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Barbarian XL Review – Should You Trust This Manufacturer?

What Is Barbarian XL?

Barbarian XL is a testosterone boosting supplement designed to enhance your ability to create testosterone and maintain it at high levels in your body. The goal is to be able to improve your muscle mass, energy and general health. This testosterone acts as a naturally produced anabolic steroid and also as a growth hormone, meaning it has a role to play in muscle growth. This testosterone supplement can encourage the production of testosterone in a way that will give you the improved muscle you’re looking for and help you reduce fat in your body.

Many athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters are a bit leery about using testosterone supplements. This is because they mistakenly identified this type of testosterone supplementation with the illegal steroid use that can damage your health. But the fact is that Barbarian XL contains no illegal substances, is perfectly safe and entirely all-natural. The key point to understand is that testosterone supplement pills do not actually contain testosterone. Instead, they are designed to provide your body will all-natural ingredients that encourage the natural production of testosterone within your body.

All bodybuilders know that testosterone production in the body is essential if they want to build muscle and strength. Having an adequate supply of testosterone in your bloodstream can help you get the maximum results from your daily workouts. Your body will be more efficient when it comes to muscle building and fat burning, letting you achieve results you never expected. This supplement also contains ingredients that help nutrients reach your muscles more quickly.

The benefits that bodybuilders and athletes get from supplemental testosterone is well-known. For one thing, testosterone gives you a boost of energy for your workouts that means you will enjoy a more effective workout. Using this product will also aid your muscles in recovering from your workouts more quickly. Your muscles are made stronger and will be ready for your next workout. It’s important to keep in mind that as you get older your testosterone levels begin to drop, it is something that this supplement can help men address. Because this product can give you more energy, it can also help you with your overall fitness.



This testosterone boosting supplement is manufactured by My Beast Power Brand. The country also produces a muscle enhancer that is often used with this supplement. The goal of the company in producing this supplement is to use all-natural ingredients to help bodybuilders, weightlifters and others achieve the physique they are hoping for. There are several ways that testosterone supplements like this can enhance your physique. To begin with, they can significantly increase your lean muscle mass. Secondly, they help you reduce fat so that your muscles can be more easily seen. A number of studies have demonstrated that the ingredients used in Barbarian XL our perfectly safe for the average person, although you should always consult a doctor before using any supplement.

The muscle enhancing pre-workout product also produced by the company can be used alongside Barbarian XL. While each of these two products can be used separately, the company suggests that they will produce the best fact when they are combined. Note that the muscle enhancer product does not seem to create any long-term, negative side effects. Some customers have reporting experiencing short-term bloating, diarrhea or constipation.


How Barbarian XL Works?

Using a testosterone supplement can result in faster fat burning, greater stamina and energy, a more rapid workout recovery and greater muscle growth and definition. You also will likely experience a decrease in the calories you consume because your appetite will be suppressed. Taken altogether, these results would give you a healthier, slimmer and stronger body. This would be a direct consequence of the natural ingredients the manufacturer uses in this product to encourage testosterone production.

Higher testosterone levels also help with protein synthesis in your body, a key part of muscle building. Muscle growth only takes place in the body when the breakdown of muscles is less than the protein synthesis occurring. This in turn only occurs when you have a large amount of protein available for building muscles in your body. This particular supplement seems to encourage protein synthesis, while also providing a greater energy boost during your workouts.

Another key point about testosterone is that it helps your muscles recover more quickly after an intensive workout. During your downtime, your muscles have to have time to repair themselves and grow, which is why working out too often can actually be detrimental. But if you can speed up the recovery time by using a supplement like Barbarian XL, you can avoid damaging your progress by giving your muscles the ability to heal completely in a much shorter time.

It’s often the case with intensive workouts that muscle cells can be damaged by resistance training. This is what can lead to the discomfort and soreness you often feel following a workout. Normally, researchers show that it’s best to allow your muscles to rest for one or two days so they can repair themselves and form new muscle cells. However, testosterone can help accelerate this process, allowing you to get it more workout time throughout the week so that you can build muscle faster without injuring yourself.

