DailyBoost Review – Can It Give You The Necessary Boost?

What Is DailyBoost?

According to the manufacturer of this product, DailyBoost is an extremely effective and highly advanced supplement designed to enhance your cerebral activity. The manufacturer’s goal in creating this pill was not only to enhance your general alertness and mental energy, but also to aid in many other essential activities in your daily life. The ingredients included in this formulation are purported to be entirely natural, meaning they should be safe for the average person to use – unless they have a particular allergy to one of these ingredients or some medical condition that precludes using this supplement.

In fact, as the manufacturer notes in the terms and conditions on the product website, it is always important to check with your own physician when considering any new supplement. This is particularly the case if you have medical issues or take medications that this supplement might interfere with in some way. Only once your doctor has signed off on the inclusion of this product in your daily regime should you move forward in purchasing and using it.

Unfortunately, one of the difficulties of deciding whether you want to use this supplement or not is that the product website does not include all of the ingredients incorporated into this formulation. It will be very hard for your doctor to tell you whether you can safely use this product – or whether he or she thinks it will even be effective for you – without knowing just what is included in the formula. It may be possible to contact customer service and inquire about the ingredients, but this is an inconvenience the customer should not have to deal with.

Even so, the maker of this product indicates on the website that it can be useful in helping you unlock the full and unfiltered potential of your brain for the very first time, which in turn will help you enhance your body. And unlike many other supplements that might promise you results in weeks or months, the manufacturer of DailyBoost indicates that you could very well feel the effect from these pills in less than half an hour of taking the first one.

And there is no denying that a number of reviewers and current customers have noted how this product has tremendously enhanced their ability to think and focus. For athletes and bodybuilders, focus is extremely important. The manufacturer states that this is a direct consequence of the high quality ingredients included in this formulation. The experienced researchers who have created this remarkable supplement have applied all their knowledge to provide you with a product that they believe can truly enhance your life and your workouts in a significant way.



DailyBoost Products, Inc., located in Phoenix, Arizona manufactures this product in the United States, providing customers with some reassurance that it will be manufactured to relatively high standards. Furthermore, the maker of DailyBoost assures potential customers that this product is 100% all natural. For many individuals attempting to increase their athletic ability or enhance their physique, avoiding artificial chemicals, toxins and other substances that might be harmful to their long-term health is an important consideration. With DailyBoost, you don’t have to be concerned about this.

Note that the Phoenix location given above is not the same as the return address. If you want to return this product at some point, it will have to be returned to the return facility in Savannah, Georgia. Returns mistakenly sent to the wrong facility will not be processed and you will not receive a refund. Also ensure that any packages of the product you are returning include a RMA number on the outside. This number is obtainable through customer support.


How DailyBoost Works?

The primary ingredient included in this product serves as a mental enhancer. A good deal of anecdotal evidence has indicated that it is extremely effective in enhancing motivation, concentration and attention span. The primary ingredient used in this product is Phosphatidylcholine, which is usually found in – among other things – sunflower seeds, mustard, soybeans and eggs. Enhancing your motivation can make workout routines much easier.

But as an ingredient in this product, Phosphatidylcholine is viewed by the manufacturer as being useful for enhancing your mental acuity, cognitive powers and focus. Again, one of the primary problems that bodybuilders, weightlifters and strength athletes in general face is the difficulty of focusing their thoughts and their efforts on the single-purpose of getting their bodies in shape no matter what the obstacle. This product may be able to help with this.

Ingredients of DailyBoost

Along with a number of unnamed extracts, this product includes as its primary ingredient Phosphatidylcholine. It is rather concerning that the manufacturer doesn’t offer a clear label of just what the other ingredients in this product are and in what quantity they are included. Most people consuming any type of supplement, whether it’s for muscle building or energy enhancement, want to be sure that they know exactly what they are taking.

