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What Is Endurance Test X?

Endurance Test X is a testosterone-boosting muscle enhancer that is designed to help men get the most out of workouts. It aims to raise testosterone safely and naturally for more energy, lean muscle mass, strength, stamina and vascularity. It is formulated for use alongside a protein-rich, balanced diet and an effective exercise regimen. It can be used to enhance athletic and/or competitive performance for professional bodybuilders, weightlifters and athletes. It may also purportedly be effective in supporting optimal testosterone levels for older men who have experienced age-related testosterone decline.

This supplement aims to meet male users at the fitness levels they are currently at to help them build lean muscle mass quickly. It also aims to be effective in helping users shed pounds by providing a significant energy boost. It features a proprietary formula blend called ‘FlowViv MAX-TEST Blend’ using Horny Goat Weed Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract and Tongkat Ali Extract as its active ingredients. Endurance Test X may help to combat fatigue, increase strength and stamina, promote optimal hormone regulation and help users shed fat and accelerate lean muscle gains. Its country of manufacture is not currently known.



Endurance Test X is manufactured by a manufacturer that shares the same name. This company’s corporate headquarters are located in St. Petersburg, Florida, while its return facilities are located in Nevada. The official product website is geared entirely to the product itself and does not divulge any information about the company itself (aside from detailed policies). This manufacturer does not have an official website. Similarly, it is not active on any social media channels, seeming to instead prefer to keep the focus on its merchandise.

This company is thought to be responsible for all levels of manufacture in their product lines. This includes research, development and manufacturing. It has been an established supplier of health and fitness supplement solutions for a number of years. It sells its products not only in the United States but also worldwide. As established as this company is, it would likely be a great helpful to customers to provide a detailed history – and perhaps even links to its other health solutions – as well as providing transparency for increased consumer trust.


How Endurance Test X Works?

It also has a companion muscle growth supplement that is designed to work in synergy with its formula blend to support maximal muscle muscle growth and workout performance. It is manufactured in the form of tablets, which are intended to be taken with a glass of water daily (preferably before workouts). The manufacturer of Endurance Test X also offers a companion testosterone booster and workout supplement that is designed to further augment the potential benefits of this product. Users may stack these supplements together, or they may use this as a standalone performance booster.

The tablets must be taken by mouth, after which they dissolve in the bloodstream to potentially stimulate the active production of free testosterone. Free testosterone – also known as ‘circulating testosterone’ – is the body’s store of this natural steroid hormone that is available for muscle-building purposes, among other performance traits. The capsules may also work to promote protein synthesis, which is the process by which the body’s cells build specific proteins (i.e., proteins essential to building muscle). The amino acids in this formula may also suppress hormones such as estrogen that block and inhibit testosterone production.

One potential disadvantage is the possibility that some users may assume this supplement to be a magic bullet that will provide extreme results taken on its own (with no exercise or healthy eating habits required). However, it is designed to supplement the exercise process and must be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle in order to achieve a ripped, lean physique. It is not a meal replacer and should be used with caution, as a small subset of users may experience an allergic reaction to the plant extracts involved. Reading the ingredient list carefully is always advised for anyone considering adding this product to their workout routine.


Ingredients of Endurance Test X

This testosterone booster features an all-natural ingredient list of plants, flowers, vitamins and other botanicals to boost performance ability safely and organically. One of its key ingredients is Horny Goat Weed Extract, also known as Epimedium and Barrenwort. Horny Goat Weed Extract is a flowering plant that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries as a botanical medicine. It has become popular in bodybuilding communities due to its reputation as a potent testosterone booster. There is some current research that may point to this herb’s effectiveness in raising testosterone levels.

Tongkat Ali Extract, another flowering plant primarily native to Indonesia and Malaysia, is another key ingredient in Endurance Test X’s formula. It may be effective in significantly increasing testosterone production and may even help to improve the ratio of fat to lean muscle mass. Saw Palmetto Extract, which is taken from the berries of palm trees, is believed to help ramp up performance factors like strength and stamina. It may block an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase, which inhibits myogenesis by converting testosterone to a hormone called DHT. This manufacturer’s proprietary blend of Horny Goat Weed Extract, Tongkat Ali Extract and Saw Palmetto Extract is known as FlowViv MAX-TEST Blend.

Wild Yam Extract – which is derived from a root vine native to China and North America – is believed to regulate and support optimal hormone levels. It may also help to alleviate cramping and soreness, which facilitates a faster post-workout recovery. The formula also includes Orchic Substance, is commonly used as an alternative to help stimulate testosterone production in lieu of anabolic steroids. The other additives included in this formula blend are Sarsaparilla, Nettle Extract, Boron Amino Acid Chelate), Silicone Dioxide, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Polythylene Glycol, Blue #1, Titanium Dioxide, Talc, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid, Croscamerelose Sodium and Magnesium Stearate.



