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Diesel Test Review – Are You Worried About Your Natural Test Levels?

What Is Diesel Test?

Diesel test is an organic testosterone booster formulated to help raise free testosterone levels in the body. By stimulating t-levels, this workout supplement aims to increase muscle mass, cut recovery time, regulate hormone levels and optimize workout capability. It is designed for fitness-minded men aged eighteen and over and is marketed and sold worldwide. The ingredients in its formula are all derived from plants, herbs and minerals.

This t-booster is designed for any man in general who wants to boost his fitness levels fast. It is also purported to be especially effective in helping stimulate testosterone production in older men whose levels may have declined over the years. It is equally marketed to bodybuilders and weightlifters who are looking to ramp up their strength and endurance. In addition, this product is geared toward athletes who are seeking to boost their sports performance, energy and strength. It comes in capsule form and is widely regarded in fitness communities as a safe, legal way to boost testosterone naturally.



Diesel Test is manufactured by a company by the name of Red Series Products LLC. The company headquarters appear to be located in San Diego, CA. Aside from the manufacturer name and the headquarters address, very little information is available on this company online or via the official product website. This is unfortunate, as there are many consumers who are wary of doing business with a company who appears less than established, or for whom there is not much information available. To gain customer trust and boost their sales, Red Series Products LLC would be well-advised to at least post an ‘About Us’ section on their website.

Red Series Products LLC appears to be a relatively new company judging by the 2016 copyright date on the Diesel Test website, although it is also possible that it is only the product itself that is new (or reformulated). If this manufacturer does indeed offer a line of other products, it would be beneficial to post links on the product website for customers to further check out. A company philosophy section would also be very helpful in order to help potential buyers learn more about Red Series Products LLC’s product and customer service philosophy.


How Diesel Test Works?

For those new to anabolic supplements and bodybuilding, testosterone is a steroid hormone that is naturally produced by the body. Athletes and bodybuilders in particular know how instrumental it is in building muscle mass, bone density, power, strength and other male physical and performance-related traits. As an all-natural t-booster, Diesel Test stimulates free testosterone production both actively and passively. Some researches believe organic testosterone boosters are more effective in encouraging protein synthesis — the process whereby the body’s cells produce more protein — than exercise-induced testosterone production alone.

First of all, this supplement purportedly facilitates the active production of testosterone by dissolving directly into the bloodstream and instigating a complex chemical reaction that ramps up t-levels. On the other hand, this workout booster achieves testosterone production passively by inhibiting chemical compounds that block or inhibit the process. This also results in increased Nitric Oxide levels, which means nutrients and oxygen are directly and efficiently delivered to working muscles, leading to more powerful pumps and less recovery time post-workout. Users are instructed to take one to two capsules one to two times daily with a glass of water, ideally before workouts.


Ingredients of Diesel Test

The ingredients are comprised entirely of plants, herbs, minerals and natural extracts. One key ingredient in its proprietary formula blend is Tribulus Terrestris, a.k.a. Devil’s Weed. Tribulus Terrestris is an annual plant that is harvested around the world. It has become wildly popular in athletic and weightlifting communities in recent years due to its reputation as a powerful t-booster used in conjunction with heavy training programs. Its active ingredient is Saponin, which is believed to be the driving factor behind fast, lean muscle-mass development.

L-Arginine, an amino acid known in fitness communities for its effectiveness in pumping up Nitric Oxide levels, is another key ingredient. With increased Nitric Oxide production comes better blood flow to muscle tissue, which not only builds strength and endurance but also allows muscles to heal faster. Because L-Arginine is primarily used in the biosynthesis of proteins, it is thought to be helpful in relaxing the walls of blood vessels to allow for increased flow to musculature to facilitate longer, more intense workouts. This amino acid is not produced naturally, which is why those driven to pack on lean muscle mass make a point to incorporate this supplement into their training program.

Boron, a chemical element necessary to the proper absorption and metabolism of various minerals and elements, is another featured ingredient in Diesel Test’s formula blend. It is also thought to promote improved muscle mass, greater brain function and mental alertness. Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium) is another important ingredient. Horny Goat Weed is an herb that has been popular for thousands of years in Chinese culture for fighting fatigue and improving blood flow. Many believe this herb helps raise testosterone levels and promotes better adrenal functioning, thereby leading to better workouts and bigger, harder muscle mass.



