EnduroTest Review – Look Closer & Think Twice

What Is EnduroTest?

EnduroTest is a testosterone booster designed to increase muscle mass and improve strength and energy by affecting natural hormone levels. This supplement uses three herbs and one amino acid to boost testosterone levels with regular use. It is specially designed for men over the age of 40 who may be experiencing a loss of testosterone due to illness, dietary problems, or simply natural aging. According to the supplement’s website, users experience more energy to workout and improved results at the gym, making it a good choice for older men who want to start exercising more effectively. The ingredients in this supplement are backed by scientific evidence, although their effects will be most apparent in individuals who are suffering from a hormone or protein deficiency.

Users are not required to make any radical dietary changes when using this supplement, nor do they need to perform any specific exercises. It is necessary to take at least a few servings before the effects of the herbal ingredients will be felt. Currently, this supplement is being offered as a low-cost trial that automatically turns into a full-price monthly subscription service 14 days after the order has been placed. Customers may find that the provided trial period is sufficient time in which to judge the product’s quality, after which they can cancel the subscription before being charged the full price.



It appears that this supplement is made by a manufacturer of the same name, although it is offered by a website called Complete Checkout. EnduroTest is apparently the only supplement made by this manufacturer, although there is so little information available about this company that this is all speculation. Nowhere on this supplement’s website is the manufacturer’s name specified, including on the Terms and Conditions Page. While a toll-free phone number and email address are provided for customer service purposes, there is absolutely no physical address, corporate name, or identifying information about this manufacturer. Customers should be very skeptical about a manufacturer that lacks a physical address since it makes returns nearly impossible and means there is limited accountability.

On the plus side, there is also no evidence of any pending lawsuits or other litigation involving the EnduroTest brand at this time. There is no record of the company’s existence on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, although this is not uncommon for new or smaller businesses. There is also no evidence of an official social media presence, with no official Twitter account or Facebook page, making it even harder to reach someone from the company. Customers with questions about the manufacturer may have luck reaching someone with more information through the customer service phone number.


How EnduroTest Works?

The all-natural ingredients in EnduroTest go to work immediately after the first serving and increase its effects with use over time. The L-Arginine works right away, supplying necessary amino acids that aid in cellular metabolism. Some athletes also claim that it provides a fast energy boost without any jitters, although this effect is most pronounced in individuals who are fasting or otherwise calorie deficient.

The herbal ingredients, Fenugreek, Tribulus Terrestris, and Rhodiola Crenulata, work over the course of time to correct any deficiencies and raise natural testosterone levels. The effects of these ingredients will be most obvious in individuals who were already suffering a testosterone deficiency, such as men who are over 40 or those who are undergoing other stress or physical illness. Users report an increase in strength, vitality, and stamina, more energy, better sleep, and an overall improvement in physical health and ability.

Users are instructed to take one serving of this supplement, preferably before working out or first thing in the morning. Since this supplement has no calories, carbohydrates, proteins, or fats, it can be taken regardless of dietary or calories limitations, making it a good choice for dieters. Any results should be evident within a week, and if users don’t experience a difference it may be because they were not testosterone deficient to begin with.


Ingredients of EnduroTest

The EnduroTest formula is made out of four key ingredients, most of which are probably familiar to bodybuilders and other athletes who have tried testosterone boosters in the past. The first is Testofen, made of Fenugreek, a powerful herb known to dramatically affect testosterone levels and metabolic rate. A well known 2010 study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that athletes who used a Fenugreek supplement had a significant improvement in strength and body composition. Similarly, Tribulus Terrestris Extract is frequently recommended to athletes to increase their testosterone levels. Although this herb is not as backed by credible evidence, anecdotal reports suggest it may have some impact on strength and stamina.

Another ingredient, L-Arginine, is a branched-chain amino acid, a protein that is necessary for cell metabolism and building muscle. While L-Arginine is not a reliable nitric oxide booster, as some claim, it may be able to improve anaerobic physical performance, leading to greater strength and muscle gains. Finally, this supplement contains the more unusual ingredient Rhodiola Crenulata, also known as Golden Root, a fascinating herb that has many possible properties. The Rhodiola Crenulata is said to speed healing and fight fatigue, allowing users to work out more frequently, leading to better results.



