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Diezel by Beyond Genetics Review – Do You Need Help with Muscle Gain & Fat Loss?

What Is Diezel?

It’s an anabolic testosterone supplement used specifically to help you effectively boost the hormone testosterone. The results of an efficient production of hormones in the body can be extraordinary muscle gain and fat loss. It’s a great way to increase strength, well-being and improve muscle mass helping you arrive at your full physical potential. It comes with 90 pills in each container, the instructions stating two per day, two per night with food and that a 30-day cleanse from the product should be used after finishing a bottle for maximum efficiency.

Boosting your testosterone has proven to increase libido and to make you stronger. It’s designed and used to enhance your testosterone output naturally, helping you become more muscularly defined and allowing you to drop any extra fat you may have. With a wide range of use in the health field, it is an up and coming testosterone supplement that has a variety of benefits. As an anabolic testosterone supplement Diezel naturally introduces itself into your system to prompt for testosterone enhancement.



The creator is Beyond Genetics Supplements LLC, which is held privately in Jersey City N.J, and has been creating the supplement for years. They have roughly 17 employees currently and started up in 2011 with their N.J. location being the only location they have worldwide. They state they are passionate about creating supplements in doses that are clinically proven to be effective. Helping you gain the physique you desire through supplements paired with working out and eating right.

They also have a team of ‘Transformation Specialists’ ready for any questions or concerns anyone may have about the product. This team is prepared to help you with your fitness goals on a regular basis. The ‘Fit Club’ section of their website shows you how to work out appropriately, letting you get the best out of the supplement that you can without harming yourself. With a focus on ‘global fitness’, they wish to build a movement relying on ‘positivity, progress and pushing yourself to the limit.’ Beyond Genetics has been managing and distributing Diezel since they began five years ago and have grown as needed, amounting roughly 5 million dollars a year off their products.


How Diezel Works?

As a testosterone builder, it enhances your overall output of testosterone with the five key ingredients it utilizes, which are noted below. It promotes your natural testosterone allowing you to put that hormone to use by building muscle and dropping fat. When working out while using Diezel, testosterone is applied to your muscles just the same as it would when early puberty hits, allowing you to become more defined on a muscular level. The five main ingredients are natural testosterone enhancers that have been used by major bodybuilders and athletes to build muscle.

The influx of testosterone assists with not only building muscle but improving stamina, endurance, performance and self-esteem while working out. It prompts your muscles to react more efficiently by giving them the extra testosterone they would need to do so. For maximum efficiency follow the instructions on the label, including the 30-day clean period after a round of Diezel. By promoting testosterone, you promote an overall wellbeing for yourself. It’s scientifically proven that when you look good, you feel good, and this supplement helps to promote that testosterone boost you may need.


Ingredients of Diezel

It has a small list of ingredients when in comparison to other dietary supplements. The first ingredient is Eurycoma Longifolia (Long Jack Root), this is a plant that inhabits Southeast Asia and has been known for its ability to improve sensual abilities by increasing testosterone in the body. Foenum-Graecum (Fenugreek) is the next on the list. It also has been found to have sensual abilities and helps to keep hormone levels balanced in a positive manner, aiding to the controlled addition of testosterone that it has. Anacyclus Pyrethrum is the third active ingredient on the list, and it is found to be a great testosterone booster. Velvet Bean is next another testosterone enhancer well known for its strength. Maca root is the final active ingredient and is used worldwide for testosterone boosting.

Those five are just the active ingredients, there are a few ingredients that are not active in Diezel as well, such as Gelatin, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Blue #1. All of these ingredients, the first five especially, aid you in becoming leaner and more fit. With a higher self-esteem and a more efficient workout, you hit the gym with a new view of your exercise circuit. The Maca Root and Velvet Bean are the strongest of the testosterone enhancing ingredients and are the driving force behind Diezel.



