Biosterol by Megabol Review – Should Athletes Use This Natural Product?

What Is Biosterol?

Biosterol is a bodybuilding supplement that claims to increase testosterone and offer herbal nutritional support for people who lead extremely active lives. The testosterone booster in this supplement is completely vegan, a form of plant sterol that has been shown to increase testosterone levels and increase metabolism in one small pill. It has long been popular in bodybuilding communities throughout the world, but has not been easy to find in North America.

Biosterol claims to be a supplement for all people who have high activity levels, but it appears to be especially optimized for bodybuilders. It gives a fast and clean boost in both testosterone and metabolism. The increase in testosterone levels can be especially helpful to anyone who is trying to cut fat stores and build muscle strength and size. In addition, plant sterols are known to have a generally healthy effect on the human body, supporting good cardiovascular health and lipid profiles. This is a weightlifting supplement that has the potential to support your whole body health and your energy levels both inside and outside of the gym. Many people have found it easier to meet and even exceed their bodybuilding goals by taking this supplement.


Biosterol is made by the Polish company Megabol, which is a manufacturer of several lines of supplement. All of their products are based on plant extracts and are rigorously tested by scientists in the company’s laboratories for purity, safety, and effectiveness. Much of this research and development occurs at Megabol’s Center for Biotechnological Implementation. The company has participated in research projects with prestigious universities from throughout Poland. They have also been invited to present their work at a conference held by the Polish Society of Herbalists and Phytotherapists, which includes many respected physicians and scientists.

Megabol is unique among supplement brands due to their work with different academic and scientific organizations in their home country. The result is a line of products that have been developed and manufactured to the same rigorous standards as medical grade products. The company has been in business since 1994, so it is well-established and respected in its home nation. All operations are currently managed by Petr Fort, a dietician, and Henryk Różański, a physician and biochemist. The development of Biosterol was overseen by a PhD phytochemist, an expert in plant compounds and their effects on the human body.

How Biosterol Works?

Biosterol is made of isolated plant sterols. The exact molecule is called a steroid saponin, which is present in many plants. Steroids are used in the synthesis of testosterone and other compounds in the human body, but are also present in plants and a variety of living organisms. These steroid saponins are concentrated carefully in a scientific lab to preserve and intensify their natural healing properties. In the human body, these compounds stimulate the production of LH, or luteinizing hormone. LH then stimulates the production of testosterone. Because the supplement does not contain testosterone but rather encourages its production, the result is a clean boost in this important male hormone with no unwanted side effects.

The company reports that testosterone may be increased by up to 4 mg a day if this product is used regularly according to the package instructions. This is a significant increase that can make a huge difference in male health, especially in bodybuilders that are already making more testosterone than the average man. This further increase in testosterone can aid in muscle building, lipolysis (breaking down fat stores), and increasing metabolism in a natural manner. This is a healthy and natural way to increase your game and get more gains as a bodybuilder.

Ingredients of Biosterol

The blend of herbs used in Biosterol is designed by a team of scientists to support the health of extremely active people in a variety of ways. The blend of herbs is unique, proven to be effective, and unable on the market from any other company. This supplement includes concentrated extracts from:

Nigella damascena – which is an herb that causes faster cell growth and cell repair. This leads in turn to faster muscle gains and shorter recovery times. Nigella is used in traditional Chinese medicine as a potent anti-inflammatory herb.

Capsaicin –  which induces production of LH and thus stimulates testosterone synthesis and release. This gives bodybuilders a clean and natural way to get all of the benefits of high testosterone, from increased muscle to more confidence, without any of the unwanted side effects.

Trigonella or fenugreek – is also a well-known testosterone boosting herb. Fenugreek is a popular herbal supplement in the bodybuilding world because of its high efficacy and well-known energy boost. It acts to increase blood flow and increase metabolism, which makes you feel more vigorous and energetic.

Myristicae – is an herb from the same plant that makes the familiar spice nutmeg. Although it was traditionally used for an upset stomach, Myristicae is now known to stimulate metabolism and increase energy levels as well. If you ever feel nauseated in a workout or simply need a bump of energy to get you through, Myristicae may be the answer you are seeking.

Glycyrrhizae, or Chinese licorice root – has been used in Chinese medicine as well as other traditional medicines for its increase in energy. Scientists now know that it accomplishes this by mimicking the effects of cortisol in a clean and natural way. It also maintains good blood flow and ensures that muscles get the circulation they need to grow quickly and recover completely from workouts.

Cynarae folium –  also known as humble artichoke leaves, have been continuously used in folk medicine throughout Europe to support good organ function and maintain whole body health. This herb also supports a healthy immune system so you can work harder without worrying about getting sick from the stress on your immune system.

Together, these herbs work not just to increase testosterone levels but to support your body in every way as you build and sculpt the physique of your dreams. The active ingredients are carefully extracted and concentrated into a liquid that is sealed into a capsule. Taking a capsule every morning or just before your workout will ensure that you get the full benefits of this scientifically formulated blend of unique herbs.


There are several advantages to this supplement. First, it offers more than the usual herbal testosterone supplements, which tend to use the same herbs as the next bottle on the shelf. Many of the herbs in Biosterol are difficult to find in the United States from reputable sources. Second, it works with your body rather than forcing it to do anything, which means lower rates of side effects and other unwanted events. It is completely natural and vegan, which is important to some people. The result is that many bodybuilders see an increase in both their overall health and their lean defined muscle mass, allowing them to lift even more and get more impressive results.

