ES3 by SciFit Review – Is This a Good Test Booster or It’s Not Actually Working?

What Is ES3?

ES3, made by SciFit, is a nutritional supplement meant for consumption after strenuous physical activity, such as an intensive workout. It is most commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders for its potent effects on metabolism and estrogen production in the body. The supplement aids the body in motion by blocking the production of certain estrogens in the body, causing an increase in metabolism and muscle definition.

Taking it alongside a rigorous workout regimen will promote healthy muscle growth and definition. It is an ideal tool for bodybuilders looking to cut fat or induce a lean bulking process. The results are a defined, ‘ripped’ look, with minimal fat and maximum muscle.

A combination of natural ingredients and chemicals are used in the supplement and when taken before a workout, the effects can be exacerbated, causing increased gains. This is done by increasing the body’s metabolism, meaning it breaks down nutrients stored in the body faster. Metabolism is increased by halting the production of estrogens and the conversion of testosterone into estrogen, and this causes the body to consume the water and fat retained commonly on the body, without consuming muscle.



SciFit is a company that specializes in natural supplements for athletes and bodybuilders. Among other things, the company promises healthy, potent products derived from natural sources. After coming under new management, SciFit conforms to FDA’s CGMP, or Current Goods Manufacturing Practice, for dietary supplements. This is a show of goodwill, considering dietary supplements aren’t usually beholden to FDA standards, so SciFit’s conformation to these rules puts them a step ahead of the competition.


How ES3 Works?

ES3 contains supplements that increase metabolism and prevent the production of certain estrogens in the body, such as hydroxyestrogen. The effect this has is that fat is more easily burned after a workout. Fortunately, the increased consumption of fat by the body under the effects of the supplement doesn’t affect the consumption of muscle tissue, which is how the supplement encourages muscle growth. This can be used to achieve a trimmer body shape while still retaining any muscle mass gained from physical activity: this is why it is the supplement of choice for bodybuilding.

Noticeable Effects on the Body:

  • Blocks the production of excessive estrogen;
  • Increases metabolism;
  • Aids in increasing fat reduction;
  • Promotes muscle definition.


Ingredients of ES3

The supplement contains chemicals such as dihydroxyisoflavone, bromo, diindolylmethane, and white button mushroom extract. These are the chemicals that prevent the production of hydroxyestrogen, among other estrogens, but it also contains dihydroxybergamottin (or DHB). This helps the body absorb the supplement more effectively.

Dihydroxyisoflavone is a chemical derived from natural sources such as soybeans and kudzu. It has been shown to inhibit the production of tyrosinase and melanin. This chemical is commonly used to inhibit hyperpigmentation in humans: a phenomenon similar to the discoloration in fruit when bruised. However, it also aids in the control of estrogen production in the human body and can be used to prevent the growth of dangerous tumors.

Bromo, or Bromine, is a chemical that can be found in nature from algae and seaweed. It can also be found in a crystalline form, similar to salt. Studies have connected Bromine to promoting tissue growth as well as aiding in the creation and function of antiparasitic enzymes found in the human immune system. It has also been used as a sedative and antiepileptic in some medications. Diindolylmethane is a chemical produced in the body aided by the consumption of vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.

It has been shown to be a very effective aromatase inhibitor and may have applications in the prevention of dangerous tumor growth. Diindolylmethane is also discovered to have very strong effects on the body’s production of estrogen, meaning it can be used to increase, decrease, or maintain the current rate of estrogen production in the body, as well as to prevent the conversion of estrogen in the body to testosterone. This is the main source of estrogen control present in the supplement.

White button mushrooms are commonly found in North America and Europe. They are a very popular mushroom, making up 90% of the mushrooms consumed in America based on studies done by the United States Department of Agriculture. White button mushrooms have been shown to prevent the inflammation of cells in the body’s arteries, meaning it can be used to prevent heart problems such as atherogenesis, or the buildup of plaque on the walls of the body’s arteries. Additionally, white button mushrooms have been found to increase the activity of killer cells in the body such as white blood cells, meaning consuming white button mushroom can boost immune system activity.

The effect white button mushroom extract has in the supplement is large. The immune system enhancers prevent white blood cells from targeting key nutrients in the supplement as well as preventing the immune system from being overwhelmed, preventing illness. Additionally, the anti inflammatory effects of white button mushroom extract means muscles will be less sore after strenuous activity, meaning the body can work out for longer periods of time with more impressive results.