One of the most important things to note is that the manufacturer on their product website assures current customers and potential buyers that this product is manufactured in the United States and that the ingredients used in it are 100% natural. Unfortunately, the failure of the company to put up a clear list of ingredients makes it difficult for consumers or reviewers to actually verify the nature of the ingredients used in this formulation.



Anyone taking this supplement is going to expect certain benefits from doing so. According to the manufacturer, DailyBoost can offer you a number of significant advantages as long as you adhere to a daily exercise regime and a healthy diet. Below are just some of the advantages the manufacturer says you will enjoy:

More Positive Mood

One of the principal advantages supposedly provided by this product is that it will allow you to have a much more positive mood in your day-to-day activities, whether it’s working out or working at the office.

Enhanced Mental Performance

The manufacturer also indicates that users may well see their mental performance enhanced in a number of different areas, from memory to cognition.

Greater Alertness

This product can supposedly also reduce any mental or physical fatigue you may feel during the day. This can be useful in helping you complete whatever task you happen to be doing at the time.

Maximize Your Performance

You may also be able to increase your performance level in your daily activities – and particularly in your workout regimen – allowing you to push yourself to the absolute max. You will simply have more energy than you ever did before.



Certificates are useful to customers because they allow them to determine the degree of support there might be in the industry and industry related organizations for a particular product. In the case of this supplement, the product website page doesn’t seem to reveal much in the way of certifications. The company itself certifies it as being 100% natural and safe. It also states that it is produced according to GMP manufacturing and laboratory standards.

However, another way to look at certification is as the endorsement of a product. In that regard, one could argue that DailyBoost has a tremendous number of certifications from the hundreds of thousands of customers who have purchased and continue to use the product. Currently, the website states that this product has over 124,000 fans on Facebook. If that doesn’t speak to customer confidence in this product, it’s hard to think what does.



I have found that this product has been everything I could hope for and more. Over the last few months, my energy levels have gone up tremendously and I have been much more enthusiastic and motivated in my daily life and activities. This makes a major change for me, since in recent months I had been fairly depressed and unable to get on with my work or even my exercise routine. Now I find I look forward to both in a way that I haven’t in quite some time. All of my friends and family have noticed the tremendous difference in me ever since I started regularly using this product. I’m getting into the gym on a regular basis again and getting results. I can’t recommend this product highly enough to anyone facing a similar problem.

– Jason Wallace, San Antonio, TX, USA

It used to be when I was fairly young that I had much more alertness and sharper mental focus than I do now. Once I got past 40, I saw myself starting to decline quite a bit in this area. I’m not as quick as I used to be when I was in my teens and 20s. I was getting fairly concerned about this, but then a friend recommended that I tried DailyBoost. He indicated that it made a world of difference for him when he had a similar problem. So I decided to give it a shot and see what it could do for me. I was amazed to find that within a matter of days, I was seeing a tremendous difference in how focused I was at work and in my other daily activities. I had been afraid for a while, but now I feel much more confident and believe that I can understand and perform any task on given at work. I feel that my boss now has far more confidence in me than he did.

– Charlie Caufield, Columbia, SC, USA

Ever since I got to college, I seemed to be falling behind everyone else. Everyone else in my classes always seem to be on the ball and keeping up with the professor. For me, college started off as a kind of blur where I wasn’t sure what I was doing, could not remember important facts or information and had very little energy or motivation to improve my academic performance. My parents – who were paying for my education – became extremely concerned about the direction things were going for me. They bought me a couple of books on succeeding in college and how to focus my thoughts, but none of them really seem to help all that much. Then a professor and one of my classes actually suggested that I might want to try this product, since she had been using it herself. I was pretty skeptical about it at first, since it seemed like too easy of an answer to my problem. But within a few days of starting to take these pills, I became much more focused in my classes and had all the energy I needed to get my work done quickly and correctly. This energy is even extending into my sports activities and workouts. My parents are both relieved and so I might. If you happen to be in school or in college and having trouble like this, I advise you to give this product a try.

