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BioFlex Pro Review – Should You Seek for Another Product?

What Is BioFlex Pro?

The purpose of this supplement is to boost testosterone throughout the body. This carefully blended formula made entirely of all natural ingredients has been thoroughly and scientifically tested. When taken as directed just prior to a bodybuilding workout, BioFlex Pro is intended to increase a bodybuilders stamina, strength and gym performance. It does this by increasing the level of testosterone present in the body so that he or she can get more lean muscle mass and burn off more fat.



This testosterone supplement is manufactured by the Hydro Muscle Mass Corporation. The business and its manufacturing facilities are located in the United Kingdom. The company’s manufacturing facilities operate under what is referred to as Good Manufacturing Practice Certified Facilities – or GMPC. The significance of having a product manufactured at a GMPC facility is that it ensures the purity and high quality of any supplements being manufactured there.

Any athlete, weightlifter or bodybuilder should always choose supplements made in a facility that is GMPC certified. Any testosterone boosters made in such facilities can be viewed as both effective and safe for those employing supplements with their workout regime. This is the best way to ensure that you are helping your body, rather than harming it.


How BioFlex Pro Works?

Hydro Muscle Mass works by increasing the levels of testosterone throughout the body. For it to yield effective results, it’s essential that this supplement be used just before working out. By using this supplement, the consumer will feel surging energy during their workout – but without any annoying jitters. They will also get greater results from their muscle pumps. Bodybuilders using this supplement will also find it can help to replace missing nutrients they might have lost during their workout. The ingredients in this muscle building formulation use a carefully blended and designed mixture of ingredients to yield the maximum possible results – assuming consistent use.

For the most part, this supplement boosts the body’s nitric oxide levels in order to then increase how much testosterone is in the body. Strength athletes use this supplement in order to get optimal results from their workouts by ensuring that their bodies have sufficient nutrients when they need them most. This supplement has also been shown to reduce the amount of time required between workouts to recover. This improved recovery time is another benefit of increasing testosterone throughout the body.


Ingredients of BioFlex Pro

Obviously, any benefits that result from using BioFlex Pro as a supplement are derived from the mixture of ingredients used by the manufacturer. Many bodybuilders and athletes are concerned about using all natural ingredients, which is one reason why so many turn to this supplement in their workout regime. BioFlex Pro is entirely free of any type of additive, chemical, synthetic materials or fillers. The manufacturers make clear that the ingredients being used in this particular testosterone booster are entirely safe.

But it’s still always a good idea for those thinking about using this – or any other – muscle building supplement to consult with a nutritionist or position in order to guarantee that there is nothing in their medical history that might prevent them from taking this product. People all have different physical needs, and a doctor will be able to quickly determine if Hydro muscle mass is the right choice for any particular individual strength athlete, weightlifter or bodybuilder.

Each one of the ingredients found in this supplements serve a specific purpose. The amino acid L-Arginine increases nitric oxide secretion in the body, which is essential for weightlifters and bodybuilders. L-Taurine is also a very important amino acid and is helpful in reducing cortisol levels and stress levels in strength athletes. It also gives the athletes metabolism a kickstart before a workout. L-Taurine has also been shown to enhance sleep quality – something that is vital for any athlete. Another reason why this particular ingredient is important for strength athletes is that it can enhance performance and significantly improve reaction times.

With their metabolism improved, bodybuilders find that their ability to burn fat increases as well. The ingredient Citrulline Malate – which is made out of malate and a nonessential amino acid – also seems to significantly enhance athletic performance. This compound is particularly helpful in fighting weakness and muscle fatigue. It has been associated with a more general feeling of well-being and enhanced mood. For any strength athlete, Citrulline Malate is also helpful because it increases nitric oxide production significantly.

The ingredient Silica is extremely valuable for weightlifters and bodybuilders, since it helps in repairing injured or torn tissues. Because of this, Silica reduces how much recovery time is required between one workout and the next. As a result of having optimized silica levels in the body, strength athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters will experience less down time and will be able to return to their workout routine much more quickly. The ingredient Pure Nitric Oxide is another important component of this formula, since it helps to boost a workout by encouraging blood vessels to relax. The substance known as Pure Super Molecule is proprietary to Hydro Muscle Mass and there is as of yet no clear information about what is in this particular ingredient and what it does.



