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Blue Star Status by Blue Star Nutraceuticals Review – Does It Work?

What Is Blue Star Status?

Blue Star Status is a powerful, all natural, energy-enhancing sports dietary supplement aimed at boosting testosterone levels, gaining quality muscle mass, improving physical performance, endurance and stamina, and building large, defined muscles for sleek, lean definition. It was designed for bodybuilders, athletes and anyone else looking to enhance their physical appearance, performance, or overall health. When taking this anti-estrogen support additive, users should expect to see up to a 178% increase in their testosterone levels, in addition to elevated energy levels, a better night’s sleep and increased gym performance abilities.

Because the supplement is made with all natural ingredients, there is no need to “cycle” on and off while using it, according to information found on the company’s official website. If a customer decides to stop taking the supplement, their body will naturally resume and continue to produce its own testosterone, just as it did before taking Blue Star Status, with no threat of rebounds or crashing. Blue Star Nutraceuticals tells their customers they can use the supplement in subsequent months or follow a “three months on, one month off” regimen, depending on their own personal preference. There is no medical reason or research that suggests cycling is necessary, though.

Another important thing that Blue Star Nutraceuticals informs their customers of is that their nutritional supplement is not a steroid, it is a natural enhancer and bodybuilding agent. Nor does the company promise its customers that they will become fitness models or bodybuilders overnight, only that the supplement will increase the customer’s strength and stamina, thereby fueling them with the energy to train harder and longer, which in turn produces better, faster results. As always, a chiseled, strong body is achieved through hard work and dedication to healthy eating and exercise. Results of exercise and clean eating will simply be magnified through the use of this supplement, but not solely because of it.



Blue Star Nutraceuticals is a dietary supplement company that is deeply committed to the sports nutrition and performance world, and supplying some of the highest quality dietary supplements manufactured around the globe. Not only do they design and produce their own products, but they also promote, market and sell their brand of high-quality sports health products. They are a brand trusted by top athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness fanatics whose goal is to supply everyday people with pure, potent, high-performance additives to assist with bodybuilding and overall strength training.

Their supplements are credited for being stronger, purer and more potent than similar supplements made by other companies, and therefore capable of bringing more swift and noticeable results to the people who use them. That is undoubtedly the reason Blue Sar Nutraceuticals and their line of dietary supplements and energy enhancers are so popular among bodybuilders and athletes.

The products manufactured by Blue Star Nutraceuticals are clinically tested on human subjects instead of animals and each order comes with a 100%, 60-day Money Back Guarantee. The safety and quality of products made by Blue Star Nutraceuticals is a result of their adherence to strict manufacturing processes. They seem to be a company that values their reputation, and more importantly, that their products live up to that reputation.

How Blue Star Status Works?

Blue Star Status is packed with a combination of all natural ingredients that are used together to promote fast, powerful muscle building, fat shredding, and endurance enhancing abilities in bodybuilders, athletes and physical fitness enthusiasts who put in time at the gym. This specially blended formula of natural products is ideal for those who wish to blast away unwanted body fat but keep their muscle, in addition to increasing and improving their overall muscle mass. Each capsule contains high doses of pure, potent estrogen blockers with top-quality bio-availability that produce bigger, more solid, more defined muscles. Much of these results can be credited due to the product’s ability to boost testosterone levels by up to 178%. Higher testosterone leads to higher powered workouts and shorter post-workout recovery times.

Each dose of this sports enhancing additive is so potent that some customers claim to have felt a physical change within their body after just 1 dose, with others stating it took a couple weeks for them to feel and see an improvement in their physical appearance, performance, and endurance levels. Considering every body is unique and works in its own way and speed, varying results are not atypical in people taking this type of supplement.


Ingredients of Blue Star Status

The main ingredient in Blue Star Status is the estrogen inhibitor, Resveratrol, along with a second estrogen inhibitor, Chrysin. These 2 ingredients work together to prevent the body from converting the testosterone it produced during high-powered workouts into effiminate, or feminine, estrogen. This reduction of estrogen aids in helping men with fat on their thighs and glutes trim down and also to reduce water retention.

In each single serving size of 4 capsules, there is 21mg of Vitamin B, 180mg of Magnesium, and 12mg of Zinc, plus Status’s own Status Proprietary Blend. Listed on the back of the bottle is also a clinically proven testosterone stack which includes ingredients Graecum, which is a seed, Longjack, which is a root, and Saw Palmetto, which is a berry. XD delivery is offered through doses of Black Pepper, Fumarate, and Succinate, though the dosage amounts are not included on the product’s nutritional label. Other ingredients included in the dietary supplementation pills are Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, and Microcrystalline Cellulose.

Dosing for this sports performance enhancer is suggested as just 1 serving of 4 capsules each day, taken with 8-10 ounces of water. On work out days, customers are advised to take capsules 30 minutes prior to work out. On off days, they are to take 1 serving 30-45 minutes before bed on an empty stomach. Following these suggestions will lead to the maximum results.

Also noted by Blue Star Nutraceuticals is that dietary supplements and foot supplements containing natural ingredients are not considered to be a drug, and therefore they are not required by law to be approved by the FDA.



The advantages to taking these powerful, nutritional additives are obvious in the physical changes that customers will experience within a couple weeks of beginning their Blue Star Status capsules. Larger, more defined muscles and bigger muscle mass, improved physical performance and higher endurance to fuel longer, higher energy, more intense workouts are just a few advantages of taking this all natural, fat-burning dietary supplement, in addition to shorter recovery times, post-workout. Blue Star Nutraceuticals also backs their product with a promise to raise users’ testosterone levels naturally by up to 178%, which tops the list of advantages that come with using this dietary and energy-enhancing additive. And since the blended formula is all natural, your body will resume producing its own testosterone if you ever decide to stop taking it.



