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Fierce Testosterone Review – Can It Increase Endurance & Boost Muscle Mass?

What Is Fierce Testosterone?

Fierce Testosterone is a testosterone booster that uses a specialized formula to increase testosterone levels that helps increase muscle endurance and boost muscle mass. The formula works to increase an athlete’s overall energy and burn fat quicker. When combined with a diet and a good exercise regimen, this product will deliver all that it promises. Along with improved muscle endurance, the supplement also promises increased performance and a better results in general as a result of the increased testosterone.

The product itself comes in bottles of 60 pills, which is supposed to last the user a month. The supplement should be taken with a warm liquid before a meal, be it tea, milk, or just water. They are best if taken before breakfast or dinner.

Fierce Testosterone is free of any genetically modified organism, which makes it guaranteed to be all-natural. This is in addition to being allergen free, as it contains no gluten, wheat, dairy, corn, eggs, peanuts, or yeast. In addition, it is free of any other chemical that may be harmful or toxic to the body.

This product is recommendable to anyone looking to increase their muscle mass. It will be especially beneficial to those who make a career of building muscle, such as athletes or bodybuilders. It helps those who cannot seem to build more muscle as well as those who are just beginning and looking for quicker gains.



Fierce Testosterone is manufactured by the company of the same name. This company prides itself on using all-natural ingredients in safe and secure manufacturing facilities. Their headquarters is located in Henderson, Nevada. The headquarters is also the location of their research facilities, which helps to improve the formula of this and other products.

In 2014, the Fierce Testosterone company won the customer service award. This award is a testament to the company’s dedication to achieving complete customer satisfaction. The company has continued working towards this goal by offering accessible customer service hours in all areas where it is available.

The company also sources all ingredients for its products so it will be able to back up its claim. It also has links to various studies that help to show its claims in action. These claims include the various interactions that the ingredients have on the human body.


How Fierce Testosterone Works?

The main goal of this formula is to increase the body’s testosterone production. This grants a great boon to many aspects of bodybuilding and the user’s life in general. The company underlines the fact that this increase in testosterone is completely natural, given Fierce Testosterone’s natural ingredients.

The main benefit of this increased testosterone is increased endurance that comes with it. This increase in endurance will help the athlete work out longer and increase the amount of reps he can complete. This means that muscle mass will increase over the time this product is used. This is especially beneficial to those who are unable to increase their performance.

When an athlete is working out, over time he will plateau, at which point he will no longer experience any gains. Fierce Testosterone counteracts this with its testosterone boost, which creates a level of anabolic efficiency that allows the athlete an energy boost. This energy boost means the athlete will be able to increase his gains past what he was previously capable of reaching.

The product’s formula also helps reduce body fat. The ingredients within the pills are specialized for reducing body fat and increasing the rate at which it is burned. The burned body fat is made into energy that the body will use to continue working out for longer periods. This is the best way to rid the body of fat, as it will increase the athlete’s looks while also naturally increasing his energy.

Fierce Testosterone also helps to reduce body fat buildup, meaning that it is harder for the body to accumulate more fat once it has been burned off. This is mainly achieved by the testosterone increase, which makes the body use fat as it is consumed. Over time, gains will be more noticeable as fat reduction increases visibility of muscles.

Finally, this product reduces the amount of acids that are accumulated in muscles.
Acids are the main component of muscle fatigue and soreness after workouts. When these acids are reduced, the recovery time between workouts is also reduced. This helps the athlete move on to his next workout. Together with Fierce Testosterone’s energy boosting properties, an athlete will be able to get more workouts done than he ever could before.


Ingredients of Fierce Testosterone

As previously mentioned, Fierce Testosterone is made up of completely natural ingredients. This includes GMO’s and other allergens that might prohibit an athlete’s ability to reap the benefits of this testosterone booster. The following are the principle ingredients of the product:


This helps to increase endurance and energy recovery. It is a naturally occurring amino acid that is already present in the body. Its function mostly depends on its ability to help repair muscles. Muscle repair is an essential part of recovery so the athlete can complete more workouts.

