Bulgarian Tribulus

Bulgarian Tribulus by Universal Nutrition Review – A Good Product to Support Your Natural Testosterone or Not?

What Is Bulgarian Tribulus?

Bulgarian Tribulus from Ultimate Nutrition is a natural bodybuilding and exercise supplement that creates sustained energy surges and lasting stamina with its testosterone boosting formula. Designed by scientific experts and nutritionists based on research study results and practical tests involving athletes, this quality fitness aid, when taken daily, improves workouts and sports performance significantly. It also enables athletes to shred excess body fat more easily and develop strong lean muscle mass as well as a sleek, well sculpted physique for a powerful, muscle-man, ripped appearance that all bodybuilders strive to attain. This pure, healthy product is also completely safe to use as your regular, primary exercise supplement. In addition to providing you with new muscle growth, increased energy levels and plenty of endurance for strenuous workouts, this fitness aid will also make your recovery following workouts shorter and more comfortable, without fatigue or muscle and joint aches and pains.

This herbal plant grows abundantly in Bulgaria where is has long been used to fuel and energize the body. Award-winning bodybuilders and weightlifters from Bulgaria increased their lifting weight capacity considerably by using this empowering herb on a regular basis. By raising both energy and endurance to high levels in your body, this natural substance not only helps you triumph over difficult, demanding workouts and win challenging competitions, it actually raises the bar on your body’s ability to lift heavier weights and compete with higher degrees of body strength on a daily basis. By using such an effective, safe, all-natural product as your major sports performance aid, you are far ahead of other athletes who choose to use artificial supplements with potentially unhealthy main ingredients, additives and fillers.

By keeping your body strong, with new lean muscle development on an ongoing basis, this sports supplement prepares you for increasingly rigorous and strenuous workouts. As well as helping you to lose body fat, this supplement will also assist your efforts to avoid the accumulation of new fat deposits, so you will maintain good speed, muscle functionality and agility for heavy-duty exercise without tiring or feeling stressed. You will also experience greater mental clarity and focus as well as higher levels of self-confidence, enabling you to try more difficult skills and techniques for building muscularity and achieving higher degrees of expertise and success as an athlete. Because of the purity and all-natural composition of this unique supplement, you can benefit from its empowering qualities without any worries about adverse side effects that many artificial products can cause. You can exercise effectively, knowing that you are fueling your muscles and internal system with a totally healthy, safe fitness enhancer when you use Bulgarian Tribulus.



In 1979, was founded by Victor H. Rubino, who was a major amateur heavy weightlifter in the U.S. Knowing that natural products containing the right percentages of pure herbs and other naturally-growing plants are the best, he formed this company using his own knowledge and experience as both a biochemist and bodybuilder and the expertise of a well-trained team of supplement formulators. Through research studies and practical product testing by athletes, this group of scientists and nutritionists have since formulated and produced a large number of sports performance supplements. Among their most successful and popular products is the bodybuilding and fitness enhancing aid, Bulgarian Tribulus, a strong booster of testosterone in the body for greater levels of energy and endurance as well as more lean muscle growth.

Especially since this respected sports supplements production company was started by an award-winning weightlifter, the company’s number-one goal is to help all bodybuilders and exercise advocates develop healthy, active muscles and bodies as well as mental focus. Equipped with these important personal strengths and self-assurance, they will gain athletic skills, physical power and mental drive and determination to succeed in their fitness pursuits and sports achievements. The company wants all its customers to advance to higher levels of excellence in their sports skills and performance, whether they are amateur athletes, celebrated pros or beginning exercisers and bodybuilders in their initial stages of training. For this reason, customer satisfaction is very important to company leaders and staff of Ultimate Nutrition.


How Bulgarian Tribulus Works?

The primary ingredient of this active, effective fitness and body-enhancing product is the potent herb, Tribulus Terrestris, a strong testosterone booster, which does much more than raise bodily counts of this major growth hormone like the testosterone precursors andro or DHEA do.(Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a hormone found in both the brain and the adrenal gland, which facilitates the body’s production of the hormones androgen and estrogen.) Tribulus Terrestris actively promotes the body’s production of the important luteinizing hormone (LH), and as LH counts are elevated, testosterone levels are also increased. Although testosterone is classified as an androgen, it is one of multiple androgens produced with the aid of DHEA. However, Bulgarian Tribulus has the capacity to boost the testosterone production by the body directly and continuously for optimal muscular development and energy levels for better sports performance.


