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Bio Testosterone XR Review – A Good T Booster or Not?

What Is Bio Testosterone XR?

Once men reach the young tender age of 25, most of them gradually experience a decrease in their manhood hormone – testosterone. While it is most commonly known for being a human growth hormone found primarily in men, testosterone is vital to men’s health and well-being for enhancing muscles and body strength, renewing energy and vitality, and maintaining youthful radiance. With the addition of pollution and other environmental factors, poor nutrition, and life’s stresses, men may struggle physically with many things they once were able to do with ease when they were younger. In fact, one out of three men has inadequate levels of testosterone, resulting in slower muscle regenerator, sluggish physical performance, and poor mental focus. Consequently, more men are making a concerted effort to improve their health and muscular physique by doing intensive bodybuilding workouts, following a strict nutritious diet, and taking weight-loss supplements that increase testosterone levels in their bodies. One of the most popular and highly-recommended muscle-enhancing diet supplements on the market for men with low testosterone level is Bio Testosterone XR Free Testosterone Booster and Fat Burner.

Developed in three years via scientific research and experimentation, Bio Testosterone XR is an advanced, clinically-proven testosterone booster formula engineered to decrease the excessive calorie intake, burns excess fat, and build muscle mass that is leaner. The all-natural formula is designed to enhance production of free testosterone in the body so men can experience a leaner body physique and ripped muscles. It also accelerates the body’s metabolic rate and energy levels; thus, men using the supplement will feel more active, healthy, and energized. Essentially, it works effectively to improve men’s overall health.

In using Bio Testosterone XR as directed, men are expected to experience several benefits, including increased testosterone production and leaner muscle mass; immediate fat loss; relentless stamina; and enhanced muscular conditioning. It is specially designed to boost testosterone in the body naturally to activate muscle growth. After an intense workout, it helps to recover the muscles and to enhance their sizes. For a more athletic feel and a stronger and healthier body, men using this weight-loss supplement should use it on a regular basis for effective results.

The quality of Bio Testosterone XR



The manufacturer and owner of Bio Testosterone XR is Natural Premium Products, LLC. Based in the city of San Bruno, CA, Natural Premium Products, LLC produces and sells diet supplement pills and powders. There is no additional information about this company publicly available. In addition, it is not listed or accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

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How Bio Testosterone XR Works?

A clinically-tested, all-natural formula, Bio Testosterone XR can increase men’s performance, strength, and stamina in the gym. It works by naturally increasing the production of free testosterone in the body, generating more body strength and energy. These high levels of testosterone are used by the body very well to boost high energy levels and to produce a leaner body muscle mass. Plus, it assists in reducing excessive body fat so men can achieve a leaner yet more muscular body physique in less time.

Because it is specially formulated to boost men’s testosterone levels naturally, the diet supplement and muscle enhancer accelerate muscle growth for a harder and leaner ripped body. Due to the proven correlation between body energy level and testosterone levels, it can revitalize the body with increased energy to fight fatigue. The muscle-enhancing diet supplement is also proven to burn excess fat for a slimmer body.

Taking two powerful capsules a day as directed, Bio Testosterone XR offers several potent benefits for men’s bodies and health. Whether staying fit and lean or becoming an active bodybuilder, this muscle enhancement diet supplement will give men the energy boost and agility needed for those aggressive workouts. Because it is a natural testosterone booster, it can quickly expand the size of body muscles for a well-defined form. It also a proven fat burner as it builds muscle for a leaner physique.

The effects from Bio Testosterone XR according to its claims


Ingredients of Bio Testosterone XR

Bio Testosterone XR is a proprietary blend consisting of all natural quality ingredients that have been proven to naturally increase testosterone levels in men while simultaneously increase the body’s metabolic rate. Its unique formula is engineered not only to burn more calories but also to build leaner muscle mass at the same time. Clinical studies have shown its ingredients reduce body fat by 27% and build lean muscle mass by 25%, while producing 30% more testosterone; in addition, it work 54% faster in lowering the amount of body fat and 30% faster in enhancing muscle mass than its competitive supplements. Because it is all-natural and free from artificial preservatives and additives, it has no known side effects; thus, it is safe to use and worry-free from adverse reactions. Some its potent ingredients include Vitamin B6, Amino Acids, Boron, Fenugreek Extract, Zinc, Calcium Carbonate, Long Jack Extract, Magnesium, Nitric Oxide, and Tribulus Terrestris Extract. However, these powerful ingredients are specifically added to the muscle enhancement diet supplement blend for several bodybuilding advantages:

