Biogenic XR

Biogenic XR Review – Would You Try It?

What Is Biogenic XR?

Biogenic XR is a supplement that has been demonstrated to elevate male testosterone naturally to increase muscle mass and prolong an individual’s physical endurance. Manufactured by Innovative Brands, LLC, which is based in the USA, it is specifically formulated to increase energy in men over the age of 18. It’s made with all-natural ingredients that have been determined as being conducive to heightening oxygen flow throughout the body;
increasing nitric oxide production for higher testosterone levels; and replenishing energy for improved strength and stamina.

This unique blend of natural products is now available without a prescription and can be easily obtained through the company’s website. When used as directed, Biogenic XR can play a major role in obtaining the desired results from any fitness regime. Each ingredient is powerful individually, but when combined they’re even more beneficial; helping the consumer to achieve results faster than with exercise alone. Proven safe and effective in clinical trials, this formula has been deemed free from harmful side effects. It is advised, however, to consult a medical doctor prior to ingesting any new substance.


How Biogenic XR works?

The special blend of ingredients in Biogenic XR works by stimulating nitric oxide production which, in turn, increases circulation and testosterone levels. Testosterone naturally decreases with age, so without the assistance of Biogenic XR, it is more difficult for men to maintain a muscular physique. The product is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream; thus, causing blood vessel dilation which leads to increased oxygen transport throughout the body. When muscles receive more oxygen, exercise becomes even more efficient and effective.

Nitric oxide production also increases as the size of muscles increase; thereby, creating a healthier circulatory system that keeps improving as the consumer continues to exercise regularly. Continued use of Biogenic XR can make it possible to see the results of fitness routines in a significantly faster amount of time. A leaner, more muscular body brings a feeling of confidence to the forefront of the mind which has been proven to positively impact mental health as well. So, whether bodybuilding or just performing regular workouts, the use of Biogenic XR will help improve body image
and self-esteem while simultaneously increasing energy levels.


Ingredients of Biogenic XR

The main ingredients in this product are naturally derived from plant, animal, and mineral sources. They include Bioperine, Boron, Orchic Substance, Epimedium, Saw Palmetto Extract, and Tongkat Ali Extract. These natural substances are each beneficial on their own, yet when blended together create an even more pronounced health benefit to the body.

However, it is very important to speak with a medical doctor before taking this, or other supplements, as there may be underlying medical issues that aren’t compatible with high doses of this formula. In addition, it is important to make sure there are no drug interactions with the prescription medication(s) the purchaser may be already taking.

Bioperine, also known as “Piperine,” is an extract obtained from the black pepper plant. It aids in the absorption of the other ingredients contained within this supplement. It is also the only patented form of Piperine and is made by the Sabinsa Corporation.

Bioperine has been rated as ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ (GRAS) after being individually reviewed by a panel of scientists and researchers. However, there may be certain drawbacks if other medications are consumed at the same time. It is possible that Bioperine may enhance the effects of certain medicines, so it is strongly recommended that the consumer consult a medical doctor before consumption of the supplement.

Boron is a mineral that is naturally found in the environment and has been used for building strong bones and muscles for centuries. Among its many health benefits, is its ability to improve brain function and muscle coordination when taken on a regular basis. It has been used quite frequently by bodybuilders and athletes, because it is known for its ability to assist with the production of testosterone.

Additionally, it also stimulates nitric oxide production which has been shown to boost blood circulation in clinical trials. This mineral is best utilized if the consumer does not have any preexisting problems with their kidneys. There may be a slight chance of developing accumulations of Boron in the brain, tissues, kidneys, and heart if it is consumed in too high of a dose. So, be aware of the amount being taken in order to avoid any possible adverse reactions.

Orchic Substance is an extract obtained from the glands of young bulls. This product is made up of several vitamins and minerals that aid in the production of testosterone. It also has been demonstrated to have a positive influence on the moods of individuals who take it, as they experience a significant reduction in their everyday stress levels. In addition, it is known to increase lean muscle mass leading to a rise in strength and endurance. However, according to WebMD, more research needs to be conducted in order to ascertain how effective this ingredient is over extended
periods of use.

Epimedium is a natural plant that has been utilized in many traditional Chinese medications to treat a variety of conditions, including: back and joint issues; osteoarthritis; fatigue; and heart disease. It is known to have many health benefits, such as, boosting the production of nitric oxide and improving blood circulation. It also dramatically elevates the level of testosterone in the body. An important aspect to note is that it is dangerous to take with blood pressure medication, as it already has the properties to decrease blood pressure on its own. If taken together, blood pressure may drop too low; thus, creating dangerous health conditions.