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglurate

This is also a naturally occurring amino acid that is present in the body. It works in conjunction with Beta-Alanine by increasing blood flow, which helps bring more nutrients to the muscles and ultimately helps them grow faster. This also assists in bringing energy through the body faster, which is the main contributor to the supplement’s fat burning ability


This is a powerful anti-oxidant that is already made by the body for fatigue reduction and increased muscle endurance. When working in combination with the amino acids, Carnosine will help rid the body of harmful chemicals, such as the acids that are built up in muscles.


This amino acid is different from the ones that have already been mentioned. L-Norvaline works to help shape your body by aiding the transport of proteins and other essential nutrients that aid in muscle growth. Like Arginine Alpha, it also helps improve the body’s blood flow.

Citrulline Malate

This is another different amino acid that is more beneficial to an individual’s overall energy. Citrulline Malate helps give the body more energy which ultimately reduces fatigue.


This is a mineral that is important to many of the body’s functions. Zinc is especially beneficial in reducing muscle cramps and other effects of muscle fatigue. This mineral then helps the body recover faster by guaranteeing an overall more satisfactory resting period.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is most often produced by the body when it comes in contact with the sun. However, daily life has reduced most people’s exposure to the sun, which ultimately means that most people have a vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is necessary for increasing the absorption of all other nutrients in the body. Because of this, Vitamin D will help the body process all other ingredients, along with other major health benefits to those who do not get enough sun.



The prime advantage of Fierce Testosterone is its testosterone boosting capability. Testosterone is paramount in male development. Even when puberty has ended, a man’s body is never done developing. This is especially true when trying to build muscles and working out in general. In order for the body to develop its muscles, it needs testosterone to help increase energy and muscle endurance.

In addition to testosterone production, this product also positively enhances other bodily functions to improve the individual’s health overall. As previously mentioned with the ingredients, this product helps increase blood flow and the body’s repair process during resting periods. These two benefits work in conjunction to help an athlete become thinner and bigger over time.

Bodybuilders will be especially happy with the product’s ability to help work past the dreaded workout plateau. This plateau is a bodybuilder’s worst nightmare, because it is often a period in which there are little to no gains for months or even years. The increases to the body’s nutrients by using this supplement mean that the bodybuilder will be able to work out more and for longer periods of time. These pills are the ultimate enemies of the workout plateau.

Finally, a prime advantage of Fierce Testosterone is its ability to burn fat and keep fat from accumulating afterwards. This is especially important for those who want to increase muscle toning, as it is often an extremely difficult balance of dieting and increased workout regimens. When taking these pill supplements, the process is aided by the increased nutrients that help burn fat. Over time, a bodybuilder will notice the lower body fat percentage.



Fierce Testosterone itself has not received any official type of certification as of yet. Despite this, the company is helpful to those who may have any doubts of their products. This is shown in the company’s 7 and 14 day free trials, which shows the company’s confidence in its products.

Given the fact that this supplement is free of many allergens, it is safe for anyone that may want to try it out. By default, all supplements are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration as they are marketed as herbal enhancers. Regardless, the company’s all-natural ingredients and its money back guarantee should persuade the potential consumer to give this product a chance.

The company has gained attention in various media sources. It has also earned awards in customer satisfaction, which should represent a certification in a loyal customer base. Finally, the company has many studies that back up its claims on the websites, which can act as a certification in themselves.



Fierce Testosterone has had many satisfied customers that have been openly willing to testify and claim it as their number one choice testosterone booster. Below are some testimonials from happy customers that have tried this product and continue to use it.

I make a living out of bodybuilding. I regularly participate in competitions around the country. For months, I wasn’t able to gain any more muscle and I couldn’t seem to figure out why. I knew it. I had finally hit my plateau. Dreading that I wouldn’t be making any more gains, I took to the internet and came across Fierce Testosterone. After an uneasy trial period, I started to make noticeable gains for the first time in a while! I was so happy I decided to buy it, and I’ve been a customer ever since.

– Carl, 29, Omaha, Nebraska

I’ve been looking for a testosterone booster for a while, as I haven’t felt like I’ve had the energy to complete my workouts as often as I should. This supplement immediately caught my eye because it was all-natural. I decided right then and there to start off with my free trial. After that first week, I became a loyal Fierce Testosterone customer. The difference in my workout endurance was amazing, and I was able to make a complete workout regime that I would finish in record time.