Endurance Test X may enhance vascularity and vitality in healthy adult men. In combination with exercise, it may support accelerated lean muscle gain for a more toned, chiseled physique. It may also support improved athletic stamina and endurance, thereby offering athletes and other competitive fitness professionals a much safer and fully legal alternative to anabolic steroids. Another advantage is its purported ability to restore decreased strength and vitality to older men who have experienced age-related testosterone decline. Perhaps most importantly, it may offer a safe, side effect-free way to stimulate circulating testosterone levels synergistically, working in tandem with the body’s natural processes.

Many users have reported elevated energy levels not only during workouts but also in daily life. It claims to support greater vascularity for stronger, more powerful pumps. Users have also stated that the capsules are very easy to take and are effective for a variety of different training routines. Fitness enthusiasts may opt to take these capsules as a standalone supplement, with the companion capsules offered by its manufacturer, with protein shakes or with other quality dietary aides. This product may also support optimal hormonal regulation for further fat loss and lean muscle gains.



Information regarding any certificates that may be associated with this product are rather limited at the time of this review. Its website does not mention where it was made nor does it reference any specific safety certificates. Although this omission may not deter most supplement buyers, it may cause more seasoned consumers to move on to other supplements with more prominently displayed certificates.

This manufacturer would thus be wise to include all pertinent certificates directly on the Endurance Test X website. Savvy supplement customers often look for certificates such as GMP certification. A GMP certificate – short for Good Manufacturing Practice – demonstrates that the company has complied with federal standards regarding food safety and a minimum of effectiveness. It tells customers that the product is relatively safe for use, though of course those considering adding this to their daily routine would be well-advised to conduct necessary research first to rule out potential allergic reactions or medication interactions. Although the possibility is slight for most users, it is always wise to consult with a medical professional before beginning use.



I was looking for a way to get shredded in time for a national bodybuilding competition I had coming up, so I decided to give this a try. I’ve tried a few test boosters in the past, but I wasn’t exactly overwhelmed with the results. After a couple of months, I noticed I was able to do twice as many deadlifts and squats, and I wasn’t completely winded like I had been after workouts. After three months of training, I placed second in the competition – which was the first time I’d ever made the top ten, let alone the top three. It has done what it claimed it was capable of doing and more. – Lee U., textile manufacturer in Arlington, TX, USA

As I entered my forties, I noticed I just wasn’t as energetic as I used to be (not to mention the love handles I’ve acquired over the years!) I supervise a team of guys under very physically demanding conditions, and I knew I needed something to help get me whipped into shape fast. I’ve lost weight, toned up like crazy and am now able to keep up with my team without issue. This supplement is a tremendous value for the money. – Ames W., construction supervisor in Ontario, Canada

I started taking these before my workouts the first day it was dropped off on my doorstep. Within days, I noticed a major boost in energy and stamina – I felt like I could just go longer in the gym and in my daily life. I didn’t need to take a nap every day like I used to, and now my biceps are starting to get shredded. This is exactly the little bit of rocket fuel I needed to pump up my training sessions to finally get myself in the shape I want to be in. – Ryan T., nutritionist in Trenton, OH, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

The Endurance Test X website does not display any links or logos pertaining to any major media coverage it may have received. However, according to the privacy policy, it may have been advertised on such outlets as CBS NEWS, USA Today, MSNBC and/or ABC. It does not appear to have been advertised on radio. It may, however, have been advertised in such men’s fitness magazines such as Maxim, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health and similar publications. It has performed exceedingly well among supplement review sites online and has received mostly positive reviews from users on health and fitness blogs.

It does not appear to have received any awards in the organic supplement industry as of yet. Along the same lines, it is not known whether it has been nominated for such. Those interested in such accolades may want to stay tuned to see whether it attracts awards and major media coverage in the future.


Money-back Guarantee

Unfortunately for those interested in giving Endurance Test X a test drive, the product website does not currently offer a checkout section from which to place an order. Although the site does provide detailed information regarding the company’s trial policies as well as its 14-day straight sale return policy, it cannot be ordered directly from the site. Per the terms and conditions policy, the manufacturer does offer a 14-day risk-free guarantee for all non-trial purchases. All return shipments must include a valid Return Authorization Number clearly written on the package and must be postmarked no later than 30 days from the day the original date of order. Customers are restricted to one refund per order.

