Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris by Reflex Nutrition

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris by Reflex Nutrition Review – Is This a Good Testosterone Booster for Athletes?

What Is Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris?

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, produced and marketed by Reflex, is a nutritional sports supplement rich in testosterone-boosting properties for better bodybuilding and sports action results. This supplement is especially potent due to its high concentration of Tribulus Terrestris, a nutrient-rich herb, and this product contains only the finest grade of the herb, which is cultivated and harvested in Bulgaria. The majority of fitness aids that include Tribulus as a primary ingredient consist of from 40 to 50 percent Saponins, which act as natural steroidal substances to raise bodily testosterone levels. However, this product from Reflex with its high content of this herb from Bulgaria contains as much as 60 percent of Saponins as well as Protodioscin. As an active steroidal saponin compound that acts as a T-boosting agent, Protodioscin makes this Bulgarian herb superior in power and effectiveness to Tribulus Terrestris varieties grown in many other worldwide regions.

A percentage difference of 10 percent in Tribulus content may not seem very significant when comparing sports supplements’ strengths and effects on improving muscle development and body power. However, the high 60 percent content of Saponins in the Bulgarian-grown type of this herb is what empowers it, ensuring its optimum levels of efficacy for bodybuilding and other athletic achievement. Reflex company management spent an entire year locating a natural herb cultivating company with the technology and expertise to properly standardize the content of the Tribulus produced for the Reflex Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris supplement to no less than 60 percent Saponins. To ensure this standardization for all batches produced, spectrophotometric methods were used to measure absorption rates based on a substance’s light-absorbing capacity in wavelengths.



Reflex Nutrition sports supplements company has been in business since 1996 and has gained a strong reputation for formulating and manufacturing high-power products with only pure, concentrated and safe ingredients. This innovative team of fitness aid producers in committed to providing active athletes of all levels of experience and skill around the world with quality supplements that provide fast, thorough and dependable energy, stamina and mental focus for better athletic performance. The entire staff of this company has high regard for each customer, working to create superior quality sports enhancers and patiently assisting each new supplement buyer or regular user of their products in choosing the supplements that will help them the most in achieving athletic success. Reflex specializes in helping exercising consumers, from beginning bodybuilders to known sports pros, to build strong, capable bodies while benefiting from higher levels of energy, endurance and self-confidence to excel in their sports of choice. Ensuring your ongoing success as an active athlete is their goal, and creating the empowering supplements that can get you to the next level of performance is their passion.

Reflex company was founded in the U.K. and quickly became rated Great Britain’s number one nutritional sports supplements producer. This company has since grown to include outlets throughout the world, although Britain and Australia remain the leading centers for product sales. All fitness aids manufactured by Reflex are tested for verification as well as for efficacy and safety by the most highly respected labs in the U.K. Experts agree that nutritional sports aids produced by this unique enterprise are in a league of their very own. Scientists at Reflex who create these specialized formulas have mastered the art and science of combining pure ingredients of high potency and effectiveness in the exact percentages to ensure greatest degrees of empowerment and support for regular users.


How Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Works?

The optimal strength and effectiveness of this supplement’s primary ingredient, Tribulus Terrestris grown and harvested in Bulgaria, promotes high yet completely safe levels of testosterone production in your body for better muscle-building and exercise. Since the initial days of Ayurvedic herbal medicine in India, the roots and leaves of this plant have been used to rejuvenate, vitalize and energize the body and to improve mental clarity and the drive to excel at both mental and physical pursuits. Often referred to as Devil’s weed or Puncturevine today, this herb is valued highly for the same purposes in the modern world. As Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris raises the counts of LH, the luteinizing hormone in your body, along with FSH, the follicle-stimulating bodily hormone, the gonads are signaled to increase testosterone production. As a result, your body is able to develop dense and lean muscularity more quickly and efficiently than before as you gain new energy, strength, flexibility and endurance for significantly enhanced athletic action.


