BoostUltimate Review – Several Things You Didn’t Know About This Testosterone Booster

What Is BoostUltimate?

BoostUltimate is a natural, all herbal testosterone booster. It is manufactured in capsule form, and comes in bottles of 60 capsules, with a recommended serving size of 2 capsules for each administration. This translates into 30 doses, or in other words, a month’s supply for the user. It comes in a black bottle and is offered in groups of 1 bottle, 3 bottles, and 6 bottles, with the unit price per capsule decreasing for each offering. Pricing will be discussed further in the Pricing section below.

This supplement comprises of various herbal ingredients aimed at helping increase testosterone levels in males. The individual ingredients in this supplement will be detailed in the “Ingredients” section below. It caters to a male audience and aims to help males in increases where testosterone boosts could be beneficial. In layman’s terms, this translates into gains in stamina when working out and muscular strength. An overall increase in energy is common in testosterone boosters as well.



BoostUltimate is manufactured by the company having the same name. According to their description, they are a company that manufactures male testosterone supplements. They operate out of Michigan and are a US-based company. They, by their own words, offer 24/7 email support, and openly provide details of their location in the Ada Township in Michigan on their website.

From the manufacturer’s description, products such as this one are manufactured in an FDA inspected facility. This is not to say that the supplement itself is FDA approved, since its herbal nature by default makes it legal; FDA approval, thus, is not needed for a product of this nature. The manufacturer makes claims that this supplement has permanent results, especially compared to competitors; this claim will be further evaluated in the subsequent “Testimonial” section.


How BoostUltimate Works?

BoostUltimate works on multiple levels. It helps increase blood flow to various areas of the body. The amino acid L-Arginine present in the formula are converted into nitric oxide, creating a vasodilatation effect, meaning that it widens blood vessels in order to increase blood flow throughout the body. Herbal elements such as Ginseng and MACA help to produce a natural stimulant effect.

The ingredients in the proprietary blend listed in the ingredients have a multifaceted effect on the user. Notably, they help act as messengers between the brain and bodily cells. By doing this, they facilitate the conversion of cholesterol into testosterone. Furthermore, they show promise in helping with increased REM sleep and in the regulation of hormonal profiles.

As a testosterone booster, this supplement works best with a varied workout regimen. Workouts comprised of compound lift exercises such as bench presses and squats that stimulate anabolic response work synergistically with the ingredients list. As BoostUltimate helps improve blood flow, the ATP (Adenine Triphosphate) necessary to power these exercises, complex molecules synthesize to help build new muscle tissue.


Ingredients of BoostUltimate?

BoostUltimate is comprised of the following ingredients:

Tongkat Ali – 400mg

The root Tongkat Ali has had historical use as a muscle stimulant. It contains compounds that have been shown in certain animal studies to stimulate and support muscle growth, a change attributed to to increased levels of testosterone.

Maca Extract of 0.6% – 250mg

Maca root is found in the Andes Mountains in central Peru. It contains a multitude of chemicals, including many amino acids and fatty acids. It is used to help with numerous conditions, including anemia, leukemia, chronic fatigue syndrome (Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), improving energy and athletic performance, improving memory, depression, osteoporosis, tuberculosis, boosting the immune system.

L-Arginine – 250mg

L-Arginine is an essential amino acid. It is utilized as a dietary supplement by athletes because, through the nitric oxide synthase enzymes, aids in the production of Nitric Oxide. It is thus used heavily in order to increase blood flow in the body. It has other uses such as lowering blood pressure, and is linked to the ability to increase anaerobic athletic performance.

Ginseng Blend – 125 mg

Ginseng is a plant breed found heavily in eastern Asia and in North America. Ginseng root has found heavy usage for various uses. Its primary use, however, is for its stimulant effect. Some evidence shows that Ginseng may help boost immune system function, and lower blood sugar levels. Additionally, it may have the ability to help with concentration and focus, thus potentially providing benefits mentally. It is touted to also have benefits in terms of fatigue, overall mood, and endurance, all of which are factors that can influence bodybuilding.

Proprietary Blend – 745mg

The proprietary blend itself comprises of the following ingredients:

Sarsaparilla – Herb Powder

Sarsaparilla root is believed to have many medicinal properties. It was a medicine discovered in South America and was brought back to Europe in the 1400s via boat. It was believed to have blood purifying properties, with some going as far to recommend it as a treatment for syphilis.

