Ciavil Review – How Good Is This German Made Testosterone Booster?

What Is Ciavil?

Ciavil is a dietary supplement on the market in Germany that is designed to boost testosterone levels while also blocking estrogen levels in order to assist men in bulking up to a more masculine body. Men who are hoping to build up more muscle really need to monitor their testosterone levels, as it is the male hormone that is responsible for a lot of the masculine physical characteristics. Ingredients within these pills are specially combined to promote anabolism and concurrently prevent catabolism. Simply put, these ingredients help with the formation of large, complex muscles. These supplements are ideal for men of all types that are hoping to reach their peak physical performance and best physical results.

The product is sold in bottles intended to last the user one month. For best results, men should take either one or two capsules a day, depending on their personal needs and circumstances. Something unique about this pill in particular is that it is composed of 100% natural ingredients. This means that there are no harmful chemicals or ingredients that may cause troublesome side effects. The testosterone boost provided by these pills is done entirely through natural biological processes that will not harm the body.

Another important characteristic of these pills is the energizing effect that it has on the body. Active ingredients in the formula supply the bloodstream with more ATP, which is the primary vehicle that transports energy throughout the body. This extra energy is very important for anabolism and the body’s metabolism. Furthermore, the extra energy leaves the user feeling good and able to participate in more intense workouts or physical activity. It should come as no surprise that increased activity produces better results.

These supplements were specially designed with bodybuilders and professional athletes in mind, but they can benefit men in different situations as well. Particularly men who are getting up there in age, as testosterone levels tend to decrease as men get older. Whatever the situation, most men find that they can benefit from an extra boost in the male hormone.



Ciavil has been manufactured by a company that uses the same name as its product since 2010. The company operates internationally, with headquarters in Switzerland and India. The actual product is a product of Germany and, as such, all of the production takes place there.

The company works hard to provide its customers with quality service that they will appreciate. Through their official website there is a variety of contact information that can be used I order to address any questions or concerns. Multiple street addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are listed to suit any needs that a customer may have. The help staff is sure to go out of their way to meet the needs of anyone who reaches out to them.


How Ciavil Works?

It is important to note that Ciavil is not a drug, but rather a dietary supplement, and should be taken as such. This means that users should continue their normal diet but take the pills once a day as directed on the bottle. It is essential that users keep themselves hydrated while taking these pills, as the body needs to be in good shape in order to go through the metabolic processes necessary in order to yield the desired results. For this reason, the pills should be swallowed with a sufficient amount of water and users should continue to drink water throughout the day. The all natural ingredients work all throughout the day to assist the body in naturally producing testosterone. Since this all done naturally, the user is not exposed to any risks that make arise due to certain ingredients. These men can enjoy the natural enhancements without any concern for their health.

Another important note is that a large part of becoming visually more masculine has to do with the formation of complex muscles on the body. That is why there are ingredients included in the formula that promote anabolism, which is the formation of large, complex muscles from previously smaller muscles. Men who are used to working out may have found a point where they stop seeing as much improvement as they did in the past. This may be because they have formed a lot of simple muscle tissue but are struggling to advance into the formation of complex muscle tissue. These ingredients will help men in situations like this and leave them making progress again in no time.

This product also supplies the bloodstream with large amounts of ATP, which stands for adenosine triphosphate. On a cellular level, ATP transports energy all throughout the body for biological processes or, on a larger scale, physical activity. Metabolic processes need energy to be able to occur, and it is important that they get that energy in order to form additional muscle tissue or to further develop existing muscle tissue. On another note, sending spare energy throughout the body allows for the user to have an increase in stamina and overall physical performance.

A final thing to note is that, along with increasing male hormone levels, the product also blocks female hormone levels. Everyone has estrogen within their body, but this hormone tends to have a feminizing effect on the body; something that bodybuilders would want to avoid. Active ingredients within the pills block the biological process that converts existing testosterone in the bloodstream into estrogen. In preventing this process from taking place, men are left with more testosterone and less estrogen which helps in the battle for a more masculine build.



