BioGenex Testo

BioGenex Testo Review – Does It Actually Work?

What Is BioGenex Testo?

BioGenex Testo was designed for men who need to increase the levels of free testosterone in their body. The supplement features organic ingredients vital to an athlete’s body, and when taken before workout, it enhances mental focus, enhances endurance when an athlete is training, promotes the build-up of muscle mass and eventually promotes personal outlook. When the supplement is integrated onto the daily workout regimen, it supplies the body with the essential natural ingredients required by an active body.

It promises to help athletes boost their performance to reach optimum levels. According to the manufacturer, the product is safe for use, thanks to its formulation, and brings results fast. It is meant to be used before embarking on workouts. The product counterbalances the reducing testosterone levels that one experiences as they age. When used continuously, the product has the capability of offering long-term results for those who are looking to increase endurance during workout for longer. However, even when the results are long term, an athlete will still need to use BioGenex Testo in future to boost the testosterone levels that might have gone low.



Health Formulas, LLC supervises the creation of BioGenex Testo. After creation, the product is distributed by Open Click Media to all parts of the US and other parts of America. Open Click Media is located in Pleasant Hill California, which forms its base of operation. Health Formulas LLC is a less known company that has not been in business for a long time, but has managed to create a couple of popular products, Alpha Plus Test being one of them. The company was earlier known as Simple Pure Nutrition, this was immediately after it started doing business.

According to their website, they run a well-equipped lab in California where supplements are created from organic ingredients under close supervision. To this end, they have been able to manufacturer 100 percent organic supplements. Whether these supplements deliver the results promised, is up to the users. The company is not accredited by any consumer protection organization, and there are no much reviews or details concerning its operations. However, on its site, there are some testimonials citing their swift operation and praising the fast working formula of BioGenex Testo.

The return address for products bought is in Houston Texas, this is supposedly the supply point of the Health Formulas LLC, but it can also be another manufacturing base. Currently, the company supplies supplements in the US but has plans of expanding to other parts of America.


How BioGenex Testo Works?

The product is a mix of different naturally occurring ingredients such as roots, herbs, and leaves from different rare and exotic plants. This proprietary mixture can give an athlete the energy they need to endure workouts to up their athletic abilities even further. Continued use will result to more energy, increased inner balance, mental focus, coordination, and also more confidence when working out. All these abilities occur when one’s testosterone levels are increased.

The ingredients that have been added to BioGenex Testo are expertly chosen to enhance the production of free testosterone in the body. With more testosterone, there is more blood flow to the muscles. The muscles are, therefore, supplied with blood, which carries nutrients and oxygen. More nutrients and oxygen supply to the muscles mean more energy and consequently increase endurance and positivity during workout.

There is also increased blood flow to the brain, which enhances mental focus. When the supplement is incorporated into the exercise routine, it allows the body of an athlete, swimmer, boxer, skier, soccer player or any other active sports person to function more efficiently and create more muscle, increasing the overall performance of the athlete.


Ingredients of BioGenex Testo

The ingredients in BioGenex Testo are specially picked to meet the needs of those looking to have their body ripped and increase sports performance. According to research, a high number of the ingredients in BioGenex Testo have been proven to increase free testosterone levels.

Tribulus Terrestris is a herbal ingredient found in Asian countries and its intake has been shown to increase the formation of muscles. It is also responsible for fast healing after a strenuous workout session. L-Argenine AKG is another natural ingredient, which acts as a catalyst for essential amino acids needed by the body for repairs after workout. This element is packed with a high number of vitamins and minerals needed to maintain a healthy body for an active sports enthusiast. BioGenex Testo also features Zinc, a natural metal with antioxidant properties. Zinc is able to reverse the signs of aging for older athletes and also hasten the process of healing after workout.

Stinging Nettle is a plan that grows in most parts of the world, its role in BioGenex Testo is to protect internal organs such as kidney, heart and liver. It promotes cardiovascular health and keeps the muscle efficient in burning fat. Chrysin reduces anxiety and reduces inflammation, black pepper extract increases metabolism, beta-alanine enhances stamina levels, Vitamin B6 Fenugreek hastens recovery.

