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Form-X by LG Sciences Review – One Good Formula

What Is Form-X?

Form-X is an organic testosterone booster formulated specifically for men to help boost the body’s production of testosterone naturally in order to maximize workouts for optimal muscle gains. It was developed by a United States-based health and fitness supplier located in Norcross, Georgia. It has since been discontinued by its original manufacturer, though it is still available for resale via a number of online retailers and individual sellers. It promises to help increase lean muscle mass, energy, stamina and physical performance in general. Its ingredients are entirely derived from plants, roots, herbs, seeds and minerals with D-Aspartic Acid, Ginger 10:1 Extract and Quercetin as its active ingredients.

This pre-workout fitness supplement was designed to fuel workout ability for healthy adult men in general who want to build a more sculpted, defined physique. It is also marketed as an effective solution for dedicated fitness professionals who want to gain a performance edge in the gym and in competitions. In addition, it is posited as a safer, legal solution for athletes who want to ramp up their performance on the playing field. It is intended strictly as a dietary supplement and is designed to work alongside a healthy, balanced diet and an effective strength-training program.



Form-X is manufactured by a company named LG Sciences. LG Sciences’ corporate headquarters are based in the United States – specifically, in Norcross, Georgia. On the company’s official website, it states that it was inspired by the brand ‘Legal Gear,’ which develops and markets a series of fitness products. It also expresses a commitment to product quality and safety, which it asserts is evident throughout the entire product development process. Of particular interest to fitness enthusiasts might also be its declared commitment to measurable results users can see immediately, which LG Sciences underscores by stating users should see results after their first regular workout.

LG Sciences has been in business for a number of years and offers many health and fitness products in many different categories. Not only does it offer testosterone boosters, it also offers weight control products as well as dietary solutions for non-hormonal anabolics, post-cycle therapy, prohormone kits and prohormones. Its merchandise is sold at a number of United States retailers as well as retailers in Panama and Aruba. Thomas Powell is the name given for this manufacturer’s engineering manager, who details (on the official website) LG Sciences’ initial expansion into state-of-the-art manufacturing and developing labs. This company also maintains several social media profiles including Facebook and Instagram.


How Form-X Works?

This testosterone booster works by flooding the bloodstream with natural extracts and amino acids that purportedly kickstart the body into producing more free testosterone. In effect, by increasing the amount of circulating testosterone the body is free to use, this process may enhance performance traits like strength, stamina, energy and thermogenesis, which allows users to get more out of their workouts in even less time than is common. It may also help to inhibit hormones like estrogen that block the production of testosterone and contribute to the buildup of subcutaneous fat, leading to a more trim, toned physique. Form-X works, essentially, in a two-pronged approach by both actively producing more free testosterone and by blocking and inhibiting chemicals that prevent its production. This, combined with a healthy diet and a rigorous exercise program, can help men get ripped in a shorter period of time.

Form-X also works by purportedly improving vasodilation through amino acid compounds. This means that the amino acid molecules in the tablets help to expand the walls of blood vessels, helping to drive oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood to working muscle tissue. Improved blood flow not only helps to support more powerful pumps but also to decrease muscle soreness and cramping after workout sessions. This may translate into quicker recovery time in between workouts, allowing for more enjoyable exercise as well as more frequent and effective sessions. As many bodybuilders will attest to the power of the pump for maximum muscle-building, improving vasodilation is key to transporting muscle-growth catalysts like nitric oxide.


Ingredients of Form-X

The first ingredient listed on the product label for Form-X is Testicular Engine. The manufacturer does not clarify what this means or what it may refer to, which in turn may confuse (or even amuse) customers. As this supplement is now discontinued, the manufacturer will likely not be taking the time to clarify the meaning of this label anytime soon. Aside from Testicular Engine, the active ingredient in its formula blend is D-Aspartic Acid, which is an amino acid crucial to the biosynthesis of proteins. It has also shown promise in helping to regulate testosterone synthesis and also triggers a release of hormones such as Luteinizing Hormone, which is thought to aid in strength and stamina gains.

Ginger 10:1 Extract is another key ingredient derived from ginger root. Some studies suggest this additive may help to reduce muscle inflammation, thereby leading to the ability to work out longer and to experience less muscle soreness after strength-training sessions. Quercetin, perhaps a lesser-known anabolic supplement additive, is another key ingredient in this formula blend. This is a bioflavanol – derived from fruits, vegetables, grains and leaves – is thought by some to enhance exercise performance and to reduce soreness and cramping in stressed muscle tissue. Some studies on Quercetin’s efficacy have indicated a moderately improved exercise performance in trained athletes and a significant improvement in non-trained athletes.