– Anton Johnson, Jacksonville, FL, USA

I’m retired and well into my 60s now, and like a lot of people approaching 70 years of age, I’m concerned about keeping myself as fit as I can, both physically and mentally. I definitely don’t want to find myself just sitting around with no energy and no desire to get out and do things. Even worse, I want to have the same kind of sharp focus that I always had when I was working. Even when I’m trying to do some exercise, I find I don’t seem to have the energy. So I decided I would try to do something about this by looking into research about maintaining your mental acuity and energy. That’s when I noticed an review discussing DailyBoost. Even though it wasn’t focusing specifically on the concerns of senior citizens when it comes to thinking processes, I did find it encouraging that it discussed using this product to maintain your cognitive abilities and mental acuity. I was curious, so I decided to try it myself. I have to admit, it performed much better than I was really expecting. I feel far more energetic, motivated and focused than I have since I retired. I’m suddenly planning new projects around the house, going out on trips around town more often and even thinking about my anniversary plans. This supplement is a real godsend. If you’ve reached the age of retirement and are feeling a bit concerned about your own mental energy, you definitely might want to give this product a try.

– Brad Thorp, Denver, CO, USA

The problem I was facing in attempting to get into better physical shape was that I simply didn’t feel as though I had the energy and my mind wasn’t really focused on what I needed to do to make it happen. I was easily distracted by all the other things I had to do every day, whether it was going to work or dealing with family issues, and I could never seem to motivate myself to go to the gym often enough order work hard enough once I was there. I tried any number of exercise supplements, but most of these didn’t do anything for me because they were only really effective if you were exercising hard while you were taking them. My problem was just getting over the hump and making myself to the hard workouts I needed to do. A friend I know suggested that I try DailyBoost, since what I really needed was the energy, focus and motivation to get on with the process of getting myself in shape. After I purchased it and started using it, I was astounded that in a matter of days I was feeling far more committed to my exercise regime and to pushing myself in the gym. I started going more often and getting more done. In a very short time, the fat started going away and I started adding the muscle I had been looking for to begin with. If you’re having trouble just getting yourself going because you don’t have the energy and you can’t get your mind focused on your goals and your obstacles, I strongly recommend trying this fantastic product yourself.

– Stanley Kaminski, Fort Worth, TX, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

One way to judge how popular a product is by looking at how much media coverage it has received and how many awards it has been given. According to the DailyBoost product website, this particular formulation has received a tremendous amount of media coverage on any number of outlets. Apparently, the ingredients and used in this formulation have been discussed By NBC News, The Epoch Times, Medium and The Channels.

Awards are also another thing that potential customers often look for when considering this kind of product. After all – they assume – any product that has an award must be far better and more effective than a similar product that doesn’t have an award. But this isn’t necessarily true. At this time, the product website shows no specific awards having been given to DailyBoost. However, as this increasingly popular supplement grows in notoriety over time, it seems likely that it will be the recipient of various awards in years to come. And certainly, the popularity that this product has with consumers speaks for itself.


Money-back Guarantee

In their terms and conditions, the manufacturer notes on the website that once 30 days have passed after you receive your order, sales are then final. Refunds – which do not include shipping and handling costs – can only be automatically offered on unused, unopened items. Any refunds for items that have been opened and used may be considered when you call and ask for a RMA number so you can return an item. No items will be accepted at all that do not have a valid RMA number printed or written on the outside of the package being returned. For individual orders – not trial in subscription orders – you must contact the company by phone or email no more than 30 days after you have received your order if you want to return it. Return merchandise shipping and handling is paid for by the customer.

For the subscription plan, customers are given a full 29 days after they have placed their order to cancel their subscription without having to pay for anything but shipping and handling. In order to cancel the subscription, the customer must call the toll-free number or email the company. They must also return the bottle to the company within 29 days of receiving it. Once this is done, no more bottles will be sent, the subscription will be canceled and no further charges will be made to the credit card you used initially.



