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Boli TestoBoost Review – Should You Find Something Better?

What Is Boli TestoBoost?

Boli TestoBoost is a fitness-enhancing testosterone booster for men formulated entirely with botanical extracts, natural compounds and minerals. The active ingredients in its formula complex are Tongkat Ali Extract, Boron Amino Acid Chelate and Saw Palmetto, a fruit extract. This supplement promises a whole host of physical fitness benefit such as improved aerobic capabilities, accelerated fat-burning, decreased lipogenesis (i.e., the accumulation of fat), and a potentially improved basal metabolic rate. It may strengthen muscle tissue, increase vascularity and endurance, elevate energy levels and maximize workout gains for a harder, leaner physique achieved in a shorter time frame. It also offers an organic supplement solution to athletes and competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters and other fitness professionals who want to raise their free testosterone levels without synthetic additives or illegal anabolic steroids.

This dietary aid promises to fuel workouts to help adult males gain more strength and power with each session. It is designed for use as a fitness aid only and does not purport to treat any medical conditions nor is it designed for use by everyone. Its manufacturer offers a 14-day evaluation program as well as a risk-free return policy. It is also commonly used by an older male demographic who are looking to restore strength- and physical performance-related declines associated with aging and gradual testosterone loss. It is manufactured in capsule form and is designed to be used on a daily basis to enhance workout sessions, stamina, endurance and energy levels.



Boli TestoBoost is developed, distributed and marketed by a manufacturer called MaximFit. This health and fitness nutritional supplier is based in the United States in Mesa, Arizona. MaximFit has supplied a range of health and fitness merchandise for a number of years including pre-workout, post-workout and whey-based supplements intended to boost muscle performance and exercise gains. It also produces health solutions such as multivitamins, testosterone boosters, Omega 3 vitamin supplements, probiotics and more. This manufacturer’s scope in the dietary supplement industry focuses primarily on nutrition, fitness, workout routines and general health and lifestyle.

In addition to the company website, MaximFit is accessible to customers through a number of social media channels. These channels include Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram and Twitter. Its dietary supplements aim to provide extra focus, strength and energy as well as to aid in weight loss and muscle recovery. Its lifestyle products offer a variety of flavors, energy blends and nutrient balances to delivery health and fitness benefits to a wide range of demographics. MaximFit promises customers that it only sources ingredients from high-potency, fresh ingredients.


How Boli TestoBoost Works?

These nutritional capsules are packed with natural compounds called amino acids that function as essential building blocks from which protein and muscle fibers are constructed. The ingredients in the product formula are balanced to strengthen and to dilate blood vessels for greater blood, nutrient, mineral and oxygen delivery to muscle fibers. Amino acids are commonly used by strength and fitness competitors to speed up the healing process after vigorous workouts, allowing for accelerated muscle-building and repair as well as for more frequent and higher-intensity exercise. Faster muscle tissue healing also allows for less cramping, pain and soreness often associated with intense exercise. The specific dosage combination of amino acids in these capsules thus function as energy transporters to muscle cells for enhanced muscular contractions, repair and overall growth and function.

The amino acids and extracts in this purported testosterone booster’s formula aim to provide a direct fuel source to the body for increased energy, endurance and stamina. Once taken by mouth, the capsules dissolve in the bloodstream, where they are then transported throughout the body to deliver more nutrient-rich blood and oxygen to the brain and to muscle tissue. This, asserts the manufacturer (among other nutritional experts), enhances a bodily process called vasodilation which is responsible for the widening arterial walls for greater blood supply and transportation. Vasodilation works to smoothe muscle walls within the larger arteries, the arterioles and the large veins (i.e. the venodilators), which is assisted by a reduction in vascular resistance that may result in less post-workout pain and faster muscle tissue recovery. Vasodilation is the function responsible for the swollen and exaggerated veins often seen in heavily muscled people.

However, Boli TestoBoost is not a magic muscle-boosting bullet and will not work without assistance from users; in addition to consistent daily usage, maximum results are attained through commitment to a clean, nutrient-rich diet low in carbohydrates and sugar as well as through consistent exercises and an active lifestyle. It may also work to decrease the production of estrogen, a sex hormone commonly associated with women but present in both women and in men. Estrogen and other such hormones are believed by many fitness professionals to significantly contribute to body and visceral fat as well as to water retention and bloating – thus, Boli TestoBoost claims to inhibit estrogen in addition to actively increasing testosterone levels. Suggested usage instructions advise users to take one tablet in the morning and one more before exercise or other physical activity (though anyone with allergies to any of the ingredients in the product formula and/or anyone taking a certain class of medications should especially make sure to consult with health care professional before use).