  • Agmatine – It is used to minimize any pain and discomfort during bodybuilding workouts; it also uses to improve the mood while exercising.
  • D-Aspartic Acid – It is responsible for increasing testosterone levels in less than 14 days for faster results.
  • L-Carnitine Tartrate – A superfast metabolic enhancer, this ingredient melts large amount of body fat as it turns into muscle; so, it prevent fat storage while quickly metabolize the body food intake.
  • AstraGin – It promotes nutrient absorption in the bloodstream for stronger muscles and better body functioning.
  • Nettles Root Extract – It reduces the amount of estrogen in men’s bodies while boosting their testosterone levels simultaneously.
    It is worth noting that Bio Testosterone XR muscle building diet supplement blend is creatine- and sodium free. These unwanted ingredients can cause jitters, nausea, and other adverse reactions in the body.

The ingredients from the label of Bio Testosterone XR



There are a variety of benefits men can experience using Bio Testosterone XR diet supplement and muscle enhancer. Some of them include:

  • Boost in testosterone levels;
  • Persistent stamina;
  • Leaner muscle mass;
  • Enhanced muscular conditioning;
  • Body fat and calorie reduction;
  • Ripped physique;
  • Rapid fat loss;
  • Increased body strength;
  • Natural energy booster;
  • Higher metabolism;
  • Improved sports and athletic abilities;

The benefits from Bio Testosterone XR



While there are no official product certificates publicly available, in several of the supplement’s online advertisements, there are logos posted for “Bestseller-quality guaranteed”, “Formulated in the U.S.A.”, and “100% money-back guarantee”. For the first two logo messages, there are no official records supporting these claims. The “100% money-back guarantee” logo message claim is discussed in detail in the supplement’s Terms and Conditions policy.



A recent customer satisfaction survey was conducted on the usage of Bio Testosterone XR muscle enhancement diet supplement capsules and the following gains were reported by the surveyed customers: 47% of them experienced body fat loss, 65% experienced leaner muscle mass, and 54% experienced increased energy. Customers also stated the diet supplement have naturally elevated testosterone levels, provided additional strength and endurance, experienced no unwanted side effects, increased workout results, prevented the unwanted signs of aging, and safely raised athletic performance. The following are testimonies shared by five randomly-selected, highly satisfied customers:

Kevin D., 34 – “I was feeling like my physique was unattractive and I desired to change that. I felt like I needed to have something to assist me in building lean muscle mass. After trying a lot of things, I was unable to find anything effective for my body. It was difficult to find something that I can trust after so many disappointments. Then, I came across an effective bodybuilding supplement solution which has quickly and easily changed my life. Previously, I worked out daily, hoping to achieve my goals; but I fail at reaching them. All that changed when I began using Bio Testosterone XR bodybuilding supplement. So far, it has yet let me down…trust me. This supplement is a miracle product for me. My energy and testosterone levels have reached new heights. It makes me feel really good and energized after a workout. I really suggest others to use this product. It really works.”

David W., 31 – “I always lifted weight and try to stay fit. Once I made it into my thirties, I started to feel less energetic and vibrant. I guess it is the stresses of life, I guess. So, I started working with a personal trainer and he suggested that I try Bio Testosterone XR muscle enhancer to help me with my lethargic feeling and sluggish outlook of my workout sessions. Man, I can’t believe how effective this stuff is. Since using it, I have been making incredible gains in my workout sessions. My muscles have become more well-defined, I am full of energy and stamina, and I have lost some weight. Thanks to my personal trainer, I am feeling like a new man and I absolutely love it!”

Brian N., 42 – “I am a hard-working family man who once loved to exercise. Well, life happened and my health began to decline. Consequently, my doctor insisted I get on a diet and work out more often. For the past three months, while I have lost a few inches, I noticed I was not building enough muscles in my workout. Since my doctor is a tall muscular guy, I asked him for some advice. He suggested I start using Bio Testosterone XR diet supplement before working out each day. It’s been almost a month and I not only am looking good but I am also feeling good. During workouts, I am feeling more motivated and energized. It also has helped my muscle growth. I mean, I look and feel healthier and younger with these new muscles of mine. Now, I feel so unstoppable, thanks to Bio Testosterone XR.

Joseph B., 27 – “Bio Testosterone XR keeps me motivated and energized all day long! A few months ago, I experienced a severe downfall in my strength and energy. I used to feel lethargic at the start of my day and came home wanting to do nothing. I even stop going to the gym, spending most of my idle time lying in my bed. Affecting my health, I finally decided to go see my doctor. After running some tests, he noticed my testosterone levels were low; so, he recommended I start exercise and change my diet as well as use Bio Testosterone XR hormone supplement. The doctor’s order has literally changed my life. I feel more energetic, have more endurance and stamina, and improve my muscle mass. I love this stuff. I feel so much better and I am more outgoing now. I am grateful for my doctor’s recommendation.”