Gift certificates can be purchased by customers who wish to give the gift of Blue Star Status to a friend or loved one who may be looking to get into better shape or has a specific fitness goal in mind, whether its bodybuilding, sports training or just general fitness and strength trainng. Ordering is easy and only requires that customers go to the company’s Gift Certificates page, enter the amount they would like to put on their card, complete a standard ordering form, and then proceed to check out. An e-mail from Blue Star Nutraceuticals will be received by the intended recipient within 24 hours of placing an order, notifying them of the gift that was purchased in their honor.

It is worth mentioning that gift certificates for the Blue Star Status dietary supplements can only be obtained with U.S. currency, and redeemed only from the U.S. store. Also, the gift certificate must be used within 1 year of the date of purchase.



In order to conduct a thorough review of the Blue Star Status supplement, a lot of time was spent researching product and customer reviews from people who have actually used it, since consumer assessment is one of the best ways to verify a product’s accuracy and effectiveness. Finding a product with great customer reviews usually means the product will live up to its name and the promises that surround it, instead of turning out to be a scam like so many other health and dietary subsidiaries. What was found regarding this supplement was, for the most part, very positive feedback from real live customers.

Some of the most satisfied customers cited things such as, “the difference in my energy levels is amazing!”, “I love this stuff. You can feel it right away”, “I’ve spent a lot of money trying new products that ended up not working, but this one brings results!”, “Blue Star Status is one of the most powerful natural boosters I’ve ever tried”, and “I’ve noticed many changes, but the 2 most important ones are the general sense of well-being and my performance in the gym. Blue Star Status takes a while to kick in, but once it does, you’ll notice and feel a lot better”.

On another site, there was review after review from satisfied men who had given the product a try and were happy they had. Many of these customers said they already had or would in the future, order subsequent bottles of the product so they could continue using it and reaping its health benefits.

Of the hundreds of reviews that were read and skimmed through, there were only a few negative comments and assessments to be found, which is a promising sign for consumers. The majority of the “negative” customers were more unimpressed than turned off by the product. To ensure all aspects of this product are covered, the negative reviews will be included as well.

The customers who weren’t as satisfied with their experience of Blue Star Status had remarks such as, “I’ve tried Status a couple times back to back thanks to a good sale and return policy at Blue Star. It did absolutely nothing for me” and “a lot of the ingredients listed on the label don’t give their doses, so it is possible you’re taking all fillers”.

Other complaints about the supplements center mostly around the product’s lengthy list if allergy and diet restrictions. Because these supplements are produced in a factory that also processes milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanut, tree nut, fish, and shellfish ingredients, its use is limited to some. Still, I didn’t find any reviews that mentioned terrible side effects. The biggest complaint was from people who simply didn’t feel that the supplement had enhanced their workout regimen.

All in all, the public response to this supplement by Blue Star Nutraceuticals has been generally and overwhelmingly positive, with most customers saying they already have or will in the future, order subsequent bottles of the potent supplement so they can continue their high-intensity workouts and bodybuilding regimens. Most people seemed to find the pricing fair, the product effective and the results obvious.


Money-Back Guarantee

Each purchase of Blue Star Status is backed by the company’s 100%, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, with no stipulations or hassles, no matter what condition you return the product in. Whether you take 4 capsules or 100 of the 120 capsules, if you aren’t satisfied with your results before the 60 days are up, simply send back your bottle and receive either a replacement bottle or a full refund, the decision belongs to the customer. That seems fair, since in most cases it takes several weeks to see real results from any workout routine or diet plan. Having 60 days to determine if the supplements are working for you is generous, and gives customers plenty of time to make a decision on whether they want to continue using Blue Star Status.

If promotional items such as t-shirts, free samples or shaker cups came with the order, customers are asked to please send those items back as well as the bottle of capsules in order to receive a full refund. Also note, orders must be returned to Blue Star Nutraceuticals within 60 days of the date of purchase. Customers will also need to be sure to retrieve a confirmation number from the company’s return department before mailing returned items in order for their return to be accepted and processed.



Blue Star Nutraceuticals offers flat rate shipping on all of their Blue Star Status orders, so customers who would like to buy in bulk can do so without paying exorbitant shipping fees. Ordered items should arrive via Expedited Parcel within 1 to 3 days in regional areas, and 2 to 7 days nationally.

In the small print, Blue Star Nutraceuticals does also state that shipping and handling fees are non-refundable, so the customer is responsible for any shipping and handling fees associated with returning their order. Again, this seems pretty fair.


Customer Support

Blue Star Nutraceutical’s award-winning Customer Support team is available to provide customers with assistance and to answer any questions or concerns that may arise, including any questions or issues regarding gift certificates, orders and product information. Customers are offered 3 ways of contacting Customer Support. They can e-mail their questions or requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making sure to include their name, account number, e-mail address and their preferred method of communication. Customers can also call one of 2 toll free numbers – 1-866-236-8417 or 1-866-667-8517. These lines are open with agents available to help Monday – Friday/ 9am-5pm Eastern Time. There is also an international number – 1-208-377-9994. Live Chat is also available to customers as a third convenient option.


Safe and Secure Checkout

Blue Star Nutraceuticals promises their customers a guaranteed, safe and secure checkout, with every transaction. They boast of a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption, which basically means they’ve gone the extra step to ensure the privacy and safety of their customers’ personal information.



A 120-capsule, 30-days’ worth supply of Blue Star Status can be purchased for the price of $69.99, plus the flat rate shipping fee of $14.95. This is good news for people who prefer to buy the supplement in bulk, since it means they can do so without having to pay exorbitant shipping fees. Promotions can be found quite often, but they are not promised to be available at any given time. Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, MasterCard and American Express.






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