Ingredients of Boli TestoBoost

  • Tongat Ali Extract Root Extract – Eurycoma Longifolia;
  • Saw Palmetto;
  • Baron Amino Acid Chelate;
  • Sarsaparilla Root Extract;
  • Horny Goat Weed Leaf Extract – Epimedium Grandiforum;
  • Wild Yam Root Extract;
  • Orchic Substance;
  • Nettle Root Extract.

Other ingredients:

  • Calcium Carbonate;
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose;
  • Stearic Acid;
  • Magnesium Stearate.

Tongat Ali is a traditional Malaysian herb tonic often used to help boost strength and to restore vitality. Saw Palmetto, another herbal ingredient, is a fruit extract derived from the fruit of the Serenoa Repens plant. The fatty acids contained in Saw Palmetto functions to block an enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which may trigger adverse reactions as well as decrease testosterone availability. Saw Palmetto also contains natural compounds called sterols, which therein contain steroidal saponins thought to further boost testosterone and myogenesis. Another natural ingredients in this formula includes Wild Yam Root Extract,, which can be manufactured in many supplemental forms including powders, dried root or capsule form; other active ingredients in the Boli TestoBoost formula are Sarsaparilla Root Extract and Nettle Root Extract, which are balanced into the capsules’ nutritional profile for optimal energy levels, muscle gains and blood flow.

Baron Amino Acid Chelate is often is a mineral commonly used as a dietary mineral supplement to boost muscle growth and energy levels and also works to enhance bioactivity and availability of free testosterone (i.e., the body’s stores of testosterone available to enhance strength traits and to generate new muscle). One of its primary benefits are enhanced nutrient absorption, which then enables all associated bodily processes to function more efficiently. Horny Goat Weed Leaf Extract is also included in the proprietary formula blend to boost blood flow to working muscle tissue for stronger muscle pumps and a quicker recovery period. Finally, Orchic Substance – an extract derived from bovine testicles – may help to boost active testosterone production and physical capability. It has become popular as a bodybuilding supplement to promote maximum muscle growth and endurance.



Boli TestoBoost may increase both aerobic and anaerobic capability. It may help to redefine body composition for more lean muscle mass and lower body fat. May accelerate muscular hypertrophy. Unlike anabolic steroids, it does not contain any synthetic or illegal chemicals. The formula is comprised of only organic compounds such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts from fruits, plants, roots and other herb sources. It may accelerate the body’s fat-burning process (thermogenesis) to help users burn more calories during exercise and may even promote an increased basal metabolic rate.

This all-natural supplement promises to provide an organic, safer performance-enhancing solution to sports performers, powerlifters, bodybuilders and other fitness competitors seeking an alternative to anabolic steroids. The amino acids in the product formula are balanced to support faster muscle healing and recovery as well as subsequent myogenesis (muscle-building) for more taut, lean musculature. It aims to help users carve out more definition via a plant-based total-body muscle complex. Anyone who would like to try it out for themselves can take advantage of the manufacturer’s 14-day trial period at no risk. The capsules are designed to be easily taken with a glass of water on a daily basis to fit into almost any schedule, which will likely be a significant advantage to busy fitness enthusiasts.



The manufacturer of Boli TestoBoost is certified as being in compliance with all US privacy laws and information security laws. The privacy policy begins with a clear definition of Personal Identifying Information, which it defines as, approximately, personal information that can be used in any way to contact, identify or locate a single individual in any capacity. In accordance with its privacy policy, this company does not collect any sort of personally identifiable information that is not submitted to the website willingly by visitors to sign up for notifications or services, to order products or for any other customer request. MaximFit only utilizes customer-supplied data in order to provide faster and more efficient customer service requests, to more quickly process transactions and to send occasional emails regarding orders, services or products. The company also details how customers can disable any cookies active during their visit via browser settings, which customers will likely appreciate.