Rod K., 51 – “After taking Bio Testosterone XR only a few days, I noticed how my confidence and virility were enhanced. While at the gym, I had almost endless energy. My muscles are now lean and firm. I feel great! It is amazing how fast this stuff works!”

Some testimonials from Bio Testosterone XR users according to the manufacturer


Awards & Media Coverage

Bio Testosterone XR has claimed it appeared on several media outlets like Men’s Health, MSNBC, CNN, and CBS News. However, there are no public-accessible evidences of this being true. In addition, there is no public information available concerning product awards received.


Money-back Guarantee

Bio Testosterone XR offers a money-back guarantee for its customers if they are not satisfied with the diet supplement and muscle enhancer for any reason after the 14-day free trial period has expired. The customer must call customer support at 1-877-351-8605 (toll-free) to request a cancellation of the monthly autoship subscription. The requested cancellation will be immediately processed and the money will be refunded (minus the non-refundable shipping and handling fee of $5.95) to the customer’s credit card within 5-7 business days.

If customers need to return the product, they must contact customer support first to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number before shipping product to the following address below:

Returns Address
Bio Testosterone XR
14603 E. Moncrieff Place
Suite 100
Aurora, CO 80011

Instructions on how to take Bio Testosterone XR



The shipping and handling cost for each 30-day supply of the supplement is $5.95. Shipped via USPS only in the United States or Canada, the estimate shipment time is four days from date of first order or preset date of monthly autoship subscription, which is determined from the date of first order. Even with cancellation, the shipping and handling fee per shipment is non-refundable.


Customer Support

If customers need to contact Bio Testosterone XR for any reasons, its contact information is below:

  • Bio Testosterone XR – Corporate Address:
    Natural Premium Products, LLC
    1212H El Camino Real #366
    San Bruno, CA 94066
  • Toll-free phone number: 1-877-351-8605;
  • E-mail address which can be found on their website;
  • Customer support is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The effects of Bio Testosterone XR for men


Safe & Secure Checkout

Upon completing the online form for the Bio Testosterone XR 14-day free trial rush order on its website, after clicking the “Rush My Order” button, the customer is automatically transferred to a separated yet secured web page to complete the transaction using the customer’s provided credit card information. Customers should read the summary of payment as well as the Terms and Conditions policy before typing in their credit card information. The credit card transaction web page is secured with 256-bit encrypted connection. For additional safety, according to the logos present on the credit card transaction web page, security and privacy softwares from McAfee, TRUSTe`, Norton, and Trust Guard are installed and embedded into the credit card transaction web page. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit cards are only accepted for transaction.

The safety of the Bio Testosterone XR checkout


Bio Testosterone XR Pricing & Free Trial

A full 30-day supply of sixty capsules of Bio Testosterone XR is only available through a 14-day risk-free trial; however, first-time customers will have to pay the non-refundable shipping and handling cost of $5.95 using their credit cards. There is also the optional Lifetime Membership to The Healthy Body Club for an one-time fee of $1.99. According to its Terms and Conditions policy, the free trial promotion period begins on the date of ordering the muscle-enhancing supplement. From the ordering date, customers will actually have 18 calendar days (14 promotional days plus 4 additional days for estimated shipment arrival time) to cancel their autoship subscription before being charged the full price of the product. Reasonable extensions for promotion period are available and generally granted if requested by customer via customer support before the promotion period expires.

If the customer is satisfied with the product and desired to receive an additional 30-day supply the product on a monthly basis, upon the expiration of the free trial promotion period, the customer’s credit card will be automatically billed every thirty days for the full cost of the product, which is $87.63, for up to six months. Thus, the customer will not need to do anything else. The monthly autoship subscription will continue until the customer cancels the service via customer support or after the arrival of the seventh shipment, whichever is sooner.

If the customer is not satisfied with the product and wants to stop future deliveries of the product, the customer must contact customer support via toll-free phone at 1-877-351-8605 to cancel before the promotion period ends. If the customer is unsatisfied after the promotion period ends, note it is not too late to cancel. When the cancelled request is made to customer support, the customer will receive a full refund (minus the non-refundable shipping and handling fee of $5.95); normally, it will take 5-7 business days before the refund is credited on the customer’s credit card. It is strongly advised to contact customer support if there are any problems with the credited refund after the seventh business day after the cancelled request was made.

The features of Bio Testosterone XR






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