The biggest advantage touted by the manufacturer of Diesel Test is, of course, the ability to pack on greater lean muscle mass significantly quicker than could purportedly be achieved by workouts alone. With consistent use, this supplement claims to maximizes workout potential in order to enable explosive workouts and bigger, harder muscles. It also promises greater endurance, improved strength and better hormone production. It must be noted that the product does not claim to be a magic muscle-building bullet. For best results, it is designed to work in conjunction with a healthy diet, portion control and a rigorous training program.

Another tremendous advantage promised is the supplement’s youthing effects via restoring testosterone levels that have naturally depleted with age. According to the official product website, testosterone levels begin to drop after the age of thirty by 2-4% each year. This causes negative effects like a softer, flabbier body due to decreased muscle density, fatigue and fat gain. By ramping up Nitric Oxide production and t-levels, this formula promises to be beneficial to nearly all men in elevating energy levels, torching fat and restoring free testosterone to youthful levels in the body. It purports to simultaneously burn fat to reveal the harder musculature built underneath.

This product also claims to beneficial in promoting a sharper mental focus and better brain functioning. This is likely also due to increased Nitric Oxide levels, a process that not only applies to anabolic functioning but also to neural functioning. By enlarging blood vessels and upping energy levels, thus also increasing quicker, sharper brain functioning and cognitive skills. Confidence is another likely benefit due to all of the above, when one is at their peak performance level physically and mentally, one is bound to feel their best (which definitely projects to others).



This workout supplement is unfortunately short on sales-promoting and customer trust-fostering certificates. On the official Diesel Test website, is it not noted whether or not this t-booster has received any certificates in regards to quality of popularity. This may likely prove to be a detriment to company revenue, as it would almost certainly appear to significantly more customers (hence generating significantly greater sales), if there were such certificates visible on the site.

One important certificate for the manufacturer to consider would be the GMP certificate. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice and is a regulation procedure intended to assure consumers that all products with this stamp have met a certain criteria of quality product design and manufacturing practice. This is especially important in the world of nutritional supplements, where quality assurance is of the utmost (considering the many gimmick supplements available). A certificate testifying to the fact that this booster was developed in a sterile lab would also be a wise idea, if this is in fact the case. The manufacture may want to take special note of these facts and consider updating their official product site with such certificates.



After the trial, I decided to buy a couple of bottles for a full two-month cycle. I’ve been working my biceps harder than I’ve been able to do since my twenties, and my strength has drastically increased. Getting as stacked as I have been has put a strut in my step for sure. Diesel Test is a game-upper for any guy who wants to train hard and get shredded. – Ivan, auto mechanic in Afton, OH, US

In a few words, this t-booster kicked absolute ass. My mood levels are great, I can run circles around my workout buddies at the track and I’ve gained over an inch of rock-hard muscle since I started mixing this into my protein shakes before workouts. It’s been about four months since I started taking this and I can’t wait to see what it will do after six. For me at least, this has been a secret weapon. – James, audio engineer in New York, NY, US

I was skeptical going in but ten pounds down going out, and counting. So far, I haven’t had any weird side effects whatsoever, not to mention the fact that this is one of the better-tasting supplements I’ve tried. Not only have I noticed a huge difference in my training sessions and how much I’m able to bench, but I’ve noticed that my stress levels have gone down as well. The soreness after workouts isn’t nearly as intense and doesn’t last nearly as long. Diesel Test is doing what it said it would do and more. – Lane, realtor in Denver, CO, US

My co-workers have been pestering me about what I’ve done to look so cut lately, and I tell them all about my new test booster. It’s helped me to bulk up, to lose a few pounds and to get up in the morning without having to hit the snooze button three times. I can do more reps at the gym, and I feel like I’ve even been getting better sleep. I have a ton of new energy and confidence, which has improved my quality of life more than I can even express. This may or may not be right for everybody, but for me, it has worked wonders. – Jim, executive in Clearwater, FL, US


Awards & Media Coverage

According to its website, Diesel Test was voted #1 Best Product/Ranked #1 In Category In 2015. However, it does not specify what organization awarded them this honor. The manufacturer will very likely want to consider linking to the relevant organization in order to further foster customer trust and veracity. As for other awards and media coverage, there are none specifically notated on the official product website.

Though this dietary supplement has not yet established an extensive popular media presence, it can be found online on a number of fitness review sites. Moreover, these reviews have been largely positive, with many reviewers stating impressive results and very few side effects. It has also been featured by various bodybuilders on sites like YouTube. It is marketed on mass commercial websites and has been discussed on forums dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding. In addition, it seems to have made an impact in the bodybuilding community worldwide judging by the number of review sites, blogs and forums it has been covered and reviewed by.