Dihydroxybergamottin is a chemical found commonly in grapefruit juice. The primary role dihydroxybergamottin plays in the human body is to prevent the oxidation of drugs in the body. When paired with the other nutrients and supplements found in ES3, dihydroxybergamottin makes them more effective by increasing their absorption, meaning the chemicals stay in the bloodstream longer, allowing them to continue benefiting the body after strenuous physical activity.

Because it is most commonly found in grapefruit juice, Dihydroxybergamottin has been linked to causing the grapefruit juice effect. The grapefruit juice effect is a term commonly used describing the effects grapefruit juice has on the drugs and supplements consumed by the body. The increased oxidization dihydroxybergamottin causes in the body can have a negative effect on the body when taken alongside certain medications, but when used with supplements it can enhance and prolong the effects they have on the body, making it a highly effective supplement to supplements.

Purpose of ES3 components:

  • Dihydroxyisoflavone inhibits melanin;
  • Bromine prevents parasites and promotes tissue growth;
  • Diindolylmethane inhibits aromatase and estrogen;
  • White button mushroom extract boosts the immune system and prevents inflammation;
  • Dihydroxybergamottin prevents oxidization.



The primary advantage of taking ES3 over other supplements is that it prevents the production of estrogen, rather than increasing the production of testosterone. Often times with supplements containing a lot of testosterone or supplements designed to increase testosterone production, the body will compensate by increasing estrogen. This can result in negative effects like an increase in fat and water retention, acne, or mood swings.

Because the supplement prevents the creation of estrogen in the body, testosterone production is unchanged and unimpeded, meaning the body can see positive effects from the same amount of testosterone without being impeded by estrogen, as well as preventing previously stated negative side effects. Another advantage of taking ES3 instead of alternative nutritional supplements is that it combines a great deal of powerful chemicals into one supplement, decreasing the amount of supplements or dietary choices needed to achieve the same effects naturally.

The addition of white button mushroom extract and dihydroxybergamottin means the effects of grapefruit and mushroom consumption can be achieved without consuming the foods themselves. This is ideal for those who wish to reap the health benefits of these foods but dislike the taste or can’t fit the foods into their macros. This is best for a bodybuilder on a strict diet.

An athlete looking to gain the benefits of more dangerous supplements like steroids can reap similar gains through natural methods, facilitated through the consumption of ES3 once to twice daily. A bodybuilder can get the antioxidants and anti inflammatory effects of a balanced diet without needing to consume the additional calories and carbs, meaning a healthier cutting process. This makes the body stronger while still retaining an aesthetic image, allowing for further gains through a lean bulking process.

Ordinarily, a lean bulk is not recommended due to the cutting process, and many bodybuilders drastically reduce their caloric intake to the point of malnutrition during a cut to maximize fat loss. Physically strenuous activity would cause further pressure on the body, leading to more severe injury or catching a virus. The immune system boosters in the supplement prevent that from being an issue, even when involved in a cutting procedure.



As a relatively new product, SciFit has yet to produce certificates touting the strength or effectiveness of ES3. On a more positive note, SciFit’s website features security certificates which allow for the safety of customers’ private information and identity when purchasing products online. Additionally, when ordering through alternate sites such as wholesale distributors, security certificates are available for those ordering processes as well.



ES3 is very popular among bodybuilders, and many have said after taking it they have noticed an increase in energy and stamina, as well as healthier sleep. It is recommended by a few users to take the supplement alongside some other testosterone boosting supplement of some kind, but results have been and are achievable through taking it alone. Users have testified that taking the dietary supplement increased their muscle growth while decreasing fat retention, and for bodybuilders it is recommended to take it as an additional tool for cutting fat.

General Consensus:

  1. Promotes healthy sleep;
  2. Increases stamina, prolonging workouts;
  3. Increases energy, allowing for stronger workouts;
  4. Increases muscle growth;
  5. Reduces fat retained in the body;
  6. Great on a post cycle or cutting process.


Awards & Media Coverage

ES3 has been covered on various websites as well as a few videos. The general consensus seems to be that it is a great natural way to cut fat and build muscle, but no specific awards have been bestowed on the supplement. In time, with awareness and usage of it increasing, it is very likely that more positive media coverage and accolades should be bestowed on the dietary supplement, but for the time being customers will have to go off the numerous reviews and testimonials that can be found for it.