It has to be emphasized that this type of testosterone booster does not itself introduce testosterone to your system. Instead, this workout supplement ensures that your body has what it needs to enhance and increase your own natural production of testosterone. All the ingredients contained in this product are entirely natural.

Synthetic testosterone can only legally be used in the United States with permission of a licensed doctor. Individuals who take illegal versions of this substance are endangering the their health in the long run, which is why it is illegal to take testosterone if you do not have a prescription for testosterone replacement therapy or some other medical condition.

This supplement comes in water-soluble pills that dissolve in your stomach once they have been swallowed. Manufacturer provides customers with shipments of these pills as a 30 day supply, with the label providing detailed usage instructions. Adhering to these instructions and regularly using this supplement is required if you’re going to get the results you hope for.


Ingredients of Barbarian XL

It’s important to understand a few things about some of the amino acids included in this formulation before discussing all of the ingredients in greater detail. Amino acids are chemicals used by your body that – among other things – are vital for protein synthesis. While some of these amino acids can be manufactured by the body itself, there are eight essential amino acids that your body cannot make for itself. Thus, these have to be ingested by you from your food or from supplements. This particular supplement contains several types of amino acid. The overall ingredients are outlined below:

One of the principal ingredients of this formulation is L- Arginine. This amino acid serves several purposes, from encouraging muscle cell growth to functioning as a vasodilator. The process of vasodilation involves blood vessels widening was to allow greater amounts of oxygen and nutrient carrying blood cells to reach your muscles during a workout. This helps your muscles to become stronger and makes it easier for them to quickly recover from intensive exertion.

Another ingredient called Tribulus Terrestris is particularly popular with bodybuilders. This plant based substance perform similar functions to L-Arginine, encouraging vasodilation and the production of more natural testosterone within your body. All of this in turn can result in significantly more lean muscle mass and quicker recovery times. While scientific evidence for this is sparse, bodybuilders swear by it.

L- Isoleucine is another essential acid included in this product. It’s useful in helping you preserve your muscle tissues, provide you with additional energy during workouts and helps with muscle contractions. Currently, there are no negative side effects demonstrated for this particular ingredient.

The ingredient creatine monohydrate can help you produce energy more quickly, resulting in improved performance at the gym and optimized results. One of the things that creatine does for you is to draw in more oxygen, nutrients and water to your muscles. Along with the improved performance this provides, it also helps with recovery time.

This particular substance is not easily obtained from your diet. While it does exist in raw meat, it is usually destroyed by cooking. This makes a supplement like Barbarian XL one of the only ways to get this compound into your system. In its role in protein synthesis, it is one of the cheapest and most effective on the market. More than this, a number of studies have been conducted proving its usefulness for bodybuilders.

Another essential amino acid included in this product is Valine. This is valuable as an energy source. Instead of being broken down by your liver, it is absorbed directly by the muscles in your body. It also has the advantage of suppressing your appetite so you can drop that fat. It’s also very useful for muscle maintenance, repair and growth. In fact, if you’re low on Valine your workouts will be difficult and building muscles will be almost impossible.



There is actually a good deal of scientific research supporting the effectiveness of testosterone supplements for bodybuilders. It has been shown that low or declining testosterone levels mean you will have less energy and that training will be extremely difficult. Unfortunately for older men, lower testosterone levels are almost a fact of life. If you’re getting a bit older, this supplement will help you combat your reduced testosterone level so you can get the performance and results you expect from your workouts.

The manufacturers of Barbarian XL have tried to find the perfect mix of ingredients to provide you with optimal results. Obviously, simply taking a supplement cannot guarantee that you will get the results you want. Instead, you will need to combine this supplement with a well-thought-out exercise regime and a sound diet. Generally speaking, the principal advantage provided by the testosterone boosting supplement is its inefficiency. By taking this product, you’re ensuring that your body has everything it needs to grow its muscles.



