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BioForge by Biotivia Review – Do You Want Powerful Workouts Packed with Energy?

What Is BioForge?

Although discontinued by the manufacturer, BioForge is a dietary supplement designed to increase testosterone levels in bodybuilders who want a powerful workout packed with energy. The all-natural testosterone booster contains proven ingredients designed to increase natural testosterone found within a man’s body. While there are many similar products on the market, this test booster sets itself apart from the competition by using a new blend of proven ingredients to increase the testosterone levels in a man’s body.

Safe for healthy men 18 years of age and older, the test booster works to increase natural testosterone levels which, in turn, provides increased energy levels, reduced fat cells, and more muscle mass for a stronger, harder workout. Men using the supplement shouldn’t experience any side effects thanks to the inclusion of only botanical ingredients. This supplement can be used for continual weight gains without the need for any breaks in product use.

The testosterone boosting supplement is not a proprietary blend like many of the testosterone boosters currently available. The fact that the user has access to the actual ingredients inside of the product as well as the proper dosing amounts makes it easier to use, especially when combined with other bodybuilding supplements (such as Whey Protein.) The testosterone booster is created by a well-known, trusted manufacturer, further eliminating worry with the use of the product.



Biotivia manufactures the BioForge testosterone booster. This well-established supplements company first began offering supplements in 1992 and now more than 20 years later, continues to provide supplements that provide genuine results that benefit the user greatly. Biotivia focuses upon the creation of natural supplements that are effective and produce results without side effects.

Biotivia creates a number of different products that focus on the improvement of an individual’s overall well-being. Products created by Biotivia are all botanical-based, reducing the worry of side effects. Biotivia is an award-winning company that focuses their attention on enhancing a bodybuilder’s lifestyle rather than taking from it or causing undesirable side effects.

Biotivia is a company that is focused on producing products that have been thoroughly researched for effectiveness. The brand is committed to their products and desires to deliver supplements that exceed expectations time and time again. Men who wish to use BioForge can take confidence in the fact that the product is created by a brand that cares about the customers they serve.


How BioForge Works?

BioForge works similarly to other testosterone boosters on the market, but does so using a unique combination of ingredients not typically found in a product of its kind. Despite the product using atypical ingredients, all of those included inside of the supplement are proven to increase testosterone levels. The product works by replenishing the body’s natural production of testosterone through nutrients that the body needs when it is taken as directed (three to four times per day with water half an hour before a meal.)

The product should be used at various periods throughout the day. Additionally, the product should be consumed on an empty stomach. While this might raise a bit of concern for some bodybuilders, most users can successfully take the product without experiencing upset stomach or other side effects.

Although the length of time anticipated to see results varies from one man to the next, the product suggests that it may take four to 12-weeks of product use for results. BioForge is designed to stimulate the body in a way that makes it possible to naturally produce testosterone without causing any undesirable side effects. Using this product, it is possible for a bodybuilder to experience a 30 – 50% increase in testosterone levels. The actual elevation of testosterone levels varies from one user to the next.


Ingredients of BioForge

While you won’t find the typical Fenugreek or Long jack included inside of BioForge, you will find scientifically researched, proven ingredients that work to naturally increase the body’s testosterone production and levels. Each capsule contains a powerful amount of each of these ingredients, providing more than enough of each serving to exceed bodybuilding expectations with each workout. Ingredients found inside of this testosterone booster include:

  • Zinc – 5 mg (33% RDV)
  • Vitamin D3 -2000 IU (500% RDV)
  • Sensoril – 150 mg ( An ingredient that is used to balance hormone levels and improved focus)
  • EuryGold – 300 mg (Similar to Tongkat)
  • Primavie – 200 mg ( This ingredient boosts energy and endurance)
  • Piper Nigrum Extract – 5 mg ( Commonly known as Black Pepper, this ingredient provides the user with antioxidant properties)

As these ingredients work together, the body thrives as it receives the nutrients and vitamins that it needs to enhance testosterone production, resulting in amped-up visits to the gym that provide substance to your physique. Since there are no other ingredients in the product, including fillers or non-functional ingredients, this product is one that is safe and beneficial to the user both inside of the gym and during bodybuilding competitions.

