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Core Test by Core Nutritionals Review – A Personal Review by One of Our Readers Regarding This Discontinued Product

This review was submitter over e-mail by one of our readers. He shared with us his experience about a product which is no long produced. He followed the exact same format in which we are reviewing products. We are very glad and thankful for his share! 😉

What Is Core Test?

Core Test is a supplement containing all natural ingredients used to boost testosterone levels. Natural testosterone enhancers support lean muscles and hormone levels, and promote men’s health. The supplement was designed by Doug Miller to increase sports-level performance. Through enhancing endogenous hormones, this product claims a multitude of benefits which I find to be true, along with other people who have experienced it.

Not only did this supplement increase my testosterone levels, but it reduced estrogen hormones and cortisol. Reducing estrogen hormones and cortisol ultimately lead to fat loss. The supplements increased my muscle mass, strength and power, allowing me to burn more calories than normal as I worked out. As a result, I felt an increased sense of well-being and developed a positive self-image as I watched my body change over an 8 week period.

Like millions of men in the United States, I have experienced exhaustion, weakness, depression, anemia, weight gain around the waist and other symptoms without finding a solution. Though I’ve never been diagnosed with hypogonadism, below-normal testosterone, it is an often overlooked diagnosis many men struggle with. I found this product can be used to boost hormone levels and help to eliminate these issues.

According to the many personal reviews available on this product, other people experienced the same results as me. I recommend it for those seeking a testosterone booster, except for women who are pregnant or nursing women, or by those taking a MAO-B inhibitor, as the manufacturer clearly warns this product is not for them. Additionally, I recommend always consulting with a physician before beginning any supplement.



Manufactured in the United States, Core Nutritionals is owned by Doug and Stephanie Miller, married bodybuilders who believe in achieving the perfect physic drug-free. With a background in biochemistry, Mr. Miller designed a line of products after many frustrations using supplements that did not work. Core Nutritionals are designed for bodybuilding professionals as well as those just looking to get into better shape like me. I appreciated this product was developed by someone who has spent their lives in the gym, and who have taken supplements as a way to achieve results. I felt I could benefit from their experience.

The company maintains they do not use fillers or skimp on ingredients, which is also nice to know I am getting the full dose of what I paid for. Since I want to know what is in every product I put in my body, Core Nutritionals guarantees quality and does not have any secret or proprietary blends. All ingredients are listed accurately, and ingredients are never hidden. Each product is tested and backed up with blood work results, providing proof of their claims.

Core Nutritionals developed the CRUSH IT® slogan and brand, which is a motto I find to be motivating. It is meant to excite consumers to pursue their goals relentlessly. By joining CRUSH IT® Nation, I felt part of a team, like I’d made a commitment to achieve success in every aspect of my life, including my fitness dream. Core Test was developed to be part of their mission in helping people achieve their goals, and I would say it certainly achieves that.


How Core Test Works?

The primary function of Core Test is to increase testosterone levels and decrease estrogen levels. Through my research, it appears every ingredient works toward this goal. Estrogen and estrogen mimickers decrease testosterone levels. So to adequately decrease estrogen levels and increase testosterone, it contains 75 milligrams of 3-Desoxy and 7-Keto DHEA.

An estrogen increase can occur, known as male estrogen imbalance, when estrogen takes over many androgen receptors, and also when a naturally-occurring enzyme in the body called aromatase converts testosterone to estrogen. To boost testosterone, the body must have the least amount of aromatase enzymes as possible. I discovered ingredients like Sodium D-Aspartic Acid, Coleus Forskohlii, and Vitamin D3 all work to either produce testosterone faster or increase production.

The boost of testosterone due to this product helped me maintain fat loss and increase muscle mass, strength, mental acuity, and bone density. The manufacturer recommends a 3 to 4 week break after 8 weeks of continuous use.

I exercised moderately per the recommendations. You see, the correlation between exercise and maintaining boosted testosterone levels is not simple. To break the cycle between low testosterone making it harder to exercise, men are advised to exercise regularly but not too vigorously. Vigorous exercise can actually drop testosterone levels. So moderate exercise helped the product to work better for me.


Ingredients of Core Test

1. Sodium D-Aspartic Acid, 4000mg – Sodium increases testosterone levels as the product advertises. Aspartic Acid increased my mood and provided a sunnier outlook on life helping me stay positive.

