EnduraFlex Review – Should You Consider It?

What Is EnduraFlex?

EnduraFlex is a male body building supplement. Specifically, it belongs in the testosterone booster category. Testosterone boosters aim to naturally increase testosterone production by stimulating the body’s machinery to produce more testosterone. It contains no actual testosterone and the website states that the ingredients are all natural.

Testosterone boosting has been scientifically observed to produce positive effects for male bodybuilders. As men age their testosterone levels decrease and this has negative effects on their physiques. Low testosterone levels cause fatigue, fat gain, and muscle loss, among other negative effects. EnduraFlex claims that it can help bodybuilders achieve their goals. They state that it will lead to more intense workouts, better muscle growth, faster recovery, as well as increased stamina and energy.



The EnduraFlex supplement shares its name with its manufacturer. They are based in Tampa, Florida and their physical address is provided on the website. There is no information on their website to suggest that they manufacture any other supplements.

The website provides the manufacturer’s contact information and customer service information. They also provide an order form and free trial offer. They offer a money back guarantee and a free trial program that we will delve into later.


How EnduraFlex Works?

This supplement aims to improve testosterone levels in a variety of ways. The manufacturer claims that the ingredients work in concert with each other to yield significant results. It is intended to utilize these ingredients to increase muscle size, endurance, and decrease recovery time.

The first, and most intuitive, method of testosterone boosting is by increasing testosterone production. Some of the ingredients in this supplement increase hormones, such as leutinizing hormone, which serve as precursors to testosterone. They stimulate the body to produce more of these precursors and in turn increase testosterone production.

Another method of boosting testosterone is by preventing its conversion into other hormones that do not have anabolic (muscle building) properties. Estrogen is one of these hormones that can decrease muscle size and strength, reduce energy, and have catabolic effects. As men age, more testosterone gets converted into estrogen. Some ingredients in this supplement prevent that conversion which leaves more free testosterone.


Ingredients of EnduraFlex

The manufacturer claims that this supplement produces results because of its formula. They claim that the ingredients are all natural and they provide a list on the website. Since the supplement itself does not have any scientific studies to show efficacy we will examine the ingredients to see if they have any known testosterone boosting properties.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terristris is a popular ingredient in the supplement world. It is included in many testosterone boosters. It has become a popular supplement among athletes who take it for its many proposed strength benefits. It is said to increase testosterone while decreasing hormones that have negative effects on muscle growth. It is thought to increase free testosterone levels in a few ways.

Some contend that its high saponin content helps to specifically increase leutinizing hormone. Leutinizing hormone is a precursor to testosterone, it is needed for the human body to synthesize its own testosterone. An increased amount of leutinizing hormone is thought to lead to more free testosterone as well as less of other hormones that serve to break muscle tissue down.

There is research that suggests other Tribulus Terristris benefits there is little evidence to support its effectiveness as a testosterone booster. In human tests the group that was given Tribulus Terristris has not shown any better muscle growth than the control group, who were given a placebo. Despite its popularity, there is little evidence to suggest that Tribulus Terristris has a significant, positive, effect on human testosterone production.

Tribulus Terristris is all natural but there have been a few reports of non-serious side effects. Some have reported that they feel hotter than normal and that they are uncomfortable in hot weather. Restlessness and sleeplessness have also been reported. Increased heart rate has also been observed but was not serious and it ceased when the dosage was lowered or discontinued altogether. Additionally, it should not be taken by anyone under 18 and it is intended for male use only.


Chrysin is a natural compound that is found in many types of plants, mushrooms, and honeycombs. It has a long history in the supplement industry and has been used in testosterone supplements. Chrysin’s function in testosterone is a little bit different than other ingrdients. It functions in blocking estrogen rather than increasing testosterone production.

It is thought that Chrysin can block certain enzymes in the male body that convert testosterone to estrogen. Estrogen is a female hormone, that is also present in males. As men age more testosterone is converted into estrogen and this has negative effects on muscle growth, stamina, and recovery. Chrysin has been marketed since the 1980’s as a natural estrogen inhibitor. And laboratory studies seemed to show that it does function in blocking testosterone’s conversion to estrogen.

Depsite Chrysin’s reputation and laboratory results its benefits have not been proven in human or animal trials. The reason that Chrysin’s effects don’t carry over into humans is not completely understood. One hypothesis is that human cellular membranes may block its entrance into the cells, this would render it useless.