Barbarian XL has been reviewed by a number of bodybuilding sites and professionals on a number of websites. The goal of these sites is to help you discern which supplements are safe and effective and which are not. Of course, these reviews are not in themselves and ironclad guarantee of positive results, but it does at least give you an idea of how other people view a product. They can even help you determine how to best use a particular supplement.

One popular site describes Barbarian XLer as one of the very best testosterone boosters and suggests that it can help users and lots of hard, lean muscle and assist with dieting through appetite suppression. Another site noted just how much energy they had during their workouts after having used this product for a while. Many reviewers have noted that users have seen significant muscle gains over a very short period of time.

Other reviewers have pointed out that this supplement could potentially help bodybuilders, weightlifters and other strength athletes in pushing themselves further in their workouts. In their opinion, this formulation helps to enhance strength and stamina, as well as motivation to either continue with a workout or get back to one as soon as possible. Several reviewers have pointed to the speed at which muscle mass was added after using this product.



Aside from reviews posted by professionals on websites, one of the best ways to learn about how effective a supplement can be is to look at testimonials put up by real people who have used the product. Fortunately, there are plenty of testimonials for Barbarian XL to look at online. Evaluating these testimonials can help you determine whether this product may be able to help you as well. Obviously, every situation is different.

I’ve always lived an active lifestyle, but I never really went in for gym workouts or heavy weight lifting. But as I got older, I started to recognize that my muscles were getting a bit flabby and I was starting to add some weight. Since I eat right and him fairly active, I didn’t really understand this until my doctor explained that as men age they start to lose testosterone and that this leads to losing muscle. This is why I started hitting the gym for the first time in my life and lifting weights. I hope this would make a difference, but it didn’t really. Then someone at the gym mentioned this testosterone boosting supplement. I was a bit skeptical at first, but since I felt I had nothing to lose I gave it a try. Imagine my surprise when, after a view months, I saw a huge difference in my body. My biceps and triceps were stronger and more massive than they had ever been and I had much more energy to complete my workouts or to do my everyday activities. I also found that the fat that was starting to gather around my middle just disappeared. I don’t plan to ever stop taking Barbarian XL.

– Reggie Wallace, Albuquerque, NM, USA

I’ve been weightlifting and bodybuilding for quite some time now, so I’ve come across supplements before that people have recommended to me. Virtually all of them proved to be a disappointment. But this one actually worked for me. I saw a noticeable gain in my muscles and a significant reduction in my body fat. I was also much more motivated and energetic when working out at the gym. Also, the delivery of the product is always on time and exactly as expected. I didn’t find myself waiting for days for a delayed package. In fact, it was the free trial the company offered that really hooked me, but the results made me stay. This product definitely works, has no negative side effects that I’ve found and I intend to keep using it. I recommend anyone out there who’s hit a wall in their muscle building efforts should try this product.

– Joseph Conwell, Austin, TX, USA

I can’t believe that I finally heavily muscled abs that I always wanted. After years of effort in the gym lifting weights in workout after workout, I had really started to give up hope that I can ever get the physique I was looking for. It wasn’t that I wasn’t any right or exercising on a regular basis, I just wasn’t seeing any significant result. Yes, I was relatively fit, but I wanted a lot more than this. After trying Barbarian XL for only a couple of months, I started seeing real results. I started losing a lot of the fat that had stubbornly stayed with me over the last couple of years. I started building lean muscle mass and getting real definition. Right now, I’m in better shape than I was when I was a teenager. I’ve tried other supplements in the past, and they were never this effective. These days, when anybody ask me for advice in the gym about how to get the kind of shape I am, I point them to this amazing muscle building supplement. It worked wonders for me and my physique.

– Tom Hunt, Philadelphia, PA, USA

When I started working out in the gym, I kept seeing that other guys seem to find it much easier to keep going with their workout for much longer. They also able to be able to do much more intensive workouts with heavier weights. At first, I thought this was just a matter of them having been at this weightlifting activity for longer than me. But after working hard for months and months, I didn’t seem to be catching up with them. More importantly, I wasn’t getting the additional muscle I was hoping to add and I certainly wasn’t losing all that much fat. But then one of the other guys let me in on their secret, which was that they were using this testosterone boosting supplement. I was a little nervous about trying it, but once he made it clear that there wasn’t any testosterone actually in this product, I decided to see what it can do for me. In little more than a month, everything had turned around and I was getting into better shape every day. I can’t wait to see what I look like a year from now as I continue with my exercise regime and in using this supplement. I can’t recommend this product highly enough.