Other ingredients include magnesium, which ups the body’s ability to absorbs nutrients, creatine, which supply energy to the body, caffeine for increase mental focus and epimedium, which increases formation of nitric oxide for increased blood flow to the muscles. Rhodiola and Gingko extracts maintain energy levels in the body and stimulate the production of free testosterone in the body respectively.



By introducing BioGenex Testo to daily workout routine, a bodybuilder or athlete is able to reap benefits from BioGenex Testo in terms of performance and ripped body. By using this product before the start of training, the athlete is able to get more energy to exercise thanks to the increase blood supply to the muscles. This means that the bodybuilder will have more confidence while working out and consequently work out for longer period. This will, in turn, increase fat burning, and the bodybuilder will develop lean muscle mass fast.

Besides building more muscles, using BioGenex Testo supplies one with extra vitamins and minerals that the body needs to stay healthy. For instance, Zinc and Magnesium promote the health of internal organs, and this allows the athlete’s body to function more efficiently during exercise. The ingredients incorporated into the supplement are 100 percent organic and, therefore, safe for use without any reported side effects.
By introducing the ingredients of this supplement to the body, an athlete is able to recover from strenuous workout fast. The ingredients are able to breakdown the lactic acid that accumulates in the body to reduce fatigue. Again, amino acids are able to rebuild the wear the body experiences during a strenuous workout activity.



Being a supplement, BioGenex Testo does not need any certification to sell. Even better, the product is created with all-natural ingredients and as such, it can sell without the need for governmental or any other certification. However, buyers will need certification to prove that the details provided by the manufacturer are real. By virtue of being a supplement, BioGenex Testo is legal. There are other bodies that could certify the product to ensure it is safe and credible.

BioGenex Testo and Health Formulas, LLC are not registered by any other certification organization and as such, the product does not have certification. Though this product has not been certified by any organization regulating drugs, there are organizations that regulate supplements that could have certified the BioGenex Testo. There are thousands of supplement companies with manufacturing certification, but Health Formulas LLC is yet to acquire one.

BioGenex Testo should also be certified by sanitation authorities but that has not happened. The manufacturer does not talk about it on their website and there are no indications that the company is applying for any form of certification.



Users cite that with continuous use of BioGenex Testo, they are able to enhance their muscle strength and ultimately attain lean muscles. What surprises most users is how fast the results can be achieved as seen on the product’s website and on third party reviewers’ sites. A number of bodybuilders have attested to the fact that the supplement boosts their endurance during exercise, a fact that in turn boosts their confidence. Most of the testimonials online cite the energy one gets after using BioGenex Testo for some time. However, there is no proving that the testimonials are from real users.

According to the testimonials online, the body will get ripped after continued use of the product, and this is what boosts the confidence of bodybuilders. Testimonials on the product’s website cite the great performance price ratio that BioGenex Testo presents.

There are all good testimonials online, but negative reviews can also be seen discrediting the product, with some reviewers doubting its performance, some complaining of results not seen and others complaining of the price. Nevertheless, most of the testimonials are positive and recommend the product saying it shortens the healing period and increase the rate of muscle mass gain among other overall athlete’s body health during and after exercise.


Awards & Media Coverage

BioGenex Testo is quite recognized and the minds behind the program are not shy in showing it on the first page of their website. One of the most conspicuous emblems on the website shows that this supplement is industry acclaimed for being 100 percent organic and safe. It also has other emblems to its name such as Best Quality, Best, Best Choice and Price.

Besides awards, there are banners and emblems promising 100 percent customer satisfaction. Other show that the product is Rated #1 Testosterone Booster. However, there is no evidence to authenticate the credibility of all these claims.
There are numerous awards on the site but there is no mention of who offered the awards. Besides these awards, the supplement has featured in more than three men’s health online magazines. There are mentions of testosterone boosters in each of these sites though there is not much BioGenex Testo or its benefits. The product, however, has featured in a host of online fitness review sites and continues to gather audience. There are claims on the product’s website that BioGenex Testo has sold in thousands in and out of the US but there is no proof that this has happened.


Money-back Guarantee

There are claims that this supplement works, but one can never be sure until they try it, and this is where money-back guarantee come in. Health Formulas LLC offers satisfaction guarantee for the product. This is outlined in the terms of service page, which says anyone who does not like the results they see after 30 days of order can reach out to the company either through email or phone and cancel. On cancelling, the customer does not receive any further bills.

