into most countries. Some jurisdictions may have different requirements for supplement certification. Check your local laws before purchasing.

Forma Stanzol V3 is not a medication and is not certified as a treatment for any disease. The claims made by the manufacturer have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. It has not been subjected to Phase I, Phase II, or Phase III human trials. A doctor should be consulted before using any weightlifting supplements. Keep out of reach of children.



Forma Stanzol V3 is a cutting-edge anti-estrogen supplement that should be taken with every cycle. As a former marine, I have found no other treatment that is more effective at reducing bloating and that flabby feeling at the end of a cycle. It works pretty darn well, actually.

I take it every day at three pumps, three times a day and I can already see the benefits after one week. My arms look more toned, and I can see the lines on my stomach. It really works!

This stuff is the best topical aromatase inhibitor on the market. I look forward to its soothing effects after every workout.

As someone who naturally has very high estrogen levels, I wasn’t sure if Forma Stanzlol V3 was right for me. The effect has been remarkable. I lost five pounds in just six days, and I don’t get cravings for sweet and salty foods like I used to.

I couldn’t believe that just rubbing lotion on my skin would have such powerful anti-gyno effects, but compared to the guys down at the gym, I’m leaner and more cut, and I think I’m happier too.

This fantastic supplement will help you lose weight and build muscle. It keeps you safe during bulking and cutting cycles. I wouldn’t do serious lifting without it.


Awards & Media Coverage

Forma Stanzol V3 is the newest version of their original product. It has not had much coverage in the mainstream media or periodicals, but it has been reviewed by numerous websites and studied by several experts. At this time, we are not aware of any industry awards given to the cutting-edge anti-estrogen system either, but it has been tested extensively by bodybuilders, some of whom have posted detailed metabolic test results on online forums for study and analysis.

The supplement is a fairly new product that has been received with mixed reviews, with some saying that it is not as effective as the now-banned version 1 and others claiming tremendous benefits while taking no other supplements and with only moderate lifestyle changes.


Money-Back Guarantee

The manufacturer does not offer a money back guarantee; the stated reason is that the packaging is not tamper proof. Most people probably wouldn’t make a purchase without opening the package anyway, so the lack of a money back guarantee usually isn’t a huge drawback, but some may be reluctant to purchase a product that can’t be returned.



Free shipping is available for residents of the U.S. Shipping to other countries costs extra. Packaging is discretely marked and nondescript for U.S. customers. For non-U.S. customers, the package will be clearly marked with its contents to comply with import and export regulations, but since the bottled anti-estrogen is legal to purchase almost everywhere, that usually isn’t a serious problem.


Customer Support

Get answers to any questions that you have online. Customer service representatives are available throughout the day to assist you. After entering your name and a brief description of your question, the website will assign a CS rep to talk with you online.

Customer support is available, but the very best support available is in online forums of active bodybuilders, many of whom have tried it for themselves. On these forums, it is possible to find extensive research and journals tracking application, doses, and effects. Individuals can also make contact with users who have extensive experience with incorporating the supplement into their daily regimen and who can guide them through their cycles and suggest diet changes and other supplements that may serve well in bodybuilding endeavours.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Forma Stanzol V3 is available from retailers both inside and outside the U.S. Buyers are well advised to check and make sure that any sites accepting credit card information are using only the HTTPS protocol. Clicking on the padlock icon on a web browser will display security information on the website’s network protocols and certificates.

Buyers should check safety logos like Verified by Visa, Secured by Godaddy, PayPal Verified, and Trustwave Trusted Commerce. Click on the safety logos and verify that they are genuine. Also, the site should look legitimate in that it should have a consistent design that doesn’t look like it was cloned from a dozen other sites selling the same products.

Online reviews can be helpful for avoiding scams. Buyers can also check with the Better Business Bureau and vendor research sites. It may also be a good idea check the WHOIS database and verify the site owners. A site that is well known and in business for a long time is unlikely to be a scam; a newly launched site with no reviews, using fly-by-night hosting, is likely to be a scam. Above all, consumers should trust their instincts. Buy only using secure checkout from sites you are sure you can trust.



A 4 ounce bottle costs $59.99. One bottle contains enough topical solution for one cycle of moderate use. In the past, a one-bottle sample has been available for free to selected bodybuilders who were willing to keep a detailed log of their experiences. These free trials are not always available, but when they can be found, they can provide a very cost-effective way to sample an innovative, if controversial, supplement.






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