Weightlifters and bodybuilders can enjoy many advantages when they use this particular testosterone booster. Of course, it is important for anyone considering using this product to consider its advantages – and any disadvantages – for themselves, especially given that none of the following advantages attributed to this supplement have yet been evaluated or tested by the Food and Drug Administration. But the attributed advantages are as follows:

  • Increased energy and reduced fatigue;
  • Helping weightlifters and bodybuilders reach their full strength;
  • Accelerating the metabolism to increase fat burning;
  • Helps increase lean muscle mass more quickly than workouts by themselves;
  • Improved recovery time by speeding the repair of damaged tissue;
  • Helps those working out avoid muscle breakdowns;
  • Increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to blood vessels;
  • Fixes existing nutrient imbalances;
  • Uses entirely natural ingredients;
  • Effectiveness has been clinically tested;
  • Contains no chemicals, fillers or other artificial ingredients;
  • Virtually no side effects;
  • Powerful workouts possible because of the nutrients provided.



When choosing any supplement, it’s absolutely vital to look for certificates. Certificates are useful in ensuring that the ingredients used in this or any other testosterone booster meet high standards of quality and safety. Supplements that have appropriate certificates have been demonstrated to be entirely safe for humans to consume because they do not contain any known harmful contaminants. Any type of supplement – if it’s going to demonstrate itself to be safe – should carry several different types of certificates.

The BioFlex Pro supplement had to fulfill a variety of requirements before it could claim certification related to the purity and quality of its ingredients. The NSF has created a quality assessment for evaluating over-the-counter supplements like this. The assessment established a standard which all dietary supplements used by athletes must meet. This company’s product has been certified contain no contaminants or toxins that have been demonstrated as being harmful for human consumption.



Recently, I started working out again and decided to try BioFlex Pro because of its excellent ratings and the positive reviews I’ve encountered online. My perspective, this product performs exactly as advertised and even better than I expected. Many of the products I’ve tried have disappointed me, but this supplement didn’t let me down when I started using it. I’m not usually the kind of person who goes online to recommend products to other people, mainly because everyone has different goals and needs. But I’m fairly confident that the vast majority of people who use this supplement would likely see similar results to me if they started working it into their regular workout regime.

I’ve been taking this muscle testosterone boosting supplement for several months now and have added nearly 5 pounds worth of muscle. I’m extremely pleased with this result, particularly because I have been trying for some time to get my body back into good shape as quickly as possible. And this isn’t easy given that I have been away from the gym for much longer than I really should have been. The energy level this supplement gave me was intense and certainly provided me with the extra boost I needed when getting back into my routine of intensive, regular workouts. Once I was back into the swing of things and regularly taking the supplement, I also saw that I was recovering much more quickly between workouts.

It’s true that I was a little sore following workouts early on, but even so I noticed after a while that I was experiencing less breakdowns, which was certainly good news. So to sum up, I would have to say that – after using BioFlex Pro – I feel that I have more muscle and am leaner and stronger than I was before. In addition to this, I found that my skin looks better and I’m generally in a better mood. As for body fat, I saw a lot of my fat drop away during the time I was taking this supplement. I certainly think I’m much more toned than I was prior to taking this muscle building supplement and returning to my exercise regime at the gym.

Other people working out around me have also commented on the fact that they have also noticed this difference in my body. Previously, I had visited my doctor and he did some lab test it revealed that my testosterone levels were a bit low. After had been using Hydra Muscle Max for a while, I had my doctor do a follow-up test and the results showed that my testosterone levels had popped back up to normal. Generally speaking, this muscle supplement appears to of helped me get my motivation back so I could once again get on track with my workouts.

And thanks to my energy levels being much higher, I now have the ability to complete much more intensive workouts. I have very little negative to point out about this testosterone booster. It does have some very minor side effects – or at least it did for me. For instance, I did occasionally experience some lightheadedness and a bit of queasiness when I started regularly using this formulation. But I think this was just my body getting used to the supplement, since I don’t experience any side effects now. Even so, some people might find these side effects a bit annoying and it might take them a while to get used to them.

