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Clear Muscle by MuscleTech Review – Is It Worth It?

What Is Clear Muscle?

Clear Muscle is a clear liquid filled pill that helps to build lean muscle mass. And strength Clear Muscle is a supplement that can be taken by males or females that want to build up more lean muscle mass as well as obtaining stronger muscles. It contains a patented ingredient that is exclusive to this manufacturer, Muscle Tech. Muscle Tech claims that this product is the most advanced muscle and strength builder that is available on the market today.

Clear Muscle has a clinically studied formula that has shown positive results in huge numbers of athletes and bodybuilders.

Additionally, Clear Muscle is a new product that contains a revolutionary, muscle building formula. This formula is the perfect combination of quality ingredients that will help athletes to build muscles when they combine the supplement with a high protein diet and significant strength training exercises. One does need to remember that this product will not work on its own, but rather needs the user to work out appropriately to see the desired results. In fact, workouts should be scheduled so that a person works different muscle groups each day so as not to over work any particular group. For example, one might work on the leg muscles one day, upper body the next day, and abdominal muscles on the third day and then back to the leg muscles to help rotate the schedule.

In addition, Clear Muscle is a supplement that uses no banned substances so it is a totally legal pill to purchase and to take. It is a safe pill to take as its quality ingredients have been well researched. This product does not contain any proprietary blends, nor fillers. Best of all, the key ingredients are properly dosed so that a person taking the supplement gets just the right amount of them to do the job that needs to be done as long as the person follows the dosing directions on the package.



Clear Muscle is manufactured by Muscle Tech. This company is celebrating the fact that they have been in business for 20 years and have been researching and developing products for nutrition and bodybuilding over those years. They are committed to developing the best products for athletes by working hard to research and patent new supplements all the time. This assures that athletes get the best products that are available when they shop and purchase Muscle Tech supplements such as Clear Muscle. The company also shows its dedication to its customers by providing a website with a great deal of exercise and fitness activities that one can use as a part of their bodybuilding experience.


How Clear Muscle Works?

Clear Muscle works by helping one’s body to build more muscles than it could without taking the supplement. The revolutionary, new formula contains the special ingredient called Betator. Betator is a metabolite that has not been used in this type of supplement before. Betator also is a free acid derivative of leucine and HMB.

When your body breaks down naturally occurring leucine, it enhances protein synthesis which is a necessary step in muscle building. It also prevents the breakdown of proteins which is important when you are trying to gain muscle mass. You do not want to break down protein but rather build it up! This supplement with the help of the Betator compound, will allow the body to work at its best to synthesize protein for muscle growth.

The ingredients in Clear Muscle are also well known as lessening the effect of delayed-onset muscle soreness, the sore feeling one gets after exercising a muscle group. When one does not feel that soreness, it allows them to train harder and more frequently, allowing the better build up of more muscle mass. HMB, and therefore Betator is more effective than whole leucine in preventing muscle breakdown making it an essential item for a product that is trying to help one gain muscle mass. These ingredients also work to create phenomenal recovery which is the perfect state for building muscles. This specially designed supplement unlocks the real potential for unprecedented bioavailability , effectiveness, and results.

Betator also works to dramatically amplify protein synthesis. It does this through the mTOR pathway while at the same time it works to fight catabolism by inhibiting the UPP pathway. This puts the body into the perfect state to build muscle like never before. Clear Muscle is the only supplement to do this process so effectively.

The directions for taking this supplement are very easy to follow. One should simply take two pills with breakfast, two in the mid afternoon, and two in the evening. One of these doses should be about 30 minutes prior to a workout session of strength training exercises. This will further enhance the ability of the product to build the most muscle possible.

Do not exceed more than six pills in any twenty-four hour period. This supplement is intended for adult use only and should be kept away from children. It should also not be taken by pregnant women. One should consult a doctor before taking it if they have any medical conditions, and before starting any new diet or exercise program.\


Ingredients of Clear Muscle

Each serving of Clear Muscle is two pills. For each two pills, one will get 1,000 mg of the Betator ingredient. The Betator ingredient is made up of HMB-free acid (Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate). Additionally, one will receive choline chloride, veggie capsule (hypromellose) as inactive ingredients of this pill.

The main ingredient, the Betator, does most of the work in this product. It has been clinically studied, and proven to work in helping to build muscle mass. One needs only to take the product as directed with a nutritious diet and strength train gin exercises to get maximum benefit from it.



Clear Muscle has many advantages over other products that are on the market. First of all, they are made by a company that is committed to finding the most effective ingredients to produce the best products available. The company is top-notch and a leader in research and development of nutritional supplements.

Second, Clear Muscle is one that has been proven to actually work. Myriads of users have written about the results that they have achieved while using this product. This product will work when used as directed and users know that and continue to recommend it.

Yet another advantage to this product is that it can be used by both males and females . There are many products on the market today that are geared only for men who want to be bodybuilders but since there are female bodybuilders as well, this is the perfect product for them. It doesn’t matter which gender one is, this product works well equally well for anyone who is committed to bodybuilding.