Ingredients of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris

This energy booster and muscle-growth enhancing supplement from Reflex for significant improvement in sports action results includes the following safe, active, natural ingredients:

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract – This powerful variety of Tribulus Terrestris, cultivated and harvested in Bulgaria, contains no less than 60 percent Saponins, which are natural steroidal components that contribute strongly to increased testosterone production in your body. This nutritional herb also contains at least 20 percent Protodioscin. The Protodioscin content of this herbal ingredient is a Saponin steroidal compound that stimulates and supports the natural T-building properties of the herb, and varieties of this herb with the highest known counts of this compound are grown in Bulgaria. Often called Goat-head or Devil’s weed, this pure, empowering, primary supplement ingredient increases your body’s testosterone levels considerably, raising and sustaining your energy, endurance and athletic drive to excel at difficult and strenuous sports pursuits. Both bodybuilders and exercise advocates benefit from this herb as it boosts your internal levels of the luteinizing hormone (LH), prompting the gonads to raise degrees of T-production.

Magnesium Stearate – This white, often powdery substance solidifies at room temperature. With components of stearic acid, a saturated fatty acid, and the mineral element of magnesium, it is helpful during the production process of supplement capsules and tablets, lubricating factory machinery to keep ingredients from sticking to the equipment. This action enables manufacturers to meet their supplement production schedules without problems or delays.

Silicon Dioxide – This supplement component is formed when silicon and oxygen combine to form Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), which has three main compositions, amorphous, crystalline and synthetic-amorphous. This ingredient is also called silica and is used as an anti-sticking and caking aid during supplement production because it absorbs extra moisture without altering the effectiveness of the overall formula and fitness aid produced.

Gelatin – Also known as gelatine, this ingredient is a clear, crisp food substance that is tasteless. Derived from natural collagen, it exists in numerous types of animal by-products today. Gelatin is a component of many natural fitness aid formulas due to its gelling capacities, which ensure even, smooth blending of all supplement ingredients during production.



You will experience certain advantages and benefits when you make the Reflex brand product, Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, your major bodybuilding and exercise enhancing supplement, including the following:

  • You will enjoy greater degrees of sustained energy and stamina as well as better overall body strength and flexibility for improved athletic activity.
  • You will gain lean, dense muscularity rapidly as you build a sleeker, streamlined, ripped body.
  • Your recovery times after strenuous workouts and sports games will be significantly shorter, without muscle or joint pain or fatigue.
  • You will receive valuable nutritional benefits from daily use of a nutrient-rich athletic supplement that contains no harsh artificial ingredients.



Reflex Nutrition sports supplements production company is HALAL Certified and operates government-certified manufacturing facilities (GMP) for producing all supplements. All company factories are Informed Sport Registered Manufacturing Facilities, with ISO 9001 Quality Controlled Production approval. These manufacturing facilities are also operated using 100 percent Deep Green Energy power sources. Reflex leaders also issue certificates to prominent sports players, both amateur and pro, and to sports coaches and bodybuilding trainers who choose to promote the regular use of this effective, safe fitness formula among their trainees, regular gym users and fellow athletes. This company is focused on showing its sincere appreciation for sports professionals like these who put time and effort into promoting the daily use of the Reflex brand product, Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, for athletic and muscle-building success.



If you want to build powerful, dense muscles steadily and rapidly while experiencing greater supplies of energy and endurance to excel in every bodybuilding workout or sports event, get this quality fitness aid. You will look better, feel stronger and more confident and perform much better with consistency than ever before in all your athletic endeavors. Order Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris from Reflex sports supplements company today.

– Howie Fontaine, Ventura, CA, USA

You will be delighted at the increase in your energy levels, your physical stamina and your mental drive for excelling at bodybuilding and sports action workouts and competitions. With your fast-developing lean muscularity, your revved-up body strength and your sharp mental focus, you can only go farther in achieving your athletic goals and dreams. Get your first month’s supply of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris now.

