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Brute Gains Review – Can It Actually Give You Better Gains?

What Is Brute Gains?

Brute Gains is a performance enhancing muscle supplement that promises results that are dramatic and that last for an exceedingly long time. The supplement provides a drastic increase in the levels of testosterone that the body naturally produces, a boost especially necessary for men in their 30s and beyond when the body starts to decrease the levels of testosterone that it produces on its own. The product promises an extreme growth of lean muscle mass that is so significant that a ripped physique will be evident after a routine of taking the product on a daily basis in accordance with the package instructions as a complement to a daily, rigorous weight training program. It promises to increase energy almost immediately to improve a man’s motivation to keep working out each day, to increase endurance and prevent fatigue so as to make workouts longer, more intense, and more productive, and to decrease the muscle recovery time in between each workout. In short, the product promises to effectively aid men in making the most out of each workout, reaching their fullest bodybuilding potential.

As it helps to make up for the lessening levels of testosterone being produced in the body, Brute Gains makes a claim that those who take will experience a restored ability for “explosive workouts” and drastically improve their physical appearance and self-esteem as the loss of muscle mass is no longer visible and muscles get ripped. It attempts to accomplish this through a combination of natural ingredients that create a gradual increase of testosterone produced in the body which is then sent to the parts of the body most depleted of the hormone so as to balance the body chemistry and boost testosterone in the safest, most natural manner possible. Once the product is first taken, it immediately begins working in the blood stream and then begins the longer process of sending the newly developed testosterone throughout the body as it optimizes the body’s levels of free testosterone. Once the parts of the body previously deprived of testosterone begin experiencing the heightened levels of the hormone, the results of bodybuilding performance enhancement and lean muscle mass should begin setting in between one and two months of daily supplement use.

Because decreased testosterone levels associated with age tend to yield muscle loss, fat gain, and energy depletion, these three symptoms of testosterone loss are the first that the supplement addresses and thus the earliest changes to be expected from taking it. Energy should begin increasing very quickly, and as the new energy levels help to create a more satisfying workout regimen, the other effects of testosterone loss begin to dissipate from there; as this happens, the way has been paved for the more drastic and lasting results that this pre-workout supplement promises to provide. The product’s website touts the most about its ability to create the appearance of muscle mass, emphasizing how visible the changes in the body are once using their hormonal supplement.

In addition to the positive changes in the body and physical appearance that the product claims to offer, the hormonal balance and increase of energy that the product intends to achieve in its users should also improve mental focus and clarity and be part of a boost to an overall healthy life.



National Supplement Beauty Solutions Ltd. is the company responsible for the production of this pre-workout hormonal supplement. The company offers a vast array of supplemental products for a wide variety of holistic health and beauty purposes. It produces many products for both men and women, so they are in no way limited to male performance enhancing supplements such as this one. It is a British company with its corporate headquarters in Edinburgh, UK, although it also has offices and factories in the U.S. and Canada and enjoys a very positive reputation throughout the whole world for quality products that enhance lives and a customer-centered approach to all their business dealings. The company has a strong web presence and many positive customer reviews for their various products and services. As is the case with this product, however, the company does have a tendency to neglect listing the ingredients of several of their products on each one’s official website. They appear to be transparent about many aspects of their business, yet they are not quick to divulge the lists of ingredients in items they expect customers to purchase and consume.


How Brute Gains Works?

Brute Gains works with an already well established workout routine to help bodybuilders see the maximum results of the work they are already putting into their exercise. As testosterone levels decrease with age, so do many of the results of working out as well as much of the energy to work out. However, as this supplement sends the newly produced levels of natural testosterone to the parts of the body that most needed, as we discussed above, it enhances all the work that men put into bodybuilding so as to help them once again see the results they were capable of in their 20s. The hormonal changes that the product initiates help to create a new way towards lean muscle mass, vascularity, and all desirable bodybuilding outcomes. It accomplishes this through a blend of natural ingredients that are supposed to be safe and free from the side effects that many men report experiencing from other testosterone boosting, performance enhancing muscle supplements. It claims to be completely free of the synthetic and chemical ingredients most often associated with such adverse side effects, although if taken at the same time as certain medications, harmful interaction may occur.