Since this product is not a proprietary blend it is easy to determine the amount of each ingredient that you are consuming. For men that desire to use a secondary supplement to increase their workout experience, the fact that all ingredients, and the included amount of each, are listed is highly beneficial. Proprietary blends are oftentimes tricky and confusing but that is no longer a worry if this supplement is used.



What kind of advantages is offered with the use of BioForge? Users of this testosterone boosting supplement enjoy a number of advantages. The biggest advantage of BioForge for bodybuilders is the fact that it works to increase natural testosterone levels within the body rather than producing unnatural testosterone. The body will not reject the natural production of testosterone and since there are no added ingredients being put into the body, the results are seen without accompanying side effects.

The fact that the testosterone booster is scientifically researched is yet another advantage that men can appreciate each and every time they hit the gym. The product is tested not once, not twice, but three times. Each of the testing stages is critical to the development of a test-boosting product that provides the results that bodybuilders want and need while in the gym.



Men that wish to use BioForge can do so knowing that the product is created inside of a safe, clean research laboratory under the direction of well-qualified scientists and doctors. The BioForge lab is a GMP approved facility that exceeds standards currently in place for facilities of its kind. The laboratory used by Botivia is located in New York, New York.

Men that wish to purchase the testosterone booster can take confidence in the fact that the laboratory holds safety seals and quality standards for production of their products. The laboratory is manned by experts with one goal in mind and that is providing their customers with natural supplements that work as promised, without any ill side effects during use. When a product is not being created, research concerning supplements, their effectiveness, safety, etc. is being conducted.



BioForge users seem to have a mixed bag of feelings concerning the product and its effectiveness. Some product users love the way the product makes them feel, while others state that they noticed no major changes in their bodybuilding experience. Overall, however, there seems to be more positive testimonials associated with the product than negative statements.

Thanks to the influx of testimonials and reviews available at no cost on the web, it is beneficial to check out some of the reviews to learn what others are saying. These reviews are accessible with a few clicks of the mouse and provide you with great insight into the product and what it can do for your bodybuilding experience. A few customer testimonials to get you started:

BioForge has provided me with exceptional results from the very start. I noticed that I had both more energy and more power within a few days of starting the product. I am confident that after all of these years I’ve finally found the product that works to boost test levels.

– Michael B. of Huntsville, AL

I am not impressed with this testosterone booster. In fact, I noticed nothing different about my bodybuilding experience during the entire month of use. Maybe I didn’t give the product long enough to work or perhaps it just isn’t for me. Either way I will continue my search for the perfect testosterone booster.

– Alan R. of Ironton, OH

I tested my blood levels both before starting the supplement and after 3 weeks of use. I noticed that I had a nice increase in testosterone levels while on the product. I also tested again after I stopped using it and the numbers had once again decreased. As I used the product, I could feel some differences and did workout longer and harder than I did without the supplement.

– Kevin M. of Albuquerque, NM


Awards & Media Coverage

BioForge information is limited; however, a quick Internet search of the product provides a variety of websites that you can click to learn more about the product. Biotivia, the product manufacturer, has won numerous awards as well as nominations from some of the leading names in the industry. This includes a nomination from the European

Biotivia has a number of social media accounts that customers can visit to learn more about their products, including BioForge. There is a YouTube channel with videos demonstrating the various products offered by the company. There are also Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages that you can visit to learn more about the products available, information about the company, and communicate with other users of the product.

Biotivia stresses that they take greater concern over the quality of their products rather than being in the spotlight. It seems that some of the test boosters on the market are popular only because of marketing schemes and techniques that have put them in the spotlight. Biotivia and BioForge are both names that are well-known, but that is due to results provided to the bodybuilder using the product.


