Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris from Boditronics

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris by Boditronics Review – Is This a Good Choice for an Experienced Bodybuilder?

What Is Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris?

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is supposed to be a high-quality supplement that contains Tribulus Terrestris. Tribulus Terrestris is also called the Puncture Vine, and is a plant that grows in many tropical as well as moderate climates around the world. It is a natural ingredient that comes from a fruit-producing plant that is covered with spines. It is taken to help enhance athletic performance, and limited studies have shown that it has been effective in doing so by increasing testosterone in the body. This increase leads to better overall energy during workouts, fat loss and better effectiveness in building muscle mass.

The ingredient is not found in normal food that we eat, so though it is natural in that it is of plant origin, it is arguably not natural in that we do not consume it on a normal basis. There is not much research done on the effects of Tribulus Terrestris, and therefore it is not certain what a safe dosage is. However, it has been said that if it is consumed for a short period of time it shouldn’t be harmful. But if you are looking for a supplement to take for an extended period you might want to rethink taking this product.



The manufacturer for Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is Boditronics. They claim to bring you quality, high-technology supplements that will help with fitness, weight training and bodybuilding. The products are designed to athletes achieve their goals, in the case of bodybuilding to increase muscle mass, cut down on fat and increase energy for longer endurance during workouts. The Boditronics site has a UK address and a phone number, as well as a contact form where you can put in your email and phone number and make any inquiries.

There is no indication that the UK is where their supplements are made. When the manufacturing information for production of products is not clear or is not listed, you will want to contact the customer service if possible to make sure that the product you want to buy has the ingredients listed. It is not always assured depending on what country the product is produced in. Also you will want to ensure that the product was made in a proper facility without added contaminates. Overall for this manufacturer, however, it is good that there is a website, contact information and a way to ask questions.


How Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Works?

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is a supplement that has as its main ingredient Tribulus Terrestris. Also called the Puncture Vine, it is a plant that grows in Mediterranean and tropical climates and is therefore claimed to be natural, though it is not found in food. The ingredient has limited studies to prove its effectiveness, but has been known to increase testosterone levels, which can help a bodybuilder while working out. The effects are better muscle mass building and quality, longer and better sustained workouts, and effective fat burning. It is recommended that you take two capsules at night before sleeping and then two more when you wake up. You should continue this for five days, abstain for two days, and then repeat this cycle for eight weeks and afterward take two weeks off.

Since there are potential side effects from Tribulus Terrestris, it might be good to avoid taking the supplement for long-term bodybuilding. Also the ingredient can interact negatively with certain medications, and can lead to dangerously low blood sugar levels in diabetics. So it is uncertain if the product is safe overall and you might want to talk to a doctor before you buy it. It also appears from various sites that the product has been discontinued, which might make you further question the product’s effectiveness and safety. Overall you might want to look into another product that is known to get better results.


Ingredients of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris

The main ingredient of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is Tribulus Terrestris. This is a plant that is not consumed normally and cannot be found in food. Also there is limited testing done for the ingredient so it is unknown how much of it is safe to consume. Some studies have shown that is is effective in helping boost testosterone and therefore help cut down on fat, give more mass to muscle and enhance energy. However it is not known how safe the ingredient is to use beyond small doses, so it might not be recommended to use this supplement for an extended period of time.

Also possible side effects of this ingredient that are negative could be trouble with sleeping. There are also links to possible prostate problems in men. There don’t appear to be any negative side effects when combining the ingredient with other herbs, products and foods, but it possibly could interact negatively with certain medications. It might be responsible for an increase in effects of heart and blood pressure medications such as beta-blockers, digoxin, calcium channel blockers and diuretics. So you should not take this product along with these medications. Also if you have diabetes it might decrease your blood sugar levels to a dangerously low level.



Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is a supplement containing Tribulus Terrestris, which has been known to help increase testosterone. And it helps bodybuilders in their efforts through enhanced energy during workouts, fat loss and effective muscle mass building. It is from a Mediterranean plant so in that sense it is a natural product. But it is not an ingredient that is normally consumed by humans and is not found in food, so the natural name of the product could be argued.

You should probably check with a doctor before taking this supplement regarding what dosage level is safe. Also if you plan to take the supplement alongside other medications such as beta-blockers, digoxin, calcium channel blockers and diuretics it might cause harmful interaction effects. And if you have diabetes you should also check with your doctor if this supplement might lower your blood sugar too much. Users said that it was somewhat effective when stacked with other supplements and worked to boost testosterone and energy during workouts. Others said it wasn’t really effective in helping workouts or in building muscle.



There aren’t any certificates listed for Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. There are also no certificates listed on the Boditronics site, however the manufacturer gives a list of team members on its official site that give testimony about their products. This might of course be biased. They list the products they use and also the benefits. One man said he was able to use the products to maintain strength while cutting excess weight and increasing mass and quality of muscle.