– Wally North, San Francisco, CA, USA

I’ve been using BioFlex Pro as part of my workout regime for a few months now, and I couldn’t be more happy. It’s entirely blown all my expectations away. I’m gaining muscle mass around my arms across my chest and I’m far more real than I was. My abs are looking better than ever and I’m much more motivated than I was. I have bursts of energy in the gym that get me through my more intensive workouts.

Some people ask me if I’m using steroids now, but I tell them that with this supplement I don’t feel the need for anything like that. I certainly don’t want to risk the harmful side effects of taking that approach, so I’m glad that I found this product instead. On top of everything else, my libido and sex life is amazing right now.

One great thing was that the company shipped me my product quickly and without any trouble – which hasn’t always been the case with some other products I’ve purchased. When I first started using this product, I didn’t really notice a significant difference until about the third week. At this point it really seem to kick in and I found I was getting stronger and bigger as time went on.

Like I said, I’ve been taking this product for a few months now, and I see no reason to stop. I very comfortable with the results on getting from this product and with the all-natural ingredients the company uses to make it. I would fully recommend this product to anyone out there who wants to achieve better results in the gym, whether their weightlifters, bodybuilders or someone who just wants to be more athletic.

– Kevin Walsh, Richmond, VA, USA

In the beginning when I first started taking this product, I was a bit skeptical. But within weeks I realized it was working, since I felt more energized in the gym and started to see physical results. Combined with my exercise regime and a proper diet, this muscle building supplement has allowed me to put on several pounds of muscle in only a couple of months.

Before getting this product, I could spend hours and hours in the gym every day, virtually killing myself to get good results. But they just never came. After a few months of workouts in the gym and a variety of supplements, I was close to giving up. But then I found BioFlex Pro. The reviews for the product look positive and with nothing else to lose, I decided to give it a shot.

In the few months since I’ve been taking this product, I’ve achieve results I never believed possible. I’ve dropped several inches around my waist and gotten much stronger and more energized. It’s pretty clear that this testosterone booster actually works. I’ve gotten more energy, faster recovery times and much bigger muscles.

These days, I’m recommending this product to all of my friends in the gym who want to see better results than they’ve been getting after all the dieting and lifting they have been doing. Workouts are hard work and it’s only right that we get something for all of that effort. Adding this product to my workout regime has finally given me the results I wanted and made all the effort all worthwhile.

– Josh McDonald, Raleigh, NC, USA


Awards & Media Coverage

It’s not surprising – given that BioFlex Pro hasn’t been on the market in the US for very long – that this muscle building supplement hasn’t yet won any awards. Until recently, the particular formulation manufactured by this company hasn’t been available anywhere outside of the United Kingdom. However, given that this pre-workout muscle building supplement is surging in popularity these days, there’s a good chance it will be winning plenty of awards in the near future. This workout supplement was featured at and has garnered a large number of votes as a top pick of those people participating in the vote. This supplement could win a number of best of awards in the coming years.


Money-back Guarantee

This company offer customers a guarantee of complete satisfaction that fully applies to all of its auto-ship products. If any of the company’s customers are not fully satisfied with their product, regardless of the reasons, they can get a refund. Even if all of it was actually used by the customer, they can return the empty container to the company for a full and complete refund of the original purchase price. Note that this refund does not include shipping and handling. The steps for obtaining this refund are as follows: To begin with, the customer must contact customer service to get a RMA (return merchandise authorization) number.

Before receiving any refund, the return product must actually arrive at the manufacturer’s facility within at least 30 days of its original purchase date. The RMA number must be clearly written on the outside of the box containing the return product. If customers failed to include this number on the outside, the shipping department will be unable to process the package. Additionally, the shipping costs for any return items are entirely the responsibility of the customer.

Products returned in this way must be addressed to Hexagonal Health, since the manufacturer will not issue any refunds on packages that have to be refused or marked return the sender. And this will definitely be the case without a valid RMA number on the outside of the box. When returning this product to the manufacturer, it’s wise to get a proof of shipment from the shipping company. Once the manufacturer does receive the returned item and it has a correct RMA number on the outside, they will immediately issue a refund to the customers debit or credit card.