Chrysin has been known to have non-serious side effects even though it is all natural. It may increase bleeding and slow blood clotting so people with bleeding disorders should consult a physician before using a supplement that contains Chrysin. Since no human trials have been conducted it is difficult to know if there are any other side effects.


Diindoylemethane is an ingredient that is in EnduraFlex and is found in many vegetables like kale and broccoli. It is thought to boost testosterone in three different ways. We have spoken about estrogen and identified its negative effects on testosterone, but there is a type of estrogen that can have positive effects on testosterone levels. Diindoylmethane is thought to release ‘good’ estrogen which binds to some receptors that usually bond with testosterone. This leaves more ‘free’ testosterone to be used for muscle growth.

Additionally, like Chrysin, Diindoylmethane is also thought to inhibit testosterone’s conversion into the ‘bad’ estrogen. It works to regulate testosterone and estrogen levels in the body. Regulated hormone levels promote a good balance of testosterone and promote overall health for bodybuilding and everyday life.

Longjack Eurycoma Longifolia

This ingredient is taken from a flowering plant that is native to Malaysia. Many studies have been performed on laboratory rats to determine its efficacy in testosterone boosting. The animal subjects did exhibit an increase in testosterone levels. Researchers hypothesize that Longjack Eurycoma Longifolia may increase the activity of certain bioactive components. This may provide a more favorable environment for testosterone formation.

The animal tests showed positive results but these results have yet to be reliably reproduced in human tests. One study that showed a testosterone level increase in human subjects was performed on older men with low testosterone. The study showed a large increase but it is unclear if this would be the case in younger, healthier, men.

The largest study on Longjack Eurycoma Longifolia’s efficacy in testosterone boosting was conducted in 2014. They gave active, athletic, men this supplment and instructed them to continue their active lifestyles. The researchers did not observe any increase in testosterone levels.

Longjack Eurycoma Longifolia is generally seen as safe for human ingestion. Some side effects have been reported by individuals who have taken it. Some of these include insomnia, restlessness, increased body temperature, and irritability. These side effects have all been observed to be non serious when they have occurred.

Gamma Oryzanol

Scientific studies have shown this ingredient to increase muscle strength in young, healthy, males in conjunction with weight training. One proposed mechanism for this is its ability to reduce free radicals within the male body. Less free radicals can mean less muscle fatigue and better results in the gym.

It is also thought to increase testosterone, growth hormone, and other anabolic activities within the body. Despite early experimental results that suggested its function in testosterone boosting it has yet to be proven. To the contrary, some recent studies may indicate that Gamma Oryzanol supplementation can reduce testosterone levels.

Gamma Oryzanol is considered safe for most people. Individuals with kidney or liver disease are advised to abstain from use. Some minor allergic reactions have been reported among individuals who have taken Gamma Oryzanol. In the 1960’s there were concerns over the toxicity of rice bran oil, from which Gamma Oryzanol is derived. This was do to a contaminated crop and is not inherent to the material itself.

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium is widely available in the modern, human, diet. Most of the body’s calcium is present in the bones and teeth. But there is some Calcium that carries out other functions in the body and some recent studies suggest that it plays a role in testosterone production.

The methods of Calcium’s effects on testosterone are not completely understood. It is possible that it controls some neurotransmitter’s release. This would help to trigger the body to produce more testosterone. It also may play a role in cellular communication which could help make processes more efficient and effective, including testosterone synthesis.

Scientific studies suggest that Calcium, when combined with a weight training regimen can increase free testosterone levels. One study took two groups of men and gave them Calcium supplements. The control group did not participate in any weight training routine. The other group maintained a strenuous routine for the duration of the study. Both groups showed an increase in testosterone but the group that weight trained had free testosterone levles more than 18% higher than the sedentary group.

Calcium Carbonate, like the other ingredients, is all natural. But there have been some side-effects associated with its use. These include; nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, headache, increased thirst. These effects are rare but should be taken seriously if they are experienced.

Magnesium Stearate

There are multiple studies that attempted to evaluate Magnesium Stearate’s effect on free testosterone levels. One such study evaluated its effect on physically active men vs. relatively sedentary men. Unlike Calcium, both groups experienced significant increases in total testosterone and free testosterone. However, like Calcium, the active men showed a steeper increase in testosterone levels.