This testosterone supplement has ingredients that are clinically proven to assist in raising testosterone. A heightened testosterone level is clinically proven to assist with muscle growth and the ability to drop fat, and a spike in endurance and self-esteem. Though the warning on the bottle to not take for more than 30 consecutive days is strange, but not to be worried about. It allies itself with the constant use of hormone enhancing drugs, though the supplement does seem to enhance testosterone, a constant and unbridled use of anything can be bad for you.

With the ability to enhance your workout, help you drop fat, gain muscle and become stronger and faster there is a vast majority of advantages, results are usually seen as early as 30 days or sooner. With a better level of testosterone, you can expect to be able to work out for longer with heavier weights allowing you to start building muscle quickly. You become leaner and more confident with yourself as the days go on. Overall the advantages are straightforward, you gain more muscle, lose fat, your endurance peaks, you become leaner and more confident in yourself when your testosterone is raised. Diezel has all the right ingredients to promote the increase in testosterone needed to receive these results.



Diezel is noted as a natural testosterone booster, and because it’s a supplement it can’t be regulated by the FDA or the GMP at all, the regulation instead lies with the doses of the individual ingredients that are deemed safe. Beyond Genetics has to have a safe product to meet the market, or they wouldn’t be able to sell it to so many without a lawsuit. By ensuring that they’re using the active ingredients in the best way for you, without going over the dose limit that the human body can handle, ensures that their product and the people buying it are safe.

Though the FDA and GMP do well with their areas of expertise supplements aren’t ‘food’ or ‘drugs’ and are not able to be treated as such through the Goods Manufacturing Practice, but you shouldn’t worry. All supplements have the same treatment, from fish oil to B vitamins and everything in between, you still get quality products even without regulations from the FDA and GMP being in place.



Diezel is such an amazing product, in under 30 days I’ve started noticing changes for the better! My friends and family have noticed it too; I’ve been working out longer, and I feel better after every workout, It’s my secret weapon, paired with a heavy workout and an awesome diet.

– John, Miami, FL

I was skeptical of this product at first, but after looking up the ingredients, I gave it a shot and was stunned with the results. Not only do I look better, I feel better, it has helped me get stronger, leaner, faster, and all around has made me feel great.

– Ray, San Francisco, CA

I’ve tried almost every supplement in the book, and none of them have ever worked for me, I had almost given up until a friend suggested to try Diezel. At first, I didn’t think it was working, but people had started noticing a difference within two weeks, so I kept taking them, and I’m so happy I did, now 150 lbs lighter I feel like a completely new person. Stronger, faster, I can do things with ease that used to be difficult, it really has been a total life changer for me.

– Tim, Phoenix, AZ

With such a huge market for testosterone supplements these days I didn’t think I’d ever find something that would work, thankfully before I gave up I tried Diezel. This supplement really boosted my testosterone and helped me shape up, I got stronger, much faster than I thought I could and I felt like I was stronger after every single workout, it’s the real deal.

– Christopher, Philadelphia, PA


Awards & Media Coverage

The media coverage seems to be kept alive through Social Media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other means. This allows Beyond Genetics to market their product to people with a real and honest desire for a healthy living and losing weight. They are active daily and are constantly updating their information and ensuring that you get the highest quality info possible. With their extensive reach in social media, they have been able to ensure Diezel has a large reach. At the same time, they’ve built a supportive and strong community of people who are all searching for ways to be healthier and shed unnecessary weight.

It seems that Beyond Genetics is using their product to create a growing community of happy and healthy individuals. Though their media coverage seems to be restricted, it hasn’t restricted them as a company. It’s actually promoted their growth with the popularity of social media as a whole. They have created a smooth and cunning way to promote their product, while still being able to appeal to new people easily. It has a relatively new start on the market and hasn’t gotten enough time to receive any awards, but the likelihood that awards will start coming in is quite high. The satisfaction rate when using Diezel is quite large and has been growing with the product even with their media coverage being so meager. The reach social media has is undeniable, and Beyond Genetics has utilized it beautifully.