Piperine is another key player in the organic formula blend of this workout supplement. Piperine is an alkaloid that is added to some supplements in order to increase the absorption rate of certain extracts. 2-Phenyl-benzochromen-4-one is another lesser-known ingredient included in the tablets for which in-depth information is harder to come by. Another listed ingredient is Phellodendron Amurensis Extract, which is derived from a species of tree bark and is often used for weight-loss purposes. It may also reduce swelling and inflammation, thereby contributing to soothing post-workout soreness and allowing for a quicker recovery time after sessions.



First and foremost, Form-X promises to boost testosterone levels safely and naturally. As such, it may be a great solution for athletes and other competitive fitness professionals who are looking to get fit faster while steering clear of dangerous, illegal anabolic steroids. Since this product’s ingredients are all-natural, side effects may be comparably minimal, though of course this will vary according to the individual user. By boosting testosterone levels and hence the body’s stores of circulating testosterone, users may be able to build and sculpt more lean muscle mass. Other promised advantages are boosts in energy, stamina and strength – all essential performance components for more intensive and longer-lasting workouts.

Another advantage this product promises is the suppression of testosterone-inhibiting hormones like estrogen and prolactin. As serious bodybuilders and weightlifters are aware, an excess of these hormones can lead to the buildup of body fat and a loss of muscle strength as well as a diminished ability to build new muscle. This supplement asserts that it is able to block and/or inhibit these hormones for optimal physical performance and maximal muscle-building and fat-burning potential. It may also be advantageous to older men whose testosterone levels have depleted over time, leading to greater fatigue, softened musculature and weight gain.



LG Sciences, the original developer of Form-X, expresses a staunch commitment to premium product ingredients and safety in manufacturing practices. Their lab facilities are Good Manufacturing Practice-certified, which means the company has adhered to strict standards of quality control in product development and efficacy. This is an important certification for pharmaceutical products, particularly in the fitness supplement industry. The company states that it exercises a rigorous selection process in choosing its vendors and accepts only the highest-quality raw ingredients. LG Sciences’ company philosophy is expressed as a commitment to good science, good nutrition and to support customers’ decisions to eat right and work out hard.

Additionally, LG Sciences asserts that all of its vendors must provide a Certificate of Analysis for each of its raw materials in order to ensure premium quality. A Certificate of Analysis is a document that must be issued and signed off on by its supplier to certify that the raw material products in question perform according to expectation. This authenticated document was instituted by the FDA to protect consumers against faulty and/or unsafe products. These quality control methods are a positive sign regarding the company’s commitment to providing safe and effective supplements to fitness enthusiasts.



I bought a bottle of Form-X to get ready for my first state running championship, and I am extremely glad I did. It gave me an energy rush I could feel right away during training and during the actual race. I’ve tried other supplements before, but none of them gave me any kind of noticeable result. Thanks to the energy boost this gives me, I can run longer and I don’t get the cramps I used to after laps. I would definitely recommend this to other athletes. – Jake B., competitive runner in San Francisco, CA, USA

I’ve been stacking this for four months and I’ve noticed a nice increase in strength. I’ve also lost a few pounds and have gone down two pants sizes, which I attribute to being able to work out harder. I heard about this through a friend and wanted to try it out for myself. It has helped me not only lose weight and firm up but also to recover faster after heavy workouts. I’m not stuck on the couch the next day like I used to be post-gym, and my girlfriend appreciates my new muscles. – Jose S., construction worker in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

I’m not a professional bodybuilder or anything like that, but I still want to get as ripped as I possibly can with the time I have to dedicate to the gym. I’d been in a fitness rut for awhile and wanted to get back into shape, so I decided to give this a shot. It has given me some excellent muscle gains during my cutting phase. I’m starting to see definition in my abs, which I haven’t been able to see for years. I plan to continue using. – Mark O., hotel manager in Appleton, WI, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Form-X has not collected any awards in the fitness supplement industry during either its original distribution run with LG Sciences, its original manufacturer, nor has it garnered any awards afterward via resale. Although supplement awards such as ‘Ripped 2017’ can indicate a very high-quality product, the lack of such awards does not necessarily indicate a low-quality product, either. Given its discontinued status, it is unlikely (though possible) that it may attract such an award in the future.

This dietary aid has not appeared to have made any notable appearances in any mass-media fitness markets as of yet. As many quality supplements have often appeared in such outlets as Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health, this lack of media presence may account for some of the reason the product was originally discontinued. However, it continues to be a popular item on the resale health and fitness market. It is readily available from may sellers on both individual sales sites and global online marketplaces. It has also received numerous positive reviews on bodybuilding blogs, natural supplement review sites and various fitness outlets across the web.