Money-back Guarantee

Many of the testosterone supplement manufacturers stand behind their products with a money-back guarantee that enables you to receive your money back should it fail to meet or exceed your expectations. However, determining if there is a money-back guarantee offered with the product is a bit of a challenging process since there is a lack of information concerning the product and the fact that it has been discontinued by the manufacturer. It is in your best interest to contact Biotivia before placing an order to determine if a money-back guarantee is offered.

Since there is such little information concerning the money-back guarantee, men wishing to try the product may want to order only one bottle of product at a time. By purchasing only one bottle at a time you won’t waste any more money than what is necessary should the product fail to meet your needs.



Shipping costs with BioForge are tacked on during the order checkout process. Unfortunately, the information is kept a secret until you’ve entered all of your payment information and clicked the ‘Buy Now’ button. It seems that the costs of shipping would be noted before the purchase is made since there is no way to know exactly how much you’re spending for the product otherwise.

The costs of shipping vary according to the state of residence the product is sent to. After you place an order for the product, it is shipped to you within 48-hours, with arrival at your home (or requested location) within 5 to 10 business days. International orders may require as long as 30-days to reach your destination.


Customer Support

No matter how good a product performs, if the customer service isn’t up-to-par, the entire product is a loss and it loses much of its original appeal. Men who wish to use this particular testosterone booster will be glad to know that customer service with this company is easily accessible and available when it is needed. You can contact customer service when you have questions about the product, concerns over the product, problems with your order, or when you otherwise need to speak with a product expert.

There are a few different methods of contact for those with questions or concerns of the product, but the easiest method of contact is through the company’s toll-free number. Customers may reach a representative immediately by dialing this toll-free number during regular business hours. Currently, business hours for the company are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. CST with no service available on Saturday or Sunday.

Aside from telephone contact, individuals that desire to reach a member of customer support can do so by email. While this option requires a greater time frame for contact, it is nice to know that the option is available. Once you send an email to customer service, your response is received and answered based upon the order in which it was received. While customer service agents make all efforts to reply to emails within 48-hours (business days only,) it is in your best interest to phone them should you have immediate concerns.


Safe & Secure Checkout

If you’re like many people and share a concern over entering your personal information into a website, you can let your guard down a bit knowing that your supplement purchase is completely safe and secure. All of the latest and greatest technology features are implemented into the website so you can place your order without worry that any of your information is going to be compromised. Many different features are available for your security.

When you order BioForge, you can do so via a website that uses the latest and greatest 226-bit SSL encryption to keep your information secure. Encryption is important when you are entering credit card/debit card and other personal details into a website. Check the site out and you will also find various safety logos in place that alert you to your secure checkout process.

Men ordering this testosterone booster can make any special requests/notes on the checkout page, including special shipping instructions. The box for special ordering/shipping information is found on the bottom of the checkout page and further eliminates any kind of worry associated with the ordering the supplement. Ordering the testosterone booster can be done with confidence thanks to the various pieces of protection keeping you safe.



BioForge is priced at a cost of $53.03 when purchased in a one-month, 90-capsule supply. This equals a cost of approximately 59 cents per capsule. Users that sign up for auto refills of the product may find discounted rates offered. Pay for your order with PayPal or a major credit card.

The cost of the testosterone booster is average to other supplements on the market. Although some users state that the price is a bit excessive, most of the comparable supplements on the market average a cost of $50. The fact that there are several ordering options available for the test booster (in various package sizes,) the cost may be more or less than what you’re accustomed to paying.

If you find that the product is one that you’d like to use regularly, it is a good idea to check out the auto-refill options that might be available. These auto-refill options allow you to maintain a well-stocked product supply while also reducing the amount of money that you spend per bottle. On average, using an auto-refill service for the product reduces the price by about 30% per bottle.






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