One advantage of EnduroTest is that the ingredients are all natural and safe for use by all healthy adults. The herbs and proteins in this supplement have all been subject to rigorous scientific tests and found to either benefit users or at least cause no side effects. There are no artificial colors, dyes, or flavors in this supplement and no strange ingredients. Athletes who want to enjoy a testosterone booster without dangerous or illegal chemicals will appreciate that this supplement is safe and appropriate for all athletic competitions.

Another advantage of this supplement is the convenience of taking it, both daily and long-term. Users only need to take two capsules once a day, preferably before working out. Though personal experiences vary, according to the manufacturer individuals should be able to feel the effects within 10 days of starting this supplement. Furthermore, once a customer orders EnduroTest, they are automatically enrolled in a monthly subscription program, which will continuously send new bottles of the supplement and charge accordingly. Customers who don’t want the hassle of reordering the product may appreciate this automatic subscription and its convenience.



The manufacturer of EnduroTest claims no certifications and no independent testing or monitoring by any third-party organizations. They do not claim to use Good Manufacturing Practices, even though this is a self-certification with few restrictions. They also do not claim to be certified as organic or NSF certified, although this is not unusual in the supplement market.

This product is sold exclusively in the United States of America and presumably is also manufactured there. This means that the formula and ingredients within are certified as safe for consumption by all healthy adults by the federal Food and Drug Administration. If it is manufactured in the U.S., the production facility is also regulated and deemed hygienic by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The strongest evidence of this product’s quality are the positive online reviews from people who claim to have used it. Individuals can try out the supplement for themselves but should take note of the cancellation and return restrictions. Customers can read the Terms and Conditions page for the specific details of the limited refund policy and automatic subscription before placing their order.



George T. from New York, US, writes:

I’m almost 50 years old and I’ve been getting totally flabby and weak. My doctor says I don’t need a prescription testosterone booster, but I feel like I could use some help. I’m looking forward to trying this supplement. Hopefully, it will give me the boost I need!

Troy D. from New Jersey, US, writes:

This EnduroTest stuff is super easy to take. I pop two capsules a little bit before I hit the gym and I think I can feel a difference. I’ve only been taking this for a couple of days but I do feel stronger and I’ve been lifting more. I still think I’ll cancel before the subscription starts, but I’ll finish the bottle I’ve got.

Dave K. from Dallas, US, writes:

I’ve done a lot of research, and the ingredients in EnduroTest sound like they’re the real deal. I like that they’re all natural and that there are no dangerous chemicals or illicit substances in these supplements. I don’t want to risk side effects, so this sounds like a great match for my needs!


Awards & Media Coverage

There has been no mainstream media attention for EnduroTest, possibly because it is a newer product, but there are numerous reviews written online, as well as personal blogs that recount users’ experiences with the supplement. These reviews have been mixed, and many of the commenters note the unusually high price of this supplement and question its value. There are also mentions of this supplement on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, supposedly from individuals reviewing or promoting the brand.

The EnduroTest website boasts that it is “Proudly #1 Best Product,” although the improper adverb usage and nonspecific claim make this dubious. It also asserts that it is “#1 in category,” although it does not specify to which category they may be referring. Since these assertions are followed by the numbers 2015, it can be assumed that they were both bestowed during that year, but customers should probably view these claims with skepticism.

Unlike the product itself, the ingredients contained within have all received substantial media attention, from articles about Fenugreek in Men’s Fitness and USA Today to articles about Tribulus Terrestris by FOX News and NewsMax. L-Arginine has also received a great deal of coverage, in ABC Daily, Science Daily, the Huffington Post, and Medical News Today. These ingredients have also be written about in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and in many cases there are PubMed studies available for customers to read.


Money-back Guarantee

Although EnduroTest does not specifically state that it has a money-back guarantee, the manufacturer does have a very limited return policy. According to this policy, customers who wish to return this supplement should contact the customer service department using the provided email address or toll-free phone number. They will then be given a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number, which must be printed on the outside of the box that contains the returned supplements. Once the return is authorized and completed, customers should receive their refund within 3-5 business days, minus a $9.95 restocking fee. This fee will be deducted from the refund total, which will be credited back to the original payment source.