Under their terms and conditions on the website, the manufacturer indicates that you will most likely receive your order in 2-4 business days – as long as you are located in the United States – after it has been processed. Orders outside of the United States may require an additional two business days for you to receive. Regardless, delivery times can vary according to your location and the confirmation email sent to you will mention your specific delivery date. Note that any orders placed on a weekend or on Friday will be shipped by the following Monday – unless that happens to be a United States holiday, in which case it will arrive one day later.

If you experience an unexpected delay in receiving your product, the maker suggests that you should feel free to contact their customer service department at the toll-free number or email the list on the website. If the order you have placed is late and is the trial order leading to the subscription program, the manufacturer suggests that you ask customer support for an extension on the trial period so you still have sufficient time to evaluate the product before deciding whether you want it or not. Since all shipped orders use delivery confirmation, the company cannot issue an refund for non-delivery if you do not notify them of the problem within 29 days.


Customer Support

Most companies seem to want to ensure that they provide quality customer support to ensure that their customers are fully satisfied with both the product and the way the purchasing process was handled by the company. The manufacturers of DailyBoost are no exception to this, and provide a number of methods for contacting the company regarding any questions you might have about the product or to resolve any issues or problems that have cropped up. They offer customers both a toll-free number, and email address and a physical address so that customers can easily contact them at any time. It’s unclear on the website whether the toll-free number is staffed 24 hours a day, but even if it is not there is still the email method of contacting the company.

In the event that you have issues with the product as it was delivered or it has gone missing, you can simply contact customer support to have the matter resolved. The same is the case if you have any questions regarding the recommended dosage schedule. But the makers of this product go beyond these basic services and provide their customers with much more. For instance, if you choose to sign up for their subscription plan, you immediately gain access to their health and weight loss portal. This is a feature that has a number of videos and e-books regarding weight loss and health in general. This is something that you generally won’t find with other online suppliers of supplements, and is a very nice extra perk provided by DailyBoost.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Like anyone else, you will want to be sure when purchasing this or any other product that your personal and financial information will be protected. The last thing you want is for this data and the fall in the hands of hackers or identity thieves. Fortunately, the manufacturers of DailyBoost appear to make every effort to ensure that your private information is thoroughly protected while you are on the site and during the checkout process. The logos on the site indicate that it is protected by McAfee Secure, VeriSign Secured and SSL encryption. SSL ensures that the information you are sending and receiving on the site are encrypted and protected from hackers. Both McAfee Secure and VeriSign Secured confirmed to potential customers that the site is regularly tested and checked for any potential security problems or malware.

If and when you decide you want to buy a bottle of DailyBoost, the company provides several methods you can choose from for making a payment, including debit cards and credit cards. Keep in mind that some payment methods may not work if you are located outside the United States. If you have any concerns that your credit card data might be compromised in some way, please feel free to contact customer support for advice and assistance. Also keep in mind that your credit card company will also likely have measures in place to help protect you in the event of credit card fraud or identity theft. Obviously, no one wants to have to fall back on these protective measures provided by credit card companies.


Pricing & Free Trial

The manufacturer of DailyBoost provides a range of options when it comes to purchasing this product. If you simply want to purchase bottles out right without joining their subscription plan, you have the option of buying either one bottle – a 30 day supply – for $59.99, which includes the shipping and handling cost. Alternatively, you can get two bottles +1 free bottle at a price of $43.99 each, which means you would pay a total of $131.97. This would save you $40 that you would have otherwise had to pay if you purchased one bottle at a time.

If you choose to sign up for the company’s subscription plan, your debit or credit card will be charged for the shipping and handling costs. If after receiving your trial bottle of the product you decide you want to continue using it, you will be charged $89.99 for the initial bottle and will then be charged an additional $89.99 for each monthly shipment of the product thereafter. This cost includes shipping and handling. Clearly, given these numbers the better bargain would be to simply choose the option of purchasing two bottles +1 free, rather than signing up for the subscription plan. Otherwise, you would be paying more than twice as much per each bottle. The company also notes in its terms of service that they may occasionally offer discounted pricing or special offers.






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