2. 3-Desoxy, 7-Keto DHEA, 75mg – This ingredient decreased the amount of testosterone in my body that naturally converts to estrogen. One randomized study on this ingredient showed increased weight loss and metabolism function for overweight individuals. However this is a very dangerous steroid marketed as a prohormone and sold without a prescription due to a flaw in the US laws. I am sure that in the future it will be banned, hopefully sooner as it produces a series of risks for your health.

3. Coleus Forskohlii Root Extract, 300mg – Coleus Forskohlii is a natural fat burner since it stimulates metabolism, prevents further fatty tissue from developing and breaks down adipose tissue. The ingredient also allows for a faster production of testosterone. I looked much leaner and toned after my 8 week trial, more than likely due in part to this addition to the supplement.

4. Vitamin D3, 1500IU – Vitamin D is necessary for survival of the body, regulating over 1,000 bodily functions, like hormone secretion, fertility, growth, and increasing testosterone levels. This is another ingredient that helped me feel in general good health. Vitamin D3 also decreases the risk of skin diseases and strengthens bones.

5. The supplement contains other ingredients as well. These ingredients are commonly found in multiple supplements and other products approved for human consumption, and include: Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #5, and Titanium Dioxide.



Core Test contains 20 percent Coleus Forskolii Root Extract, a sizeable dose of the natural fat burner. This was advantageous to me, because it is a proven herbal supplement for assisting in weight loss. I lost more weight during my trial with this supplement while taking it with my regular work out routine due to this fat burner.

There’s also contains a hefty dose of Sodium, the testosterone increaser. According to my blood tests wherein I tested my testosterone levels before and after my trial, I found my testosterone increased by about 50 percent. Additionally, the Aspartic Acid increased my disposition.

The 3-desosxy, 7-keto-DHEA ingredient, also known as 3D7K, is unique in the world of supplements. Though plain 7-keto-DHEA is well-known, when paired with 3-desoxy the supplement becomes a powerful aromatase inhibitor to decrease estrogen levels an increase testosterone. Again, my blood tests showed a huge increase in my testosterone levels.

I appreciated that the supplement is low in sugar and carbohydrates, as I didn’t need any of those additions to work against my fitness goals. It can be taken orally, so I was not burdened with receiving daily injections. I also could take it with or without food, so if I forgot to take it with my morning protein shake, I could just take it later.



This is an all-natural supplement low in sugar and carbohydrates. I discovered the manufacturer, Core Nutritionals, no longer produces it. Instead the company released a second modified version of the supplement called Core Test, which has received positive reviews. Core Nutritionals released the second version of the supplement in order to tweak the formula.

I did not find any certifications for Core Test, and it is no longer produced. Though it is absent any certifications, the supplement does not contain any proprietary or secret ingredients or fillers like some other testosterone boosters. All ingredients are clearly labeled on the bottle. It is nice to know exactly what I am putting into my body.



I took this along with my regular work out routine for about seven weeks without issue and had no problems at all. I had my testosterone levels tested before and after taking Core Test using a blood test. Before Core Test, I tested at a level of 349, and afterward, I tested at 607. There’s the proof I needed this product works to increase testosterone levels as it claims. The scientific evidence speaks for itself. – John Christopher

There’s not supposed to be any side effects with Core Test, but I experienced just a little bit of break out on my skin. I know this is probably due to the increased production of testosterone, which is what the supplement said it would due. I think this was just my body’s reaction to that. Otherwise, no issues, and in fact, I noticed a huge amount of energy during my work outs. I just blasted through them. – Bill Anglin

I loved my results while preparing for a competition. I have more energy and feel more positive overall. I am stronger and definitely saw the results in the weight room. I slept great, which was a nice unexpected side effect. I thought I was going to be feeling bad the final weeks before my competition, but I didn’t at all as I normally do. I wish I could take this all the time. – Larry Hamilton


Awards & Media Coverage

Marc Lobliner, chief marketing officer of, reviewed Core Test on the YouTube channel. He reported positive feedback on the product, and even presented his own blood work showing his increase in testosterone levels after taking the supplement – the same result I received. He recommended Core Test for its high Sodium D and Coleus Forskolii Root Extract content, and stated that from his personal experience, it works to increase muscle mass providing users with an amazingly productive work out.

