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Crea Boost Review – Want to Feel Invincible in the Gym?

What Is Crea Boost?

Crea Boost, despite its somewhat confusing name, is not a creatine supplement, but rather, it’s a testosterone booster. However, it also contains ingredients that make it useful as a pre-workout supplement. Part of this supplement’s success is its versatility: it works as an all-natural stimulant, a nitric oxide booster, and a support for both testosterone levels and muscular strength. If you’re like most strength athletes, you want to get stronger, add muscle, cut fat, and feel energized. This is a supplement that can do all of those things.

Crea Boost has a diverse and somewhat unusual ingredient profile. It contains an ingredient that was the subject of a research study that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 – this ingredient, L-arginine, increases blood flow to muscles while they’re working and at rest. This supports your ability to work out for a longer period of time and lift heavier, since it increases the delivery of oxygen to muscle tissue. It also helps you get maximum gains, seeing as it ensures your post-workout meal is delivered to your muscle tissue. It also contains several herbal ingredients that have been shown, through research and/or anecdotal evidence, to support testosterone levels and help create hormonal balance. Some of these ingredients have been shown to help create more muscle strength.

Lastly, one thing that really helps make this supplement usable as a pre-workout supplement is the presence of an all-natural stimulant that doubles as a cutting agent. This ingredient, yohimbine, carries the benefit of lasting energy. It’s been used by bodybuilders for many years to help with cutting. Thus, this supplement becomes a complete way to support your testosterone levels, add lean mass, drop fat, and feel generally energized.



Crea Boost is made by a single-supplement manufacturer, meaning that the manufacturer only makes this one supplement. If this seems somewhat unusual, it is. However, while some may look askance at a product made in this manner, there are actually several distinct advantages to purchasing a product made in this manner. One is that customer service representatives will know much more about their product than reps for big-box companies. This is because with a big manufacturer, a representative will need to know about the effects, ingredients, etc. of many products, maybe even hundreds. If you call a company like this to ask about a product, the representative on the line may well just be checking the company website for information about a product. With this product, chances are great that a representative will have plenty of information on recall.

Another advantage is that you know that this company will stand behind its product. Because all research sponsored by the company was intended to improve this product, you know the manufacturers’ full effort went into making Crea Boost. And because the company is committed to the product, they’re also committed to making your experience with it as positive as possible. Even after you’ve made a purchase, representatives will be available to help you make good decisions about how you use it.


How Crea Boost Works?

This supplement is designed to support increased testosterone, but this description is really an oversimplification of its abilities. This supplement functions by increasing your athletic ability, by supporting healthy levels of testosterone, and by increasing energy naturally.

The increase in athletic ability is caused by the inclusion of the herb tribulus terrestris and by the inclusion of L-arginine. Tribulus terrestris has been used as a testosterone booster and energy enhancer for centuries. This herb, unlike many components of “traditional medicine,” actually has been shown in studies to have a positive effect on athletic performance. The comparatively well-researched L-arginine, on the other hand, enhances your athletic performance by increasing blood flow to muscles.This delivers more oxygen and nutrients to them, which lets you lift (or do cardio) for a longer period of time with less fatigue. It works this way by holding off the presence of lactic acid. This is a substance that builds as muscles run out of oxygen. You probably know it as the burning sensation you feel as you approach muscle failure.

With Crea Boost, the buildup of lactic acid is delayed. This can let you get in another rep or another lap, and therefore reach your physique goals faster than ever. Additionally, it supports your gains by giving you maximum benefit from your recovery drink or meal. Increased blood flow means better nutrient delivery, so you get the most out of your post-workout protein. Energy and strength are supported with the inclusion of Siberian Ginseng, an herb that can increase your well-being and give you the energy to face up to difficult workouts. Similarly Maca Root is a useful tool to balance hormones and encourage testosterone formation. This is an all-natural formula that does not have the harmful side effects of steroids.

This supplement also helps to increase your energy. The ingredients that help regulate hormones and encourage testosterone formation do this because testosterone can, in itself, give you better energy and make you feel generally better. But yohimbe plays a key role in this supplement’s ability to boost energy. It’s an all-natural stimulant that can help you lose fat. The energy it provides is lasting, unlike some stimulants.