However, cancellation has to be within the first 30 days of order, otherwise, the company will assume that the product is working as expected and the results are fulfilling. Failure to cancel, the user will handle all shipment costs and payment processing. Shipments occur in 30-day intervals when one subscribes to the program. Luckily for buyers, order cancellation is instant, but a shipping fee will still be paid. Working well with Health Formula LLC’s customer service will guarantee a refund. According to testimonials and reviews online, the company is true on its money-back guarantee.



Orders placed will be processed in three days, assuming they are not placed on a weekend. Shipping will take between three and five business days after the order is processed, this means that the supplement can be delivered in a maximum of 8 days. The company is always quick to address any shipping issues including shipment delays. Customers can place a call or email the customer support and their issue will be addressed amicably, the trial period is extended after the shipment issue is corrected.

One good thing is that Health Formulas LLC has a good return policy that allows buyers to return shipped goods with a small restocking fee. If the package is returned unopened, and still in good shape within thirty days from the time of purchase, the company will credit it.

Ergo, returns that are past 30 days from the time of order, or those that have been unboxed, will not be credited. BioGenex Testo is delivered through standard US Postal Service First-Class Mail. However, the company has promised to employ more shipping methods to accommodate all the US citizens and sell outside the US.


Customer Support

Health Formulas LLC offers great customer support as seen on the host of ways through which one can reach the company, including a toll free number. Buyers can access customer support via email or phone. Business hours for Health Formulas LLC run for eight hours during weekdays and for seven hours on Saturday. The business is closed on Sunday and all public holidays and customers may not access help then. When returning products, the company directs customers to an address in Houston, Texas.

The Health Formulas LLC customer support address all issues regarding BioGenex Testo including shipping, returns, refunds, faults in product and complaints and also takes the necessary steps needed to address issues. Cancellation of orders and steps taken after an order has been cancelled are also handled by the customer service representatives. In case of lost shipment, the department helps buyers out as long as the shipment has been reported within 14 days from the time of purchase.


Safe & Secure Checkout

Health Formulas LLC Labs website is safe and secure, it is secured with some of the best online malware protection services. Ergo, the details of clients are protected and cases of identity theft resulting from use of the system are unheard of. Just like in any other merchant website, buyers are requested to provide vital information when signing in, but this only works to better for the services the site offers.

The information provided on the site is kept secure in the website’s server. Besides personal information, navigational information is gathered, this benefits the merchant by helping them know where improvement on the website may be needed. Customers are protected when placing an order on Health Formulas LLC’s website, and this has been ensured by the use of 128-bit SSL technology, this means that order information is encrypted and can only be accessed through the right platforms.

Immediately an order begins to process, communication between the server and the customer’s computer is established, a computer that cannot make use of SSL technology cannot progress up to that stage. If a computer cannot use SSL technology, then an update is required. The update is a simple way to ensure safety.

Information collected by the site is not shared with third party sites or with advertisers and anyone else, this information only betters service delivery. The user’s privacy page of the business’ website stipulates all the security measures taken to protect the buyer’s information.


Pricing & Free Trial

With so much information circulating online, a bodybuilder might want to try BioGenex Testo for free and then pay later after seeing the results, but there is always a twist to free trials. A sample is offered for the bodybuilder to test. This sample is not offered with a price tag, just shipping and handling fees. After delivery of the shipment, a user will have a maximum of 30 days to test the product by integrating it in their daily exercise and diet routines.

A bodybuilder can call the customer support and cancel the order after 10 days. However, after thirty one days of placing the trial order, the program will become active and billing starts immediately. While the trail period lasts, the buyer will have to pay the full price of the program, which is $128.00. However, this payment does not go through until the expiration of the free trial period.

If the customer likes the product and does not cancel during the 30 days period, BioGenex Testo supplement will be shipped every month and the customer billed automatically. Each month, a bodybuilder will have to pay more than $128.00, this is a steep price if the product fails to work and a great price if the product works like advertised.

Currently, Health Formulas LLC is not having any discounts that may reduce the price of the product. Besides the official website, there are only a few other websites selling BioGenex Testo and this makes it hard to have coupons. However, the company at one time offered a discount, and there is a chance that a discount will be offered again in future.






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