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Division 1 by Athletix Review – Need a Supplement for Supporting Muscle Growth?

What Is Division 1?

This product is an effective testosterone booster and SHBG inhibitor. Division 1 helps you increase the amount of unbound testosterone in your body while supporting muscle growth. The supplement is designed to help you increase muscle mass by increasing the performance level you work out at.

Significantly increasing your strength will allows you to have higher impact workouts that give you greater results. One of the key components to gaining greater strength is having more testosterone flowing in the body. Though your body may be rich with testosterone, a massive amount of your testosterone binds to a protein which completely stops the hormone from benefiting your workout.

Your body works towards homeostasis and your body may feel that the homeostasis level for your body is less than what you would like which means your athletic performance could suffer. At least 98% of the total testosterone flowing through your body is attached to a plasma protein that completely stops the activity of testosterone and causes it to become inactive. The product has a very high vasodilation level which allows it to deliver a great deal of nutrients into the body. Division 1 is ideal for post cycle therapy due to the high amount of SHBG.

Naturally your body only gets to utilize 2% of the free flowing testosterone in your body. Supplementing with Division 1 enhances your athletic performance by allowing you to have higher amounts of testosterone in your body at any given time for the purpose of enhancing muscle mass and recovery time.



Division 1 is manufactured by Athletix Sports, a company that produces a wide variety of stackable fitness supplements. The company proudly states that they do not have costly marketing campaigns that cause the products to increase in price. Athletix Sports was acquired by PEScience who now controls the brand and the associated products.

PEScience is short for Physique Enhancing Science which the company has become the proud new name of the brand. This supplement company places emphasis on the purity of their product and natural ingredients. You can expect this company to live up to their standards since they do have a quality control staff, protocols & procedures, and they follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), and produce all of the goods in a GMP facility. All facilities used are audited by a professional from PEScience or a third party before any further business takes place.

The company employs a direct-to-consumer model which cuts out the middleman and allows PEScience to pass the savings along to the customers. This allows the company to make the products less costly than they would normally be. The formulas for all of the products are now fully developed by PEScience. The new manufacturer still takes pride in high-touch research & development, quality control, and innovation.


How Division 1 Works?

Division 1 works not by increase in the amount of testosterone that your body has, but by allowing the testosterone you already possess to flow freely without attaching to anything. This product is a blend of herbal supplements that are taken for the purpose of boosting testosterone. It contains an SHBG inhibitor that prevents testosterone from binding to this plasma protein and becoming inactive. The booster works by naturally increasing your free testosterone level while simultaneously encouraging muscle growth and fat loss. Faster cell regeneration reduces the frequency of fatigue, which all athletes can benefit from.

Division 1 helps produce nitric oxide which your body needs for healthy blood flow. Enhanced blood flow means that more oxygen can reach your heart, brain, other key organs, and your muscles. This particular supplement is an excellent choice for PCT and can be stacked with Formula X, Titanium XL , aromatase inhibitors, or estrogen blocker PES Erase.

To be precise, Athletix originally developed all of the products so that they can be stacked together. Utilizing the stacking method will allow you to fully maximize the level of free testosterone you have available in your body. The synergy of stacking allows you to prevent more free testosterone from converting into various different estrogens, which is ideal when you’re building muscle.


Ingredients of Division 1

Vitamin D is present in the ingredients to benefit muscular and nerve functions, directly affecting the performance of athletes and bodybuilders. The addition of vitamin D to the formula assists with an integral part of muscle function. This makes sense when you think about the fact that vitamin D deficiency is directly associated with muscular atrophy and weakness.

A study published in the Iranian Journal of Public Health showed that more than 70% of men between the ages of 20 and 29 were vitamin D deficient to some degree. Plus you get the other benefits of vitamin D which are lowered blood pressure, improved glycemic control, and increased elasticity of your arteries. The vitamin B family assists with red blood cell production and are responsible for providing oxygen to your muscles.

Vitamin B-12, a nutrient necessary for muscle control, is not readily available in many foods. This nutrient also does its due diligence to make you stronger by stimulating your muscles through your nervous system which assists with coordination and muscle growth. This nutrient will naturally increase your energy levels and metabolism, while supporting your central nervous system.