The website is also certified in compliance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). In accordance with this protection act, the owner of the Boli TestoBoost website has agreed to allow users to visit its site anonymously; it details its usage, collection tactics and practices regarding all personally identifiable information provided by users of its website; and it makes all such privacy practices easily accessible, clear and highly visible to all website visitors. Under COPPA, site users are also given clear instructions regarding how to opt out of personalized Google advertisements (since the Google ad settings used by the website tailors advertisements to site visitors according to search preferences). The site’s Third Party Disclosure section (within the Privacy Policy) further details that this company does not distribute or sell personally identifiable information supplied by customers. As such, the company website is certified as being in compliance with all applicable California privacy protection laws.



I ordered a bottle of Boli TestoBoost a few weeks ago, and so far I’ve been impressed with the results. I’ve tried a couple of testosterone boosters in the past, but most tasted pretty bad and didn’t give me the workout boost I was looking for. Now, I can do more benches and squats with less pain, my cardio endurance has noticeably improved and I’m seeing muscle definition pop up all over the place. When you can work out with more ease and endurance – at least for me – it helps me to pump iron longer, so my body is tightening up faster. I am very happy with my results.

– Jerry, musician in St. Paul, MN, USA

Once I hit my fifties, I had to admit that I had slowed down physically quite a bit. I used to be pretty cut, and although I’m not overweight, I didn’t like the spare tire I was seeing around my middle (not to mention my soft arms and pecs). I knew I could do a lot better, so I signed up for the free trial offer and started supplementing the day Boli TestoBoost showed up on my doorstep. I could feel an extra charge right away, so I pushed my endurance to its limits and have been pushing ever since. My wife says I haven’t looked this fit since my thirties.

– Javier, Chief Executive Officer in London, England

This gives me an energy boost in the gym that translates, for me, into longer high-intensity interval training sessions and heavier weights when I lift. I stack it with my favorite vanilla protein shake and make sure to take a couple before every workout. My work life is hectic, so I don’t have a lot of time to carve out for exercise, which is why it’s important for me to make every session count. I completed my first compound training session for the first time just last month, and I believe it would’ve taken me much longer to achieve that milestone if I hadn’t been stacking with this.

– Scott, business consultant in Montreal, Canada

Adding these capsules to my daily powerlifting routine has enhanced my circuit training to the point where I feel noticeable energy surge when I’m doing heavy lifting, and I don’t get fatigued like I used to after intense jump-roping. Also, the time it takes for my muscles to rebound between sessions has decreased, so I’ve even added an extra half-hour to each session. My delts and veins are popping out more so than they have in years; even my wife has noticed! In the few weeks I’ve been taking these, I’m getting better muscle pumps, I can do more crunches, and these tablets are very easy to take on the daily. I call them ‘muscle fuel,’ and I’ve already recommended them to all the regulars at the gym.

– Dennis, powerlifter in Brooklyn, New York, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

Boli TestoBoost offers customers a sleek, well-designed website with a simple layout for maximum ease of use. In addition, its manufacturer maintains profiles across many social media websites to allow personalized communication with its customer base. Although it normally also maintains an RSS feed on the official website, the feed was inactive at the time of this review. MaximFit also offers a popular blog focusing on everything lifestyle- and fitness-related including workout and nutrition tips, workout gear, bodybuilding tips, weight loss information, celebrity features and more. One feature, for example, offers fitness and nutrition advice from fitness celebrity and movie star Duayne “The Rock” Johnson.

At present there is only one Boli TestoBoost review on the official company website. However, it has received significant coverage from online fitness supplement consumers and has been reviewed on many blogs, video channels and other consumer review websites. It appears to be extremely successful among consumers in its demographic. The product website does not advertise whether or not it has received any awards in the nutritional supplement industry (i.e., the ‘Ripped’ or annual ‘Best Of’ contests). This testosterone booster is targeted at the adult male demographic as well as at competitive fitness professionals such as athletes and bodybuilders.


Money-back Guarantee

MaximFit offers a complete money-back guarantee for all purchases. Unfortunately, details (regarding this policy) are very limited on the product website. The terms and conditions section – which normally details such policies – does not detail the length of the money-back guarantee period, which is normally 30 days in the fitness supplement industry. To receive specific refund instructions, buyers must contact customer support via telephone. Buyers can also contact a support member by email.

There is no information on whether any restocking fees apply. Similarly, the terms and conditions do not detail whether buyers may return empty or partially used bottles for refunds. Customers may thus want to contact the support department before purchasing to receive full policy information, such as when refunds typically post to accounts as well as a detailed explanation of the return process. Normally, supplement manufacturers also offer limited fraud protection in the event of a fraudulent purchase made on the customer’s account; buyers may also want to inquire about this, though such circumstances are rare.



