FB1-Test Review – Will It Actually Work or Not?

What Is FB1-Test?

FB1-Test is one of the latest supplements to purportedly offer its users 30 percent more muscle mass in about 30 days or less. The angle touches on a familiar one: The manufacturer wants to help guys look more attractive. As an added bonus, it claims that the product can help reduce fatigue by nearly 30 percent and increase athletic performance by more than 40 percent, all while improving your overall strength.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard such claims that the user will both look and feel stronger overall. The photos on the official website seem promising when it comes to results of real, strong men who lift heavy bars. Is the supplement as powerful as the claims we have heard? This review seeks to address that concern and answer the question once and for all.

To start, note that FB1-Test is a testosterone booster above all things. That means it’s made to increase the amount of testosterone your body produces, which in turn will help you build stronger muscle at the gym. The manufacturer says that it uses only top-notch, high-quality ingredients that are known to release additional testosterone in the body.

Although it is specifically made to help with building muscle, it promises to deliver numerous other health benefits, such as a reduced body fat percentage. Guys looking to shred and get ripped without loss of muscle will find this of interest. The website says that the product will help you work harder and longer than ever before as America’s number 1 workout supplement.

The Features of FB1-Test



Neither FB1-Test nor its manufacturer seem to be particularly well known just yet. According to the official website, the team came up with an all-natural testosterone booster aimed to improve athletic endurance in the average guy, as well as improve recovery time and make you feel more ripped than ever. To do this, it uses Eurycoma Longifolia, a plant that is known to increase testosterone for humans and animals alike.

As it’s a new product, there isn’t a wide selection of places to buy FB1-Test. This is perfectly understandable considering that sending product to retail markets has the tendency to decrease profit margins. However, it does mean that the monthly cost is non-negotiable. For most people, this won’t be a problem at all; while it’s a bit costly per month, it isn’t bad compared to other supplements.


How FB1-Test Works?

According to the manufacturer, the FB1-Test muscle building supplement is a product made from strenuous and segregate booster as well as real proteins extracted from the earth. It was designed specifically to improve functions of the muscle during the normal stages of development as well as growth. Remember that this stage of muscle development typically starts immediately following a workout, so supplying a high-quality dose of protein and other nutrients at this time is critical to hypertrophy.

FB1-Test works by giving the muscles a sufficient amount of amino acids, which are very important to helping the muscles expand in size. FB1-Test also has a rich amount of L-Glutamine peptides, which are the dominant muscle and body restructuring blocks; they lay the foundation for growing muscle.

Ultimately, FB1-Test uses several ingredients that are quite essential for the improving athlete who seeks to gain the best muscular improvement following a workout. The product is well-known for having a special release formula to ensure that you get the most out of the nutrients you take. It seems to be quite a useful product with efficient results and outcomes that other products do not quite match in their formulas.

The Usage Steps of Taking FB1-Test


Ingredients of FB1-Test

According to the manufacturer, the supplement for male enhancement uses natural and pure ingredients that are clinically refined to improve muscle work. Unfortunately, there is no complete list of ingredients on the official website, though the manufacturer does promise that it uses only natural herbs with useful elements.

FB1-Test is one of several supplements that are formulated under GNP certified labs, which is controlled by several experienced and knowledgeable staff members. According to the producer of FB1-Test, it is one of the best products that does not have any side effects for the human body while offering quite evident advantages in exchange.

The staff and health specialists have all declared that FB1-Test is an authentic and beneficial product for any guy looking to improve his strength gains as well as look and feel stronger. The manufacturer provides a guarantee that there won’t be any side effects while taking this supplement as part of your workout plan.

We would feel a bit more comfortable if the manufacturer had chosen to reveal its list of ingredients used to develop FB1-Test. While we understand that opening that door allows any competitor to look inside, it also would give its customers a sense of peace for knowing the dosages of each capsule. The only thing we truly know about the product is that it uses testosterone-boosting supplements to increase levels by 16.4 percent, increase your bench press by 67 percent, and allow you to build muscle fast.

