Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris by Met-Rx

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris by Met-Rx Review – Is This the Right Product for Natural Testosterone Production?

What Is Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus Terrestris is a product used to enhance your workout and build muscle by increasing stamina and energy. This supplement by Met Rx can help athletes and users lose excess fat and build a significant amount of muscle. It is a natural and fairly healthy supplement that can really make a difference in your life and your bodybuilding routine. Not only can this supplement help you achieve the muscles and physique that you have always desired, it can make your recovery time quicker and easier. Taking this supplement daily can help you get the bodybuilding results that you have been searching for.

This product comes from Bulgaria where bodybuilders have successfully been using it to supplement their workout regularly. With the added muscle you will gain from taking Tribulus Terrestris, you will be sure to impress with your looks, as well as enhance your workout. It can even be just the thing you need to help you win that bodybuilding competition. Taking it on a daily basis can allow you to lift more weight, increase your speed and energy levels, and lose that stubborn fat.

One of the best things about Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is that it is safe, effective, and all natural. It is an herbal nutritional and exercise aid composed of pure ingredients. This has several advantages over other artificial supplements that can have many negative side effects due to unknown and possibly unsafe ingredients. An all natural supplement, such as this one, can give you the confidence, muscles, and physique that you have been searching for, without having to worry about consequences of artificial additives.
Derived from an herb the Ayurvedic plant, Tribulus Terrestris as the primary ingredient in these supplements greatly increases testosterone in athletes helping them to achieve their goals and reach new physical peaks.



Met-Rx has been on the forefront of supplement production for over 20 years. Focusing primarily on sports performance aids and body supplements, they also make nutrients for those who wish to just achieve a healthier lifestyle. Met-Rx has a top group of scientists who study the nutritional, health, and possible detrimental effects of a number of different pure supplements, and they are always testing and ensuring that the product is beneficial and safe for use before releasing them to the consumer.

Met-Rx is dedicated to creating and producing beneficial supplements to the masses, whether they are for daily health or for sculpting your body and completely altering your physique. The company’s supplements have proven so successful that they have been looked upon in the industry to lead the way towards innovative new formulas and ingredients.

Met-Rx also has a dedication to their customers that they serve as well. They offer all customers a satisfaction guarantee that protects the customer in case of any problem with a supplement purchased from their company. Highly rated for their customer service, they are known to have a knowledgeable staff on board at all times, with the goal of helping athletes and bodybuilders achieve the body that they wish in a healthy, natural, and safe way.


How Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Works?

Tribulus Terrestris has been used for centuries in countries such as India for Ayurvedic medicines aimed at improving peoples’ health and overall well being. Originally seen as a medicine that increased stamina and energy, it has recently been rediscovered as an excellent way to increase testosterone in men and help athletes who work out on a daily basis.

Although Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is found in many other supplements as an extra beneficial ingredient, when used as the primary ingredient of the pill along with other inactive ingredients that help boost the Tribulus Terrestris, it truly shines as a very beneficial supplement for those who exercise or workout regularly.

In addition to the many beneficial factors that come naturally when consuming Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, it also helps aid the body in producing naturally occurring hormones in your brain such as the Luteinizing hormone. This helps the body naturally create an excess of testosterone on a continual basis rather than just a temporary increase that will fade out as the testosterone levels decrease.


Ingredients of Tribulus Terrestris

The primary ingredient Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is an extract of the Ayurvedic herb, primarily gained from the plant’s fruit. The exact medicinal supplement that is extracted is the sterodial saponins that works to activate the brain to increase the levels of the luteinizing hormone which will naturally increase testosterone levels in the body continually. The Tribulus will create a daily cycle within the body to raise the levels of testosterone at a steady pace rather than simply increasing the T levels in short bursts for a limited amount of time.

Gelatin is involved in many of the supplements created by a number of different manufacturers. This product is generally derived from animal byproducts and is used as a combining agent that will safely allow all of the nutrients to be gelled together in order to safely consume the product without sacrificing any of the benefits gained from ingesting the nutrients.

Silica is also a very important ingredient that is created from the combination of silicon and oxygen. This is vital to help repair bones, muscles, and tissues throughout the body and works to sustain the proper hormonal levels throughout the body without effecting the balance of other minerals throughout the body such as calcium and magnesium.

Cellulose is another ingredient within this supplement that is a naturally occurring material found in plants. Composed of many different elements such as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, this complex carbohydrate acts as a source of energy for plants, animals, and humans. Plants use the cellulose to produce extra glucose through photosynthesis. These naturally occurring processes help within the supplement by allowing the human body to create more energy through consumption.



Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is an excellent exercise enhancement supplement that leads to the production of more of the Luteinizing hormone within the brain that will eventually lead to overall higher testosterone levels continually rather than in short increments. It is an enabling supplement that boosts energy levels, while giving athletes and bodybuilders the materials needed to overcome any plateau that may arise from excessive working out and exercise.

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris was designed by the scientists in the highly regulated laboratories of Met-Rx to be safe and useful for any type of athlete or bodybuilder. From beginners to professionals, this supplement is engineered to help all levels of players achieve the body and amount of stamina needed to excel beyond their current level of play

With the primary ingredient being derived from a naturally occurring plant, taking this supplement will surely result in a better workout through natural substances rather than receiving increases in workouts and strength from man made chemicals and substances that could result in harm towards the body. Although little is known about this naturally occurring plant, it has been used for centuries in herbal remedies and medicines in ancient India and Bulgaria to help those suffering from low stamina or weakness.