Saw Palmetto Extract This extract comes from the fruit of the saw palmetto plant and is used as a medication in some cultures. It is best known as being used to treat prostate issues; however, it has aided with treating problems such as the common cold and migraine headaches. Saw Palmetto replenishes the body’s energy to improve strength and stamina, as well as, promotes a sense of relaxation to de-stress and relax the body. It is possible to have liver or pancreas problems after taking Saw Palmetto; however, based on the results of several studies, the chances appear to be very slim.

Tongkat Ali Extract, also known as Eurycoma Longifolia, is a flowering plant that is found in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is used by athletes and bodybuilders because it has been shown to possess testosterone enhancing properties. In addition, it has been scientifically proven to increase the ability to train longer and harder; as was reported in The British Journal of Sports Medicine. It also can also boost energy, naturally increase muscle mass, and improve blood circulation.

Some known side effects associated with this extract are anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. It is important to note that people who have a weakened immune system should avoid this extract as it may interact with certain immunosuppressants, insulin drugs, blood pressure medications, and anti-coagulant medications. Again, make sure to consult a physician before taking this supplement.

Biogenic XR is delivered in a package containing 60 capsules; enough for one month’s supply. Take 2 capsules daily and remember to drink plenty of water. As with most supplements, it is necessary to keep the product out of direct sunlight.

Do not take if under the age of 18. Discontinue use immediately if any adverse reactions are experienced, and contact a doctor as soon as possible. Completely avoid usage if the seal on the cap is broken. These supplements are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. However, when taken in conjunction with a healthy diet, it can help improve overall health.



The formula that makes up Biogenic XR is easily absorbed into the body’s system. All of the substances that make up the formula provide many benefits. The body will begin producing more nitric oxide, which assists in blood circulation. With this surge of energy, more vitamins and nutrients make their way into the circulatory system; therefore, increasing brain function. Better brain function leads to improved muscle coordination.

The body will become leaner and produce more testosterone to enhance muscle mass. The supplement will also aid in reducing stress and allowing the body to train for longer periods of time. All-in-all, Biogenic XR makes muscle gain more attainable. When an exercise routine is performed on a regular basis, these processes begin to get better and better; thus, creating a healthier body.



I am very pleased with the results I’ve had after using this supplement. – Paul W., 60 years old web developer from Columbus, Ohio, USA

I noticed within the first few weeks after taking it that my energy was increasing. I wasn’t as tired as I had been feeling before. – Doug M. 55 years old actor from Tallahassee, FL, USA

I’ve been taking this product for six months now along with eating a better diet, and I feel a lot stronger and healthier now. – Darell W. 50 years old marine from Terre Haute, IN, USA

I’ve always had trouble putting on muscle, so I decided to give the supplement a try. This is my 2nd month taking it, and I’m already noticing a difference. – Marcus F. 34 years old accountant from Charlotte, NC, USA

I wasn’t sure if there was anything that could bring back my energy. I’ve just felt more and more tired and unfit. But after trying this stuff, I’m really starting to feel
energetic enough to start working out again. – Creston B. 37 years old entrepreneur from London, UK

Being physically fit has always been extremely important to me, so when I heard about this product, I had to check it out for myself. I can honestly say that I have noticed excellent results. – Josh D. 38 years old freelancer from Nottingham, UK

I’ve had to make some major changes to my daily workout routine since I turned 40, so I’m no stranger to trying different methods of gaining strength. I believe I’ve benefited a lot by taking this supplement. – Charles J. 64 years old contractor from Ottawa, CA



Biogenic XR is manufactured in the United States at a certified facility that meets all statutory industry standards. It is scientifically proven to increase physical stamina and endurance. Moreover, 9 out of 10 doctors recommend regular use. It’s important to note that manufacturers of any dietary, food, or sports nutrition supplement containing all-natural ingredients are not required to obtain approval from the FDA. This is because they are not classified as drugs or medications.

However, the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) created the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). This act provides guidelines for dietary supplement monitoring. The guidelines establish the safety and labeling of dietary supplements produced in the USA. Innovative Brands, LLC ensures that its product is manufactured in compliance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and FDA regulations.