The manufacturer states that there are no side effects when taken properly. Since we do not know ingredient dosages, it is best to stick strictly to the recommended listing.

  • Use one cap every day with food, or as often as a health care professional states;
  • Women should not use the product if nursing or pregnant;
  • Always ask your doctor before starting any new exercise program, new diet or a supplement, including FB1-Test;
  • Get a replacement and don’t take it if the packaging was loose or tampered with;
  • Do not use any further if you are experiencing weird symptoms, see a doctor;
  • Keep the FB1-Test supplement in a dry and cool place for storage.

The Science Behind FB1-Test



Several customers seem to have had great results in improving their body strength as well as general liveliness. As a product that advertises itself as a natural energy booster for both muscles and body, FB1-Test does seem to be a product that can back up its claims. It claims to provide energy, and customers say that they feel more alert and less fatigued throughout the day.

With this supplement, you’ll keep your power while feeling more aerobic, and better muscle recovery support is part of the package too. The supplement is quite diet friendly, so you don’t have to worry about any sugar or excess calories getting added to your diet. To get started taking FB1-Test, take a single capsule prior to your workout, which will allow you to enjoy your standard workout routine while feeling much more alert and capable. No major changes to make – just one capsule each time.

By sticking to a pure and natural herbal formula, FB1-Test gets to take advantage of several benefits. It can help make you feel more confident and focused in social situations, since taking the supplement will help you look and feel better. It seems to work best with other supplements to have both an activator for the muscles and a dilator for your vascular system in your body.

Your Testosterone & FB1-Test

In conjunction, the products can give you a noticeable increase in power just fifteen minutes after taking your a dose. Still, the product has a full month in every body, which means that once it takes full effect in your body, you don’t have to worry about waiting a long time to feel more alert going forward. It will take about two weeks for the full effects to start kicking in, but when it happens, you’ll definitely notice it.

Here are a few additional benefits at a glance:

  • FB1-Test is a supplement that can help increase your testosterone levels by upwards of 16.4 percent, which is considerably higher than similar supplements;
  • The supplement is quite effective at helping you get stronger muscles and bigger muscle mass faster, and it allows you to become as strong as you want;
  • Overall, it’s very useful at providing the essential building blocks to increase your strength, which helps you become both energetic and much more powerful;
  • As a result, the product will indirectly help you increase your bench press by as much as 67 percent;
  • It creates a new source of energy within your body that permits you to work stronger, harder and longer in any activity;
  • You’ll last longer at the gym with the extra stamina;
  • It is a 100 percent legal formula and approved product that comes with a guarantee;
  • It is a powerful supplement that helps you get ripped with lean muscles in a short amount of time;
  • The manufacturer reassures us that there are no side effects as there are no fake or dangerous ingredients used to make the supplement; it is becoming more popular with expert doctors and specialists as well.

The Benefits of FB1-Test



According to the manufacturer, FB1-Test is made exclusively within the United States under the roof of a CGMP certified facility that guarantees the best experience and quality possible. In other words, the product should deliver you exactly what it is you want with peace of mind, such as a ripped body using the strongest and safest ingredients. It is only possible to purchase from the official website, so be sure to say no to any fake or replica products that don’t use the same safe ingredients for a cheaper cost.

Several Benefits of FB1-Test



There aren’t an overwhelming number of testimonials out there, though they do exist. One example testimonial that we found came from Andrew in California, who claims he felt 20 years younger after just a few days on FB1-Test. He felt that he was more assertive without crossing the line over to aggressive, so he was overall pleased. We also collected a few additional reviews.

Ivan, Indiana:

My experience with FB1-Test has just been incredible. I stack it with other products to get the best possible results for my experience. Ever since I started taking the two, I’ve had explosive energy that makes me want to hit the gym even on my days off. Just remember to listen to your body and take your rest days!