3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran (3,4-D) is derived from stinging nettle root extract and is included in the formula as a very potent shbg inhibitor. This extract works so well it actively competes against your naturally flowing testosterone at the binding site. This means that 3,4-D nearly always wins by binding to the plasma protein allowing your testosterone to flow more freely since it is not attached.

The SHBG inhibitors in Division 1 are extremely powerful because they contain the components necessary to compete with your natural testosterone in your own body for a certain receptor. Stinging Nettle Root Extract wins because of its ability to bind to certain receptors so that your natural testosterone does not bind and can remain free to flow through your body. This is exactly what you are looking for when you expect to increase gains regularly.

D-Aspartic acid is also included because of its ability to release hormones in the body as well as regulation of testosterone. With proven clinical efficacy, DAA does increase testosterone in men. A study has shown that a person given 3.12 grams of DAA per day showed increased testosterone after only 12 days. It is worth noting that DAA is most effective for men with a lower than average testosterone level.

For increased blood circulation Muira Puama is included. This allows your body to function at high energy levels with greater stamina. This herb is grown in Brazil and is also known by the name “potency wood”. The herb will decrease the amount of muscle fatigue you experience after an intense workout.

Muira Puama works excellently in combination with other natural ingredients towards the goal of increasing your testosterone so that you can get greater endurance during weight lifting. You also get the added benefit of improved mental clarity and focus. Expect to feel less exhaustion after working out due to this ingredient. Plus, you get the added benefit healthy nervous system function with Muira Puama.



When you’re weight lifting towards your bodybuilding goals, it’s very helpful to feel the results as soon as possible. A great feature of Division 1 is that you instantly feel energy from the supplement. The fast-acting effects of taking this supplement are the greatest advantage. Your testosterone levels get increased quickly and you don’t even have to wait for several hours in order to feel the effects.

You can expect to get lean and toned muscles by taking this supplement in combination with your workouts. The supplement is an excellent example of how potent the right ingredients are when you combine them appropriately.

There are a great number of very happy customers who have purchased this product and really gotten the results they were looking for. Plus, there is a money back guarantee if you decide that the product is not for you. Many supplements available today for the purposes of bodybuilding often come with side effects. The greatest advantage of this product is likely to be the fact that it’s gives you increased testosterone without side effects that can damage your health.



Any supplements that are taken for the purposes of bodybuilding when certificates. These annual awards are given out by a multitude of different entities. neither Division 1 or Athletics the company has publicly displayed a certificate provided by an outside entity.

Some certifications are issued on the basis of having natural ingredients. Other certificates are issued because of standards in formula purity. Neither has the brand that acquired Athletics, PEScience displayed any certificate received.

This isn’t to say that they will not obtain a certificate in the future. Users are still publishing detailed logs using the product, showing how well the product is performing for them. It’s possible that in the future PEScience could obtain a certificate for offering high-quality and fast-acting bodybuilding supplements.



People who take the product say that it has been a grossly under rated product in the line up. Those who have taken the supplement really appreciate the supplement’s ability to free up more testosterone within the body.

– Rupert T., Denver, CO

While nearly everyone who has provided a testimonial for the product has gotten positive results, there have been multiple incidences of acne. Those who have shared their testimonials mention quick gains and a fast recovery. Hardly ever is this supplement purchased alone, typically it is stacked with another Athletix Sports product.

– Michael D., San Diego, CA

One user of the supplement found that on the third day of workout and supplementation his workout increased in intensity but the strength level was not significant. Though this is not a weight loss product, some have experienced minimal weight loss while taking the product and continuing a regular workout regimen. People taking the product speak about energy and endurance consistently rising.

– Patrick W., Detroit, MI

After about 9 days, users report feeling stronger when doing back lifts or reps on the incline. The overall testimonials praised the product for its ability to deliver on expectations, though it takes a different amount of time for every individual.

– Richard M., Seattle, WA


Awards & Media Coverage

Many different companies take it upon themselves to critique and award specific bodybuilding supplements for their efficacy. One of the basic criteria to become a supplement award winner are to supply millions of people with the supplement. It needs to have a proven ability to work well through the experience of its users.