The manufacturer, Core Nutritionals, has been covered by Fitness and Physique Magazine, a nice feather in their cap. Additionally, the manufacturer hosts The Core Nutritionals Yorton Cup Pro World Championships as part of the International Federation of Physique Althletes (IFPA) as the owners, Doug and Stephanie Miller, are past Yorton Cup World Champion winners.

The company supports and sponsors numerous bodybuilding and physique competitions all year. Their support extends to organizations such as the NPC, OCB, DFAC, ANBF, USBF, NGA, Musclemania, INBA/PNBA, INBF/WNBF, and WBFF. Such accolades go to show these folks have experience in the business needed to create an efficient testosterone booster.


Money-back Guarantee

Core Test is a natural supplement proven to increase testosterone enhancement with very little to no side effects. I really didn’t experience any side effects during my trial, but if I had, I could have requested and received a refund. The company would have refunded me for any reason. I would not have to answer questions about why I wished to return the product.

Refund requests are reviewed for approval. Once approved, the customer may receive a credit to the credit card used at check out, or the refund may be sent to a PayPal account used at the time of purchase. The refund will be credited within five business days after receipt of the returned merchandise. All products must be received in the same condition it was sent to the customer for a refund to be received. Return shipping charges will be paid by the consumer.



Shipping and handling fees are not beyond standard when compared to others. As usual, shipping costs vary depending on where consumers reside and the amount of product purchased. U.S. domestic shipping and handling cost is $7.95 for purchases up to $99.99, which is what I paid. Free shipping is offered for orders over $100.00. There is an exception for customers ordering for delivery to Virginia, who will be charged the standard 6.0 percent sales tax.

International shipping and handling costs range from $19.95 for orders up to $199.99 and can cost as much as $79.95. Costs are dependent upon where in the world the customer resides or requests the shipping of their supplements. Free shipping and handling is offered, again depending on how much product a consumer orders. Shipping is offered to Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

The most efficient shipping carrier is always used to fill orders, which is a nice feature to keep shipping cost low for consumers. The carriers used are the United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, or United Parcel Service (UPS). The company cannot ship to P.O. boxes.

FedEx and UPS deliver on business days except for holidays. The company cannot estimate when a package will be delivered without first receiving credit card authorization and verification. I wish I could have received a better estimate on when my supplement would arrive so I could plan for the arrival.

Customers seeking express or two-day shipping may call 888-978-2332 to receive a shipping charge quote. Customers will be responsible to pay for return shipping costs if they choose to return the product and request a refund. This is becoming more the standard for businesses these days as Internet ordering has exploded.


Customer Support

I found no shortage of support offered. Aa team of customer support staff was available to answer my questions if I had any. In addition, the manufacturer offers supplement information downloads. I found product reviews, social media, videos, blogs and customer forums which offered multitudes of helpful tidbits.

I also searched for news articles on testosterone boosters, and found plenty of information. Many journalists, including fitness magazines, offer a thorough examination of testosterone boosters. The Internet is a vast resource for the modern customer. Knowledge is power, and it is difficult for a consumer to address an issue or properly seek out viable solutions without first gathering relevant information. There was plenty on this topic.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Core Test is no longer in production. However, the discontinued product may still be found for sale. My online purchase was handled safely and securely.

An encryption was used at check out so that my banking information could not be stolen by criminals trolling the Internet. PayPal is available as well, which is like having double-down security. PayPal maintains its own set of safety measures and is one of the safest forms of making purchases online. Customers can choose which payment option they are most comfortable with at checkout.


Core Test Pricing

Unfortunately, this supplement is no longer produced by the manufacturer. Core Nutritionals developed and now produce a second version of Core Test, which is called Core Alpha. Core Alpha, another natural hormone optimizer, is available for $64.24 before shipping and handling. Core Alpha was produced with five advances when compared to the original:

  1. D-Aspartic Acid was replaced with N-Methyl-D-Aspartate as it is more potent.
  2. The manufacturer added a second anti-aromatase inhibitor, Brassaiopsis Glomerulata.
  3. To increase dopamine, support growth hormone and LH release, a high dose of Mucuna pruriens seed extract was added.
  4. The company included a high dose of zinc to aide healthy testosterone levels.
  5. The company also adjusted the dosing to 2 capsules recommended per day, versus 6 capsules in comparison with Core Test.






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