Another experiment didn’t monitor testosterone levels but did evaluate its Magnesium Stearate’s effects on overall strength, which obviously would be valuable to bodybuilders. This study took two groups, one was given a placebo and the other was given a Magnesium Stearate supplement. Both groups took part in the same workout regimen and both groups gained strength over the duration of the study. However, the group that took Magnesium Stearate supplements saw their strength increase more than the placebo group.

These studies suggest that Magnesium has many benefits for bodybuilders, including increased testosterone levels. These experiments showed that it can have a positive effect in testosterone levels for men from 18 and up. It seemed to work in the old and the young alike.

A google search reveals many opinions regarding Magnesium Stearate. Some report that it can cause serious side-effects such as; kidney stone formation, poor intestinal absorption, suppressed T-Cells, and a host of other ill effects. The important thing to remember is that these effects are usually only observed when a large amount is ingested.

Many of the studies only saw negative side effects when animals were forced to ingest a very large amount. Much more than is present in this supplement. Magnesium Stearate is present in many supplements and everyday products. Its safety, though not guaranteed, is very well supported at small doses.



A small amount of research and information presented on their website identify the proposed advantages of EnduraFlex. One of the major advantages is that it is made from all natural ingredients. Since they are all natural, these ingredients are unlikely to produce major side effects or any side effects at all. Many bodybuilders prefer all natural ingredients because they are a safe way to gain real results.

Body builders have expressed appreciation for this supplement because it enhances their weight training routine. Testosterone boosters are thought to increase energy so that bodybuilders can work their muscles harder and see results. It also helps to increase meatabolism and burn fat. This provides the muscle definition that bodybuilders crave. Lastly, testosterone boosters reduce muscle recovery time which helps to get better results in a timely manner.

Another advantage for body builders is a shortened muscle recovery process. Lifting weigts destroys muscle cells. Once they are destroyed they build themselves back stronger. This is the principle behind bodybuilding. It is the reason for the soreness that is felt after a workout.

While these muscles are healing and building themselves back stronger it is useless, and unpleasant, to train them further. The muscles must be completely recovered before the process can begin again. Testosterone boosters are known to cut recovery time. This means that a bodybuilder can train muscles more and see results sooner.



There are a few agencies that award certifications of approval to nutritional supplements. U.S. NSF International, Pharmacopeia, and ConsumerLab.com are three of the certification marks that you may see on supplement bottles. They often assure the user that the supplement has been tested for quality and effectiveness. It is important for consumers to know that these are not official certifications and do not necessarily mean that the supplements are effective.

These company’s do conduct tests on supplements and often they are scientifically sound. However, it is important to know that supplement manufacturers usually must pay for the tests and the resulting certification. If a supplement does not have any of these marks it may be because they chose not to pay to have the supplement tested. EnduraFlex does not carry the seal of any of these certifications.



Customer testimonials are one of the best ways to evaluate a supplement’s efficacy. Reviews can be biased one way or another. Some may provide legitimate information but it can be difficult to separate the truth from the lies. Actual opinions from average people can be a good indication of a supplement’s quality.

Other people’s results does not necessarily guarantee that everyone will see positive results from EnduraFlex. Everyone’s anatomy is different and that can effect a supplement’s efficacy. However, if a product has mostly good customer reviews then it is likely that it is a quality supplement. The following testimonials can be used to understand the effect’s that testosterone boosting has had on their bodies.

One customer remarked:

It felt like a shot in the arm. I got into the gym and worked harder in less time. I had been struggling to see real gains because I have to balance work with my gym time. EnduraFlex was easy to use and I saw much better definition in a few months.

Another D. from New York said:

I was stuck at a plateau for a long time. I would get into the gym but i was tired and just going through the motions. I decided to try EnduraFlex because I was at the end of my rope. I felt the energy increase pretty quick. I felt better during and after workouts. And i felt like it gave me that extra push to get one more rep or one more set.

A dedicated bodybuilder spoke about his experience with this supplement:

I had my numbers up and was still lifting heavy but I just couldn’t get the definition that I wanted. I wanted to take something but it had to be all natural because I’m wary of side effects. This one worked pretty well. I researched all of the ingredients and decided to give it a try. I felt the fat melt off and I even gained strength while i was taking it.