Supplement award winners have high impact, potent ingredients that have a long-standing track record of working well for the purposes of fitness and bodybuilding. No such award has yet to be assigned to Division 1 as of yet. Online magazines and sports brands are the usual companies that reward supplement companies, rating them by supplement types. Bodybuilding.com, a premier fitness website is one of the main companies that issues an award every year.

There are also the Canadian supplement Awards which recognises supplements yearly as well. While it’s worth noting that this particular product did not win a specific award, the users of the products are avid fans. People who take Division 1 are dedicated to it because of the results they consistently get. The Clean Choice Awards are yet another award given to supplement companies that have a healthy effect on your body.


Money-back Guarantee

Bodybuilders know all too well the costs of staying fit. Gym memberships, trainers, nutrition, and gear all add up. Of course there have been instances of bodybuilders not getting desired results from their supplement. That’s why it’s beneficial to know that you can get 100% of your money back if you’re not satisfied.

The money back guarantee is truly authentic because it does not have a limit. This shows that Athletix truly stands behind its product and wholeheartedly believes that you will be more than satisfied with the results. With a full money-back guarantee you win either way because you either get fit, lean, and toned muscles or you get your money back so that you have the ability to purchase another product elsewhere.



Athletix offers excellent open options when it comes to shipping. First, the company ships directly to you so you don’t have to incur the extra shipping costs that are associated with buying your product at a physical location or from a third party. Shipping cost typically get passed along to you as the customer when you purchase your supplement from a brick-and-mortar location.

This is vastly different because when you place your order there is a countdown timer a present on the website. As long as you place your order before the countdown runs out your order is going to be shipped that day. Same day shipping is an unbeatable option when you are trying to reach your fitness goals with urgency.

Time is of the essence when it comes to working out and supplementing. So, the fact that they can send the product to you so quickly is a huge bonus for many people. Not only that, the shipping options get better because the cost is only $0.99. There are not too many things in this day and age that you can purchase with $0.99 but you can get your supplements faster. They also offer express and overnight options if you would like your supplements delivered on your doorstep as soon as possible.


Customer Support

The staff are very well-versed in nutrition and supplements. They’re able to provide you with support when it comes to taking Division 1 and answer any questions that you might have. Now that PEScience has essentially taking over for Athletix sports, their customer service team is now providing the support for all of the athletic sports product.

The support team gives fast and friendly service and knows the line of products very well. If you are questioning whether you should stack two supplements that you have in mind or not, it may be best to simply reach out to customer support. If you have any questions or issues with your shipment they are more than willing to help. Customer service is available throughout the week day from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. You can reach out to PEScience in the way that’s most convenient for you by email or telephone.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The manufacturer of Division 1 only uses secure cart checkout. Upon checkout you can choose to pay with either your credit card or you can use PayPal. Those who choose the latter option may appreciate not having to provide their credit card number in order to make a purchase.

However, if you do decide that making the purchase with your credit card is best, this site respects your private information. If you do choose to provide more detail about yourself, you will have the ability to update your account and shorten the process and when you decide to reorder. The company prides itself on not trading, renting, or selling any of the users personal information.

All transactions that take place on the site happen over an SSL secured channel that is also encrypted and protected. PCI vulnerability standards are complied by in order to foster an even more secure environments for users. While the site does collect your data and privately storage, these practices are a security measure which helps guard against unauthorized access to the website. These security measures also help prevent any disclosure of your personal information, including password and username, as well as sensitive transaction information



Division 1 previously sold at a cost of $32.99 and is now being offered at an incredible price of $18.45 at some stores. This could be partially due to the transition that is being made from the brand Athletix Sports to PEScience. Regardless of the reason for the low-cost, it is an undeniable deal and many of the people who actively use the supplement are thrilled about it. Users of the product feel that the pricing is very fair for the high-quality ingredients that are included, as well as the amount that you’re getting.

Many stores that previously carried the product are now out of stock. The Division 1 formula as it currently stands is phenomenal for the price. You can buy one of the main ingredients, stinging nettle extract separately. However, is likely to be much less effective because you are not buying the blend of ingredients that promote lean muscles and intense energy. Users who have taken the product feel that their money was well worth it because of the energy and noticeable difference during workouts.






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