Ingredients of Bulgarian Tribulus

This vitalizing supplement has formula ingredients that make it an important, effective testosterone elevator in the body for greater energy, stamina and mental alertness to enhance sports performance. These natural ingredients include the following safe and healthy substances:

Tribulus Terrestris

The extract of this empowering herb used to formulate this sports supplement comes from a variety of Tribulus Terrestris that is grown in Bulgaria, and many natural nutritionists report that this country has the most pure and strong-acting type of this herb. Every capsule of the supplement supplies users with 750 mg. of Tribulus Extract from the herbal plant and its fruit. As the Tribulus content facilitates production of LH, the luteinizing hormone, in the body, the body’s production of testosterone also is increased. With the larger amounts of this primary growth hormone in the system, your body can create more energy, stamina and mental drive to achieve greater bodybuilding and sports skills along with performance levels of excellence.

This high concentration of Tribulus Terrestris also promotes swift, easy recovery and helps you shred excess body fat for better strength, agility and athletic speed. The natural content of steroidal saponins supplied by this body-enhancing herbal extract equals 45 percent, and these healthy substances also raise testosterone counts. The most commonly occurring steroidal saponin in this herb is Protodioscin, which is quite active and effective. Tribulus Terrestris also contains high levels of nitrogen, which improve oxygen counts in the bloodstream. As more oxygen is transported throughout your body to fuel muscles, tissues and organs, you will gain good nutrition and boosted energy for greater athletic success.


This natural collagen is found in varied animal by-products and is used as a gelling agent in foods and in supplement formulas.

Dicalcium Phosphate

This compound is used in processed foods such as cereals and in health and exercise supplements as a binding agent.

Magnesium Stearate

This is a white powdered magnesium salt that is included in supplements as a lubricating agent to keep other ingredients from sticking to the factory equipment during production.



There are advantages to choosing Bulgarian Tribulus as your primary fitness enhancing supplement, including the following:

  • • This all-natural supplement’s high concentration of Tribulus Terrestris from Bulgaria provides strong and lasting energy bursts for greater bodybuilding and exercise results due to its promotion of testosterone production by your body.
  • • This fitness aid increases your lean muscle mass and improves muscle tone and power for enhanced workouts and sports game performance.
  • • With regular use of this sports formula, your metabolic rates will increase, and you will shred body fat easily and rapidly, gaining better muscle definition and a streamlined physique.
  • • Bulgarian Tribulus has high nitrogen levels, improving oxygen counts in your bloodstream and raising functionality rates of your circulatory system, delivering greater amounts of nutrients to your muscles, organs and body tissues for better exercise and recovery.



The Ultimate Nutrition company leaders often distribute certificates of recognition and appreciation to gym facility owners, bodybuilding trainers, exercise instructors, sports team coaches and other members of the sports performance industry for their promotion of and/or use of Bulgarian Tribulus. Especially since this fitness enhancer is used by bodybuilders and other athletes of all levels of training and expertise, all these sports industry professionals have strong influence on the supplements their students and trainees may choose to take on a daily basis for better workouts and training sessions. When reputable trainers, coaches, instructors and gym management take time to display these certificates on the walls and posting boards of their gym offices and training rooms, as they often do, they are providing helpful promotion of this product as well as valuable information for bodybuilders and sports players who train at their gyms.



This awesome sports supplement will do wonders for your energy output, endurance levels and mental drive to excel at athletics while building amazing muscles and a great body. By choosing this unique fitness aid as your main bodybuilding and sports performing booster, you will reach the next level of skill and achievement with astonishment speed. All your gym buddies and your trainer will be impressed as you get totally ripped in no time! Get Bulgarian Tribulus today! – Bart L., London, UK

If you want great lean muscle definition and a streamlined physique, try this outstanding fitness booster today. As a major testosterone enhancer, this product creates high energy, stamina and the willpower to succeed at all your most difficult and strenuous muscle-building and sports endeavors. When you see the benefits of a stronger, sculpted body with great muscularity and feel the ingredients at work, fueling your body with power-packed nutrients, you will be convinced. As you excel at more advanced skill grades and performance levels of athletics, you will be absolutely sure you have made the right choice. Get your first bottle of Bulgarian Tribulus right away! – Ray N., Toronto, Canada