This product is also made of quality ingredients. There are no fillers and no ingredients that are not necessary. Also, this supplement does not contain any ingredients that are illegal so that is a good buy even for professional athletes who might undergo drug testing. There is nothing in this that will be illegal.



Clear Muscle is a relatively new product on the bodybuilding circuit of products. While this product has no official certificates, it is well known in the field as an excellent source for bodybuilders. As it remains on the market for a longer period of time, it will continue to gain acceptance and certifications.



I was pretty skeptical at first, but I’ve stuck with this product for a couple of months now and I’m glad I did. My recovery times have gotten insane, and I’ve added some good mass. I don’t know if I can credit it all to this product, but it has absolutely been a factor. If you are looking for a new supplement to help you elevate your routine and results, I would recommend at least trying this. – Mechanical Engineer, age 23;

Going into week 4 with CM. First two weeks, didn’t really notice much of a change, until I realized my recoveries were quick and thorough. If nothing else, that’s made it easier to stay on track with workouts. I’m not doing the CM workout from the site but a mix of basic strength training (starting strength) and high-rep ( Ahnold workout). I’ve only been lifting for 18 mos (mid 40s computer geek) and doms have limited some workouts. With week 3, I started breaking through some plateus and have set new PRs. I’m not putting on new weight but have slimmed down an extra 2″ around waist and am seeing nice definition showing up on arms, legs, and torso. I’m gonna order a second bottle and try it for another month. Now, it may be that, because I’m paying decent money for this stuff, I’m being more consistent with my workouts and not slacking, but at same time, I’m not hurting like before. COOL! – Sol Gilmoure, age 44;

It works when I take during exercise. I don’t feel sore the next day even after killing it on weights. Increased reps by 25% and I lose track of time doing weights. Also I don’t want to stop exercising. – Rob Winger, age 35;

If your patient and keep with the program you will notice results. The only frustrating thing is having to remember to take all three of your daily doses which can be a challenge for a busy person but it dramatically helps with protein synthesis and helps to rebuild your body after tearing it up. not worth getting unless your committed, regular and patient. absolutely worth getting if you have strength and fitness goals. – Michele Iverson, 31 year old female;

It actually works! I’m just about through my first bottle. I tweaked my diet, so I can’t give all the credit to clear muscle, but I’ve gained 13lbs. I shot up from 197 to 210 in just three weeks. That’s a huge jump! I have noticed I’ve been having trouble sleeping, and thats why im giving it 4 stars instead of 5. Other reviews have mentioned this as well. – H. B., a 29 year old male;

I can justify a perfect rating because of the results alone. The gains from it are solid. I started noticing good gains about 3 and a half weeks in. Strength on my lifts have increased, especially with legs. It’s super easy to take and my body responds great to it. I feel more size on me and walk around with a “pump” type feeling all day. All in all this might be my favorite supplement. Gains gains gains. Solid stuff! – Bill K., unknown age, male.


Awards & Media Coverage

Clear Muscle has won the nomination for the best new product of 2015 on one of the bodybuilding sites. It is an up and coming supplement that is sure to win many more awards over time. This supplement has shown much promise as one of the newest muscle building supplements on the market. In the future, one can expect to see many more awards credited to its name.

This supplement was also part of the Muscle Tech Clear Results Challenge. This challenge was open to those taking the supplement along with a workout and diet program and the results were then studied. The results showed that this supplement program is an outstanding choice for those willing to follow the prescribed regimen. It was publicized and covered by bodybuilding publications.


Money-back Guarantee

This product is offered with a money back guarantee on most sites surveyed. The companies believe in Clear Muscle and will offer 100 percent money back guarantee to users who are not satisfied with their results after using the product. They would not offer this if they did not believe that the product would work.



This product is offered with free shipping in many different areas. One need only to search a bit to find sites that will offer free shipping. Most will offer free shipping with a minimum purchase for which this product will likely qualify. Some will offer free shipping specifically on this product. Either way, one is bound to find a great offer that includes free shipping on this product.


Customer Support

There are many places to find customer support for Clear Muscle. Many of the sites offer live chats, telephone numbers or email addresses. Others offer feedback areas where you can fill in a form and send questions. The manufacturer of this product offers great connections via social media. Additionally, they offer many workout tips and bodybuilding ideas that will help customers who choose to take this supplement.


Safe & Secure Checkout

All checkouts are safe and secure when purchasing this product. Always double check to make sure that the logos for secure checkout are present but one will likely find that the security seals such as those offered by McAfee, Truste, and other reputable groups will be present at the checkout process. The safety of customers is paramount to good business and purchasing this product will allow that safety.



This product can be found at a range of pricing, depending on where one shops for supplements. A survey of several sites found that the price ranged from about $30 to $40 for the same 84 clear, liquid filled capsules. that Since one takes 6 tablets per day, this would only be a 14-day supply. There is a special being offered that one can buy two bottles and get one free and this is on the 84 count bottles only.

One can also find bottles that contain 168 of the same clear, liquid filled capsules. These range in price from $49 to $75. Since most recommend that Clear Muscle must be used for at least a month and some even recommend at least two months, it may be advantageous to purchase the larger bottles unless you can find a special deal on the smaller ones.






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