– David McNaught, Glasgow, UK


Awards & Media Coverage

While Barbarian XL has not yet received any of the bodybuilding industry awards that it likely will in the future, it has received tremendous accolades from the people that really matter; bodybuilders themselves. As the comments in the testimonials above make clear, the vast body of opinion among these athletes seems to be that this product has had a very positive effect on their workout routines and physique. And certainly these individuals should be aware of which supplements work and which ones don’t.

Apart from these testimonials, there are also a number of online reviews that are generally positive for this formulation. Such reviews are useful in that they tell you what you can expect from a given supplement, such as whether it uses all-natural ingredients, what the dosage instructions are and whether it seems to be effective. You also learn a bit about the company that’s actually manufacturing the product, such as the quality of customer support it provides.


Money-back Guarantee

One of the good things about the manufacturer of this product is that they offer a full money back guarantee to customers who are in any way dissatisfied with their supplement. This kind of policy tends to encourage customers to have greater confidence in the product and in the company if they know that they can get a refund if necessary. Obviously, if you want a refund on this product, you’ll have to contact their customer service department to make arrangements. Ensure that you have the correct return address and all necessary information is included to get your refund.



Most customers take advantage of the offer of a free trial of the product, which costs you only $4.97 to cover the shipping. Following this free trial period, you will receive a 30 day supply of this supplement each month. You’ll be charged $89.90 for the product and $4.97 to cover shipping and handling. The company ships around the world and the product can be delivered right to your doorstep. Your first shipment will be sent to you no more than 24 hours after you place your order. It’s actual arrival date will depend on your location and the shipping company. The auto shipping of the product every 30 days afterward will continue until you cancel your agreement with the company.


Customer Support

Any smart company make sure that it’s customer service department is timely and effective. The manufacturers of Barbarian XL are no exception to this, and make every effort to ensure that their customer service staff is ready to help you deal with any issues that may crop up when it comes to payment, shipping or the product itself. The customer service staff will also be happy to offer information or advice regarding their product, such as its usage and its safety.

The company provides customer support 24 hours a day every day of the week. If you experience any problems with the product, the payment process or product delivery, you should feel free to contact customer service immediately. You can also contact them prior to purchase if you want any clarifications to help you make your decision.


Safe & Secure Checkout

When you are purchasing a product online, it can lead to a lot of insecurity. We’ve all heard stories about poorly protected websites that allow your information to be lost or stolen. If a hacker or identity thief manages to steal your personal and financial data, such as your credit card information, this can have a devastating results for you. You could find yourself caught up in legal battles and credit rating damage repair for years to come.

This company’s checkout system can help alleviate some of these concerns. It employs the most up-to-date security technologies to ensure that your online purchasing process is as secure as possible. Transactions at the website are secured using a 128 bit SSL encryption system. The site indicates that is also VeriSign secured, which means that it is tested on a daily basis to confirm that it is safe from hackers. Another major cyber security company, McAfee is listed on the company’s website page as well. While all of these security measures cannot absolutely guarantee that a cybercrime would be impossible to carry out against this company, they nevertheless make such an attack highly unlikely to succeed.


Pricing & Free Trial

The price and terms for purchasing Barbarian XL are quite similar to those you will see when looking at other well-known testosterone boosters available for sale. Currently, $89.90 gets you one bottle of this supplement, which is a 30 day supply. The manufacturer also offers potential customers a free trial in which they only have to cover the cost of shipping, which is $4.95. This allows you to try the product and to see if you think it will be effective for you. Keep in mind, you don’t cancel the product during the trial period, you will automatically be sent another month’s worth and be charged.






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