– Lucas, 24, Fort Worth, Texas

I knew I was middle aged when I started to notice that I was slowing down in every aspect of life. This was especially true with my libido and my overall energy level. I thought this was a problem with my body, so I started working out. Starting was hard, but keeping to it was harder. At the end of the day I was always so sore and I just didn’t want to keep going. At that point, I ordered the trial of Fierce Testosterone after searching for a supplement online. Needless to say, I’ve felt improvement in all aspects of working out after taking this supplement. I can get up in the morning and finish my workout, then I’ll want to go back at the end of the day. It’s really great.

– Louis, 42, Dearborn, Michigan


Awards & Media Coverage

Given that it is such a new product, the supplement has not won any awards at the moment. However, the company has won a customer service award in 2014, which shows the company’s dedication to its product. This award also stands as a guarantee of its quality, as it represents a loyal consumer base.

Fierce Testosterone has also been mentioned in Men’s Health, Muscle & Fitness, and Men’s Fitness. This media coverage is mentioned on their website and definitely adds to the legitimacy of the product overall. These magazines are written by experts in bodybuilding and other fitness fields.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer’s money back guarantee stands as a testimony to its 2014 customer service award. They are so sure of their results that they offer a 100% money back guarantee to those who do not like their product within 30 days of placing the order. Whatever is left of the product must be returned in order to receive the refund.

The customer can contact the number on the website or send a letter in the mail in order to coordinate the return. A customer service representative will give instruction on how to return the product. Once it has been received by the warehouse, the full amount of money that has been paid will be refunded. This refund is for the base price of the product and does not include shipping and handling.



Standard shipping will take usually 2 to 3 business days to reach the customer if they are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, or Germany. If an order has not been received, then the customer can request that it be resent at no additional cost after 14 days from the original purchase date.

The status of the order can be checked by contacting a customer service represented at the number indicated on the product website. Shipping prices may vary, but will cost around $7.95 depending on location. This information should be considered when continuing to consume this product, as a consistent regimen is required for better results.


Customer Support

The manufacturer’s excellent customer support earned it an award in 2014. The company prides itself on its product and its customer service, which is why it maintains a service line 24/7 for those customers in the United States and Canada. Those outside the United States and Canada will have to call within the times listed on the following schedule:

  • Australia: 13:00 GMT – 21:00 GMT
  • France: 15:00 GMT – 23:00 GMT
  • Germany: 13:00 GMT – 21:00 GMT
  • United Kingdom: 13:00 GMT – 23:00 GMT

Representatives are available Monday through Friday in all regions outside the United States and Canada. The representatives are all well informed on the product and will be able to help with any questions regarding the product, including optimum dosage and when to take it. Customers are encouraged to contact Fierce Testosterone if they have any problems with shipping or the product itself.

The same phone line can be used if the client wishes to return the product. All aspects of the return will be handled over the phone with the customer service representative. However, as part of the return policy, the customer will have to fill out a return form online as well.

There is also e-mail for those who cannot find a way to call the company itself. The e-mail is provided on the website and usually it usually takes a few days to receive a response. The e-mail is especially useful if the customer wishes to send in a review of the product or any final word on how their experience went.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying this product comes with the guarantee of a safe and secure checkout. Because of this, the website carries many principle certifications in order to provide extra security to all transactions. The website lists Norton Secured, Symantec, and Geo Trust certifications for all payments. This comes in addition to a Trust Guard privacy guarantee to secure personal records such as addresses and phone numbers. This verification means that the company will not be storing private information for later use.


Pricing & Free Trial

Satisfaction has been completely guaranteed by the manufacturers of this product. They are so sure that the customer will continue taking this supplement after trying it, that they have offered a no commitment 7 day free trial which only costs the shipping price of $7.95. This seven day trial guarantees results after the first few days of taking the product, especially with regards to energy.

The price of the product itself is $87.47. This price does not include shipping and handling, which can vary by country. Every bottle is enough to last a month if regular dosage is followed. Regular dosage is 2 pills a day for 30 days, or 60 pills per bottle.






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