Money-back Guarantee

Fit-minded men who would like to try Diesel Test are in luck, because the its manufacturer offers a 14-day trial period to test drive the product. This 14-day evaluation period includes an additional four days for shipping. The only charge (for the trial, which comes with a thirty-day supply of capsules) is a minimal fee for shipping and handling, which is non-refundable. If the user decides this supplement is not for them, they must call customer service to cancel before the end of the trial period. Otherwise, they will be automatically enrolled in an auto-renewal program that will ship out a fresh thirty-day supply every month while charging their credit card on file the full, non-trial price of the product.

Fortunately as well, a money-back guarantee is available to customers who purchase the product on a non-trial basis. In the event the buyer would like a refund, they must call a customer service representative within thirty days of the purchase date to get a Return Authorization number, which they must then use to return the product to the company distribution center in San Diego, CA. All products must be returned unopened in order to be eligible for a refund. As with the trial, all shipping and handling charges are non-refundable, and according to the company website, customers are restricted to one returned unopened package refund per order. Refunds can take up to thirty days to post on the customer’s account.



According to the checkout section on the company website, product orders are shipped via FedEx Express, UPS and the United States Postal Service. The manufacturer ships to a handful of countries in addition to the United States. The shipping and handling cost for the 14-day trial period is a reasonable $4.95. The company promises to ship all orders via expedited delivery within one to four business days of the purchase date, while the website even offers an estimated arrival date upon checkout. There is some confusion as to shipping carriers: while the checkout section offers a variety of shipping merchants, the ‘Terms’ section of the website states that the company uses only USPS First-Class Shipping.

Shipments are not sent out on Saturdays, Sundays or any holidays. All arrival time estimates are general, as the manufacturer does not guarantee specific dates or times. The manufacturer states that Diesel Test does not refund or credit delivery delivery or processing charges for any shipments. Overall, this company’s delivery policies are fair, the only area they may want to improve upon is clarifying on the website whether or not non-USPS mail carriers are used.


Customer Support

Red Series Products LLC offers a basic customer support network for current and potential customers. The Diesel Test official website offers a toll-free 1-855 telephone number for any and all questions before, during or after a (potential) sale. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST. Representatives are available to help twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with the exception of weekends, New Year’s Day, Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. Via the contact section on the website, the manufacturer espouses a deep commitment to quality customer service.

People may also contact customer service representatives via a support email address provided on the contact section of the website. There is also a San Diego, CA return address listed as well. Much to customers’ likely confusion, the customer service hours of operation are different on the product website’s ‘Privacy’ section than they are on the ‘Contact Us’ section. The merchant will most definitely want to clarify which is accurate and amend the listed hours accordingly in order to prevent potential frustration and confusion on the part of their buyers.


Safe & Secure Checkout

In terms of a safe and secure checkout, this manufacturer appears to have invested in a basic level of customer information security. Upon checkout, clearly displayed is the MasterCard Secure logo. This logo is an added online shopping protection that serves to guard against misuse of customers’ credit cards. With this, MasterCard customers may create an individualized, private code that can be accessed only by themselves and their financial institution.

The Verified By Visa logo is also prominently displayed upon checkout. Verified By Visa is a security measure offered by Visa that protects cardholders from unauthorized online purchases. The website also displays a ‘Secure 128 Bit Encrypted Connection,’ which is an SSL certificate that utilizes encryption software to protect buyers’ personal and financial information. This allows sensitive information to be transmitted securely. Indeed. Diesel Test customers are offered several important security measures to assure the protection of their personal and financial data.


Pricing & Free Trial

For a regularly-priced one-month supply of Diesel Test capsules, the current cost is $89.95. As stated on the official product website, membership fees to the site are subject to change at any time. To cancel a current membership, a customer must call the toll-free support number provided at least seven days before the expiration date of their current membership term. Members can cancel or modify at order at any time by calling the same number. The manufacturer states that it is not responsible for any overdraft or any such fees incurred as a result of a transaction.

Additionally, those who choose to return their products are subject to a restocking fee of $5.95 per returned bottle. Buyers will likely find all of the above policies to be reasonable with the possible exception of the auto-shipment program. For those who prefer to order on their own time, the need to call customer service to cancel out of the program before unwanted charges are incurred, may be an inconvenience. However, others who wish to continue a regular regimen with this t-booster may find this policy to be a bonus.






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