The returned supplement should be sent to the manufacturer’s fulfillment center, which the website states is listed online. However, there is no listed fulfillment center address on this website, neither in their Terms and Conditions nor in the Contact information, leaving customers perplexed at how to return any merchandise. In fact, no physical address is listed at all, not even a corporate address of P.O. Box. Possibly a customer service agent could give customers the return address, but buyers should keep in mind this unusual difficulty before they consider making a return.



All shipments of EnduroTest cost a flat rate of $4.95, both for the initial purchase of the trial and for all subsequent deliveries of this supplement. If customers cancel the automatic subscription before being charged the full $93.95, they will still need to pay the shipping and handling charge of $4.95, but they do not need to return the bottle. Future charges for the monthly deliveries will automatically include the price of shipping, which is not refundable.

Shipments are sent by the United States Postal Service (USPS) via standard First Class Mail, which is a very reliable method of delivery. Customers should expect a discreet delivery of their product, and they will not be required to sign for the delivery. Shipping is available to all United States addresses, including all territories, P.O.Boxes, and Military APOs and FPOs.

Generally, packages should arrive within 3-5 business days of ordering, although the manufacturer is not responsible for any delays due to circumstances beyond their control. If the package has not arrived within five business days, not counting weekends and holidays, customers are instructed to contact the customer service department to ensure that delivery was sent to the correct address. Delays may limit the amount of time customers will enjoy the free trial, which begins its 14-day countdown as soon as it has been ordered.


Customer Support

Customers who have questions or concerns about their order are instructed to use the convenient toll-free phone number that is listed on the website. This phone number goes directly to the customer service department, which operates during normal business hours. Specifically, customer service agents are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST on Saturdays and Sundays. They are also not available on standard federal holidays, such as Christmas or New Year’s Day, so customers should keep that in mind when calling.

For communication that leaves a tangible record, customers also have the option of emailing the customer service department, using the email address found online. Customers should expect a response to their email within one to two business days, keeping in mind the hours listed above. While the contact information page has spaces for corporate and mailing addresses, these spaces are left blank, leaving customers with little recourse for reaching the company. This makes returns especially difficult, although presumably, a customer service agent could provide that information to customers who call and request it. Customers should also be sure to use the provided phone number and email address if they chose to cancel their risk-free trial and should keep a record of that communication in case of potential future difficulties.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Ordering from the EnduroTest website is safe and secure, thanks to the multiple layers of protection. The website uses a 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which is the highest industry standard for online commerce. It is also authenticated using a strong protocol, strong key exchange, and strong cipher. The website also claims to be Norton Secure and virus free, as well as protected by McAfee Security, well-known names in the business of online security and safety.

Customers can learn all about the limits and constraints of their privacy protections, including data collection and retention, on the website’s clear Privacy Policy, conveniently located on the main page. This policy explains that the website collects all non-identifying personal information, such as IP address, location, and history, and places cookies and web beacons on shoppers’ computers. It also states that personal information that customers voluntarily provide, such as email addresses, names, shopping habits, and location, will be retained, used, and shared with other businesses. Furthermore, by ordering online or even simply sending an email to the company, individuals are consenting to receive unlimited future communications from the manufacturer of this supplement, as well as from any third parties that they choose to share your information with. Though this website seems to be in compliance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act or CalOPPA and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA, customers are strongly encouraged to read over the privacy policy for themselves before they choose to share their email address.


Pricing & Free Trial

Currently, the EnduroTest website offers an exclusive opportunity to try a single bottle of the supplement for free. Customers are only charged $4.95 for the shipping and handling expenses to sent this initial bottle. If they cancel their order within 10 days they can then keep the trial bottle at no additional expense.

However, customers who choose not to cancel the subscription will automatically be enrolled in a monthly subscription program, which will continue to send a new bottle each month. Fourteen days after ordering, customers will be automatically charged the full price of $93.95, plus shipping. This brings the total price of one bottle, a 30-day supply, to $98.90, or just under $3.30 per day.

Customers will then be charged an additional $98.90 every 30 days in perpetuity until they are able to reach a customer service agent and cancel their subscription. If a customer continued to take this supplement for a full year, it would cost over $1100 dollars, which is a high price for a testosterone booster. For any problems with the trial, customers are advised to contact customer support and their own credit card company to make sure the charges are fair and authorized.






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