F1 Test from Hybrid Nutrition

F1 Test by Hybrid Nutrition Review – One More Testosterone Booster on the Market

What Is F1 Test?

F1 Test is an organic dietary supplement specially designed for men to increase the body’s production of circulating testosterone and to suppress estrogen levels for maximum workout potential. Its purported benefits include significant strength gains, more powerful pumps, increased lean muscle mass, fat loss, elevated energy levels and ramped-up stamina and endurance. Its formula blend is entirely organic and uses plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. It was originally researched, developed and distributed by a health and wellness supplier based in Cape Town, South Africa. Although it is no longer sold by the original manufacturer, it is still available for sale via various online retailers and individual sellers.

This testosterone booster is marketed as an effective sports nutrition supplement to help athletes boost their athletic performance. It also claims to significantly improve the workout potential of any healthy adult man who would like to incorporate it into his daily training routine as well as to further improve strength, stamina and muscle gains for weightlifters and bodybuilders. The manufacturer notes that this product is not intended as a meal replacer. F1 test comes in capsule form and is designed to be taken on a twice-daily basis in the morning for best results.



F1 Test is manufactured by a company named Hybrid Nutrition. Its corporate headquarters are located in Cape Town, South Africa; furthermore, it offers not one but three departments in Cape Town alone. According to the company’s official website, Luc du Toit is named as Hybrid Nutrition’s graphic designer and sales representative. Ian Van Wyngaard is named as the company’s owner and head of public relations. Either representatives can be reached at the telephone number and/or the contact form provided on the website.

Hybrid Nutrition offers a variety of products to meet fitness enthusiasts’ varying needs. These products include a range of testosterone boosters, apparel, herbal extracts, sports drinks, nitric oxide boosters, whey protein powders and diuretics, among others. It is also affiliated with numerous other companies in the health, wellness and general fitness industries. Its official website provides motivational and educational articles to help customers stay fit and focused. There is also a news section on the site to keep customers up-to-date on the latest events and products associated with the company.


How F1 Test Works?

F1 Test promises to work primarily by boosting natural levels of testosterone in the body. The testosterone available to the body for the purpose of building muscle (as well as for other purposes), is also known as ‘free testosterone’ or ‘circulating testosterone.’ This is the small percentage of the natural steroid hormone available and able to interact with cells and trigger the physiological processes that enable increased physical performance and muscle-building. When the F1 Test capsules are ingested, they then dissolve in the bloodstream to purportedly increase the body’s production of testosterone and ramp up energy, strength and stamina levels. This hormone is also essential for the process of protein synthesis, whereby new protein cells are generated.

This product also promises to help optimize workout potential by blocking estrogen production. Estrogen is a hormone produced by both women and men and can not only reduce testosterone but also cause water retention and bloating. Estrogen is also associated with a greater amount of subcutaneous body fat, which often accumulates around the middle and can be very difficult to shed. As such, this supplement promises to not only help prevent excess estrogen production but also to inhibit the body’s process of converting testosterone into estrogen.

Men are instructed to start slowly by taking one capsule by mouth on an empty stomach in the morning and another capsule 5-8 hours later; this process helps to ascertain the possibility of an allergic reaction to the extracts included in the tablets. A two-capsule serving is the recommended daily dose (not to be exceeded). There are recommended restrictions on when to stop taking this supplement after a prescribed time period before resuming use. As with any dietary aid, users are instructed to do the necessary research and/or consult with a specialist before beginning a full regimen.


Ingredients of F1 Test

The first ingredient listed in this workout booster’s formula is 3,4-Danillyltetrahydrofuran. This is a chemical compound derived from Stinging Nettle Root (also known as Urtica Dioica), which has been used for hundreds of years to treat muscles and joints. This derivative is believed by many in the fitness community to be effective in boosting the body’s production of free testosterone. Some studies have also shown it may boost levels of LH (Luteinizing Hormone), which is produced and released by cells in the pituitary gland. Luteinizing Hormone is thought to significantly stimulate testosterone production, which is associated with less body fat and a higher percentage of lean muscle mass.

L-Dopa is the second ingredient listed on the product label. L-Dopa is an amino acid that is sometimes created via the process of biosynthesis with L-Tyrosine, another important amino acid. It also causes the release of Human Growth Hormone as well as suppresses the release of prolactin which, when it is secreted from the pituitary gland, can inhibit testosterone production, cause the accumulation of body fat and can become an impediment to muscle-building. L-Dopa is also believed to have a mood-lifting and stabilizing effect. It is also believed by many to contribute to strength gains and myogenesis.