In addition, the company will will issue credits only for products that are returned unopened and undamaged. Buyers are advised that refunds may take up to 30 business days to process and appear on customers’ credit card statements – which, of course, may vary according to the banking institution involved. This merchant is also upfront about its policy that it may refuse to issue a return based on valid suspicions that the refund has been requested in bad faith. The company does provide returns for all cases of fraud and/or unauthorized transactions.



The cost of shipping and handling for a bottle of Endurance Test X is a reasonable $4.96. Per the manufacturer’s shipping policy, all shipping costs are non-refundable. This include shipping charges for trial orders, for straight sales and for returns. The typical shipping time is 2-5 business days for orders. Orders are shipped Monday through Friday via the United States Postal Service (USPS) First-Class shipping method. Packages are not delivered on weekends or on major holidays.

The merchant does not guarantee specific arrival dates or times. As such, the estimates provided on the website are not guaranteed. Trial program customers should be advised that shipping and delivery time is subtracted from the 14-day trial period. Transit time typically takes between 3-4 days. The manufacturer’s shipping department is located in St. Petersburg, Florida.


Customer Support

Endurance Test X customers – or anyone with any questions regarding this product whatsoever – may get in touch with a company representative via a toll-free 1-800 telephone number. The website also provides an email address for further support access. The customer service center’s hours of operation run from Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day. Customers are sure to appreciate the round-the-clock availability of the support center’s team, which is closed only on major holidays. These are some of the most extensive customer service center hours in the natural supplement industry.

Buyers may return packages at the company’s return facilities located in St. Petersburg, Florida. This same address may be used for physical inquiries and other correspondence. There is no live chat support feature on the website at this time, which the company may want to include in the near future in order to remain competitive with some of the more forward-thinking supplement suppliers on the market. Support representatives are also available to modify or cancel customer accounts as well as to provide Return Authorization Numbers for return requests.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Since the Endurance Test X online order form was not functional at the time of this review, there is no way to know which safety and security trust guards the company may utilize. In the privacy policy section of the website, however, customers can find detailed information regarding how the website collects, uses, stores and protects customers’ information. Here the policy asserts that all sensitive data is safeguarded by industry standard security measures. The manufacturer states that its customers security is top priority and that all data is stored securely and protected by security software. Examples of safety seals most likely used by the website are TRUSTe, Verified By Visa, Norton Secured and MasterCard Secure Code.

The privacy policy also states that only select company members and contractors are entrusted with buyers’ info. This information is used only for the agreed-upon purposes of the transaction, and nothing more. For further details, interested parties may want to contact the company’s customer care department – available 24 hours a day – to inquire as to whether the site is safeguarded by encryption technology and/or other safety seals. More in-depth information regarding the merchant’s use of customer data can also be accessed via the privacy policy.


Pricing & Free Trial

As mentioned previously, there is detailed information available on the company’s 14-day trial program but no way to actually place an order. Despite its apparent unavailability at the time of this review, it may yet be wise for those interested to peruse the trial terms once this testosterone booster becomes available again. Those who sign up for the free trial may choose to avoid membership in the auto-renewal program – wherein the credit card on file is charged the full price of the trial product and then charged for subsequent monthly deliveries of Endurance Test X at the full price – by calling the customer service department by telephone.

The straight sale cost for a 30-day supply of capsules is $93.78. Per the company’s terms and conditions policy, all prices advertised on the product website are subject to change without notice to the customer. Buyers are responsible for any taxes applicable to their region of order as well as any fees or surcharges incurred by their bank. At this time, Endurance Test X’s parent company is not offering any promotions or discounts for multi-bottle orders.


  • The manufacturer provides a detailed ingredient list on the Endurance Test X website.
  • It may provide enhanced lean muscle gains, accelerated fat loss and elevated strength and stamina.
  • All of the ingredients are 100% organic.


  • There is currently no way to place an order on the official product website.
  • The company does not offer free return shipping.
  • The trial program’s optional auto-delivery program can only be canceled by contacting customer service by tel.

Endurance Test X

Summary: Endurance Test X is an all-natural dietary supplement formulated to increase the body’s production of testosterone for maximum workout ability. It is designed specifically for men who want to increase their lean muscle mass at an accelerated rate. It may provide a strength, stamina, power and endurance boost as well as possibly ramping up metabolism for increased calorie-burning. Its key ingredients are Horny Goat Weed Extract, Tongkat Ali Extract and Saw Palmetto Extract. It may also be effective in helping men get fit faster as well as in raising performance ability in athletes and competitive fitness professionals.

FREE TRIAL to $93.78
RatingRated 2.5 stars

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