There are other members on the team for Boditronics but not all of them mentioned what products they use from this manufacturer. This therefore leaves you unsure that they only use Boditronics and might mean that they are using other brands of supplement as well. Also specifically for the product Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, it appears to have been discontinued, so the effectiveness and quality of the product should be questioned. It is also not known if the product is available anywhere on the market to try either.



There are not many testimonials to be found for Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris. And most of the ones listed are from 2008, which is a dated description. One review said that users should not expect to see good results from the product regardless of age. Another said that when stacked with other supplements, Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris was an okay product as far as effectiveness.

Others complained of acne but said they experienced a general boost in their sense of wellbeing and found the product effective in giving strength during weight lifting itself and also strength during the workouts. Another said that they had to use a lot of the product to see any results. Also another complained of bad dreams. Since the product seems to be generally discontinued, you may have trouble finding any more testimonials that are more recent.


Awards & Media Coverage

On the manufacturer’s site there are no specific awards for Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris listed. There are links to Facebook and Twitter, however when you go to Facebook there is no group listed at this time. Twitter has some posts, but there is not a lot of customer attention or comments. Mostly Boditronics is listing its products. A few customers listed that they were using the product and seemed to have positive reviews but didn’t list specifically what they liked about the products.

There are 1,130 followers for Boditronics on Twitter. There are also a few athletes listed that supposedly used the products and won competitions of different kinds, none listed as bodybuilding competitions. For Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris specifically there were not a lot of reviews. None were listed on Twitter and a few listed on other online forums. Most of these were doubtful as to the product’s effectiveness in increasing muscle and decreasing fat, but one said that they felt a boost in energy levels while working out.


Money-back Guarantee

There is no money-back guarantee available for Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris, as it has been discontinued on many sites in the online market. Boditronics said that for other products purchased on their site, if the requested goods from the customer are not available, they have the right to substitute other products that are of a similar description to you. So beware if you do find that you can order the product, if it is discontinued they might send you a different product altogether.

The manufacturer did say that if this happens however, you can send back the goods unopened and undamaged to receive a full refund within 10 working days from the date of delivery. This is if you are unsatisfied with the product or don’t want it. However keep in mind that you cannot try to the product and get your money back as the products must be returned in sellable condition, unopened. Overall, since the product is not available you may not be able to buy it anyway. And if it is available, know that you cannot get your money back if you try the product.



Shipping for Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is not available since it has been discontinued for purchase on many websites. However the manufacturer, Boditronics has general shipping information for its other products. Delivery is free and will be dispatched within 24 hours for all orders placed from within the U.K. The orders must be placed before 10am for same-day delivery. Orders placed on Friday will wait to be delivered until the following Monday, excepting bank holidays. In this case the product will be delivered on that Tuesday.

The shipping price is not listed, but they give their phone number and email to inquire about the price for domestic and international shipping fees. If you do not receive your order within seven days you can cancel the order with no consequences. If there is any lack in the order, they will ship you the remainder. You may also cancel any order but you have to do it within 24 hours of the order by emailing or calling them.


Customer Support

Customer support for the manufacturer is listed on the Boditronics website. The site has a UK address and a phone number, and there is a link to put in your email and phone number and make any inquiries. This is good as it is uncertain if their product Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris is still available on the market. Also it is uncertain as to where their supplements were made at the address on the site. You may also want to inquire about this before purchasing.

If the information about where the product is manufactured and also the location, you may want to inquire via the contact page on the site about the product to ensure top production quality procedures. Also it is good to know that the ingredients on the product listed are the only ingredients in the product, and that the facilities are good where the product was manufactured. Also you can contact them to change or cancel orders within a given timeframe. Overall if you can gain this information through customer service, the support that they provide is probably good.


Safe & Secure Checkout

You cannot buy Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris on most websites. But for other products on the site for the manufacturer, it is possible to pay with a valid credit card. It is not possible to pay through Paypal. There are no SSL certificates listed on the site for purchasing products. Also there is no privacy policy listed. Standards for U.K. websites might be different than U.S. websites, but this would definitely be something to ask the customer support about before making a purchase.

Given that most U.K. sites are similar to the U.S. as far as listing privacy policies on your site, you might want to give as little of your personal information as possible before finding out this information. You always want to make sure that your personal information is secure to ensure that you don’t have identity theft, or that your information is given to third parties. Also it might be more accessible to hackers that could access your bank or credit card details if you provide these. Remember with online purchasing, safety and privacy should always come first.



The pricing for Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris can be found on several websites for 90 capsules at approximately $40. However it seems to be discontinued and therefore not available on many of the sites. Therefore it is uncertain whether the product is still available for purchase on the market. And if it is available there is no listing for a current price.

On the Boditronics website it is listed that the price of their products will be what is quoted on the website. They also reserve the right to change the price of the goods before delivery if there is an unforeseen increase in price for the manufacturer that is beyond their control. They said this is unlikely to happen and that you would have the opportunity to cancel your order in this case. Upon purchase you will receive an electronic receipt confirming payment. Overall the pricing and payment compare and seem to be the same as other companies in the industry.






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