Money-back Guarantee

There is often times a 30-day money back guarantee when you buy Diezel from any vendor. This allows you to get your money back if you don’t feel that you have been given the appropriate compensation. A money back guarantee is the perfect way to be sure your funds will not be wasted, it ensures that you can trust the vendor and allows you to get a product without believing that you could be wasting your money. There is no doubt whatsoever that if you choose someone with a money back guarantee that you will feel safer with your product.

I strongly suggest using this guarantee to ensure that it works for you, even though this product has stunned thousands. This money back guarantee allows you to ensure that the product is right for you. Though it doesn’t seem that anyone has had too much of an issue with it, it’s always better to be safe when it comes to spending your money. Without it, you could be sold rocks in an otherwise empty bottle, not very safe at all. Choosing a vendor with a money back guarantee is essential to ensure that you are safe financially when you buy any product, Diezel included.



The shipping for the supplement is quick and precise; you receive a confirmation number to keep track of your order which takes about 72 hours to process. It may take longer when there are an excessive amount of orders. Once the order is picked up by the carrier handling the package, such as the USPS, you’ll get an email at the address given when you checkout. Orders almost never get lost, but they do have a support email address in case you believe yours has in fact been lost. Your order will be shipped right out of New Jersey within 2-5 business days as long as you’re located domestically.

If there’s an error when you check out contact, their support email and they’ll help you straighten it out without an issue at all. Any returns if you must return the product must be done within 14 days of the date of delivery, unopened and in the original packaging for a refund, any apparel items can only be exchanged for store credit. If you need any size exchanges or have any issues, their support email is always around to assist. Their support email is support@shredz.com Shredz being another name for Beyond Genetics. They’ll help you figure out any strange or complicated issues that you may have with your order at all. They’re happy to help and seem to be ready to take on any challenge or hassle.


Customer Support

The customer support for Beyond Genetics’ website seems to be of strong quality. Ready to assist you but at the same time they won’t try to break any rules for you. They are there in case you have any issues with their product and are happy to help. For example, if something hinders you from accessing material you’ve purchased they’ll do their best to ensure you get the material back, and will happily answer any questions promptly and efficiently. From questions such as ‘what is this label’ to ‘why do people buy dietary supplements’ and everything in between is answered with precision and care as seen in their FAQ section.

The people behind customer service pay attention and are able to answer your questions quickly; there is even a support chat box I saw pop up while navigating the site. You could talk to a real life person right then and there to assist you with your problems, getting them solved and getting answers quickly and efficiently. With hassle being kept to a minimum you can ensure that their customer support is capable and helpful, it can be extraordinary when you do actually use it. Don’t be afraid to reach out; their representatives seem to be kind, professional and knowledgeable about the product and every aspect of its ability.


Safe & Secure Checkout

At the bottom of Beyond Genetics’ site, there is a bit of tiny text that states “Secure Shopping with Certified SSL” it has a little lock icon next to it. When you see that you know that your information, including personal information such as address, credit card number, and everything else people might want to steal is 100% safe. No one can take it, no one can steal it, and you are safely able to purchase this product specifically on the site, with a strong sense of security. They utilize Comodo, one of the strongest SSL’s there is.

SSL’s are secure shopping certificates that allow people to shop without being at risk for all kinds of thievery that could occur. This little line of text ensures that you’re not going to have any issues when checking out in the terms of finance. Without this enabled on a website you could fall victim to a slew of scams or stresses that could put you at risk, but thankfully the proper security to ensure your transaction is safe is already in place.



The usual pricing happens to land at around $59.99 USD for a container of 90 pills, and that’s a steal with the price usually starting at $74.99 USD. This doesn’t include the shipping but with the mass amount that you get with the container, it’s well worth the effects and the way that it makes you feel in the long run. Hundreds of people have followed Beyond Genetics’ Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, building a strong community even with the price of Diezel being so high. It appears to work, and when a supplement on the market actually works, people are willing to pay top dollar. Though at first the top dollar of 74.66 seems steep with all of the information above it’s clear that it’s is well worth the money and time to get a body that you’ve been trying to get for years.






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