Another shared his story:

As I was getting older I could feel my energy getting lower every year. I felt like,no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t stop myself from being drained at the end of every day. My friend told me about this testosterone booster and i figured I might as well try it. I couldn’t believe how much my energy increased. Ant to top it off I started to see definition that I hadn’t seen in years.

Many of this supplement’s reviews express positive opinions. Though there are those that did not have positive experiences. These testimonials do not guarantee individual results but they do give an idea of what you may expect from this supplement.


Awards & Media Coverage

Almost every man wants to find a way to look, feel, and perform better in their everyday life. For this reason, many magazines feature supplements that they think that their readers will want to know about. They may offer advice or testimonials regarding a specific product that has become well known within the bodybuilding world. EnduraFlex has been seen in popular publications such as Playboy, Maxim, Men’s Health, and Men’s Journal. Their advice and reviews are valuable because they each have a long, important, reputation to maintain.

There is no reliable, central, body in the supplement world that bestows awards. Despite this, a google search will reveal many blogs and websites that give awards to nutritional supplements. Though some my be legitimate, these awards are difficult to trust because they are often given by biased judges or by the manufacturers themselves. Research did not show that this supplement received one of these awards.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer offers a money back guarantee if the customer is not Fully satisfied with the product (This guarantee does not apply to the free sample bottle). In order to receive a refund you must contact customer service within 30 days of purchase. They will give you the pertinent information and explain the return process.

Refunds will only be issued for unopened products that are returned within the 30 day period. Once the manufacturer receives the product they will refund the money minus the shipping cost and a 35% restocking fee. The refund is usually processed within 7 business days and credited back to the customer’s bank account within 3-5 business days of processing.



Once a customer signs up for the free trial bottle they will be charged $6.97 for shipping and handling. The product ships from Tampa, Florida through FedEx, UPS, or the United states Postal Service. The time of arrival varies by area and method of shipping.

The customer service department can answer any questions that may arise in regards to shipping. This supplement ships to the entire United States and most parts of the world. The website provides contact information (phone number, email address).


Customer Support

As mentioned above the customer service information can be found on the website. They can aid customers in understanding the product, answer any type of question that may arise, and aid in purchasing the supplement. The customer service representatives are not medical professionals. They are able to help but their advice is not a substitute for an actual physician’s care. If you have any questions regarding its use you should contact your doctor.

The customer service line can also aid in billing issues and explain how the free trial and auto enrollment program work. They will help customer’s enroll and cancel their enrollment. They are available Monday- Friday from 9am to 5pm. They also provide an email address that is monitored during regular business hours.


Safe & Secure Checkout

No matter how well a supplement works, customers will not want to purchase it if they are not confident in the security of their personal and financial information. Customers look for reasons to trust the vendor and for peace of mind. This supplement’s website displays several logos that represent industry standard security measures.

The website states that all transactions are protected with a 128-bit secure SSL connection. This means that once financial information is submitted it is immediately encrypted with a 128-bit code. This code turns the information into nonsense and can only be deciphered using a unique code. The code is unknown to all parties and is only decoded for a website that has the proper security certificate. One expert remarked that it would take longer than the age of the universe to crack a 128-bit encryption.

The supplement’s website also displays a ScanAlert hacker safe logo. ScanAlert is a separate vendor that seeks to expose their client’s websites vulnerabilities and fix them. Their website claims that they perform over 10,000 security tests each day on every website that they protect.

The EnduraFlex website also displays the McAfee security logo as well as the Verisign seal. McAfee is a leader in cyber security. They also check websites each day for security vulnerabilities and deal with problems when they arise. Verisign is a way to confirm that the website you are visiting is doing what they say they are doing. It is a way to know that the website is legitimate and not made for malicious reasons.

This supplement’s website employs state-of-the-art security measures to protect customer information. The four levels of security have proven to work over the years and they continue to update their methods. Of course, safety is never guaranteed but this product’s website is as safe to use as almost any other online vendor.


Pricing & Free Trial

As stated above, the manufacturer provides a free trial bottle for only the cost of shipping and handling ($6.97). If the customer decides to continue with the product they don’t have to do anything. The next month they will be charged the full price, $139.97, for another 1 month supply. Every month after a new bottle will be sent and the customer will be charged $139.97 plus $9.97 shipping and handling.

If the customer does not want to continue after the 14 day trial they must contact customer service within 14 days of their order. As long as they do this within the 14 day window they will not be charged. Customer service is available to answer any questions about pricing or the auto enrollment plan.






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