Ciavil is made up of all natural ingredients that do not have any known side effects that could be harmful to the body. Below are the active ingredients in the formula along with a short description of what it is and what it does.

D-Aspartic Acid, or D-AA – This is an amino acid and neurotransmitter that causes the body to release a hormone that will eventually cause an increased production of testosterone throughout the body. Studies have shown as much as a 42% increase in the testosterone throughout the bloodstream of men who have taken supplements with this ingredient included.

Tribulus Terrestris – This is a plant that produces thorny fruit and is often used in modern medicine. It is known to have a positive effect on the production of testosterone as well. This testosterone assists in muscle formation and a masculine body.

Vitamin B6 – This is a vitamin that is commonly included in the average person’s daily vitamin intake, but it can be particularly helpful for bodybuilders and athletes. The vitamin is essential for the receptor sites that will eventually produce testosterone to the body.

Zinc – This is a mineral that people usually get in their daily diet of wheat and seeds. It is beneficial to men in this market because it helps the body to relax and avoid muscle cramping.

Magnesium – This is another mineral that people typically get through their daily diet of leafy greens. Since it is chemically similar to zinc, it has some of the same properties that promote relaxation and prevents muscle cramps.

The formula also includes a number of inactive ingredients that are listed below:

  • Gelatin;
  • White Rice Flour;
  • Silica;
  • Calcium Carbonate;
  • Magnesium Stearate;
  • FD&C Blue #1;
  • Titanium Oxide.



Men who have tried Ciavil have expressed their satisfaction with the wide range of health benefits that come along with it. Many of these men were just looking to boost their testosterone levels, but they found that this supplement does so much more. The testosterone levels increase, yes, but there is also a bunch of advantages that immediately follow this increase.

As the ingredients do their job, the body begins to naturally produce more testosterone into the bloodstream. This causes the body to appear manlier, but it also affects the ways in which the body uses these chemicals. Men who take these supplements have higher levels of testosterone throughout their body, but they also use their existing testosterone more efficiently and are able to see the changes take place quicker as a result. There is also evidence that ingredients of these pills help to rid the body of harmful toxins that may slow these processes down.

The final advantage that these pills have on the body as a whole is their ability to provide the body with excess ATP. This is indirectly crucial for obtaining a more athletic build because it distributes the energy to where it is needed throughout the body. The energy is then able to be taken to the parts of the body where muscle tissue is forming in order to simplify the process. The energy that is left over can then be put toward physical activity which will eventually lead to more muscle formation as well.



Ciavil does not currently hold any form of official certification; however it does have reason to be trusted as a reliable product. First of all, the company has been working hard to expand and please their customers for about six years and they have nearly ten thousand satisfied customers so far. In fact, many of these customers are so pleased with the results of this product that they are willing to make public statements endorsing the company. Dedicated customers do not come from unreliable manufacturing practices.

The product is also prided on its 100% all natural formula. Every ingredient has been researched timelessly and has no known harmful characteristics. With that being said, customers can rest assured that they are being sold a quality product that will not harm them.



A friend of mine recommended that I look into Ciavil when I expressed concern over my lack of energy. I didn’t quite understand why he suggested a testosterone pill for energy, but I decided to look into it. While I was doing my research I realized that he was exactly right, testosterone does increase energy throughout the body. I went ahead and ordered my first two bottles and began taking it daily. It happened gradually, but when a few weeks had passed I looked back and realized that I had much more energy throughout the day than I used to. This is truly a great product.

– Jonas, 42, Berlin, Germany

I have been trying to work on my body for a few years but I just wasn’t making progress as quickly as I had hoped. It seemed like I was in a rut and exerting a lot of energy for almost no results at all. When I spoke to a fellow trainer at the gym he suggested that I have my testosterone levels checked. After speaking to a doctor it was determined that I could benefit from increased male hormone levels and so I took the advice and ordered Ciavil. I have been taking these pills every day for about six months now and my body has improved so much in that time. For any guy who is still on the fence about it, order the product. You won’t be disappointed.