Markus, New Mexico:

I ordered the free bottle of FB1-Test and another product to compare. I wasn’t planning to keep my account on the auto-ship program, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I’ve had a serious increase of muscle mass and decided to keep getting my bottles sent to me every 30 days.

Carl, California:

I don’t lift weights, I’m just a carpenter. For a few years, I’ve been rapidly losing energy, cramping at night and losing my muscle mass. I thought I would give FB1-Test a shot to see whether I could recover my muscles after climbing ladders all day. I’m simply stunned by the results.

Since taking FB1-Test, I feel as great as I did in my 30s. I haven’t even had a cramp, and my energy levels have never been better. I’ve already recommended it to my friends, and I’m telling anyone who wants to listen. I had to stop working out when I started having those problems, but I think I can start it up again!

How Low T Affects You & How FB1-Test Can Be a Solution

Oswald, Ohio:

They say it’ll take a few weeks, but I swear I already feel great four hours after my first dose. I just feel so much different. My energy is high and I could feel my muscles begging to get worked – so I hit the gym! I’m definitely glad I signed up for this!

Chandler, Georgia:

I’m 57 and haven’t felt quite right in over 20 years. Of course, I was skeptical about FB1-Test with its big claims and promises, but I decided to give it a shot after getting remarried. After one day, I had such a big change.

If you want to feel like the guy you were in your 20s, it’s time to get him back. Just take it from me – I feel like I’m 27 again, which is pretty good for having been 30 years!

Keith, New Jersey:

I’ve taken FB1-Test for some time now. I agree that it gives you a huge workout boost. Since taking it, I lost 50 pounds of excess fat while defining the muscles in my shoulders, back, biceps, chests and thighs. At 48 years old, I feel much better than when I was in my 30s.

Yosef, New York:

There is no better supplement, I can guarantee that. It’s been a long time that I’ve wanted to get back in shape and live a healthy life, and FB1-Test is the way to go. It gives you a better pump, makes you feel stronger and helps you increase your bench press by at least 50 percent. This is great stuff, guys!

How FB1-Test Can Fight Back Aging


Money-back Guarantee

If you find that you are not happy with the results that taking FB1-Test has given you, all you must do is contact customer support about canceling your account within the 14 days you are given. If you were charged for the bottle, then you can contact customer service within 30 days to have the cost refunded.

An Intense Test Booster – FB1-Test



For the free trial bottle, you will pay $4.95 shipping and handling. When this amount is taken, the bottle is sent in just a few days. It may only be sent within the United States.

A Real Photo of FB1-Test


Customer Support

Customers who need to get in touch with the manufacturer about the product have one option. You can call a number about FB1-Test. For problems about FB1-Test, call 888-890-0814.


Safe & Secure Checkout

It’s quite safe to order your free trial and FB1-Test products through the website. The company takes painstaking measures to ensure that every transaction processed on the website is both safe and secure. They understand that privacy is of the utmost importance and is a critical matter of trust. You can read their privacy policy on the website to confirm how safely and securely your information is handled.

It is important to the company that you’re protected while shopping for FB1-Test. All checkout information will be sent only through a secure connection. The servers also have SSL certificates, which means unauthorized users can’t pretend to be the manufacturer to take your information. When you use the official website, you can rest assured that you are only communicating with the FB1-Test manufacturer.


FB1-Test Pricing & Free Trial

FB1-Test is available for a free trial period, though you will need to pay for the cost of shipping and handling. Although the advertisement may not state this explicitly, nor on the website, it appears that the cost would be $4.95 per bottle. All customers automatically become part of an auto-ship program unless you cancel within two weeks of placing your order.

If you do not cancel the automatic shipping program, you will receive a charge at the end of the trial period. Every month, you will receive a bottle of FB1-Test. The bottle of FB1-Test costs $84.87.

The Coupon for FB1-Test






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