Since the products works with weight training regimen that the user is already actively and consistently engaged in, it does not require extra or more strenuous work than what one is already expending in order to expect results. Its work to balance hormones when first taken is the same process that eventually creates a ripped physique because of the work the bodybuilder has already done; it is a natural enhancement of what has already been successful, making it more so. This means, though, that the makers of this product presuppose that its customers not only follow such a workout regimen but are also generally healthy and live overall healthy lifestyles, especially including a healthy diet. Those who take it can experience the enhancement of their positive lifestyle choices to be able to receive better benefits from those decisions and even to maintain these disciplines more easily. The speed at which the results of the supplement set in tend to be dependent on the extent to which the user’s bodybuilding rigor and overall state of health. Those who are working hard to stay fit will likely see results in as little as three weeks.

As testosterone is sent throughout the body and energy levels increase, strength increases exponentially albeit gradually. This means that although the company emphasizes the visible nature of the muscle mass growth it makes available, the changes are not superficial. The newfound muscle strength should help men to exceed their athletic goals and achieve more than they thought possible prior to using this supplement. As we continue in this article, we will look at whatever is available regarding the ingredients found in this supplement through which we will become better informed so as to understand if the components of this product actually possess the qualities that are necessary to meet the promises that this product’s company makes to its customers and potential future customers. Furthermore, we will look at reports from real customers who have used the product in order to determine as best as possible whether or not these claims that the company makes about Brute Gains and how it works are trustworthy. Consulting a physician prior to use is advisable and will help to determine if an individual is fit enough to receive the desired outcomes.


Ingredients of Brute Gains

Neither the product’s website nor its manufacturer’s supply a list of ingredients found in this supplement. This is unfortunate as it prevents us from being able to determine in any authoritative sense whether or not the product consists of ingredients that can and should create the effects and fulfill the bold promises that its company claims it will. Product users and reviewers have confirmed that the product includes the following ingredients:

  • L-argenine alpha for naturally boosting testosterone levels, increasing energy, and paving the way for new levels of endurance.
  • L-citrulline for improved blood flow that disseminates the new levels of testosterone to the parts of the body in which it is the most needed.
  • Creatine monohydrate for improved cellular respiration to make the most of free testosterone and to decrease muscle recovery time.
  • L-valine for promoting the growth of lean muscle mass and a ripped physique.
  • Zinc for stabilizing the amount of testosterone produced in the body to ensure that the increases are safe and helpful.
  • Oyster extract for further testosterone boosting, specifically towards athletic performance enhancement.
  • Tribulus terrestris for further increase of muscle mass and testosterone dissemination.

While the lack of making an exhaustive and unambiguous list of ingredients public on the product’s or company’s website can definitely be problematic, there are nevertheless a few ingredients that the body produces naturally that all pre-workout supplements mimic in their production so as to enhance the body’s natural production of the hormones being boosted. All of the ingredients in the lis above are among the most common ingredients in average pre-workout supplements. They indeed have proven successful in all the bodybuilding enhancement purposes for which they are used in products like this. We are left to assume that the sources who have suggested that these ingredients in the product learned such from the product packaging after purchasing it. However, we do not have a way to verify this and are thus left with this list merely as a well-educated guess regarding what the product contains; we cannot confirm whether or not this is an exhaustive list or if the product may contain any extra ingredients that we are unaware of. The company claims to have no unnatural additives, yet we cannot confirm that every ingredient is essential to the purposes at hand and that side effects are as avoidable as the company claims.



Oxygen is supplied to muscles during the most strenuous of exercise, thus ensuring that ripped muscles become an attainable goal of both working out and of taking Brute Gains. The product’s emphasis in its advertising is the goal of improved physical appearance, being able to gain lean muscle mass that is extremely noticeable. This ripped physique, then, is not merely an outward bodily change but accompanies healthful changes throughout the body, inside and out. These improvements of physical health, physical appearance, and energy levels associated with the supplement all encourage improved self-esteem. The company claims that this product is absolutely guaranteed to induce no side effects so long as it is taken according to product instructions, is taken by a man over the age of 18 who has experienced a decrease in testosterone levels, accompanies a rigorous weight training routine along with an overall healthy and disciplined lifestyle, and is not taken in conjunction with any prescription medications that could negatively interfere with its effects.