– Hans, 35, Munich, Germany

I was just looking to build up some more muscle. I didn’t give much thought to my research but I ran into some supplements that gave me terrible side effects and left me feeling sick. When I tried Ciavil I was so surprised that none of this happened. The natural ingredients truly are the way to go when it comes to supplements. To anyone who is still looking around, don’t waste your time and jeopardize your health with those harmful chemicals. This product right here will give you the results that you’re looking for with none of those risks.

– Christian, 23, Hamburg, Germany


Awards & Media Coverage

Ciavil hit the market about 6 years ago in 2010, and is therefore still considered a fairly new product. There has not yet been any type of awards given to the company for this product, but it is sure to continue making progress in the next few years. The product already has a dedicated fan base of satisfied customers.

Although there have not been any awards given to Ciavil, the supplements have had a fair share of media coverage. The product can be found in FHM, Playboy magazine, Menshealth magazine, and GQ. One can only imagine that this coverage will continue.


Money-back Guarantee

Ciavil is so confident that men will be impressed by the results that they are willing to have a money back guarantee in place. If one is dissatisfied with the product for any reason, they can contact the company through the information that can be found on the website. Someone from the help staff will assist the customer with their needs and provide them with a number. This number should be written on the return package with the remainder of the product inside and delivered to the address listed on the website. With this being an option, men should feel comfortable trying out the product knowing that they are not being held to any obligations.



All orders that are placed through the official Ciavil website have a 100% safe shipping guarantee. Shipping is only 5.99 euro, which is 6.59 in United States dollars. Shipments usually leave the next business day after an order is placed, and customers can expect to receive the order within 5 to 7 business days depending on location. For any issues regarding shipping and handling or package tracking, the help staff can be reached through a variety of different communication lines listed on the website. Refunds will not be given for packages that have already been shipped out.


Customer Support

There are about ten thousand people ready to speak out positively about Ciavil as a testosterone boosting supplement. One huge factor that contributes to people thinking so highly of a product and its manufacturing company is its customer support. This is a very important aspect of the business and there are several avenues for customers to initiate conversation listed on the product’s website. These avenues include a mailing address, phone number, and email address.

The help staff is well informed of the product and its ingredients. Therefore, they are able to answer any questions that one may have about allergies or possible side effects. They also know how the product should be taken and can give advice about fitting it into a daily routine. They can also assist with dosage information or lifestyle changes that should go along with the product for best results.

Additionally, the help desk is available for more administrative issues such as payments or shipments. They are able to discuss payment options or outstanding bills as well as enrolling customers in a monthly billing program. For orders that have already been placed, they can help to track a package and give an estimated arrival date. The help staff is there for the customer and will do their best to answer any and all questions or concerns that a customer may come up with.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Orders of Ciavil should all be placed through the official website only. Other sites may not be as secure with their ordering process and may not have the true quality product available for shipment.

Ordering from the Ciavil website is quick and easy and is also guaranteed to be safe. The process is considered to be anonymous, and therefore none of the personal information about the customer is stored for future use. The information will never be passed along to a third party. In fact, when the package is delivered it arrives in an anonymous box so that no one has to know what is being delivered.

The website uses an encrypted code so that the personal information entered by the customer is not obtainable by the time it reaches any individual on the customer’s end.



Ciavil is a fairly affordable testosterone supplement option on the market. Since it is sold internationally, the pricing may be in different currencies. There are three options for orders through the website depending on the customer’s individual circumstances and they each have different prices.

First of all there is a two month supply that is recommended for beginners or men who are not completely sure that they want to commit to the supplements just yet. This two month supply costs 39.99 euros, which is equal to 43.87 in United States dollars. In addition to this price is the shipping and handling fee of 5.99 euro, or 6.57 usd.

The next option is a four month supply of the product. This is the most popular option for most customers, as it is a reasonable amount to commit to and gets a bit of a better deal than the two month supply. Four months’ worth of supplements cost 69.99 euro, or 76.78 usd plus shipping and handling.

The final option available on the website is a six month treatment. This gets committed users the best price of 89.99 euro, or 99.77 usd plus the cost of shipping and handling.






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