Pumpkin Seed Powder

Pumpkin seed powder is presented as a blend of essential proteins, as well as being a source of the vitamins B (B6 and B12) and vitamin E. Additionally, it contains iron, oil, minerals, and fiber. Pumpkin seed powder is believed to be a good supplement for prostate health and for insomnia.

Muira Puama Powder

Muira Puama is a plant which has had heavy traditional use, in uses as an energy tonic, and for general health improvement. Muira Puama also has found use as a supplement for stress management. Its effects are believed to be due to an increase in testosterone brought upon by Muira Pama.

Oat Straw – Herb Powder

Oat straw, known as Avena Sativa in botanical circles, is a cereal grain which is believed to have been eaten for at least 3,000 years . Oat straw in particular is believed to be beneficial in supporting the nervous system, and is highly praised for its ability to maintain a sense of calm and balance in stressed and anxious individuals.

Nettle – Herb Powder

Nettle, known as Urtica Dioica in botanical circles, has been used across several cultures and countries. Its effects include diuretic action and soothing effects on the urinary tract.

Cayenne Pepper – 40M HU/G

Cayenne pepper, seen above in the proprietary blend, has caught eyes due to its purported effects. Some individuals claim that it can stop a heart attack in the midst of it occurring. Perhaps this claim is extravagant, but more subdued benefits are also present. Overall, cayenne pepper is believed to be beneficial to helping improve circulation throughout the body. Additionally, it is believed to help regulate blood flow from the head to the heart which subsequently equalizes blood pressure in the body.

Astragalus – 4:1

Astragalus, originating primarily in China, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. In the late 20th century, Astragalus began gaining popularity in the U.S. Its effects including supporting and enhancing the immune system.

Catauba Bark Powder

Catuaba, found in the Amazon jungle, is related to the coca plant. The northern Brazilian Tupi tribe found that Catauba contains aphrodisiac qualities.

Licorice – 4:1

Licorice contains many potentially medically useful compounds. It key beneficial constituent is the compound glycyrrhizin, which exerts numerous beneficial effects on the body. It helps to enhance immunity by increasing the amounts of interferon in the body,which in turn helps fights off viruses. It is believed that licorice may help discourage plaque formation that may clog arteries.

Tribulis Terrestris – Herb Powder

Tribulus terrestris is a Mediterranean plant, primarily utilized for its benefits in increasing athletic performance and circulation.


Orchic extract is believed to help general health in males.

Oyster Extract

Oyster extract, the powder produced from oysters, is believed to be a natural testosterone booster.

Boron – Amino Acid Chelate

Boron is believed to be very beneficial in the treatment of relief in arthritis. Overall, it shows promise for promoting bone health.



The advantages of this supplement are numerous. Firstly, BoostUltimate can help increase muscle mass. In particular, this is beneficial after one hits a plateau in his workout regimen, which users know can be particularly frustrating. With increased muscle mass comes an increase in resting metabolic rate, which can help users even further in their bodybuilding pursuits.

Additionally, the stamina increases offered by this supplement can help users add an extra edge to their workout. The vasodilatation effects in particular help increase blood flow throughout the body, thereby helping users utilize their full muscular and cardiovascular capacities.

A general energy boost due to the stimulating effects of ginseng and other herbal additives can be expected in users. With all herbal ingredients and no caffeine, this energy boost comes without jitteriness which ultimately can prove very beneficial. Inside and outside the gym, this supplement thus shows promise.



BoostUltimate is certified to be produced in an FDA inspected facility. Since FDA approval is not required for a supplement of this nature, this measure helps provide additional credibility to the manufacturing process; transparency between manufacturer and consumer is offered through this measure.

Additionally, the manufacturer provides details of all dosages and ratios of included ingredients. The user immediately knows how much of each ingredient is included. Furthermore, this contributes to the accreditation of this supplement as a foray into the testosterone booster category.