Another benefit of Biosterol is that it is subjected to a huge amount of research, development, and ongoing testing. Supplements are not always well-regulated in the United States, but they are regulated in a similar manner to pharmaceutical drugs in Poland, where this product is made. The laboratories where this supplement is made are inspected routinely for cleanliness and the product must be tested to ensure it has a consistent amount of the active ingredients. The result is that you can always count on this testosterone booster to be safe and to deliver what it promises.


Biosterol and its manufacturer Megabol have been given many prestigious awards. The company was given high honors at Poland’s NutroBioMed conference for their role as part of the multi-year Ovocura project, a scientific research project involving researchers from several Polish universities. The Center for Biotechnologic Implementation, where this supplement was developed and continues to be manufactured, has been certified by Polish health and medical authorities and is routinely inspected every year. The staff of the company include notable doctors, professors, nutritionists, and scientists from a variety of fields. Very few supplements have these kinds of links to major scientific organizations and universities. This is reassuring because it shows that the company is holding their products and their process to a high standard.


A friend recommended this herbal supplement at the gym when I was having trouble getting the muscle definition I wanted. I was following the same plan as him, but just not seeing the gains. I wasn’t sure what to expect from an extract of herbs I hadn’t even heard of, but Biosterol blew me away. I feel more energetic than ever and have finally broke out of a plateau that seemed to last forever. In addition, I feel like I am healthier and more confident than ever before in my life. I completely recommend this for anyone who wants to look and feel stronger.

– Adam K., Chattanooga, TN

I took Biosterol when I lived in Poland as a young man. Since coming to the United States, I tried some of the the products on the American market and found that none of them worked as well for me. They either didn’t seem to help me gain muscle or they had side effects that made me not want to take them. I finally found a place to buy this in the US and now use nothing else. This is currently the only supplement that I take because you can’t argue with the results. I am more cut than ever before and have superior health thanks to this plant extract pill.

– Milosz P., San Diego, CA

I am a chemist by trade, so Megabol’s dedication to rigorous research and good scientific technique is a major bonus to me. I tried Biosterol and have only good things to say about it. It delivers on all of its promises and gave me the testosterone boost I needed both for bodybuilding and for my own confidence. It was convenient to take and left me with no unwanted effects. I found that it is especially good to take between anabolic cycles, so I don’t lose muscle when cutting. I am lifting more than ever and feeling great.

– Jacob B., Madison, WI

Awards & Media Coverage

Biosterol has been awarded many honors. Megabol, the company that makes this product, has been given a Polish national award called Jakosc Roku, which roughly translates as “best quality of the year.” This is an award given to companies that produce a range of high quality products using good industry practices. It also has been named the best product of the year in its class. This and this other products of this company have been given many awards and discussed favorably in several major Polish publications, including ones dedicated to bodybuilding. While this company is not yet well-known in the United States, it has built a reputation that it stands behind in Poland and other parts of the European Union. It is well-known for having the purest and most tested bodybuilding supplements on the market.

Money-back Guarantee

Biosterol has been tested by the most rigorous scientific methods, so its founders stand behind its quality. There is a no risk money-back guarantee for anyone who buys this supplement and is not completely happy with the product. Complaints about the product are extremely rare but the company takes them seriously and is dedicated to good customer service. People taking Biosterol should have quick results with no side effects; your order should be delivered to your door in good condition without any damage. If you are unhappy with your purchase of this testosterone booster in any way, contact the company immediately for a full refund.


This company uses only reputable and experienced shipping companies to export their products. The shipping and handling details of this product will depend on where it is purchased. If it is purchased from a company that uses a Polish supplier or the manufacturers themselves, it may take up to four weeks to be delivered to your door, due to the fact that it is made in Poland and distributed mainly in Europe.

However, some American websites are beginning to keep this and other Megabol products in stock. If you buy this product from an American company, most people receive delivery of the supplement in around one week by United States Postal Service. This supplement is available and can be shipped to homes throughout the European Union, United Kingdom, and North America. People also can contact the company to have it shipped outside of these regions.

Customer Support

Because this supplement is made by a large company, there are many options available for the friendly, knowledgeable customer service you need. You can find much of the information needed to use the product with good results on the company website. In addition, you can call or email the company for 24 hour live customer support. Although this company is based in Poland, they have customer service available in English as well as several other common languages. Megabol is always ready to answer your questions about their all natural products. Whether you have questions about the product, concerns about your order, or any kind of issues, they are ready to help.

Safe & Secure Checkout

Buying Biosterol is not a risk to your identification or identity due to a safe and secure checkout process. The company uses an encrypted server to ensure that your information is kept completely confidential. You don’t have to worry about the safety of your name, address, or payment information due to a retail process developed by experts in internet security. In addition, Megabol is certified by a variety of internet security agencies to ensure that all information is kept completely secure and confidential.


Biosterol costs around $15 for a package of 36 capsules, plus shipping and handling. This is unusually affordable for weightlifting supplements. Biosterol is one of the most affordable supplements due to low production costs in Poland, combined with economic local sources of the herbs being used. The manufacturer takes great efforts to keep their production costs low so more bodybuilders can enjoy the health benefits of their range of supplements. This cost does not include shipping and handling; however, these are also generally affordable even when importing the supplement from its homeland into another country. There is no free trial available; however, people may return the product for a full refund if they are unhappy with it in any way. The manufacturer is proud of their product and sure that you will find it a good value in every way.






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