Are you still searching for the perfect muscle-enhancer and energizer to boost your bodybuilding and sports success? If so, wait no longer—take this amazing all-natural fitness supplement on a test run today. Your daily workouts and all your sports events will improve rapidly with regular use of this unique fitness aid, and just wait until you see the great new lean muscle mass you will develop. You simply cannot go wrong with this terrific product. Buy your first month’s supply of Bulgarian Tribulus today! – Terry A., Sydney, Australia


Awards & Media Coverage

Bulgarian Tribulus produced by Ultimate Nutrition is currently a popular testosterone booster for better bodybuilding and sports performance, and it is expected to gain many additional users over the coming weeks and months. This popular sports aid is also predicted to win multiple awards in the near future from sports authorities due to the empowering qualities of its concentrated content of Tribulus Terrestris grown in Bulgaria, which is a very potent variety of this natural herb. In addition, this innovative supplement formula will most likely receive network sports media coverage very soon. It has already been a frequently discussed subject on many online bodybuilding and athletic performance website forums and webinars, and this unique exercise formula is destined to receive much more notice, recognition and discussion by sports-conscious consumers and muscle-builders during this year.


Money-back Guarantee

The manufacturer offers this unique athletics improving formula to consumers with a money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction relative to buying and using this product. If you encounter any questions, issues or problems concerning your purchase or daily use of this natural exercise aid, be sure to contact the Ultimate Nutrition customer support division immediately. The friendly, well-informed and helpful support staff members are all eager to assist you and will work with you to resolve all problems that may occur with your order or use of this natural, safe product. They will answer all your questions, and if they are unable to solve your problem completely and to your satisfaction, the customer support personnel will process a total refund of your supplement purchase cost.



Ultimate Nutrition uses top quality shippers and packers for delivery of all Bulgarian Tribulus orders to customers. All domestic orders are sent directly to each customer’s door or post office box by the expert services of professional U.S. shippers, and international orders are delivered by global transport companies as well as local trucking services, when necessary, to complete product deliveries. Because these transport companies use experienced packers and handlers, and only sturdy, durable packing materials are used to prepare your supplement order for shipping, packages are very rarely lost or damaged during transit. However, if your product is damaged during delivery or does not arrive at all, just contact the manufacturer’s customer support division so the staff can arrange a refund of your product purchase price or schedule a replacement delivery of your supplement.


Customer Support

The customer support team at Ultimate Nutrition is very customer-friendly and will always strive to answer all questions and solve all problems you may experience with purchasing, receiving or using your new sports supplement. Although the majority of product orders are delivered promptly and in excellent condition, occasionally mishaps may occur during the shipping and delivery process. If you do experience difficulty with your order delivery to your address, as given when you placed your product order, contact a member of this capable, helpful team by phone, email, online support ticket or with use of the company’s website chat services. He or she will work with you patiently toward resolving any and all issues and problems with your purchase, order, receipt or use of your advanced athletic performance aid. If, however, a resolution to your problem is not found, the team member will arrange a refund for your supplement purchase or schedule a product replacement delivery for you.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Payment and checkout webpages on the company site are always safe and secure, to protect all your personal data entries during your purchase and checkout process when placing an online order for your fitness supplement. Advanced encryption technology has been used in this website’s design to ensure that your personal information is kept safe from any online hackers or Internet identity thieves. You never need to worry about security issues when entering your name, address, email and credit or debit card numbers on the order and checkout pages of the site. All your valuable personal data will be well guarded throughout your entire ordering, purchasing and checkout process, enabling you to relax and enjoy shopping on the company site.



This effective testosterone booster for increased energy, endurance, muscularity and sports performance improvement is priced very reasonably by the manufacturer so that it can be easily affordable for bodybuilders of many different ages and lifestyles today. This popular product has a regular retail price of $28.95 for an order of 90 capsules and is offered at sales prices as low as $14.95. You should be sure to check the company website frequently for any promotional discounts or seasonal sales rates for this innovative exercise and bodybuilding supplement. By keeping updated on product sales and discounts, you can save money by ordering larger quantities of Bulgarian Tribulus at once, if you like.






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