Counting from the day that the shipping company gets the customer’s returned item, it generally takes no more than 3-5 days for the refund request be processed. But note that even once the return has been processed, it can still take as much as one additional billing cycle for the customers refund to appear on his or her account – depending on the inner workings of their bank.

Note that any purchases of BioFlex Pro that are not auto-ship that arrive via standard delivery have to be in their original packaging and unopened to be accepted for return. Also note that – after their original purchase – customers must contact the customer service department in 30 days or less if they want to do a return and refund on the product. After this 30 day limit is out, any product that customers return is not eligible for a refund of the purchase price. Again, customers must also pay for any return shipping expenses themselves.



Customers can choose to buy this muscle building supplement either as individual one-time purchases or as a part of auto shipping. In both cases, the customer purchases will be shipped directly to the customer from the distributor. Generally, these orders will be processed in less than 24 hours following receipt of the order. However, any orders received on Friday-Sunday will not be processed or shipped until Monday. Customers can expect the product to be delivered anywhere between 3-5 business days.

Of course, these delivery times might vary significantly – depending on where the customer is located. When the supplement is auto-shipped, customers will be sent a new 30 days’ worth of BioFlex Pro regularly every month until such time as the customer no longer wants this product. He or she must then contact customer service to inform them that they no longer want to participate in the company’s auto shipping program.

When the customer makes a single purchase – rather than participating in the ongoing auto-ship program – the company will ship only one product unit of the muscle supplement per order. Shipping costs are entirely the responsibility of the customers and will be charged to customer credit cards or to PayPal – along with the monthly shipment product cost or the individual purchases. The return shipping price – if any – is also the responsibility of the customer.


Customer Support

The manufacturers of this product are well-known for their highly responsive support services and attention to detail. They have made it clear that they stand completely behind all of their various products. There are several ways that their customers can reach out to them with questions or concerns. If they have any queries related to services, products or billing, customers can contact the makers of this product with a letter, email or phone call.

They are presently located in the UK, with their telephone number being UK 0800 909 8492. It’s clear that the manufacturers of this particular testosterone booster understand the fundamentals of providing high quality customer service. More than this, they are eager to address all of their customer’s concerns and questions. Obviously, this is something any smart company will want to do, since it encourages customer loyalty and repeat business.


Safe & Secure Checkout

BioFlex Pro’s company website provides customers with a safe and entirely secure checkout method, alleviating any concerns about losing private financial information via the Internet when purchasing this product. The reason why customers can expect a 100% safe and secure checkout is because the company employs a 128 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. As a part of best practices in the industry, and SSL connection is vital for securing online purchases, since they can better protect customers with full encryption of communicative information – specifically financial information.

Customers can purchase a supply of this product online using either a PayPal account or a credit card. The company accepts virtually all major credit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. In addition to the 128 bit encryption, purchases of this supplement at the company website are demonstrated to be secure because the shopping cart checkout has been verified by Visa. Further, it is also certified to be a Norton Secured website. With all this, customers can rest assured when purchasing this product.


Pricing & Free Trial

This product’s manufacturers offer customers 14 day trial supply so they can try it out and see if it’s for them. Shipping and handling for this trial supply is entirely the responsibility of the customer. Generally speaking, the product will be shipped to the customer no more than 24 hours after the order has been placed. Orders placed on Friday or the weekend will be shipped on Monday. The free trial is considered to have ended 14 days after the customer placed the order.

It’s necessary for customers who want to cancel the free trial to do so within the 14 days of the trial period. If customers failed to do this, then the company will assume that those customers want to continue receiving supplements via the auto-ship program. At that point, the company will initiate the auto shipping program and will send the initial 30 day supply of the product. After this, customers will start receiving a new supply of BioFlex Pro on a monthly basis and for as long as they continue participating in the auto shipping program.

Each time that a new monthly shipment is set out, the credit card that the customer provided is charged $89.96. If a customer decides to cancel any future shipments and to end their participation in the auto shipping program, they should contact the company’s customer service at least 24 hours before their next scheduled monthly shipment. Customer service is available around-the-clock and seven days a week. This is a great convenience when customers need a quick resolution of any problems or the answer to a question.






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