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What Is Cybergenics Iso-Test?

Cybergenics Iso-Test is a naturally formulated pro testosterone booster for men. Low levels of testosterone can cause many physical problems, and unfortunately a lowering of testosterone is normal beginning around the age of thirty and decreasing from there. Higher levels of testosterone helps build lean muscle tissue, increases blood circulation, enhances mood and increases energy for high intensity workouts.


Manufacturer Information

Cybergenics Iso-Test is manufactured by the company Windmill Health Products. Windmill Health Products is known as a sports nutrition manufacturer that specializes in bodybuilding and weight loss supplements. The company was founded by Paul Becker in the state of Oregon in 1994.


How Cybergenics Iso-Test Works?

The key ingredient in ISO-Test Pro Testosterone Booster is Eurycome Longifolia which is an herbal extract. Eurycome Longifolia is also known by the name of Tongkat Ali which is often used in Asian medicine practices to treat men with low testosterone. The product is able to boost the body’s production of testosterone, a male hormone responsible for building muscles, providing energy, stamina, improving performance in sports and other activities and stabilizing mood.



ISO-Test has a relatively short list of ingredients. The key ingredient, as mentioned above, is Eurycoma Longifolia or Tongkat Ali which is responsible for boosting testosterone levels. ISO-Test also contains Nettle Extract which aids in toning muscles and burning excess fat stores. The Nettle Extract also provides an energy boost which helps performance during intense workouts. Another ingredient in ISO-Test is Dimethyl Chrysin, which is a flavonoid that prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. It also contains Bioperine, which helps the body absorb and metabolize the ingredients more efficiently.


Advantages Over Other Products

One primary advantage that ISO-Test has over other products is its main key ingredient which has been used in Asian medicine for decades to treat men with low testosterone. Another advantage is that the list of ingredients in ISO-Test is relatively short, which means you are not putting a lot of foreign substances into your body which is healthier. Additionally, ISO-Test contains no sugar or artificial ingredients. It is an all-natural supplement perfect for men who want to boost their testosterone for bodybuilding, athletic performance or just basic fitness with an aid for fat burning.

Breakdown of advantages:

  • Key ingredient proven in Asian medicine;
  • Simple list of ingredients;
  • Aids in fat burning;



Windmill Health Products is a cGMP (certified Good Manufacturing Practices) facility, which is held to strict manufacturing standards regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).



We received the following testimonial from a user named Marty T. Here’s what he had to say about Cybergenics Iso-Test Pro-Testosterone Booster:

I started working out about a year ago when I realized I would be turning forty soon and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life being soft and out of shape. Workouts alone helped me lose a few pounds, but that was it. I would spend hours in the gym lifting and doing different cardio routines but was getting nowhere. Then I saw an ad for CyberGenics ISO-T that claimed to help men with Low T. I did some research and had a physical, and sure enough my testosterone levels were low and getting lower as I got older.

I used ISO-Test faithfully for thirty days and finally started seeing some results. I reordered a couple months’ supply and have been taking it for about a year now. I am stronger, leaner, my muscles have a density they lacked before and my endurance for high intensity workouts is insane. I went from being gushy in the middle to ripped in just a few months and I have never felt better. I highly recommend Cybergenics Iso-Test Pro-Testosterone Booster!


Media Coverage

Cybergenics Iso-Test has been featured and advertised in:

  • Widely circulated fitness magazines;
  • Bodybuilding books and magazines;
  • Fashion magazines;
  • Through direct mail campaigns;
  • On national television;


Money-back Guarantee

Cybergenics currently does not offer any satisfaction or money back guarantees on any of their products, including ISO-Test, though CyberGenics customer support did say it was being considered for the future.



Shipping within the US is free with orders over $35.00. Disclaimer regarding shipping: International buyers must be aware of their respective country’s regulations concerning the import of this supplement. If it is not allowed in the country where you live, it could be confiscated and/or destroyed by customs agents at customs check points. If this happens, CyberGenics will not issue any refund or credit.


Customer Support

There is limited customer support for this product other than the product information given on the manufacturer’s website, although there is a customer support email address for questions or comments about the ISO-Test product or any of the CyberGenics products. Though customer support appears to be only available via email, response times to our questions were within twenty four hours or less and the staff seems knowledgeable about ISO-Test and the company info for CyberGenics.


Safe & Secure Checkout

All online purchases are 100% safe and secure. The CyberGenics manufacturer’s website is protected by McAfee Internet security software and the technical support team monitors the servers 24/7. All online transactions are highly encrypted, meaning your identity and financial information is kept 100% confidential, guaranteed. Additionally, CyberGenics online purchasing system never saves or stores any personal or financial information such as names or credit card numbers.



Cybergenics Iso-Test sells for $29.99 for 30 capsules which is a thirty day supply of the supplement. Currently there is no free trial available for ISO-Test.


  • One of the pros of Iso-Test is that it is made by a reputable manufacturer, which gives consumers some assurance of the quality of the product they are buying.
  • Cybergenics Iso-Test is an all-natural compound and is based on proven key ingredients.


  • Users may have to consume this product for more than thirty days to notice the full effects of it.
  • Another downside to this product is that there is no money back or satisfaction guarantee and no free trial offer.

Cybergenics Iso-Test

Summary: This product Cybergenics Iso-Test made by Windmill Health Products is based on ingredients that have been long proven to be effective in boosting testosterone levels in men. This product is geared mainly toward male bodybuilders who are healthy that just want to boost their testosterone levels for a better performance and more lean muscle bulk.

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