Androsta-3,5-dien-7,17-dione, which is a metabolite of 7-Keto DHEA, is the third key ingredient in this formula blend. This natural compound is used by many in the bodybuilding community as a dietary supplement taken alone or stacked with other organic anabolic supplements. It may also have significant weight-loss properties as well. It is thought to be effective in reducing cortisol, a powerful stress hormone that is particularly damaging physically and psychologically and can cause fat buildup and difficulty in building new muscle. Other listed ingredients are Magnesium Stearate, Rice Flour and Gelatine.



The natural extracts in F1 Test’s formula blend may help to optimize workout capability by boosting natural testosterone production. These may lead to such gains as increased strength, stronger and more powerful pumps, heightened energy levels and an enhanced ability to build more lean muscle mass in a shorter period of time. It also promises to support maximum fitness and musculature by blocking estrogen, which is thought to hinder myogenesis. Another key advantage is the fact that it is completely legal and much safer for use than dangerous, illegal anabolic steroids, which is a major benefit for both athletes and competitive bodybuilders and weightlifters. It also promises to have few side effects, although the body’s reaction to the natural compounds in its formula will of course vary according to individual.

This product also claims to regulate and improve mood. It even promises to promote the release of Human Growth Hormone, which is thought to be a key player in the process of myogenesis. In addition, the touted benefits of F1 Test are not just physical; it also promises to regulate and improve mood levels as well as to improve overall confidence. Benefits may include greater and more pronounced vascularity, increased thermogenesis for faster fat-burning and the ability to work out harder for longer, leading to a leaner, more shredded body. Another advantage to this particular supplement is the fact that, since it is no longer available for sale from the original manufacturer, it is still available sealed and unopened from individual online sellers for a significantly reduced price.



All of this manufacturer’s products are created in a GMP-certified, state-of-the-art facility. GMP certification – which is an acronym for ‘Good Manufacturing Practice’ – means that Hybrid Nutrition, F1 Test’s original developer, has met the necessary standards of product safety, quality in manufacturing practices and a set level of efficacy. These federal standards are put in place to protect consumers from bogus purchases and to assure that all merchandise bearing this label is at least minimally safe, effective product. GMP-certified facilities must also be sterile, further ensuring product safety. This certification is an important one in the fitness supplement industry for minimizing any and all risks that may arise in the production and development of pharmaceuticals.

Because the product has since been discontinued by Hybrid Nutrition, it is not possible to know what other types of certification it may have earned while it was actively sold by the company. It is therefore important for purchasing customers to ensure that the safety seal on the bottle is intact, thus ensuring it is an unopened, safe-for-use original from the manufacturer’s facilities. This practice will at least guarantee the purchase of an authentic product that meets federal safety and manufacturing guidelines.



I came across F1 Test after a ton of research looking for the right t-booster, and I am more than glad I did. I’m in a big-time cutting phase and wanted to burn as much fat as possible, but I kept getting too fatigued to do as much as I needed to do to lose the weight. Three months later, I’m down almost ten pounds and counting. These pills boost my energy for cardio and for lifting. – Jason S., weightlifter in Smyrna, GA, USA

I decided to try this because I wanted to lift heavier for a longer period of time. My goal was to get as lean and shredded as possible. Without a doubt, the energy kick it gives me before workouts has helped me to train harder – I’ve even added an extra training session to my weekly routine. My clients have been telling me I look even more cut than usual. I would give this supplement a definite ‘A’ as far as kicking up stamina and energy. – Steven C., fitness model in Perth, Australia

As a 45-year-old man, I noticed that I’m not nearly in the shape I used to be. I looked a lot softer, my muscles were a lot weaker and I would get winded after 20 minutes in the gym. Now, I’ve extended my workouts to an hour and I feel amazing afterward! The feeling of accomplishment I have post-workout is every bit as great as the muscle definition that has started to pop up everywhere. I would recommend this to a lot of older men who need a little boost in getting their spark back. – Jim Q., sous chef in Salt Lake City, UT, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

The media coverage for F1 Test has been fairly limited, perhaps because the product may not have had a lengthy shelf life with its Hybrid Nutrition, its original manufacturer. However, it was popular enough to be picked up by online health and wellness merchants for resale (upon its discontinuation) on various outlets across the web. It still enjoys a modicum of popularity among weightlifters and bodybuilders both competitive and casual. It has also been spotlighted on video review channels on major sites like YouTube. Regardless of its original distribution span, it has survived discontinuation to become a popular testosterone-boosting supplement.