Money-back Guarantee

If ES3 is ordered through SciFit’s website, unopened products can be returned for a refund within 30 days of receiving a delivery. Although it can take up to a month to receive the refund, SciFit assures customers on their website that they will receive their money back if there are any issues or discrepancies. There is a grace period which covers time the product spends in transit, time SciFi tneeds to investigate the issue, and time for the bank to process the transaction.

There are alternatives to ordering the supplement directly through SciFit. One discounted wholesale supplement distributor stated their return policy as being valid within two weeks of a product’s delivery, and the shipping charge will be taken out of the return price, meaning the wholesale distributor is not responsible for shipping charges. The benefits of ordering through an alternative site may not outweigh the positives, at least for a first time delivery.

Options for Returns:

  1. Refund granted within 30 days of receiving the product through SciFit’s website;
  2. Estimated time for refund to be received: 4 weeks;
  3. Refund granted within 14 days of receiving the product through wholesale distributors;
  4. Estimated time for refund to be received: unknown.



Shipping through SciFit’s website can be done internationally, meaning products can be delivered to locations all over the world. There are a few products SciFit offers which cannot be shipped internationally, but ES3 is not one of them. Shipping prices and delivery dates are calculated through SciFit’s website based on the location desired.

Pricing for shipping costs are determined based on weight, so larger portions of supplements purchased will cost more to ship. The final price of shipping is also determined by which shipping service provider the customer chooses at the time of checkout. Alternatively, ordering through a wholesale distributor only offers availability in 48 states in America, severely limiting availability. However, the tradeoff is a faster delivery, additional shipping options, and increased transparency due to the additional customer support services offered through particular wholesale distributors.

Shipping Options:

  1. International shipping through SciFit’s website;
  2. Increased availability at the expense of longer shipping times;
  3. Shipping to mainland USA through wholesale distributors;
  4. Faster shipping at the expense of limited availability for international customers.


Customer Support

SciFit’s website does not contain a Customer Service or Customer Support section. The only method of contact is an email at the bottom of the main page. In any other situation, this would seem suspicious, but SciFit is a proven reputable company, with numerous sources touting the potency of its products. Regardless, lack of customer service channels is a risk taken when ordering ES3 through SciFit.

Alternatively, wholesale distributors offer much more information regarding their customer support practices and policies. Sites offer support emails, phone numbers, hours of availability and even a dedicated phone line for order inquiries. Response time is touted, for the most part, as being within 24 hours of first contact. This is a boon for customers ordering within the limited availability these companies have.


Safe & Secure Checkout

To prevent identity theft or fraud, SciFit offers a secure online checkout process. All steps of the checkout process are protected by security certificates: this can be confirmed by verifying the webpage’s URL has an ‘https:’ address. An additional level of security is added by managing all payment and billing info through a dedicated account for SciFit’s website. This acknowledgement of trust between the customer and SciFit allows SciFit to retain important information about the customer, which can then be used to speed up the checkout process and obfuscate important information from potential thieves.

The checkout process at wholesale distributors vary, especially since many offer the ability to place orders on many different devices, like phones and tablets. Similarly, many offer similar security certificates and private accounts, meaning security is not an issue for the most part. However, a benefit posed by wholesale distributors over SciFit is that they offer expedited online payment methods through credit card companies and online payment services like PayPal. This allows the same security and safety, but in a manner that is more convenient for the customer, bypassing the oftentimes lengthy signup process for a website or the risk of sharing private information with yet another company.

Benefits of ordering through SciFit’s website:

  • More forgiving return policy;
  • Availability to international customers;
  • Reputable sellers.

Benefits of ordering through wholesale distributors:

  • Cheaper by volume;
  • Faster shipping in the US;
  • Expedited payment methods.



When ordered through SciFit’s website, ES3 comes in bottles of 60 capsules, costing $59.99 USD. This values the supplement as roughly a dollar a pill, but some wholesale distributors offer the same amount at $48, devaluing it to around eighty cents a pill. Unfortunately, there is no option for a free trial through SciFit’s website or any wholesale distributors as of this time.

* Update: This product is discontinued and is no longer available.






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