Essentially, Cre Boost works on several levels: as an energy support, as a testosterone boost, as a pre-workout supplement, as a performance enhancer, and as a recovery support. If you’re the sort of athlete who likes to streamline your supplement collection, then this is an excellent choice. You can keep it simple without sacrificing the benefits of your current supplement stash.


Ingredients of Crea Boost

This multi-purpose supplement has a great variety of ingredients. They are listed below with some information on history and usage:

L-arginine HCl – This ingredient is known primarily as a nitric oxide booster. Nitric oxide, which is made in the body, supports blood flow to muscles without increasing blood pressure. it does this by encouraging vasodilation, or the widening of blood vessels. This brings more blood to working muscle tissue. We all know that blood carries oxygen and nutrients, so it follows that with this supplement, you’ll be able to exercise for a longer period of time. This applies to both cardio and strength training, since both processes involve muscular consumption of oxygen.

Another great benefit of this ingredient is the fact that it actually increases muscle pump to an impressive degree. If you’re not familiar with the term “muscle pump,” it refers to the full feeling (and appearance) of muscles after a workout. The pump increases because your muscles become filled with blood. Additionally, vasodilation can increase your vascularity, thus making you look ripped and vascular. it’s a big confidence booster, and it can motivate you to continue working hard to achieve your physique goals.

Maca Root – This mountain herb is known for its ability to help regulate hormone levels. It can support healthy testosterone levels and energy. Many men suffer from low testosterone after 30, and taking an herb like this one – even before you hit 30 – can be a great way to avoid drops in testosterone that can be detrimental to your physical and mental health.

Siberian Ginseng – Ginseng has long been regarded as a low-level stimulant, which is why it’s been included in energy drinks. Additionally, it supports increased muscular strength. Thus, it can be an asset in helping you achieve physique goals, seeing as added strength helps you to lift heavier and add muscle faster than ever.

Tribulus Terrestris – This herb has been used for many centuries as a support for testosterone and for general energy. There haven’t been many studies on it to date, but it’s been used in numerous types of traditional medicine. There haven’t been extensive studies of it done, but the limited research that exists does support claims that it can enhance athletic performance. Because it’s a natural extract, it does not have side effects, and if it does have them, they tend to be negligible.

Yohimbe – This ingredient has been used as an energy booster for centuries. It comes from an African shrub. In the U.S. and in the rest of the bodybuilding world, though, it’s been used to both stimulate energy and help you lose fat. It’s slightly thermogenic, meaning that it can help stimulate fat loss even when you’re at rest. Its inclusion is important here, as many testosterone boost supplements lack the stimulant quality that many of us want in a pre-workout supplement. With this ingredient, you know you’ll be charged up enough to complete tough workouts, even if you’re feeling fatigued.



There are many advantages to taking Crea Boost. One obvious advantage is the fact that this supplement is incredibly versatile. As mentioned above, it does more than many supplements. It enhances your performance in strength and cardio, it increases testosterone levels, it helps you make lean gains and lose fat, and it supports better energy. For many people, this has become a one-supplement substitute for a whole cabinet of supplements. Another advantage is that this supplement achieves its objectives all-naturally. You have no need to worry about side effects of steroids and other drugs. It’s perfectly safe and natural.

Yet another advantage is the fact that all ingredients in this supplement are backed by some degree of research. All too often, supplements like this one are rooted firmly in “junk science,” which is science that misconstrues or has no research behind it. This one, while many ingredients are herbal, has been thoroughly researched and has science behind it. When you pay for this supplement, you know you get something that works.

A third advantage is that this is an incredibly convenient way to supplement. Crea Boost comes in pill form, so you don’t need to spend time mixing it as you would with other supplements, especially pre-workouts. It also comes in the especially convenient autoship program. With this program, it only takes one signup, and you’ll be billed for and receive a month’s supply right at your door. We’ve all accidentally run out of a supplement at some point. With this supplement, that will never happen. You may, of course, cancel at any time.



Crea Boost, while its ingredients are high quality and have been researched, has not yet gotten a certificate. However, as discussed below, it is soon to be recognized in several publications for the quality of its ingredients and for their efficacy. As the readers of these magazines find out about this relatively new supplement and then start to use it and see results, the chances are good that the word will get out about this innovative supplement and its benefits. And as the word is spread, chances are good that this supplement will get a certificate or even two.