Met-Rx offers a variety of certificates to professional bodybuilders, athletes, sports trainers, and gyms that use their product and have shown a significant difference in their overall appearance, health, stamina, or strength. These certificates often will be shown as a centerpiece or decoration in their respective gyms, offices, or homes. Those who receive these certificates are often promoters of Met-Rx products and endorse them from their own experiences and use of the products. These certificates help Met-Rx outreach program by giving those who are inexperienced in supplements a source of information and a view of the results that their products can achieve.



Geary78 posted in a forum that after continual use of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris in the mornings and evenings, the results he had achieved were fantastic. His muscle growth has been outstanding compared to the months before he started taking Tribulus Terrestris. However, his energy and stamina levels have been at levels he has not seen before and he is now able to power through his workouts and work day without feeling fatigued.

On a bodybuilding forum dark-cross’s review was an exceedingly good one. He claimed that out of the many popular Tribulus based supplements he has taken in the past, that Met-Rx’s Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris was far more powerful. After his first week, there was a noticeable difference in his strength, and by the second week he was noticing more hardness in his muscles. He claimed that he felt no adverse aggression from the side effects

A supplement review website had one user soundjunkie1986’s review of this supplement as an overall positive outlook with some drawbacks. He claimed that this supplement alone seemed to do very little for his overall strength and stamina. However, when he combined this supplement with other supplements from Met-Rx he noticed results that were beyond comparison. Stating that his dead-lifts and overall bench press has gone up, all while he was continually losing excess body fat and keeping the lean muscle gained.


Awards & Media Coverage

Due to the scientific breakthroughs of Met-Rx, it is believed that Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is set to receive a number of awards and certificates as it continues to receive praise and endorsements from a number of different celebrities and leading companies within the sports supplement industry.

Due to the results being incredibly fast and effective, the awareness of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is spreading throughout the country extremely fast. With sales booming and abundant, the hype of this supplement is being seen on a variety of different bodybuilding forums, websites, and chat rooms. With more users discussing the benefits, the research on this product will surely increase.

Through more research of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, scientists will continue to find more advantages to this derivative of the Ayurveda plant. Although little is known about the plant currently, extended scientific research will highlight more of the beneficial properties that the plant possesses and identify the exact processes the body and brain go through when the supplement is consumed on a daily basis.


Money-back Guarantee

Met-Rx is a company and manufacturer that is dedicated to the satisfaction of its customers. This honest company offers a full satisfaction guarantee, if your products come open, mishandled, or wrong. A full refund or a return of a new product is offered for those who are not happy with the product that they received as long as all of the terms of service are followed.

Highly recognized as a company with excellent customer service, Met-Rx can be reached through multiple facets such as phone or online and will answer any question, big or small, that any customer may have about the receiving of their product. If any problems that may occur can not be resolved by the company directly, they will issue a full refund for any money lost.



The shipping costs of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris depends on the specific vendor that the product is purchased from. If the licensed vendor offers different forms of shipping, from standard shipping to next day shipping, it is possible that your shipping costs could exceed the price of the product itself. If it is necessary to receive the Tribulus Terrestris immediately in order to be prepared for a contest or show, the more expensive shipping could be worth the price.

If ordering Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris directly from the manufacturer, it is possible to get standard shipping for a lower cost than expedited or net day shipping, and it may even be possible to receive free standard shipping if a certain amount of money is spent on the website prior to placing the order. The location the order is placed from may also effect the price of shipping costs, since it costs more to send the product outside of the continental United States.


Customer Support

The customer support that is offered for Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris can vary, as well, depending on the licensed vendor that it is originally purchased from. Met-Rx has an excellent customer satisfaction guarantee offering a full refund if the product is returned within a certain time period and all of the terms of service are met. It is possible to contact Met-Rx through the internet or phone and they are available to discuss any problems on any day of the week.

Other vendors that sell this product may have different policies on returns and refunds and they must be accessed and contacted independently to determine any refund or return policy they have. The customer service that each of these vendors offer will also vary as greatly as their return and refund policy. It is important to make purchases from an accredited company to ensure safe and secure checkout procedures.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Met-Rx is a safe and secure way to purchase Tribulus Terrestris and other supplements as it has SSL certifications and proper encryption to ensure that all credit or debit card information that is stored to purchase the product will be protected and not sold to any third party vendors. These certifications help the customer feel secure in knowing that in the slim chance that their information is stolen they will be reimbursed any money or product that is lost.

When purchasing this product from a vendor that is not directly the manufacturer, it is important to make sure that these vendors have the proper certifications and encryptions to ensure that your purchases will be safe and if any problems do arise it will be easy to get a full refund for any purchases made.



Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is available from the manufacturer for $15.99 for a 90 count bottle. It is possible to find online deals, however, where this product can be as low as $10.00. It is possible to find better deals on multiple bottles of Tribulus, as well. A 6 pack of bottles from the manufacturer will cost $95.94 plus shipping and handling.

Many other vendors will offer this product at a reduced rate during sale times and some will offer free shipping on supplements and similar products if a purchase of a certain amount is made. Before making a purchase on any website it is important to check if the website is a certified seller of the supplement and that any purchases made will be safe and secure through various different online outlets.






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