Shipping is free for all products when ordered directly through the manufacturer’s website. Orders can be shipped to many regions worldwide including the Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, the Marshall Islands and to the Virgin Islands. Orders can also be shipped to most Armed Forces bases internationally including Armed Forces Americas, Armed Forces Europe, Armed Forces Middle East, Armed Forces Canada, Armed Forces Africa and Armed Forces Pacific. This manufacturer’s shipping range extends as far as to Armed Forces Africa.

This manufacturer offers a free shipping option; such orders typically take 3-5 business days for delivery. For maximum convenience, there is also an expedited shipping option upon checkout for a minimal $5 charge. With expedited shipping, orders arrive in 2-3 days. Buyers can also add specific delivery instructions. All charges associated with return parcels are the responsibility of the customer’s and are not refundable under any circumstances. The website does not specify which delivery carriers it uses, which of course may vary by region.


Customer Support

Maximfit offers a full-service customer service program to anyone with inquiries regarding any of its products, services or policies. The first line of contact provided is a toll-free 1-866 telephone number to facilitate connection with a live representative. For added convenience, there is also a customer support email address as well as a quick submission question form (on the product website). MaximFit offers its corporate headquarters address for any physical correspondence, returns or other inquiries. The customer support department lists its hours as being open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For comment purposes, the support department maintains the hours of 8:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The corporate address on the Boli TestoBoost website links to a Google location map for even further convenience. The site also offers a self-service option as well; specifically, customers can log into their member accounts and cancel or modify many features of their membership without having to contact the service department at all. However, support center representatives must provide all official processing authorization numbers for returns and other such transactions. The customer service department is available to handle all aspects of customer accounts including billing, shipping and processing, returns, technical support, product usage and more.


Safe & Secure Checkout

As disclosed on the Privacy Policy on the Boli TestoBoost website, the site is scanned on a daily basis for potential security holes or other vulnerabilities that may pose a risk to sensitive customer information security. Regular malware scanning is in place to ensure maximum data security and, furthermore, all sensitive data is secured by protected network servers accessible only by a small number of employees necessary to complete the requested purchase service. The company discloses that it is required to keep customer information confidential by law; all requested transactions are processed through its gateway provider and is thus neither processed nor stored on the company server itself. The manufacturer asserts that it utilizes numerous security layers in regards to all order entries and submission of personal information. Only select employees are granted access to the company’s secure servers, which are in compliance with all applicable information safety laws.

The company also details its implementation of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to encode all sensitive data supplied by customers to the website. Encryption software utilizes key ciphers and algorithms to scramble sensitive data (such as personal information and credit card data) to make it unreadable to any cyber data theft attempts. By establishing an encryption link between the company’s secure server and the customer’s server, sensitive customer information such as payment information, member passwords and usernames, addresses and other such data, all such provided info is kept private and secure to the fullest extent possible. This cryptographic system ensures maximal protection for mail servers, browsers and devices from which the info is supplied.

The privacy policy on the official MaximFit website provides a detailed explanation of all policies the company uses to maximally safeguard all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) supplied by customers on the site. The manufacturer is also required by California law to notify website users of any changes to its privacy practices or information collection/usage policies. It is also in compliance with The Fair Information Practices Principles, which are important US privacy law regulations instituted to protect consumer information supplied to vendor websites. Under FIPP laws, this company will notify any users affected by a data breach within seven days of the incident. In addition, any affected users will be notified via site notification within 7 business days as well.



The current retail price of a single bottle of Boli TestoBoost is currently $49.99 for a 60-day supply. Considering the fact that many nutritional testosterone boosters on the market offer half the capsules for twice the price, this product aims to provide maximal value for customers’ money and fitness needs. MaximFit frequently offers discounts, promotions and exclusive articles via its official website. The site also accepts gift vouchers and coupon codes, and buyers must pay any sales tax or other fees pertaining to their state or region of order. In addition, customers are responsible for any surcharges, chargeback fees or other fees associated with their financial institution resulting from the transaction.

MaximFit also connects with its customer base via a blog on the official product website, which is a great way to inquire about any current discounts and promotions. All prices displayed on the website are payable in United States currency and are one-time charges for a single order; there are no inconvenient auto-ship programs (and subsequent charges), which many buyers will likely appreciate. Accepted payment methods include MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB, Diner’s Club and Discover. At this time, there is no option to pay with PayPal.






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