It is usually smart to hear from people who have tried a supplement. Here are the experiences of a few users of Crea Boost:

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized just how bad it is to have low testosterone. I kept feeling slow, gaining fat, and losing muscle, or it at least felt like it. I tried some herbal stuff, and then i tried some drugstore testosterone boosters. But i still was not really seeing results, even though I was feeling marginally better. Then I found this supplement. It’s reasonably priced and it works! So much less expensive than most of the other autoship supplements. I’m so happy with myself and am a customer for life now.

Robbie, 44, Las Vegas, Nevada

I’m right over the age where I’ve heard guys start to lose testosterone. I started feeling slow before then, but I felt like I was just stressed. Once I hit 31, though, I decided it was enough of a drag on my life that I needed to supplement. I was lucky in that this was the first one I tried. I felt the benefit almost immediately: more energy, better attitude, everything. A month or so in, I realized I was dropping fat, too. My musculature stood out more than ever. I’ve started hitting PRs, too.

Rex, 31, San Francisco, California

I’m an old guy. I realized I needed some help in the testosterone department. Now I can outlift my son!

Jack, 50, Miami, Florida


Awards & Media Coverage

While Crea Boost itself has not won any awards, it’s important to remember that L-arginine, a central ingredient, was the subject of research that won the Nobel Prize in Medicine. This study reflects positively on this supplement. However, Crea Boost, like many quality and multi-purpose supplements, is extremely likely to get a feature in health-related magazines like Men’s Health and Playboy. It is a new supplement, so it may take some time for word to get out, but the quality nature of this supplement means that a feature is incredibly likely.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturers of this supplement take Crea Boost seriously and stand behind their product. As such, they do offer a money-back guarantee on any unopened products. There are some important procedures you need to follow to get a refund, however. One of these procedures is the return merchant authorization, or RMA. If you want to return a bottle, you must first contact the seller and get one of these. Then, you need to mail back your product, unopened, within 30 days of the purchase date. Returns are subject to a restocking fee of $19.95, and you will be refunded the original purchase price after the $19.95 has been subtracted. You are responsible for the cost of return shipping.



Shipping of this product is very fast and very secure. To make it convenient, shipping cost is included in the product price. If you opt for a free trial (discussed in more detail below), you will need to cover the flat-rate shipping cost of just under $5 for your free trial bottle. After that, your shipping cost will simply be rolled into the cost of your bottle. Shipping of your order usually happens within 24 hours of your purchase to ensure you get your product fast.


Customer Support

The customer service representatives who work with Crea Boost are all dedicated to fitness. These are competent people who want to help you reach your goals. Because of that dedication, they can help you to work towards what you want to achieve by using their product. these representatives can help answer your questions if you’ve already bought their product, if you have yet to buy it, or if you’re anywhere in between. They have made sure they are available to you via phone or e-mail. If you call after hours, you can leave a message that will be returned promptly when the office reopens.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you purchase Crea Boost online, you may initially be wary of placing an order through the internet. The manufacturers of this supplement recognize the concerns of people like you, and they have made sure that your buying process protects your information and bank account. This site utilizes encryption designed with state-of-the-art coding. Your information will be protected from those on the outside. The company itself will only use your information to place your orders of this product. The information will not be shared in any way.


Pricing & Free Trial

This product, especially considering its efficacy and high-quality ingredients, has an unusually good price. It is also unique in that you have a free-trial (it is on and off) or direct purchase option. With direct purchase, you just pay the full purchase price of the product, which is $29.95. You will then be enrolled in the auto-ship program, where you will billed the cost of the product each month. This product price includes shipping.

However, this company acknowledges that some customers would prefer to try before they commit. A 14-day trial is also offered. In this trial, you are asked to pay only shipping (about $5) in order to receive a 30-day supply. You have 14 days from your date of purchase (not the day you receive your product) to decide if you want to keep buying the product. If you want to remain on the buy list, you do nothing, and you will be billed the full cost of the trial bottle. You’ll be billed for a new bottle each month, and you may cancel at any time. If you are dissatisfied, cancel within the 14-day limit and the bottle is yours to keep.






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