Awards & Media Coverage

Millions of American men suffer from the inability to increase muscle mass through exercise alone. According to the company, Biogenic XR has been voted number one in the USA for muscle enhancement among men 18 years of age and older. The company states that the supplement has been featured in discussions on The Doctors television show. They also claim it has been mentioned on CNBC and CNN, seen on the USA Network, and made an appearance in Men’s Health Magazine.

Scientific research providing conclusive evidence to back up these claims is lacking. Therefore, it is up to the consumer to evaluate the product by becoming more educated about the ingredients and the benefits that could be gained with their use. Consumers should discuss the supplement with a doctor who will help guide the decision-making concerning living healthy. He or she can also recommend the appropriate dosage to be used. Regardless of who gives an endorsement, this supplement contains ingredients that have been proven to be successful.


Money-back Guarantee

There is a 100% money-back guarantee. The company completely stands by the product’s performance and guarantees satisfaction or the consumer will receive a full refund. This is regardless of how much product is left, as long as the product is returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. The consumer may also cancel an automatic subscription at any time by calling the consumer service number. In doing so, the buyer will not have to pay any penalty or fees. The consumer will, however, still be responsible for the purchase of any shipments before that cancellation date.

After cancelling the consumer will not receive any further product beyond that date. In some cases, a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)code may be required before the product can be returned. Therefore, it is advised to call the company’s consumer service hotline Monday through Friday between normal operating hours to obtain a valid authorization code. In the event the consumer returns an unopened product during the subscription, it may be returned for a refund. However, it will take up to 30 days to process.



Orders typically ship within 24 hours after payment is processed except on weekends. If the product is ordered on Saturday or Sunday, it will ship the following Monday. All orders will be shipped by an express courier. Depending on where the consumer lives, delivery can be anywhere from 2-4 days. The order will be filled via Rapid Fullfillment, Inc.

Be aware that the company’s terms and conditions lists the fact that they are not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. So, double check all input fields on the order form before hitting the submit button. For any questions or concerns regarding shipping, contact consumer service. If product is not received in a timely manner, the consumer must notify the company in writing.


Consumer Support

Consumer Service Representatives are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The toll-free number is 818-660-6285. The physical address given is: Biogenic XR, 12924 Pierce, Pacoima, CA, 91331. The actual name of the place doing business for them is a fulfillment center named Rapid Fulfillment, Inc., and they are open from 9am – 5pm Monday through Friday. Their toll-free number is 844-688-6199. If the consumer has any questions or concerns the consumer must contact the company directly.

If a billing error is noted, the consumer must call immediately. If 30 days pass from the time the error is noted and the company was not notified during that time, they will assume the billing is correct. Please note that orders will not be fulfilled over the phone. This contact information is being given as a means of assisting with orders already placed and/or in progress, or to obtain return information.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Comodo Secure identifies the checkout to be safe and secure, and states the connection to the server is encrypted. In addition, the MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa logos are clearly visible on the website, so the consumer can feel confident that his orders are safe and secure. The consumer may also check for an SSL Certificate: An unsecure website will begin with “http:” in the address bar; A secure page using an SSL Certificate will have “https:” at the beginning of the website’s address. A company needs to go through a process of validation for them to receive the SSL Certificate, so the consumer can rest assured that his transactions are safe if he sees one.

In addition, look for the “padlock” symbol in the website address window. If the consumer does not see any of these items at the checkout, he should double check to make sure he is indeed at the correct website. If the consumer can see that they have a privacy policy, terms and conditions, and a physical address and phone number, then most likely the website is the legitimate retailer. Most of the time this information is in fine print at the bottom of the webpage. If the consumer is still uncertain, he can call the company’s toll-free, or local, phone number for assistance. A consumer service agent will be able to walk the consumer through placing an order on their website.


Pricing & Free Trial

The company offers a 30-day supply for a free 14-day product trial. There is, however, a $5.99 shipping and handling fee. At times, a special discount offer will be displayed upon visiting the website. This rate can be over 50% off the S&H making it $1.95 for the trial. Cancel any time before the 14 days are up and no more charges will be incurred.

If there is no cancellation, the consumer will be automatically enrolled in a subscription plan for $89.95 per month. Returns are accepted only during the first 30 days if dissatisfied. If choosing to continue use for an extended period, the consumer may cancel anytime during the membership without penalties or fees. Biogenic XR is not sold in stores, so if interested in trying it, online purchase is the only option available.






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