Money-back Guarantee

Since Form-X was discontinued by LG Sciences, there is no singular risk-free money-back guarantee. However, customers may still test drive this testosterone booster via the aforementioned online channels. Individual return policies will vary according to the seller – when sold on a standalone site – or by sites such as Ebay, which often offer buyer’s protection for qualifying merchandise. Customers would be well-advised to look for at least a 30-day return policy. When purchasing, buyers may also want to determine whether the seller accepts bottles that have been opened and/or partially or fully used.

Similarly, because of Form-X’s discontinuation status, there is no singular trial period. Buyers may still be in luck if they are able to locate a seller that allows returns for partially or fully-used bottles, which would substitute for a trial period anyhow. Such a policy may be hard to find because this is a pharmaceutical, but there may still be such offers available online. Potential customers would be advised to do thorough research into the policies of each seller in order to find the best return policy possible.



As with return policies, shipping and handling policies will vary according to the seller customers choose. One benefit of ordering from an individual seller might be free shipping. As original supplement manufacturers rarely offer free shipping, such a savings bonus are usually much easier to come by when purchasing from an individual seller. Other policies potential customers would be wise to look for would be sellers’ shipping turnaround times, i.e. how long they normally take to send out products and the estimated time of arrival for each package. Customers might also contact the seller about such issues as whether items are shipping on Saturdays and certain holidays.

Return shipping for most circumstances is normally paid by the customer, although this may vary according to the individual seller as well. Other considerations to take into account would also be which carrier and/or carriers the seller uses as well as whether the seller offers expedited shipping. Express shipping is normally an additional charge although customers may be better able to find a seller who offers this on the resale market, than they would be from the original manufacturer (as expedited shipping is more rare than not on the fitness supplement market). Regardless, thorough research regarding all of the seller’s shipping and handling policies is always a necessity for any smooth transaction.


Customer Support

Although Form-X has since been discontinued by its original manufacturer, LG Sciences, the company is still available for product questions via its customer service department. Its first customer service point of contact is a toll-free 1-888 telephone number, where anyone can call to speak with a live representative. There is also a convenient online submission form available on the ‘contact’ section of the website. At this time, there is no specific customer service email address. An LG Sciences team member can also be contacted via the company’s social media presence on sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

Interested parties may also contact the company via its corporate headquarters in Norcross, Georgia. This address is listed on the official website for physical correspondence and other inquiries. Of course, customer support policies will vary according to the individual seller now that Form-X is no longer offered by LG Sciences. Although individual sellers may not have a dedicated customer service department, an important factor to look for might be the promptness with which they reply to emailed inquiries. This is often a reliable indicator of whether a seller is trustworthy and will respond to inquiries in a prompt and professional manner before or after a sale.


Safe & Secure Checkout

A safe and secure checkout is an especially important consideration for a customer who is considering purchasing a bottle of Form-X from an individual seller. In the fitness supplement industry, manufacturers often invest in security suites that protect sensitive customer information from malware, viruses, phishing and identity theft. Some examples of these safety certificates (which are normally visible on the checkout section of a website) are Norton Secured, Verisign Secured, Powered By Verisign and Verified By Visa. These merchants relieve customer concerns about security via the aforementioned companies scanning their websites for safety and security as well as scanning for malware. Without the safety assurance these safety standards provide when resold, it is especially important for customers to make sure the seller’s checkout system is secure.

A major advantage of purchasing from an online resaler is the option to use PayPal, which is very rarely offered from firsthand manufacturers. This alone is a major security advantage to buyers, as PayPal is the gold standard in transactional safety and security. It is also important to carefully review a seller’s privacy policy in order to understand how the seller manages customers’ personal and financial information as well as whether the seller discloses or sells information to third parties.



The current average price for a single bottle of Form-X appears to be about $30. This cost is significantly less expensive than the average price of a manufacturer-direct muscle-building supplement, which is about $90 on average. The cost is for a one-month supply of 90 capsules. Price is definitely an area where this product’s resale status will significantly benefit new customers and save some cash. It doesn’t appear that there are presently any multi-bottles discounts for stacked purchases.

Other advantages to buying this testosterone booster from a reseller is purchase incentives. Some sellers offer extra value in reward points to save in order to put toward purchasing other merchandise from their lines. Some merchants may also offer free gifts and/or free limited-time subscriptions to health and fitness videos and information.






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