Brute Gains, like all supplemental products, is not required by law to seek FDA approval since it is neither a food product nor a drug product. Likewise, it is not subject to several of the certification boards that exist to assess and confirm the value that various supplements have towards the expectation of holistic health since most such boards are for dietary supplements only, not hormonal supplements. Nevertheless, some boards do exist both for hormonal supplements and for supplemental companies at large. The company’s website includes a “100% fresh and organic certified” label, but this label is not associated with any discernible certification board. No pursuit of a genuine certification of this nature could be found. The company offers no history on its website, so it can not be determined if it has existed long enough for this to be a potential red flag or if it is merely reflective of the company’s youth. However, the exceedingly large number of products produced by this company, its strong web presence along with that of each of its products, and the sheer number of customer reports available about this product suggest a reputation that would take time to build.



As mentioned above, several reports are available from customers who have used Brute Gains who have shared their very positive experiences with the product; a couple of these testimonials will now be summarized. First, Robert from Washington, D.C. shares that reached a point where he was struggling to reach the weight training goals he had for himself although they had previously been easily attainable for him back when he was in his 20s. Nevertheless, he kept up with his routine daily, and once he started taking Brute Gains, he felt almost instantly reinvigorated; he states that after just one week of use, he was able to work out without feeling any the fatigue he had come to experience so regularly. After just a few more weeks, he reports feeling far more strength than he had in years with a renewed ability to set more challenging goals for himself that would not have been reachable prior to taking this supplement. Then, he reports that after three months the transformation he was feeling inside his body became very evident in the muscle development; he expressed that it is just as obvious as the company promises it will be.

Toby from New Mexico, likewise reports being an avid bodybuilder for many years. He did so professionally when he was in his 20s, and though he does not aspire to return to the professional practice of the activity, he has reported experiencing depression and the loss of self-esteem when he began to lose some of the muscle mass he gained during his career along with the ability to train as hard and as long as he used to. Although he never gave up on his discipline, he realized by the time he reached his early 40s that he could no longer attempt this level of rigor without an increase in testosterone; he tried several testosterone boosters on the market and had many side effects, some of which prevented him from working out at all for short periods of time. He reports that when he discovered Brute Gains, he felt freed to work out the way he used to. He states that as this continued, he was able to regain the lean muscle mass he had also developed in his 20s and that it took less than a month to achieve these goals; the constant provision of new energy is what he appreciates the most as it helps him to keep working out and feeling good about himself, his abilities, and his physical appearance without any of the side effects he experienced with other supplements.


Awards & Media Coverage

Just as the National Supplement Beauty Solutions Ltd. company has not demonstrated any attempt to seek certification for its supplemental products, no industry awards or major media coverage can be found either for the Brute Gains supplement or the company that produces it. Again, the company has an expansive web presence, many products available addressing a vast amount of holistic health concerns, and large following of dedicated customers that give highly favorable testimonials for the product. All this can help up for the lack of other attention the product has received, since it certainly has positive word of mouth in its favor. Nevertheless, when a company makes itself public enough to significant media and industry attention but appears to shy away from that, it may be a sign that they are hiding something about what they really produce or about how they conduct their business. Nevertheless, the high number of positive reviews would be very unlikely if something major is being hidden. The product website’s lack of display of its ingredients is certainly not a good business practice as it brings the reality of those ingredients into question, but customer reports do tend to support the company’s claims of the product’s effectiveness and lack of negative side effects.