F1 Test has not received any awards or accolades at this point in time. Although it has neither an extensive media presence nor has it claimed any awards in the fitness supplement industry, its popularity with users may be a testament to its effectiveness. Reviews on bodybuilding forums, websites and other well-known supplement discussion sites have been largely positive. Clearly, it is still making some waves in the bodybuilding world.


Money-back Guarantee

Since F1 Test falls into the category of products no longer offered by the original manufacturer, there is no singular money-back guarantee policy. However, it is wise to check with whatever policies current online fitness suppliers offer. Some suppliers may offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is the standard on the supplement market. One important policy consideration would be whether or not the seller accepts opened and/or empty bottles for returns. Customers may be hesitant to purchase from suppliers who do not allow this, as they would then have no way to try the product without risk.

Similarly, there is unfortunately no trial offer currently in place. Still, an evaluation period is unnecessary when purchasing through sellers who offer great money-back guarantees. Then, there is still the opportunity to try before one buys. Another important consideration customers may want to keep in mind is who pays return shipping costs in the event of a return. An optimal transaction policy is one wherein the seller pays the return shipping cost, although it is standard in most industries for the buyer to do such.



Since F1 Test is no longer available for purchase directly from the manufacturer, shipping and handling policies will vary according to the individual seller. One consideration buyers may want to keep in mind is whether the seller provides tracking information either free of charge or for a small additional fee. Providing customers with tracking info – either free or for a nominal charge – is quickly becoming common in the fitness supplement industry. It is also important to clearly read the seller’s shipping and handling policies in order to avoid the possibility of a miscommunication. Other important considerations to keep in mind are what shipping carriers the merchant uses as well as whether they deliver on weekends and/or certain holidays.

In the best possible circumstance, F1 Test customers may find a seller who offers free shipping and handling (although this is not a standard policy in the dietary aid industry). It is also important to consider what the seller’s turnaround times are: Customers should consider how quickly the seller ships the item out and what the expected arrival times may be. An added shipping bonus might also be the availability of expedited shipping. Some merchants offer this service for free while others do so at an additional cost. Regardless of each seller’s individual shipping and handling policy, it is important for customers to clearly read and understanding such policies before committing to a purchase.


Customer Support

There is no standard customer support for F1 Test customers since this product has been discontinued by the original manufacturer. Still, consumers with questions may also try to contact Hybrid Nutrition, its original developer, for product questions that cannot be answered through online research. A Hybrid Nutrition rep can be reached by calling the telephone numbers listed on the website. There does not appear to be a service support email listed at this time. There is also no specific address listed for physical correspondence.

Otherwise, this manufacturer is available for contact on various social media websites. Facebook and Twitter are two such outlets. Customers may also, of course, contact the individual seller for product information. Regardless, a merchant’s customer support department policies and product support capability are always important factors to consider when deciding from whom to purchase.


Safe & Secure Checkout

A safe and secure checkout is an extremely important factor to consider in deciding which seller from which to purchase a bottle of F1 Test. Trust marks are a good sign the seller has invested in appropriate security measures to protect customers’ personal and financial information. Some reputable safety seals to look for are Verisign Secured, Verified By Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, Norton Secured and Powered By Verisign. These seals indicate software is being used for a number of transactional security purposes including daily malware scanning, authenticating the seller’s website, scanning for viruses and firewall protection. Encryptions software logos from companies that encrypt customer data in the event of outside misuse, include ‘Secured By A 256-Bit Secure Connection’ as well as ‘Secured By A 128-Bit Secure Connection.’

It can also be very valuable to thoroughly check a seller’s privacy policy. This is a good method to make sure the merchant will not sell or give away customers’ personal information to third parties. It can also be a good source of information to determine what security measures a company uses to protect customer data. Above all, privacy policies are a very useful resource in gathering information about how a company uses, gathers, discloses and manages various types of customers’ personal and banking data.



The average suggested retail price for a bottle of F1 Test is $54.99. However, the current going rate for a single bottle is $29.99. It does not seem that there are presently any available bundle discounts for customers who would like to purchase multiple bottles at once. Prices of course vary according to seller, but the market rate for a bottle of this particularly testosterone booster are markedly lower than many of its contemporaries. This may prove to be a major purchasing factor for men who are on the fence about which supplement to choose.

Another price consideration is whether or not a seller offers purchase incentives. These incentives can include a subscription to informative newsletters or even a bonus product or service. As with any seller, taxes and other fees are relative to the geographic region from which the purchaser orders as well as any fees associated with the individual or company selling the product.






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