BoostUltimate is one of several testosterone boosters I have tried. I have cycled through many as a bodybuilder and with my heavy workout regimen I am trying to find what is best for building muscle. Overall, it has been decent for this purpose. Upon taking 2 capsules a day, I have found that it increases my stamina in both lifting and in cardio applications. It works quite well for me as a pre-workout supplement. However, at times I find that it gives me a slight headache, which may be due to the amounts of ginseng included in the ingredients. Overall I would recommend this product for its value and effectiveness, but caution users to be aware that it is not infallible. – John S. Cain, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

After searching extensively for a decent testosterone booster, BoostUltimate caught my eye. After looking at many reviews, I figured I would give it a try. The promise of better sleep, in specific, appealed to me. I have dealt with numerous medical issues, all of which have inhibited my ability to sleep. After 3 weeks of using this supplement my sleep has been the best it has been in years. Additionally, I go to the gym 2-4 times a week and I find that this supplement helps my post-workout recovery. I have yet to see large gains in muscle yet but honestly I feel like this may be due to a lack of effort on my part. However, when I take 2 capsules on an empty stomach I find that I feel nauseated before workouts, so I would strongly recommend that you take this with at least a small snack. In summation, this supplement works. You need to be willing to put in your own personal effort, since this pill is not a silver bullet. I strongly recommend this not only as a bodybuilding supplement but as a general supplement for well-being. – Adam T. Johnson, Albertville, Alabama, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

BoostUltimate is given some legitimacy from its media coverage. Badges from Google News, Maxim, and Natural Health are all openly displayed on the product website. An examination of each of these sources reveals the relative authority of each in these matters.

Google News provides compiled information from users, and essentially provides an aggregation of information about this supplement without giving much insight. However, it does consolidate BoostUltimate’s status as a prominent product in the male health domain.

Maxim however, as international men’s magazine, is an accepted authority in matters of men’s health and thus gives additional gravity to any claims about the supplement’s effectiveness. Natural Health overall is an authority on natural supplementation, and thus BoostUltimate falls well within its domain of expertise.


Money-back Guarantee

BoostUltimate comes with a money-back guarantee. In particular, a complete (100%) refund is given for products within the time span of 30 days. The manufacturer in specific demarcates between the different cases users may need. Unopened bottles are accepted without reservation or need for explanation.

Any other reasons for returns are addressed through the provider’s customer service. The customer service in particular will be discussed in the below “Customer Support” section.

The presence of this money-back guarantee is beneficial to users because it provides peace of mind when purchasing. 30 days, the provided time slot for returns, is sufficient for the user to be able to sample the product with a reasonable amount of time to assess its effects.



Free shipping is offered on all orders of the supplement. This is what the manufacturer specifies as “standard shipping”. In specific, it is mentioned that this is express shipping, meaning that users can likely expect to receive the package within 2 business days. An additional expedited shipping option is offered. This speeds up shipping speed to 1 day. However, this comes with the additional cost of $7.99 on the user’s end.

The packaging that is provided for the product is discrete in nature. It appears to be like any other normal package. This can be helpful for users as overt advertising of product names or imaging on the package would likely deter some users. This measure essentially helps provide a layer of security to users as well.


Customer Support

BoostUltimate comes complete with 24/7 email support. Users are prompted to provide a contact email address and a message to the support team. This is done via an online entry form provided on the web page of the product.

Optionally, a phone number can be included; this likely is done in order for sustained contact with the support team. A proper examination of the form reveals that there is no contact number for the product; hence, it may be a little more than optional for the user to provide a phone number.


Safe & Secure Checkout

The checkout process for purchasing this product is safe and secure, as evidenced from the checkout page. The user is immediately taken to an HTTPS site with a certificate that comes with RSA encryption of data.

Additionally, the checkout utilizes the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol. The protocol version and cipher suite are verified by Google Chrome as secure and strong. Furthermore, the resources on the checkout page are secured. All these, considered in conjunction, provide security to users.



BoostUltimate comes with pricing schemes that tailor to different supplies. Each bottle contains 60 pills, which constitutes a month’s supply of the product. It is offered in packages of 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month supplies. Standard shipping comes free with each package and rush shipping is offered for an additional $7.99.

A 1 month supply of capsules runs at $22.99, thus costing the user $0.38 per capsule. On the other hand, a 3 month supply of the supplement runs at $22.99, costing the user $0.35 per capsule. Finally, the 6 month supply package will cost the user $109.99, which equates to $0.30 per capsule. Hence, the unit price per capsule decreases with increasing quantity.






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