Money-back Guarantee

Brute Gains offers a trial period consisting of 14 days beginning with the day in which the customer places his first order. That initial order will accompany a charge of $6.98 for shipping and handling. An entire month’s supply will be sent, but the charge of that supply will be deferred until the trial period is over. The company refers to this first 14 days as a free trial period, but if the customer does not cancel the product, he will be charged for the month’s supply once the 14 days are complete. Once so-caled free trial period is over, however, the customer still may have an opportunity to cancel his subscription to the product and its automatic refill program if he is not satisfied with the product in the first 30 days. If a customer calls customer service within 30 days of the initial order, he will be eligible for a full refund, but once the 30 days are over, there is no further opportunity for any money-back guarantee.

Although most reports have indicated that results can set in quite quickly, this is not likely to be enough time to know for certain whether or not the product will work for an individual. With this in mind, it is advisable to do thorough research with regards to all the different available pre-workout supplements that are on the market, to see what is likely to work best, and to contact customer service with any lingering questions prior to purchase so that the customer can purchase this with a sense of confidence that he will not need to take advantage of such a limited guarantee. Some changes begin in the body immediately that can help to predict what is coming in the future, but the speed at which the product works is different for every person, so even though 30 days is over double the amount of time most similar companies offer in their trial, it still may not be enough time to determine efficacy.



The company responsible for Brute Gains does not specify anything about its shipping procedures, whether USPS, UPS, etc., or which class of shipping is used. This further complicates the above issues mentioned with the company’s free trial period, since the trial period begins immediately after the order is placed, yet no indication is provided regarding how long it should be expected to take from the time of that order until the time of the monthly supply’s arrival. The company is upfront, on the other hand, with regards to their automatic shipment program. Every customer is automatically enrolled in this program at the time the first order is placed. This means that each customer will be automatically charged for each month’s supply at the time of each new billing date which corresponds with the end of the 14 day so-called free trial period, and that an automatic shipping date will be set for each month to ensure that the customer is never without a daily supply of the supplement until the time in which he decides to cancel his product membership.


Customer Support

Although many product reviews and comments are available online from customers who have used this supplement and others from its company which share the same customer support services, precious little is ever mentioned about the company’s customer service. No contact information is provided to contact customer support directly for this supplement on its web site, however the National Supplement Beauty Solutions Ltd. company that oversees this and many other supplementary health and beauty products does include its customer support contact information on its website. It is available for all of the products that the company produces. The lack of information available about the company’s customer support means that we have not been able to determine how knowledgable customer care representatives are about individual products or if they are available merely as sales representatives and liaisons between customers and the overarching company; this provides yet another reason in which we recommend contacting customer support prior to making a purchase in an attempt to get some of these questions answered and to make sure that the company will be able to represent the customer well to ensure that the product works as they claim it will.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Brute Gains clearly presents its privacy policy on its website; this policy is part of their very detailed Privacy document on their website, and it demonstrates that great care is taken in ensuring that all available technologies are used to ensure a safe and secure checkout process. The company keeps all personal information that must be shared for purchase highly confidential and never sells or gives away any of that information to any third party entities. The company employs SSL technologies and encryptions for all transactions done through their website, and the care and detail put into their online Privacy document helps customers learn that their privacy and the safety of their personal and financial information is a very high priority for this company. The company appears to take every measure possible to make sure that all customer experiences on the website for this product as well as any website associated with National Supplement Beauty Solutions Inc. and any checkout process on such a website is as safe as is possible.


Pricing & Free Trial

The shipping and handling charge paid when ordering the first month’s supply is a $3.01 discount off of the regular shipping and handling fee associated with all shipments after the completion of the 30-day money-back guarantee period. After the 14 days of the trial period are complete, the charge for the first month’s supply is incurred, but it is less than later charges will be since the shipping and handling has already been paid for; the product itself costs $74.99 per month, and this is the exact amount that will be charged after the first 14 days of product membership. Each subsequent month’s supplies, however, will consistently be $84.98 reflecting both the cost of the month’s supply of the supplement and the regular shipping and handling rate. The overall cost of the product is comparable to other similar products; the monthly rate for the product itself is slightly less than average, while the shipping and handling rate is significantly higher than average. This could potentially be an answer to the shipping questions addressed in an earlier section; a higher cost for shipping could indicate a fast rate of shipping that helps to provide more time in which to decide whether or not the product is right for an individual, but we cannot know this for certain.






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