– Troy Westerbrook, Cincinnati, OH, USA

Need an energy booster for mastering your challenging bodybuilding workouts? Just get your first bottle of the Reflex brand’s effective T-booster, Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, right away for fast sports performance success.

– Matt Remington, Atlanta, GA, USA

Are you struggling to building the lean, dense muscles and streamlined body of your dreams? Wait no longer to try this amazing product. With Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris from Reflex, you simply can’t go wrong. Get your first empowering supply of this outstanding sports supplement today and get totally ripped.”

– Jake Worth, Boston, MA, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris from Reflex company has received positive reviews on eMedTV and from other broadcasting channels, on Internet forums and webinars and in many sports performance-focused website newsletters and discussion groups. The Reflex Science Park, which is the company’s main production facility, is well-known for its innovative researchers and supplement formulators as well as the many unique Reflex fitness aids, such as Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. This outstanding supplement is expected to win many major awards from such leading sports performance authorities as Bodybuilding.com in the coming weeks and months. In addition, it is predicted to be a favored fitness supplement for discussion on many network sports news programs and other athletic media channels this year.


Money-back Guarantee

The Reflex company leaders offer a money-back guarantee to any customer who is in any way dissatisfied with the purchase, delivery or use of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. This company has a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, and whether you are a new supplement buyer on the company website or a regular, returning user purchasing your monthly supply, Reflex wants your total buying experience to be pleasing and successful. Company officials and staff also want your use of this sports action product to be completely positive and beneficial to your muscle development and athletic pursuits. If you encounter any problems with buying, receiving or using this supplement, the Reflex staff members want to hear from you right away. A friendly, helpful employee will work closely with you to resolve your issues or problems, and if no solution can be found, he or she will process a prompt refund of your product purchasing cost.



This company uses the services of superior domestic shippers and global transport carriers for delivering all supplement orders to customers. These product transporters package and label each order carefully to ensure accurate addresses before shipping. Supplements are packed in durable packaging materials to prevent damage during the shipping process. Reflex has a very good record for prompt, safe and efficient delivery of all Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris orders to both national and international destinations. However, if you do experience any problems with a late supplement delivery or your package does not arrive, simply contact the customer support department at Reflex to request a replacement order or a refund of your purchasing cost.


Customer Support

The well-informed customer support team is always ready and eager to assist you with any problems, large or small, that may arise concerning your supplement order, receipt or usage. Whether you have a minor issue with a slightly delayed shipment delivery or a major question or problem with the recommended dosage of your new sports performance booster, be sure to contact this helpful, professional support team immediately. A team member will patiently assist you in finding an agreeable solution to your issue or problem. However, if no resolution can be reached, this concerned Reflex staff member will arrange a prompt replacement order of your supplement or a reimbursement for your total product cost. You can reach the customer support team easily by phone, email or by filling out a support ticket on the Reflex website’s customer support page.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Checkout procedures on the modern company website are always safe and secure for customers purchasing athletic performance supplements. Due to the advanced technology used in this site’s construction, including updated encryption techniques, all your personal data is well-protected from potential identity thieves or site intruders during the buying process. You will never need to worry about your valuable data being compromised, so you can enjoy a relaxed and pleasing supplement shopping and buying experience. All your data entries, including your name, delivery address, phone number, email address and credit card numbers will be kept totally safe while you place your order and purchase your supply of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris from the Reflex brand.



Reflex management has always insisted on pricing supplements at affordable rates to accommodate the lifestyles and budgets of all serious bodybuilding enthusiasts and other serious athletes. This company is dedicated to producing and selling fine quality supplements that will boost the performance levels of athletes from all locations, walks of life and economic circumstances. For this reason, sports players and muscle builders worldwide continue to benefit from the regular use of this empowering T-booster and bodily energizer at gyms, playing fields and sports competition events around the globe. Today, you can purchase a month’s supply, 90 capsules, of the Reflex brand’s Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris for the low cost of just $34.20 or £24.99 or even less during product promotions or advertised sales.






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